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Sr. Sql Bi Consultant Resume

Franklin, Tn


A professional with an extensive background with government, health care, communications, manufacturing, and environmental industries delivering proven results in project leadership, design, and implementation of collaborative information systems. An acknowledged leader in providing mission - critical solutions with innovative and visionary approaches while demonstrating a recognized track record of execution with excellence.


  • Business Intelligence Architecture
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Master Data Management Plans
  • KPIs, Monitoring and Control Design
  • Revenue Cycle Management


Sr. SQL BI Consultant

Confidential, Franklin, TN 

  • Development of database extracts and integration automation in support of the Cost Accounting project
  • Designed DMExpress jobs to load and summarize 25 business system sources with over 100 data points
  • Staged, scrubbed and generated monthly 1GB encounter level files for 2012 and 2013 data and summarized 4 parent level groupings for analysis in SSAS with Acorn System’s Performance Analyzer
  • Executed queries for data extracts against Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and Intersystems Caché in native RDBMS and the EDW environments
  • Implemented environment variables to configure date ranges, user and system inputs, concatenations and container folders and paths

Confidential, Nashville, TN

  • Supporting scheduling, billing and reconciliation of disparate scheduling and accounting applications.
  • ScheduAll, BI Documenter (Pragmatic Works), SSIS for loads from accounting systems and SSRS for report presentation (with automated Excel and Acrobat exports for manipulation and deliverables).

Confidential, Nashville, TN

  • Designed and implemented conversion from proprietary reporting application to web-based SSRS and linked Excel exports.
  • Tested and developed shared data sources using parameterized table valued functions for concisely joining complex views with schemas in an intuitive manner for accounting and business auditing reports.

Confidential, Oak Ridge, TN

  • Reviewed and designed existing disparate timekeeping, work activities, billing, and scheduling for K-9 detection activities at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Implemented new business rules which track training and performance testing to ensure contractual obligations are obtained.
  • SQL 2008R2 back end with ASP MVC web site for input on browser and mobile devices

Confidential, Nashville, TN

  • Analysis existing SSIS packages, designed new dynamically configured packages, delivered to implementation team a 90% deliverable for re-processing and re-pricing medical claims.
  • Documentation and SSIS template developed with Pragmatic Works BIxPress.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Systems Analyst / SQL Developer II

  • Worked on clustered SQL 2008R2 databases with BIDS, SQL Compare and Report Builder 3.0 in UAT and Production to develop SSRS and SSIS packages to correct anomalies between environments
  • Reviewed business processing rules against reporting requirements to improve quality of key metrics
  • Trapped and resolved errors causing delays in claims adjudication, processing, billing, and disbursement which increased compliance and improved customer and client service levels
  • Reviewed and revised stored procedures to enhance performance and remove database blocking issues
  • Utilized SSIS to perform ETL and daily generation of scheduled SSRS reports uploaded to Sharepoint
  • Designed business logic and T-SQL coding to iterate through multiple datasets to highlight anomalies

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Senior Analyst

  • Supported databases with Dynamics (CRM/AX), Global Collect, and various QA, UAT and Production systems on SQL 2008 servers in fail-over clusters for Enrollment, Billing and Shipping analytics
  • Consulted on EDW and cube dimensions for the American and EU Billing Data Warehouse projects
  • Supported multiple lines of business with architecture design, data modeling and requirements analysis
  • Implemented daily, weekly and monthly analysis and summary reporting by client for Financial KPIs
  • Client data services’ support for launches, recurring billing, client migration and mobile applications
  • Designed and developed closed-loop monitoring and real-time dashboard delivery systems
  • Automated review of ETL processes for BANSTA and EDIFACT files to highlight billing delays/errors

Confidential, Franklin, TN

Solution Architect - Information Systems

  • Provided software solution support for a $6 million information solutions market in an eight state district including multiple Tier1 and Tier2 automotive suppliers, and Fortune 500 customers
  • Implemented and designed successful architectures for business software and hardware applications including streamlining data collection, review and validation of production and delivery systems
  • Designed, migrated, consolidated and integrated disparate database systems into single source of data

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior DBA Developer

  • Consulted with US Army CORPS to redesign and replace their temporary roofing program with SQL 2005 databases to include field verification by GIS coordinates, summary dashboards and daily tracking reports to audit and closeout $127 Million in contractor pay requests for tens of thousands of man-hours of labor in dozens of counties with roof and structure damage which balanced to the penny.
  • Designed, beta-tested and implemented client/server core tracking system for Cingular/AT&T using SQL 2000/2005 which combined the multiple disciplines utilized on tower acquisition.
  • Implemented a data deduplication initiative which resulted in Lucent, Cingular, AT&T and MACTEC tracking 40% fewer data points and automated packages on each company’s servers allowed status meetings to be held remotely and in real-time. These pending financial reports became the foundation of the project’s success as they allowed for payment milestones to be prioritized and rescheduled maximizing cash flow for MACTEC.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Senior Staff Professional

  • Developed and implemented an automated reporting process, which has now become the de facto standard for HUD, and generated 175 acceptable reports in 60 days while the prior manual review process had produced approximately 13 acceptable reports in 6 months - a 4000% efficiency gain.
  • Provided training, auditing, quality assurance and database administration for report automation.
  • $1 Million in cost avoidance on environmental hazard reduction project by exception reporting, field automation and SQL stored procedures for compiling and summarizing data.

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