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Senior Oracle/sybase Dba Resume

Lansing Mi, UsA


  • Over 14 years of experience in Oracle Database and Administration/ Architect on VLDB production, development databases and expertise on HP-UX Administration.
  • More than 10 years experience in Oracle Team lead, project management.
  • Oracle RDBMS (7.x/8i/9i/10g/11g)/ASM Installation and configuration on UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows NT servers.
  • More than 2 years experience as Sybase DBA.
  • Configure, install and manage High availability Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Linux.
  • Experience in Aerospace ERP on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and MRO environment.
  • Oracle Data guard setup and administration.
  • Oracle streams Master to Master replication setup, maintenance, monitor and administration.
  • Good understanding about Oracle Goldengate software implementation and maintenance.
  • Good understanding about Oracle Hyperion performance management.
  • Data Modeling & Design using Erwin 3.5, ER/Studio and Reflection-X.
  • Oracle Database and network tuning and SQL query tuning using AWR, ADDM, STATSPACK, trace, RDA, SQL execution plan reports, Toad, Enterprise Manager Tool utilities.
  • Experience in Data Modeling using Erwin and Rational rose.
  • ETL Data Warehouse experience.
  • Experience with Backup and Disaster Recovery using export, data pump, RMAN and VERITAS NetBackup.
  • Backup implementation experience using ESP and Networker scheduler.
  • Expertise on Database upgrade from 7.x to 9i, 8i to 9i, 9i to 10g and 10g to 11g.
  • Database migration experience from MySQL, Sybase 12.x, DB2 to Oracle and UNIX to Linux.
  • Oracle client installation.
  • Extensive shell (Korn, Born) programming experience.
  • Development experience with Oracle/Developer2000.
  • Expertise on SQL and PL/SQL programming.
  • Pioneer in working with PL/SQL including Procedures, Functions, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Supporting database-related Java interface layers, and heavily involved in general architectural design decisions for all major system components.
  • Expertise to implement Oracle advances security features and fine grained access control.
  • Extensive knowledge in Data Warehouse and Data Mart Design.
  • Quest shareplex monitoring and maintenance;
  • 24X7 production database support on UNIX, Linux and Solaris environment.
  • Database audit implementation to monitor login, user activity.
  • Experience on database patch certification and installation.
  • Experience in Administration activities such Installation, Configuration, Client/server connectivity, Creating and Managing Repositories, Users, User Groups, Folders, User Roles, Profiles and Privileges.
  • Experience on creating index and stats on objects.
  • Experienced in understanding and analyzing business requirements and working closely with various application teams and business teams to develop ETL procedures consistent across all applications and systems.
  • Experience in capacity planning and space management.
  • Database replication management using streams, RMAN and database mirroring.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle functionality & internals. Good consulting and communication skills, knowledge of client-relationship building techniques and project methodologies with good team building skills.
  • Three years Experience in MS SQL Server Administration, Configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, and writing Stored Procedures in MS SQL Server v2000.
  • Experience on MySQL database server.
  • Working experience on HP-UX admin.
  • Patrol/Tivoli implementation to monitor database alerts.

Professional Certifications:

  • Diploma in Information and System Management from Aptech Palakkad, Kerala, India with Dos, WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase IV & COBOL Programming.
  • Computer certificate in FoxPro, MsOffice .
  • Computer Certificate in UNIX & C .
  • Computer Certificate in Oracle with Developer 2000 .
  • Computer Certificate in Visual programming and Network Os Administration .
  • Computer Certificate in Java Programming and XML .
  • Oracle 8i Enterprise DBA Certificate .
  • Oracle 10g: New Features for Administrators Certificate .
Professional Skills:

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, UNIX (Tru64 HP, HP-UX, SCO), Sun Solaris, AIX.

Hardware: HP 9000 Series, SUN E450/250, Optical Jukebox, HP SureStore, L20/L40/L80 Tape Libraries, HP Disk Array, Cisco routers and switches.

Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.x/8i/9i/10g/11g, MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase 10.x, 12.x, 15.x, MySQL and DB2.

