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Sr. Obiee Consultant Resume



  • About 8 years of Industrial Experience as IT professional with over 5+ years of experience (3 full life cycle implementations) as Senior OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Developer, Lead and Admin. Experience in gathering Business Requirements, performing GAP Analysis, Design / Data Modeling, Development, Testing, Implementation and Documentation of multiple functionalities in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.
  • Experience working with OBIEE 10.1.3.x./11g Applications include:
  • RPD Development(physical, Business, presentation Layers)
  • Dashboard Development and security implementation
  • Implementing Security-LDAP,SSO,DB Authentication, Row level, Group Level Security
  • Dimensional hierarchies, Expression builder, Time series wizard, Calculation wizard
  • Creating initialization blocks and repository, session variables
  • Aggregate Navigation-Creating aggregate tables using materialized views
  • Multiuser development, Merging and Importing Objects from different repositories
  • Experience in migrating metadata and web catalogue between different environments
  • Clustering, Load Balancing, Configuring delivers, ibots
  • Cache management, performance tuning at report level, database level
  • Installation, development, administration, and production Support of OBIEE
  • Repository and Report development in OBIEE .
  • Expertise in configuration of Oracle BI Analytics Repository, DAC (Execution Plans, Subject Areas, Design, Setup, Execute etc.,), Create/Manage Intelligent dashboards
  • Expertise in working with Financial, Sales, Marketing, pharma, HR, and Order management Analytics.
  • Expertise in Data Analysis & Data Warehousing using Informatica. Strong understanding of Dimensional Modeling, Smart view Star and Snowflake Schemas and Dashboard Reports.
  • Worked Extensively on OBIEE Administration Tool, OBIEE Answers and Intelligence Dashboards and customized reports (Aggregations, Drilldown to meet client requirements).
  • Extensively experienced and comprehensively skillful in using various features/tools of Siebel Analytics/OBIEE Application involving both Repository and Web (Backend, Front end)
  • Expertise in Performance Tuning of Data Warehouses by implementing the materialized views, Bitmapped Indexes and Partitions.
  • Upgraded Older Version of OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11g
  • Extensive experience in building and administering the metadata repository and front end reports in answers/dashboards for both standalone and integrated Siebel Analytics applications.
  • Worked on following functions pertaining to various activities like converting, migrating, fine tuning, developing, and implementing:
  • Converting and maintaining Oracle pre-built rpd’s (Financial, HR, Sales, Supply Chain and Order Management) according to business requirements.
  • Very good in Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI Dashboards / Reports.
  • Hands on data warehousing experience using Informatica powermart, Informatica Power centre (Source Analyzer, Data Warehousing Designer, Mapping Designer - data transformation and mapping issues, Mapplet, Transformations).
  • Extensive exposure in using Informatica Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor
  • Multi-platform experience on UNIX / Linux and Windows Server family.
  • Excellent people management, communication, team building, presentation, facilitation techniques, motivation & leadership skills. Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies.


BI Tools: OBIEE 10.1.3, OBIEE , Siebel Analytics 7.8/7.7,BI Publisher, OBIEE 11g

BI Applications: Oracle BI Apps - 7.9.6/7.9.5 /7.9.4

ERP Packages: Oracle Applications/Oracle E-Business Suite: R11i, R11( AP,AR,GL,OM,PO), Oracle RMB R12

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 8.6.0/8.1.1/7.6/7.1/6.2

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2,Sybase,MS SQL Server 2005/2000

Languages, SQL, PL/SQL

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT, Linux Red Hat, Solaris

Packages, SQL *PLUS, PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, CRM

Applications, MS Office 2007, Data Modeling, MS Visio 2007

Utilities, Toad 9.0/8.5.1, SQL *Loader, Putty, SQL Navigator 5.5.


Confidential, NJ

Sr. OBIEE Consultant


  • Worked with Business Analysts and Users in defining the BI Reporting Requirements for RM&B Reporting
  • Worked with Business Analysts and RMB Oracle Team in understanding the new Business Process and redefining the reports as per the new system
  • Worked with Data Modeler and ETL Developer in designing the reporting solution in lines with OBIEE Report Development
  • Worked with Data Architect in designing the Staging the Data Model for reporting and resolving the reporting issues to meet the user complex requirements
  • Designed the OBIEE Repository and Subject Areas for RMB Reporting
  • Managed and worked with offshore development team as part of OBIEE Repository design and development.
  • Designed and developed complex RMB OBIEE Reports and Dashboards for the project
  • Designed and implemented the Offline Multi-User Development Environment for Repository Development
  • Created Mapping Design Documents and Technical Design Documents for RM&B Reporting Project
  • Administered and maintained the OBIEE DEV Environment for daily Repository and Web Catalog drops and Back-up’s as per the project requirements
  • Worked with ETL Developer in Managing and Scheduling the ETL Batches.
  • Worked on Bug fixes and unit and functionality testing for the developed reports working with Business Analysts
  • Worked with testing team in helping them to understand the Business requirements for the developed reports and defining the test scenarios.
  • Installed and Configured tactical Development Environment for OBIEE to

