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Lead Business Intelligence Consultant , Usa


  • A goal-oriented and dynamic, Business Intelligence (BI) consultant with more than 14 years experience in analysis and development of client/server and data warehouse systems for Fortune 100 companies. Demonstrated the ability to handle small, mid-sized and large projects through all phases of the life-cycle, including business analysis, design, development and implementation successfully.
  • Extensive experience in BI n-Tier, client/server and data warehouse systems using MicroStrategy 9.4.1/9.x/8.x, Cognos 10.x/8.x BI series, SAS EBI, OBIEE, Business Objects XI, Hyperion Systems 9, Oracle Forms & Reports 6i and Crystal Reports.
  • Acquired a strong functional background of systems and business processes within the Health Care, Financial, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse Management domains.
  • MicroStrategy and Cognos certified BI Professional.
  • Strong knowledge of SDK for BI tools using Programming Languages and scripting in IDE editors like Eclipse and Visual Studio, worked on Flex modules for MSTR flash dashboards, Customized Plug-ins, APIs and customized MSTR environments.
  • Administered various BI environments including installation and up-gradations.
  • Savvy team player possessing excellent interpersonal skills. In addition, led award-winning projects involving offshore/multi-site co-ordination, thus demonstrating the ability to build and motivate teams.
  • Involved in business analysis and requirements gathering, including identification of facts, measures, dimensions and hierarchies for OLAP applications.
  • Created SDLC documents including Project Charter, LOE, System Requirements (SRS), Requirements Traceability Matrix, Test Plans, System Design Documents (SDD), Meeting minutes and Peer Review logs, Technical Design, use and test cases using number of tools.
  • Designed the Data warehouse Using ETL Tools like Cognos Decision Stream 7.x, Datastage 9 and Informatica 9.x/8.x.
  • Strong database development experience in Teradata, DB2, Oracle 11/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server, Sybase and MS Access. PL/SQL using packages, procedures, functions, triggers.
  • Very proficient in performance tuning and query cost based optimization (CBO) with utilities like Explain Plan and Sql*Trace.
  • Extensive experience in Sun Solaris, Linux, IBM AIX and UNIX environments with shell scripting in Korn, C and Bourne shells and scheduling using cron.
  • Build E-R Relationships using E-R Charts and Data Modeling Tools like Erwin.
  • Provided production support and training to end-users.
  • Experience with large batch systems and bulk processing.
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
Confidential is one of the federal government’s leading Information Technology providers. It has an extensive experience with the federal government (#1 prime contractor); and, as a large-scale systems integrator. I worked in the BI team as a SME/ senior MicroStrategy consultant responsible for Medicare and Marketplace data reporting solutions.
  • Collaborate with users to gather requirements, analyze and create supporting documentation of
  • business process and flow.
  • Develop architectural strategies for modeling, design, development, access, usage and implementation stages of the project.
  • Worked with Administrators on implementing various MicroStrategy aspects like setup and configuration, schema design, SDK, security, performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Designed and developed attributes, facts, logical views, transformations, dynamic dashboards, grids, graphs, documents, custom widget, visualization development and implementation.
  • Upgraded MSTR Environment from 9.2.1 to 9.4.1 and modified objects to be in sync with the requirements.
  • Worked on Visual Crossing maps in Dashboards.
  • Customized MSTR environment by modifying xml and css files in MSTR using Eclipse.
  • Worked in Eclipse to add new plug-ins and utilize Flex IDE module for Flash dashboards widgets in MSTR.
  • Adhere to SDLC and 508 compliance standards
  • Responsible for the successful delivery of Business Intelligence solutions and related components.
  • Participated in ETL and data model approach/design for the enterprise data and made recommendations on enterprise architecture to support MicroStrategy architecture in close cooperation with the business analysis effort.
  • Implemented best practices around development standards, version control, quality control, deployment, maintenance and change management.
  • Utilize various applications like MicroStrategy 9.4.1/9.2.1 , Eclipse, Java, Visual Crossing 3.x, Informatica, Quality Center, Oracle 11g, Unix, Windows, Java, Visio and MS products.