Languages: C, COBOL, VC++ (SDK, MFC), Pascal, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, MYSQL, UNIX Shell scripting (Bourne, C, Korn, POSIX), Java (JSP, JDBC, Servlets), HTML, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Perl 4.0.

Packages: Microsoft Great Plains, VERITAS Netbackup Datacenter, FoxPro, Office 97, Netprowler 3.5.1, Symantec VelociRaptor Firewall 1.1., Microsoft Visio, MC/Service Guard, MS Project.

Front End GUIs: Developer 2000 5.0/4.5, Forms 3.0, and Reports 2.5, Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports.

Middleware: Oracle Application Server 9i (OAS), Apache Tomcat Version 5.0, HP Application Server.

Database Admin Tools: OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), Keep tool, TOAD, RDA

Backup & File Management: OCFS, VERITAS Cluster, VERITAS Volume Manger, VERITAS Database Editor, VERITAS Quick I/O, VxDBA

DB Other Tools: RMAN, Import/Export, Streams, Data pump, DBVerify, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TKProf, Auto trace, Tuning Scripts, ADDM, AWR, SVRMGRL, Net Manager and Stats pack Performance Monitoring tool, Aqua data studio.

Other Tools: Reflection-X, Erwin, VNC Server, ZIP Plus.

Professional Experience:

Confidential,Lansing, MI, USA – June 2010 to present
Title: Senior Oracle/Sybase DBA.

  • Design and develop methodologies to migrate multiple development/production databases from Sybase to Oracle 11g.
  • Backup and restore Sybase databases.
  • Sybase user management.
  • Sybase database performance and tuning.
  • Install oracle 11g software on UNIX server for server and client.
  • Create Oracle 11g database databases and replicate Sybase schema objects to Oracle.
  • Troubleshoot PL/SQL procedures and functions to support corresponding Sybase functionalities.
  • Implement backup/restore strategy with RMAN and other technologies.

Confidential,Mahwah, NJ, USA – August 2006 – June 2010.
Title: Senior Oracle DBA/Architect.

Confidential,a package delivery company, provides transportation, logistics, and financial services in the United States and internationally. The company operates in three segments: U.S. Domestic Package, International Package, and Supply Chain & Freight.


  • Supporting major UPS applications like Data warehousing, PRR, Infolib, DIR, Sales (ESP/ESTAT), IAS, Financial, ECM, E-Billing, SCS along with others and more than 300 production databases inside USA on different versions of UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows Operating System.
  • Oracle RAC implementation, monitoring and support experience.
  • Implement, maintain and troubleshoot master replication with oracle streams.
  • Shareplex Monitoring and maintenance.
  • Implement Grid based monitoring solution for Sales, Infolib and SCS application.
  • Requirement analysis, design and manage new projects.
  • Data Modeling & Design using Erwin 3.5 and ER/Studio.
  • Regular production and development support includes design and implementation of database and database objects.
  • Monitor and maintain SQL activity.
  • Tablespace freespace and Partition maintenance.
  • Implemented Oracle obfuscation Data Masking for sensitive information including financial & privacy information.
  • Implemented Advance fine grained access control including Audit logging for monitoring.
  • Implemented row-level security mechanism on database.
  • Involved to implement oracle application modules.
  • Involved re-writing PL/SQL stored procedures to increase performance.
  • Supporting database-related Java interface layers, and heavily involved in general architectural design decisions for all major system components.
  • Implemented PL/SQL Procedures, packages and Triggers for database monitoring.
  • Implemented auditing to track database activities.
  • Database refresh from production using export/import, data pump and RMAN.
  • Configure and implement backup job using export, RMAN and ESP scheduler.

• Resolving critical technical problems affecting the whole production environment.
• 24X7 pager support for production databases.
• Database Performance evaluation and tuning using RDA, AWR, ADDM,
Query execution plan, SQL Profiles and OEM.

  • Implement and maintain Oracle streams replication for data warehousing application.
  • Monitor Streams with OEM, scripts, Patrol and Oracle streams commander.
  • Troubleshoot streams process.
  • Apply streams related patches to the database.
  • Quest shareplex monitoring and maintenance;
  • Sybase database management.
  • Implement backup strategy for Sybase database.
  • Sybase database performance and tuning.
  • Database migration from Sybase to Oracle.
  • Implement and maintain replication between Financial and HR application databases and ECM application databases.

