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Sr. Mainframe Application Developer Resume


Experience Summary:

  • Sr. IBM Mainframe Application developer, with 10+ years of hands on experience in application development. Extensive experience in the IT industry, involved with full project life cycle, complete Software Development Life Cycle SDLC.
  • Extensive Knowledge in requirement gathering, analysis, design, development,implementation, testing, integration deployment, documentation and maintenance of IBM Mainframe applications.
  • Experience working in the domain of financial and banking applications. Extensive hands on experience on IBM Mainframe Application programming.
  • Excellent working knowledge in Core Application design, Development, Testing and Production support. Developed programs which deal with MQ’s. Experience working on developing DB2 Stored Procedures, online CICS tools, SOLA (Service Oriented Legacy Architecture) templates.
  • Ability to multi-task work across different applications. Diverse work experience with different functionalities of the application, with Development and Production Support projects.
  • Experience working on the project built using the Agile Methodology. Involved in the estimate planning, design discussions and scrum meetings for the project.

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent strengths are my interpersonal skills by working in well diverse business settings. Experience in handling projects in various roles as Team Member, Team Lead, Technical Specialist, Programmer and Software Consultant.
  • Received the “Best in Class” award. The highest recognition in BNY Mellon IT division.
  • Excellent Team building, Project management, Analytical, Interpersonal and Communication skills.
  • Hands on experience with OS/ 390, Z/OS, ISPF, VS COBOL II, DB2, CICS, MQ Series, JCL, VSAM, SYNCSORT, Easytrieve, File Aid, Xpeditor, InterTest, Endevor, BMC, DB2, IBM Utilities, SOLA and CA-7.
  • Project delivery of various sizes, performance tuning, production support, trouble shooting.
  • Extensive experience working with Financial and Banking applications.
  • Worked primarily in the domain of banking applications for Bank of New York Mellon, (Treasury Edge / iTelecash application of the bank, application dealing with Core Customer reporting / data maintenance. Conversion projects dealing with systems within Mellon Bank / systems outside the bank. (Bank of New York merger with Mellon Bank), Bank of New York Mellon for Treasury Edge application.
  • Hands on experience creating SOLA templates and COBOL online programs for SOLA.
  • Perform impact analysis and provide solutions to user’s change requests.
  • Extensive experience working as an onsite coordinator attending the project review meetings with Clients gathering requirements, preparing High Level Design(HLD), Low Level Design (LLD), transitioning the requirements and design to offshore for the Build activity.
  • Excellent working knowledge in DB2.
  • Hands on experience creating tables and stored procedures.
  • Experience in conducting Joint Application Development (JAD) Sessions.
  • Have Good knowledge on the Bank Administration Institute formats (BAI Formats).
  • Production implementation upon successful user acceptance testing.
  • Able to handle multiple projects concurrently.
  • Very good experience in trouble shooting and system performance tuning.
  • Update QMS (Quality Management System) documents like Project initiation, Project action plan, Detailed Requirements Specifications, Impact Analysis, File Specifications, System Run Chart (flow chart), Data Base Requirements, Program Specifications, Operation Manual, Program Development, Coding, Unit Test Plan, System Test plan, Inter System Test plan, Implementation plan and Post implementation check.
  • Undergone training in Time Management, Project action Planning, Cross culture, interacting with client, Assertiveness skills and Effective Team meetings.
  • Worked in SEI-CMM Level 5 Organization.
  • Self -motivated, highly committed to responsibilities and ability to work independently. Ability to perform well within cross-functional teams.

HARDWARE: IBM Mainframe S390, Windows NT.
SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: MVS/ESA-Version 5.2.2, VS COBOL-II, IBM MQ Series 5.3. SQL, JCL,Ezytreive, REXX, CICS V4.1.0, CA-7, TSO / ISPF, IBM Utilities,
Databases: DB2 9
Tools / Technologies:VSAM, ISPF, IDCAMS, SPUFI, File AID for DB2, QMF, SPUFI, File AID, Endevor, Xpeditor, BMC, Platinum tool for DB2, SOLA.
Domain Expertise: Banking Applications and Dividends Interest Applications.
Financial Domain: Securities & Depository Services, Financial Market,


  • Project/Technical Leader and On-site Coordinator, iNautix USA LLC, a subsidiary of Confidential,USA - 07/2008 – 07/2012.
  • Project Leader, Confidential,India – 06/2004 – 07/2008.
  • Business Analyst/Application Developer, Confidential, India 08/01 – 06/04.

Confidential, July 2008 – AUG 2012.
Pittsburgh, PA. USA.

Project & Technical Leader

Project: Centralized Balance Reporting (CBR or BR)
The Centralized Balance Reporting service collects stores and delivers balance and other transactions related data for all the accounts at Bank of New York Mellon, and other banks around the world. Users can pull balance reports on all their accounts on daily, prior and historical dates.

Project: Account Reconcilement Process (Tactical & End State)
The Account Reconcilement is a comprehensive service which allows the customer to do low volume maintenance on their Bank of New York Mellon reconcilement account. Project: STOP Payments

The Stop Payments service allows users to place Stop Payment requests (stops) on checks issued from The Bank of New York Mellon Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston and New York processing locations.

Project: Positive Pay
The Positive Pay service monitors the processing of disbursement items and aids in the identification of suspect checks. Suspect checks are those which do not fit the usual criteria for \'normal\' checks issued from large corporations and that could possibly be fraudulent.

