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Sr. Obiee / Etllead Resume Profile

Houston, TX


  • A software professional with 10years of IT experience, including 5 years of Team Lead experience, with emphasis on DW BI space.
  • Ability to plan and manage projects aligning business goals with technology solutions. Has managed large teams and delivered complex engagements while performing various roles ranging from Project Manager, Team Lead, Solutions Architect, and Developer.
  • 8 years of experience in complete life cycle implementation of Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Intelligence systems and processes. Strong experience in Data Warehouse design, Dimensional Modelling, ETL Informatica DataStage / OBIEE 11g / 10g Development Administration.
  • Strong expertize in Implementation, Configuration and Deployment of Oracle BI prebuild analytics OBIA HR, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Analytics, Order Management , as well as customized BI solutions OBIA Finance, Accounts Payable, Receivables, Collections tailored to Customer Requirements.
  • Experience in integrating ERP solutions such as Oracle EBS, JDE 9.1, PeopleSoftFMS to data warehouse and finally to BI dashboards.
  • 5 years on BI and Informatica administration such as setting up Security, creating users, groups, and roles / Monitor server performance, BI clustering / Space constraint issues / ETL jobs and BI Report Performance issues.
  • Extensive experience in developing BI metadata RPD , building reports dashboards, BI Publisher reports, and creating scheduling Agents / Ibots.
  • Strong experience in Administration and Performance enhancement of data warehouse / debugging performance issues at database, ETL and BI reports.
  • Proficient in working with multiple databases such as Teradata V2R6, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2010, DB2, andInformix.
  • Strong expertise in ETL tools such as Informatica / DataStage. Extensive experience in creating Informatica mappings / workflows, and schedule them using DAC
  • Strong expertize in setting up DAC,integrate with Informatica and database servers, configure metadata, and create Subject areas / Execution plans.
  • Experience in implementing Informatica CDC Change Data Capture on JDE XE to capture incremental data.
  • Strong knowledge on database development, PL/SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Packages, Functions, and performance tuning techniques such as creating indexes, materialized views, parallel hints, partitioned tables, database compression techniques and etc.
  • Expert in Iterative, Agile and Waterfall Project Management methodologies. Significant experience in all phases of the Application Lifecycle Management Build, Deploy, Transition, Stabilize Optimize
  • Excellent communication skills, Ability to bridge gap between Administration and Technical teams. Leverage technical, functional and business acumen to communicate effectively with client executives and respective teams.Excels in building effective teams and keeps them motivated.


BI Tools

OBIEE 11g/10g, OBIA 7.9.6, BI Publisher, Tableau 7, QlikView

ETL/Data Modeling tools

Informatica 9.5.1 / 9.1 / 8.6.1, DataStage 8.1, SSIS


Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server 2005/2008, Informix, DB2

Operating Systems

AIX, SUSE Linux, OEL, Windows

Project Management

Microsoft Project, MS Office.







  • Installed,configured and setup OBIEE 11G environment on Windows server and Oracle Enterprise Linux operating systems. Upgraded OBIEE 10G existing reports and dashboards to OBIEE 11G.Designed and implemented OBIEE 11G security model. Worked on day to day maintenance and support of OBIEE 11G environments. Worked on integration with LDAP and Enterprise Single Sign On for OBIEE.
  • Setup OBIEE vertical clustered environment to implement BI high availability, configure Security, Single Sign on, monitor BI traffic and fine-tune BI environments by increasing CPU, Memory, Space, and etc. Installed and configured BI on multiple virtual machines to cater multiple needs such as, a separate environment for POCs, a separate environment for Staging environment and etc.
  • Setup Multi User Development MUDE for parallel development and debug any issues related to Multi User Development. Created scripts to automatically deploy MUDE RPD to Development RPD and backup of catalog every day, and purge any objects that are older than 7 days.
  • Created custom made cache purge and cache seed scripts to automatically purge and seed cache after the end of Daily ETL loads. This will ensure no stale data is present in reports and automatic seed will ensure to have optimal performance.Migrate RPD from DEV to QA to PROD using three way Merge / Patch Merge, and through scripts.Worked with Oracle consultants to perform patch installations and upgrades from OBIEE 11.1.1 to OBIEE 11.1.8
  • Created scripts for automatic database backups for 7 days and restore whenever required.Analyzed customer requirements and provided roadmap for BI implementations. Worked with executive management to gather requirements and created Business Requirement Documents, High Level and detailed technical documents, Project Planning, and Risk Management documents.
  • Conducted gap analysis to identify gaps, Cross-functional team meetings to develop Project Plan, and On-Site / Off-Shore meetings to assign tasks to developers.
  • Deployed Out of the Box OBIA SCM Analytics to provide valuable insights on Inventory JDE 9.1 as source system / Financial Analytics FMS PeopleSoft was source system .
  • Developed Order to Cash, General Ledger, Accounts Payables Receivables, GetPaid Collections, and Enterprise Asset Management EAM by creating Datamarts and BI reports / Dashboards.
  • Configured Informatica 9.5.1 against JDE XE for SCM Analytics and PeopleSoft FMS 9.1 to extract Transactional data and load it to Oracle 11g
  • Executed and monitored multiple execution plans in Prod for GL/AR/AP modules.
  • Extensive Reporting on Financial AR/AP/GL , Procurement and Spend, Supply Chain/Order Management, HR analytics Subject areas.
  • Improving Performance of OBIEE environment, reports on the GL/AR/AP/HR modules.
  • Set up Usage Tracking to monitor user queries and build custom reports for them.
  • Migrated to Informatica 9.5.1 from DataStage 8.6. Implemented Informatica Change Data capture against JDE 9.1 to generate Incremental data.
  • Diagnosed Data warehouse, ETL, and Business Intelligence platform issues and developed cost effective solutions. Significantly worked on to enhance ETL / BI reports performance to conform to company SLAs.
  • Created many customized ETL mappings using Informatica 9.1 and 9.5.1. Migrated Informatica ETL workflows using Deployment groups.