• Oracle data guard implementation, maintenance and support.
• Query review and suggestion for major application releases.
• Oracle database, security patch certification on different versions of Linux, UNIX and
Solaris OS and new hardware resources.
• New Oracle database Configuration based on requirement.

  • Install oracle database software for both database and client.
  • Database cloning and ORACLE_HOME cloning.

• Configure Client/server connectivity, Creating and Managing Repositories, Users, User Groups.
• Install, recommend and support oracle database patches and Os patches and Library packages.
• Oracle database upgrade from lower version to higher version (9i to 10g, 10g to 11g).
• Backup testing on different versions of Linux, UNIX Os platforms and different oracle database version.
• UNIX/Linux shell scripting for automate jobs and day-to-day maintenance and monitoring jobs.
• Linux cluster/data guard implementation and management.
• Implementing and supporting production database backup and recovery.
• Creating Databases, Users, Roles, Privileges, constraints, SQL’s, schema objects for new development.
• Implement and monitor Database activity using oracle Auditing.

  • Configure Enterprise manager and OEM agents.

• Oracle database migration form UNIX to Linux.
• Sybase 12.x database migration to Oracle
• Db2 database migration to oracle.
• Preparing database manuals, application inventory documents and various database-element reports.
• Storage - space forecast for each application.
• Create and support on oracle service request for ultimate solution.

  • Implement and support backup job using networker module and ESP scheduler.
  • Patrol/Tivoli implementation to monitor database alerts.

HP-UX, Sun Solaris, True UNIX, UNIX AIX, Linux, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Sybase 12.x, SQL Query developer, Aqua Data studio, Toad, RMAN, Erwin, ER/Studio, OEM.

Confidential,Palo Alto, CA, USA - July 2006 – August 2006
Title: Senior Oracle DBA

Confidential, is a social networking company in which I worked as an oracle DBA to give technical support to their migration project.


  • Database Schema migration from MYSQL to Oracle using ETL tool, SQL Loader and Oracle external table utility.
  • Configure and creating Oracle 10g database.
  • Creating tablespace and schema.
  • Written and implemented PL/SQL cron jobs for database monitoring purpose.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption for user access.
  • Re-written PL/SQL stored procedures to increase performance.
  • Implement and maintain streams between MySQL and Oracle.

HP-UX, UNIX AIX, Oracle 9i/10g, MYSQL, RMAN, python, EM.

Confidential,Trivandrum, Kerala, India January ‘2006 – May 2006’
Title: Senior Oracle DBA/Architect.

Confidential,is the largest cable network services company in Kerala, India. It is the leading service provider in the region for Cable TV and Internet solutions, and has embarked on a fascinating journey into the CONVERGENCE era and adoption of evolving technologies.


  • Project requirement analysis and design.
  • Project database implementation and support.
  • Production Maintenance and database tuning.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption for user access.
  • Backup implementation using RMAN.
  • Implemented PL/SQL jobs for database monitoring.
  • Development and implementation of UNIX cron jobs.

HP-UX, Oracle 9i, 10g, RMAN, EM, Rational rose.

Confidential,Selangor, Malaysia August ’2002 –January 2006’

Title: Senior Database Analyst.

Confidential,is a major Aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul service company in Malaysia for ‘Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Overhaul Depot’. AIROD was established in 1976 as the first and only in-country facility to support the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) aircraft. It was privatized as a joint venture company between National Aerospace & Defense Industries (NADI) and Lockheed Aircraft Systems International (LASI) of USA.
AIROD is a fully Malaysian owned company under the NADI group of companies and is a leading MRO facility in the region providing quality services to regional and global customers.