Environment: OBIEE , OBIEE , Oracle 9i, Windows 2003 Server, OLAP, Oracle E-Business Suite R12, BI Publisher, SQL, PL/SQL, Informatica 8.6.0.

Confidential, VA

Sr. OBIEE Consultant


  • Analyzed the functional specifications that are in existing BO universe and BO reports.
  • Converted Universes in BO to OBIEE RPD.
  • Performed Unit Testing by comparing the data in OBIEE and SAP BO.
  • Documented the conversion process from SAP BO to OBIEE for future reference.
  • Worked closely with Business Analyst and Gathered Analytics Requirements from different user groups
  • Involved in GAP Analysis between the current reports and the requirements gathered.
  • Extensively used Oracle BI Administration Tool for customizing and modifying the Physical layer, BMM and Presentation layers of the repository (.rpd).
  • Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins in the physical layer and BMM layer of the repository. Created Logical Columns and aggregated as per the requirement.
  • Worked extensively on Oracle BI Answers to create the reports as per the business requirements.
  • Created role based dashboards, pages, reports with various views like table, pivot, charts, narrator, column selector etc. and various report prompts
  • Used Filters (Global and Local) and provided customized prompts to avoid excessive data showing up in the reports.
  • Worked on Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using page and dashboard prompts, OBIEE Security Setup (groups, object and data level), Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports).
  • Worked on different Subject areas like Commercials, E-commerce, Inventory, Merchandising, Pricing.
  • Expert in cache management, Repository migration, data level and object level security in OBIEE Analytics.
  • Created UAT (user acceptance test) cases
  • Assisted in creating a dashboard user guide for new users.

Environment: OBIEE , SAP Business Objects XI 3.1, Data Stage 8.0.1, SQL Explorer 3.x.x, Sybase, Windows 2008, AIX.

Confidential, CA

Sr. OBIEE Consultant


  • Worked closely with the business users and developers to make sure that business requirements are correctly translated into database schemas and ultimately into the application. Interacted with end users and developers to validate the data model.
  • Requirement validation of the reports and drill downs with business users.
  • Analysis of existing OLTP system and Identification of required dimensions and facts from the Database.
  • Creation and Customization of the OBIEE Repository (Physical, Business and Presentation layer).
  • Worked on Oracle BI Answers to build Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities.
  • Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using page and dashboard prompts, OBIEE Security Setup (groups, object and data level), External Tables, configured Analytics Metadata objects (Subject Area, Table, Column), Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports).
  • Responsible for creating users and maintaining visibility privileges using Analytics administration on the repository side.
  • Expert in cache management, Repository migration, data level and object level security in OBIEE Analytics.
  • Built test cases and tested the Reports/Dashboards by comparing the SQL Output on the Data warehouse to the values in the Reports/Dashboards, documented the test results.
  • Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins in the physical layer of the repository.
  • Assisted in creation of pivot table request allowing manager to analyze the business from different perspectives, and provided optimized Analytics requests using column selector.
  • Involved in Reconciliation Process while testing loaded data with user reports.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports (pivots, charts, tabular) using global and local Filters.
  • Responsible for overall Business models and Reporting needs.
  • Create new/modified existing SDE’s and SIL’s Mappings as per the requirements. Created Custom mappings to update Facts and Dimensions and worked on performance tuning of various transformations.
  • Creating/modifying DAC execution plans.
  • Providing continuous enhancements and fixing of production issues.
  • Monitoring daily Incremental Load in Production and fix any issues during the Load.
  • Documenting High level and Low level designs for development and enhancement changes.
  • Created UAT (user acceptance test) cases
  • Assisted in production support. Specified the aggregate levels for each source and created dimension sources for each level of aggregated fact data in the BMM layer.
  • Assisted in creating a dashboard user guide for new users. Added extension columns in fact and dimension tables.

Environment: OBIEE, BI Apps -7.9.6, Oracle AP Analytics, Oracle EBS R11i (11.5.9), BI Publisher, Informatica 8.6.0, Putty, OLAP, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, UNIX, Solaris.