BI Infrastructure Administration


  • Worked with 18 BI administrators to monitor Walmart BI servers that were installed on SUSE Linux.
  • Upgraded OBIEE 10g on AIX machines to OBIEE 11g SUSE Linux machines.
  • Monitored server administration making sure all environments are up and running.
  • Install and configure Weblogic Application server and configured BI to integrate with Weblogic.
  • Integrate LDAP and setup security at multiple levels to achieve data security and object level security.
  • Handled server startup issues, user access issues, and any performance issues such as stuck threads at Websphere, or Presentation server or BI server. Augmented existing BI capacity with increased capacity to resolve any stuck threads issue.
  • Installed and configured BI on multiple virtual machines to cater multiple needs such as, a separate environment for POCs, a separate environment for Staging environment and etc.
  • Investigated stability issues at Web Server, App Server, and Application and DB layers. Performed 'profiling' of current state of OBIEE Usage and identified areas of improvements.
  • Stabilized the entire OBIEE infrastructure within 2 weeks by reducing issues by 85 . Coordinated with offshore and onsite teams to implement the proposed architectural changes.
  • Prepared the 'Capacity Planning' strategy for scale up. Assisted in preparation of the 'Data Governance' strategy. Monthly review meetings with application teams to understand code design issues with Data Model, Repository Design, Dashboards and Reports Design.
  • Involved in the Development Lifecycle of several applications in a Technical Advisory capacity to oversee the Requirements, Testing, Production Release and Post-Production support phases.
  • Helped client understand the migration strategy to Oracle 11G. Performed evaluation of BI Management Pack vs in-house developed monitoring solutions. Involved in daily meetings with the client to understand reporting requirements and future trends. SME for BI Publisher.




  • Identified the Facts and Dimensions based on the design specification.Extensively worked on Answers, Dashboards and Security for users. Worked on creating complex reports involving Union and Union all.Worked extensively on various Cache Management techniques to increase the performance of the reports presented to the user.
  • Configuration of Oracle General Ledger/AR/AP modules, GL Hierarchies, setting up of GL Configuration files, Global Currencies and Exchange rates.Created a Custom Business model to report on Period Profit and Loss, and Cash Ledger/Accounting and Daily Commission Report. This involved creating dimensional hierarchies, Level based measures, Fragmentation content, Aggregations, and complex joins. Configured implicit fact columns to restrict the Funds related to a particular Client in the Dashboard Prompt.
  • Created various Static and Dynamic repository variables for different report and Security requirements.Customization of the Out of the Box OOTB SDE and SIL mappings and Prebuilt Analytics Rpd according to the Business scenarios.Extensively used the FILTER functionality to filter the reports based on the Time series functions.
  • Implemented Single Sign on SSO on the existing OBIEE environment by integration with Site Minder, and editing the credentialstore.xml files and getting the Rpd groups in sync with Database roles was part of it.Setting Optimization Parameters in the Connection Pool to tune the Queries before getting executed in the database for the session.
  • Interaction with Business Users to work on the SDD Software Design Document and understand the technicalities in designing reports.Worked on the Drill down Functionality from General Ledger to the Sub ledger Accounts using Java Script Functionality.
  • Extensive usage of Presentation Variables as part of Dashboard Prompts and filter the reports accordingly.Extensive Use of Catalog Manager to archive and unarchive the reports and place them in another environment.Configured Delivers- iBots to alert the users based on the requirements and scheduled the reports in PDF format.
  • Worked on security for users based on LDAP Authentication type in Production and also other Authentication types External table authentication and Database in other environments.
  • Created Custom mappings to update Facts and Dimensions and worked on performance tuning of various transformations.
  • Deployed Informatica workflows to DAC, created dependency and dependent hierarchical tasks and streamlined the Execution Plans with their respective tasks in DAC.
  • Involved in upgrading the BI analytics web catalog to Oracle BI presentation catalog. Also performed upgrading the existing repository for use with Oracle BI infrastructure.
  • Migrated Analytics RPD and Webcat from one environment to another.

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