  • Experience of working with high availability Database group in Aerospace ERP and MRO environment.
  • Requirement analysis, designing and managing new projects.
  • Database performance tuning by collect statistics with Oracle Trace, STATSPACK utility.
  • Responsibility of monitoring production database (24x7).
  • Oracle 9i RAC implementation.
  • Experience of working with high availability Database group in Aerospace ERP on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and MRO environment.
  • Expertise in ASM configuration
  • Application patch implementation in the production environment.
  • Expertise in designing Backup & Log archival policy with RMAN, export/import, hot/cold backup and writing scripts for their operation, handling the Block Corruption and recovery.
  • Managing Incremental, Cumulative and Full database backup using VERITAS NetBackup Data Centre.
  • DBA activities to support various production and development databases.
  • Experience on Oracle streams replication between multiple oracle databases.
  • Implement, maintain and monitor streams for master replication between Oracle and MSSQL database.
  • Expertise in Oracle Advance Queuing.
  • Plan and implement (failover) high availability ORACLE standby database. Backup & recovery plans.
  • Experience of Configuring Physical/Logical Standby database
  • Weekly patch implementation
  • Supporting QA/Development database.
  • Planned and migrated Oracle database from version 7.34 to 9i.
  • Data load support
  • Implemented many ETL –like data migrations both legacy systems and for daily data production loads.
  • Outstanding problem solving abilities on various database issues and critical circumstances.
  • Experience with SQLLOADER programming.
  • Data Modeling & Design using Erwin 3.5, ER/Studio and Reflection-X.
  • Design and development experience in Data Warehouse and Data Mart.
  • Pioneer in working with PL/SQL including Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, Partitions, Packages, security access etc.
  • Java Authentication and Authorization services implemented for internet users on Supply chain/MRO and oracle E-Business Suited identity management.
  • Written many PL/SQL for Logistics and financial reporting purpose.
  • Implemented security features in database using Event triggers, Application context and Fine-grained access control.
  • Implemented PL/SQL jobs for database monitoring.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption for user access.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server installation, configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, backup/recovery and writing Stored Procedures in MS SQL Server v2000.
  • Responsible for investigating, project planning, recommending and implementing all new database technologies, develop IT Policies, Procedures and Manuals.
  • Expertise in HP/UX system administration.
  • Sybase database management.
  • Experience in Symantec VelociRaptor Firewall administration with Netprowler 3.5.1.
  • HP 9000, Solaris 8/9, Sco Unix, Tru64 HP, HP-UX 11.0, UNIX AIX, Window NT, Linux, Oracle7.3, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Great Plains, Reflection-X and Erwin.
Confidential,Trivandrum, Kerala, India January ’2001 –July 2002’

Title: Software Engineer.

Confidential,a wireless games and applications development company based in Technopark, Thiruvanthapuram, announced the release of their latest ground breaking Java application for mobile phones.

  • Installed oracle 8i on Linux machine and configured oracle parameters.
  • Installation and Configuration for Net8 connect to client.
  • Performed OEM setup on client machine to monitor production Database.
  • Performed Multiple Listener configurations.
  • Created more stored procedure and packages for application.
  • Responsible for configuring JDBC and checking the connectivity in client server environment
  • Performed Multi Threaded server Configuration
  • Configured Partitioning the Tables
  • Installed Web logic system and Configured to connect ORACLE server.
  • Planning and Troubleshooting ROLLBACK SEGMENTS
  • Used SQL* Loader to Migrate the DAT files.
  • Optimizing the SQL’s for maximum performance by using TKPROF and EXPLAINS PLAN.
  • Performance Tuning of the Production Database and Application Severs.
  • Experience on MySQL database server.
  • Managing Tablespaces, Online redo logs, Archive files and Data files.
  • Created Users Schema and Security Administration for the database Designed and developed all critical Stored Procedure, Functions and Packages.
  • Sybase database migration to Oracle.
  • Responsible for databases Backup/Recovery using Off-line and On-line Backups.
  • Monitoring the performance of Sessions, Users, and Tablespaces for the database using Oracle server Manager.

Linux, Window NT, Oracle8i, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Sybase

Confidential,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia November ’1999 –December 2000’
Title: Programmer/Administrator.

Confidential,is a major Government Sector Contracting Company in the fields of Operations, Maintenance, Defense Purchases, Life Support Services, Hospitality, and technical & Personnel Support for Defense Programs, Hospital Management Services, hi-Tech Electronic Surveillance & Security Systems, Building Management Systems, and wide-ranging Logistics Support Services.