Confidential, CA

OBIEE Developer


  • Worked with functional & technical leads, marketing, sales, finance, and other business groups to identify, analyze, and document requirements.
  • Analyze, Design, and Develop OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Metadata repository (RPD) that consists of Physical Layer, Business Mapping and Model Layer, and Presentation Layer
  • Customized the OBIEE Repository (Physical, BMM, and Presentation layers).
  • Created dimension hierarchies, aggregates, and logical sources in the BMM layer.
  • Customized the repository and created new requests, developed custom reports/Ad-hoc queries, charts using OBIEE Answers Created and configured the OBIEE Dashboards
  • Exposed custom attributes in Presentation Layer
  • Setting up Delivers to configure iBots based on user requirements
  • Splitting of repository projects and make it available to developers.
  • Effectively migrating webcast, Skins and Style sheets from one server to another server by using catalog manager.
  • Merging of repositories and migrating to multiple servers.
  • Installed OBIEE in windows server.
  • Creating production builds and getting approvals from senior management.
  • Customized and developed the OBIEE Business Model and Mapping layer.
  • Granting access to users and maintain security by using database authentication and authorization.
  • Organize Presentation Layer in a format that is easy for end-user to use as a basis for reporting
  • Utilized session variables, repository variables and initialization blocks in the repository building and modification procedures.
  • Created auto purge for repository projects and scheduled as per the demand.
  • Trouble shooting the issues related to repository models and report development.
  • Utilized Oracle BI Delivers for sending real-time, personalized alerts via intelligence agents (iBots) to intelligence dashboards for subscribed users.

Environment: OBIEE , Oracle BI Applications 7.9.6/7.9.5 , Informatica 8.6.1, DAC, Siebel CRM, Oracle, Oracle EBS, Oracle SQL Developer 1.5, Windows-XP.

Confidential, TX

Oracle BI Developer

It has implemented Oracle Financial Analytics and Oracle Human Resource Analytics for the development of the Financial Analytics Data warehouse for developing dashboards and reports for monitoring the firm’s financial condition through financial data transformation. Oracle Human Resources Analytics integrates data from a wide array of functional areas in HR and Finance. Assess HR's overall performance and employee productivity using industry benchmarks such as revenue per employee, contribution per headcount, and return on human capital.


  • Modeled the Logical Layer based on the Business requirements in the Business Mapping and Modeling Layer and Developed the necessary Star Schemas.
  • Extensively worked on Answers, Dashboards and Security for users and creating complex reports.
  • Worked on Aggregates, Hierarchies, Calculation wizard in the Logical Layer.
  • Created various Static and Dynamic variables for different report and Security requirements.
  • Re-organized pages & reports into new dashboards: CORE GL, AP, AR.
  • Administered NQSCONFIG.INI and Instanceconfig.xml configuration files.
  • Configured implicit fact columns. Enabled and administered Usage Tracking by using direct insert method.
  • Configured Delivers - iBots to alert the users based on the requirement.
  • Monitored the daily Incremental Load in Production environment and fix any issues during the Load.
  • Configured issues with Oracle HR Analytics
  • Worked on the Time Series Wizard and implemented time comparison measures.
  • Used Column Filter Prompts and provided Dashboard Prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data showing up Reports.
  • Used various transformations Source qualifier, Aggregators, Connected & Unconnected lookups, Filters & Sequence for mappings based upon the requirement.
  • Created Custom mappings to update Facts and Dimensions and worked on performance tuning of various transformations.

Environment: Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle warehouse builder Oracle Financial Analytics 7.9.5, DAC, Oracle HR Analytics, Informatica 7.6, Windows 2k, Oracle BI Apps 7.9.5, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2003, TOAD.


Informatica Developer


  • Designed mappings between sources to operational staging targets.
  • Used Informatica Power Mart / PowerCenter for building the data warehouse
  • Employed the Aggregator, Sequencer and Joiner transformations for populating the data
  • Responsible for modeling the physical database design using ERWin.
  • Data transformed from SQL Server databases and loaded into an Oracle database.
  • Dealt with Trade Fund where we keep track of how much money business will have in trade promotion checkbook, if business hit volume goal to reveal a better estimate of available trade funds. So that proper decisions can be taken before overspend or under spend, for this preformatted and customizable reports and graphs, plans, payments, deductions are been made, both promoted and non-promoted volume and budget is been updated with actual spending when executed.

Environment: Informatica Power Mart / Power Center 7.0, Business Objects Enterprise 6.5.1 SP2, ERWin 3.5, SQL Server 2005 9.0, Oracle Database

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