Project: Check Presentments & Check History.
Check Presentment is a current day reporting service. The Check History reporting service allows you to inquire on the status of checks issued on any reconciled demand deposit account. Depending on how your account is setup, you can have 30, 60, or 90 days of history information available with this service.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • As part of the integrating efforts (Bank of New York and Mellon) had extensive meetings with both the Business and Users teams to gather requirements.
  • Analysis and Understanding the requirements & functional specifications.
  • Conduct JAD to review the business document with a team of business end users, application developers and technical analysts.
  • Preparation of TS (Technical Specifications) based on the existing functionality and requirements.
  • Created detailed technical design specification for enhancing the batch programs, care was taken to re-use most of the existing components/modules.
  • Knowledge Transfer to the offshore team with business functionality and the new requirements.
  • Worked closely with the WEB team for developing new XML tags as needed by Web from mainframe for the reports to be displayed in the front end.
  • Development of the new batch programs using COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM and INQUIRY.
  • Debugging and implementing the system using IBM Debug tools.
  • Involved in preparing test plans for Independent Unit testing and System testing.
  • Impact analysis for requirement changes, finding affected list of programs and homogeneous implementation.
  • Setting up Process to be followed from Offshore.
  • Perform Peer review and log any issues and track till it is closed.
  • Log JIRA for testing defects identified and track till it is closed.
  • Prepare turnover elements check list to make the turnover process is seamless.
  • Responsible for correct versioning of code by creating and moving the requests using Endevor.
  • Status Reporting and Responsible for the final delivery.

Environment: OS/390, Enterprise COBOL, CICS, DB2, DB2 stored procedures, VSAM, SYNCSORT, JCL, TSO, ISPF/PDF, SQL, Xpeditor, InterTest, File-Aid, File-Aid for DB2, Endevor, IBM Utilities, MQ
Series, SPUFI, BMC, QMF, CA-7.

Confidential,USA Jun 2004 – July 2008.
Florham Park, NJ. USA.
Team Leader/Sr. Application Developer.

Project: Online Cashiering (OLCA)

Pershing is the industry\'s largest provider of global clearing and settlement solutions. It offers a complete range of tightly integrated, multicurrency capabilities that cover clearance, settlement, custody, and reporting—plus access to value-added solutions for asset movement, anti-money laundering (AML) programs. OLCA is part of clearing and settlement division of Pershing.

Project: Dividend Re-Engineering (DVRE).

DVRE is an enhancement of the existing Dividend System of Pershing. This enhancement will allow for the extension of the enrollment of the dividend re-investment, election process and also it allows wider range of securities eligible for the re-investment as requested by the correspondents which will result in reduction of the clerical efforts and alleviation errors due to manual processing of the re-investment corrections.

Project: Tax Reporting.Pershing’s Tax Reporting DPG is mainly responsible for generation, printing and mailing the tax statements to the investors accurately and on time. Tax statements include 1099, 1099B, 1099R and 1042S. This process includes collection of data across applications, store them in DB2 tables, VSAM files and at year end prepare the Tax Statements.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Receiving the business requirements from the client / Onsite.
  • Conducted JAD Sessions with team members and SME’s of the application.
  • Analyzing the functional and Detailed Design specification.
  • Design and development of programs and jobs using JCL, VS COBOL II, VSAM, DB2, CICS.
  • Knowledge sharing within the team.
  • Actively involved in learning the Application.
  • Reviewing programs for QA.
  • System testing of programs.
  • Debugging and implementing the system.
  • Involved in production support activities. Ensured the batch cycle gets completed in time. Also, fixed the issues within the time mentioned in Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Work involves fixing abends such as Space abends, File contention errors, VSAM space abends and DB2 abends.
  • Also involved in monitoring the Batch Cycles
  • Analyzing modifications, finding affected list of programs and homogeneous implementation.
  • Handling Ad-Hoc Requests.
  • Involved in preparing test plans for Independent Unit testing and Work package testing.
  • Testing the Applications for the business requirement and responsible for delivery from offshore.
  • Involved in System testing and attending to the trackers raised and resolving them in time.
  • Responsible for correct versioning of code by creating and moving the packages using Endevor.

Environment: OS/390, Enterprise COBOL, CICS, DB2, DB2 stored procedures, VSAM, SYNCSORT, JCL, TSO, ISPF/PDF, SQL, Xpeditor, InterTest, File-Aid, File-Aid for DB2, Endevor, IBM Utilities, MQSeries, SPUFI, BMC, QMF, CA-7.

Confidential,AU. Aug 2001 – June 2004.
Job Location: Chennai, India.
Application Developer.

Project: Loan Module Re-engineering (LMRe)

  • LM Re-engineering is an enhancement project. The legacy LM was using VSAM files for the Associates Compensation System. As the business expanded, the files were big and were difficult to maintain and more dependencies got build up. This re-engineering project was to phase out the VSAM files and introduce DB2 tables to store the data.
  • Project: Banking Control System (BCS).
  • BCS is a maintenance and enhancement of the on-line banking activities such as Account Opening and Closing, Loan Approval/ Rejection process that are taking place in the banks six locations. It includes a monitoring system which will do periodic processing of all the transactions occurring in all accounts, deposits, savings and loans. It also includes a Credit Monitoring System, which does periodic monitoring of cash monitoring activities of all branches. Most of the work involved was application support and maintenance.
  • Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Involved in development/enhancement of applications using JCL, VSAM, VS COBOL, DB2
  • Follow coding standards and development of programs and jobs using JCL, VS COBOL II, VSAM, DB2, CICS.
  • Unit and System testing of programs.
  • Debugging of the programs.
  • Analyzing modifications, finding affected list of programs and homogeneous implementation.
  • Handling Ad-Hoc Requests.

Environment: OS/390, Enterprise COBOL, CICS, DB2, Db2 stored procedures, VSAM, SYNCSORT, JCL,TSO, ISPF/PDF, SQL, Xpeditor, InterTest, File-Aid, File-Aid for DB2, Endevor, IBM Utilities, MQ Series, SPUFI, BMC, QMF, CA-7.


Bachelor in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering .

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