  • Requirement analysis, designing and managing new projects.
  • Database Designing and Normalization using Analysis case tools.
  • Standardizing data definitions across databases.
  • Managing a database of 2 Terabyte size inclusive of Index segment, Data segment, rollback segment which was running 24 hours s day, 7 days a week with no downtime.
  • Independently configured the SQL*NET V2 at the Sever end as well as at the client end to setup the client server environment with developer /2000.
  • Monitoring ALERT and Background Processes files.
  • Monitoring Tablespaces, Segments, Extents, and Blocks.
  • Performed the user requirement and trouble-shooting activities like create new users, daily backup connectivity issuers and tuning the SGA.
  • Tuning production databases and performance monitoring by using UTLBSTAT and UTLESTAT.
  • Managing Users, Profiles, Privileges and Rolls.
  • Created Procedure, Functions, Trigger and Views.
  • Regular Backups (Different levels) & Recovery. Writing automated regular daily backup procedures.
  • Developed applications using Oracle/Developer 2000.
  • Administrated and developed applications using Wang COBOL system.

SCO UNIX, Tru64 HP, Oracle 8, Developer/2000(FORMS 4.5, Report 2.5), SQL and PL/SQL, Wang COBOL, DB2, Perl 4.0.

Confidential,Andheri, Mumbai, India April ’1998 –August 1999’
Title: Programmer/Customer Support Engineer.

Confidential,is a Business Group in India engaged in various manufacturing, trading & consulting activities. With a clear focus on identified industry domains and consistency of delivery, Softpack has carved a niche in the IT Solutions and Services Industry.


  • Prepared of software requirement specifications.
  • Involved in the development, testing, and implementation of various modules using Forms 5.0 and Report 3.0.
  • Keeping track of database changes, Synchronizing database and its transaction log.
  • Maintaining database consistency.
  • Created primary database Objects - Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, Packages and Indexes.
  • Enrolling Users and maintaining system Security.
  • Performed System Storage and Planning future Storage requirements for the Database system.
  • Used SQL* Loader to Migrate the DAT files which were created from dbase Packages and Reorganized the data.
  • Managing control files, schema objects, view sequences, and Synonyms.
  • Monitoring and turning the application.
  • Maintaining Archive data on tape.
  • Backing up and restoring the database.
  • Performing regular HOT/COLD backups. Used different utilities like export import for on-line backup/restore.


Windows-NT, Oracle 7.x, Developer/2000(FORMS 4.5, Report 2.5), SQL and PL/SQL, DB2, COBOL.

Confidential, Palakkad, India September ’1995 –March 1998’
Title: Programmer/Administrator.

Confidential,is a software developing and training company in Kerala, India. The company develops custom software for stock and sales management, hospital management, payroll, travel management. Company engaged with developing software and giving support and training to the customer.


  • Requirement analysis, designing and leading new projects.
  • Created primary database Objects - Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Indexes.
  • Configuring the TNSNAMES.ORA and LISTENER.ORA for connectivity.
  • Tuning of oracle objects-database Initialization parameters and system global area.
  • Tuning/Optimizing SQL statement using EXPLAIN PLAN utility.
  • Creation of user databases, moving transaction logs, changing database ownership and dropping the database.
  • User administration-creation of users and groups. Changing user information.
  • Security issue-permissions/access rights.
  • Maintaining Database consistency.
  • Keeping track of database changes, synchronizing database and its transaction log.
  • Fine tuning of server parameters.
  • Designed and developed triggers on important tables to maintain data integrity.
  • Written stored procedures for archiving data from production.
  • Performed all aspects of data and database administration including, hardware and software evaluation.
  • Monitoring and tuning the SGA according to access load.
  • Formulating and implementing the Backup strategy for the new database server, writing and automating scripts for compile and incremental backups.
  • Prepared the proposed system, process specification, Screen Layouts, Data Stores, and Report Formats.
  • Regular backups (different levels) & Recovery writing automated regular daily backup procedures.
  • Developed applications using Oracle/Developer 2000 and FoxPro.


Windows-NT, SCO UNIX, Oracle 7.x, Developer/2000(FORMS 4.5, Report 2.5), SQL and PL/SQL, FoxPro, COBOL


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry .

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