Confidential, USA
Lead Business Intelligence Consultant
I was an active member of the Business Intelligence Practice providing relevant data analysis, architecting, reporting, scorecarding and data warehousing capabilities to our customers using MicroStrategy 9.3.1/9.x/8.x , Cognos 10.x/8.4 BI, SAS EBI, Informatica9.x/8.x, Teradata V2R14/2R12/V2R5/R4/R3, Oracle11, DB2, Solaris, VSS and SVN.
  • Requirements analysis, development and unit testing of Reports coded in MicroStrategy 9.3/9.x/8.x and Cognos 10.x, 8.4, 1.1 BI,SAS EBI .
  • Design and developed Dashboards using MicroStrategy 9.x for CMS Programs as a part of government initiative and assisted CMS in making these Dashboards 508 compliant by providing necessary documents and equivalent support.
  • Leveraged business knowledge and database structure to provide various training sessions to users on the layout of the database objects, implementing joins and generating queries for extracting required information and complex reports which involved multi-queries.
  • Extensively used report services to create dashboards.
  • Modified existing reports using VLDB properties for better performance.
  • Generated Freeform SQL reports for faster and better performance of the system as per the user requirements.
  • Tested all the reports by running queries against the warehouse using Teradata SQL Assistant. Also compared those queries with the MicroStrategy SQL engine generated queries.
  • Analyzed database CPU/IO utilization for tuning reports SQL and implementing database index changes to facilitate query optimization
  • Unit tested Reports and Packages using Upgrade Manager. Involved in Fixing and enhancing reports after up-gradation.
  • Created advanced grid reports, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters and thus enabling end-users to generate ad-hoc report by drilling up, down, within and across dimension or anywhere.
  • Used Report cache sharing and Data mart reports to enhance the Report response time.
  • Ensured data accuracy within reports by verifying that proper tables are being used in queries when architecture changes take place.
  • Worked extensively with ETL team in development of source to target mapping requirements and the instantiation of those requirements using Informatica ETL tool.
  • Deployed Packages and Reports from DEV Environment to TST, VAL and PRD Environments.
  • Prepared Technical Specification documents, Unit test documents and conducted walkthroughs.
  • Provided training to the end users and team members.

BusinesS Intelligence Technical Specialist / Team Lead
  • Responsible for coordination of tasks with all the team members and database engineering team, meeting the deadlines, actively participating in resolving if any issues in both technical and functional.
  • Participated in evaluation of MicroStrategy, OBIEE and Cognos applications (BI reporting tools).
  • Worked with business product managers to understand customer-reporting requirements. Analyzed requirements and provided solutions for customers.
  • Developed conditional, level and transformational metrics for the dashboard. Configured custom sub-total, dynamic aggregation, smart metrics, evaluation orders and thresholds in report development.
  • Created Data Mart reports based on specific requirements and running the existing Data Mart reports for weekly and monthly loads. The result set of Data Mart reports was used as dataset of Trending Analysis Dashboards. Created dynamic dashboard reports in both DHTML and Flash modes per user’s requirements.
  • Extensively worked on creating Metrics, Derived Metrics and Filters for Complex Reports.
  • Built the MicroStrategy Schema including the Hierarchies, Facts, Attributes, transformations and child-parent relationships of attributes.
  • Worked on Security Module to manage Users.
  • Administered PVCS version manager.
  • Designed and developed mappings (to implement business rules) to generate consolidated (fact/summary) or Detail data using Oracle Warehouse Builder ETL tool.
  • Responsible for creation of Projects for different CDMS programs.
  • Review the business requirements with the Analysts, Business Users and Developers to construct SQL queries for implementing the same in PL/SQL packages.
Programmer Analyst / Team Lead
  • Mr. Korlepara was a key BI Application Engineer at Neustar and Black & Decker. His duties included:
  • Analysis and design of the data mart. Worked extensively with the data team and business architects to understand the nature and source of data.
  • Administered the Cognos ReportNet environment on Unix (AIX) and Windows Server 2003 environments. Kept track of and responded to system outages, investigated and resolved performance bottlenecks. Set up and provided report scheduling to customers.
  • Prepared detailed test case scenarios and provided elaborate system documentation.
  • Carried out system installation/upgrades. Provided hands-on support in facilitating the setup of ReportNet on Linux platform and in evaluating Cognos 8BI rollout for the group.
  • Designed and developed ETL to process transactional system data into the datawarehouse. Developed OLAP scripts to generate data summaries needed for reporting using Oracle PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Designed and developed complex reports using ReportNet. Created reports such as List, Crosstab, Chart, etc., created and utilized customized toolbar widgets.
  • Used Transformer and Powerplay to design, develop and deploy business data cubes.
  • Used Metrics Manager to setup scorecards of business indices and overall system performance parameters.
  • Involved in the Single sign-on implementation using web portal security bypassing the upfront using OS signons.
  • Migrated Reportnet1.1 MR2 Reports to Cognos 8 BI.
  • Participating in system implementation planning activities.
  • Participating in development operational documentation for systems.
  • Interacting with the users for understanding of Data Analysis and gathering business requirements.
  • Prepared all the required documents for cognos objects like design documents, unit test plan documents, migration documents.
  • Created Star Schema using fact and dimension Tables
  • Created data aggregation, data extraction, and data staging using DecisionStream7.x.
  • To identify data issues and efficiently communicate with source data experts.
  • Experience in Multiple Platforms, Source/Destination Databases (e.g.: MFG Progress, Oracle, SQL Server)
Software Engineer / BI Report Developer
  • Mapped business processes and generated detailed system specifications per customer requirements for various modules.
  • Worked with the source systems to have a clear understanding of the data flow and interacted with the users to collect the business requirements.
  • Created the requirements Documentation for the Microstrategy projects and also documented the Microstrategy Environment
  • Designed the Microstrategy Architectural Documents for the Projects
  • Created Reports using complex Filters and Compound Metrics and Prompts.
  • Used Customer, Product, Payment, Geographic and Time dimensions and generated reports like forecasting.
  • Created several base formulas (mathematical expressions) using existing facts in MicroStrategy Agent that can be re-used to build any number of metrics.
  • Customized reports, Documents and deployed them to MicroStrategy web.
  • Developing customized and Ad-hoc reports using Templates, Metrics and Filters for Business analysis using MicroStrategy Agent with features of Drilling options drill up, drill down and drill anywhere .
  • Developing Auto prompts to give end users a choice of different filtering criteria each time they run the report.
  • Interacted with other technical groups including Oracle DBA’s, Unix administrators and business & product analysts.
  • Generated extensive and detailed test cases and documentation as part of the project delivery.
  • Involved in the generation of different types of reports for different sets of data to target customer segments, which can be changed in many ways to ‘Slice and Dice’ and drill-through data for further multi-dimensional OLAP analysis.
  • Configured multiple user access using Authenticator and defined dimension views and user class views for different user groups to provide high security.
  • Responsible for requirements study, systems analysis, design and creation of the USS Catalog, user classes, drill through reports, sub-reports, complex queries, publishing the reports using Impromptu Web Reports.
  • Involved in deploying the cube to the web using PP for Web.
Software Engineer
  • His duties included:
  • Use Cognos Access Manager to restrict the Users.
  • Created User Classes and Users in Access manager.
  • Created Models by using Impromptu Query Definition (IQD) in PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Used PowerPlay Enterprise Server to publish the cubes.
  • Updated Impromptu Catalog by adding tables and creating new joins.
  • Design and development of the VB interfaces.
  • Designed, developed and tested numerous PL/SQL packages which performed various tasks including performing various functions.
  • Totally Involved in Customers Module and Bills where I Conceptualized form layouts, navigational architectures, interface designs and HTML templates to integrate with back end system.
  • Created new dynaset SQL statement to acquire data from file, Exported recordset data to MS Excel worksheet, text or HTML files.
  • Tuned the Application by tuning the SQL Statements.
  • Created command objects based on stored procedures, tables, views and SQL statement
  • Created user-defined data types and implemented them in projects, Trapped database errors using On Error statement in procedures when database access.
  • Establish DBConnectivity using ODBC drivers to Oracle database.

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