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Research Assistantresume

Metallurgical engineer with over 3 years of experience seeking a position which enables to use my strong analytical skills, ability to work with cross-functional teams with consistent professional excellence.

Career Highlights

Research AssistantatConfidential-StartupSep.2009–Jul.2012

Molecular dynamic simulations of Organic Photovoltaic Materials: Structure and dynamics of Oligothiophene:

  • Constructed a discrete atomistic model with tetrathiophene and fullerene, typical prototypical molecules to evaluate theordering behavior of the polymer surfaces in presence of fullerene substrate.
  • Developed analysis programs to estimate the probability distributionsof the polymer chain orientations.
  • Designed models to estimate population densities of polymer chain ringsin order to investigate the stacking behavior which constitute pathways for efficient charge transport.
  • Authored and published the fundamental insights of mechanisms that govern the overall efficiency of polymeric optoelectronic devicesto theJournal of Physical Chemistry CandSynthetic Metals.
  • My simulation studies gave inputs in selecting ideal polymers for experimental investigation by our research group

Project AssociateatConfidentialSep.2007– Jun.2008

Development of High Temperature Aluminum Alloys forAircraft Fuselageapplications sponsored byBoeing:

  • The scope of the project was to synthesize, test and compile a database of Aluminum alloys.
  • Fabricated Al-Ni-Zr and Al-Cu-Mg-Si micro alloy systems employing vacuum arc melting and rapid solidification techniques.
  • Observed solutionized and aged suction cast samples showing solute rich cell regions with dispersed particles using SEM and TEM micrographs.
  • Upgraded, maintained and repaired arc melting, suction cast machinery.
  • Achieved significant improvement in fatigue and hardness behavior by tailoring mechanical properties of Al alloys.
  • Coordinated with the four divisions of the department in scheduling the conferences to report our findings to Boeing cross functional teams.

Undergraduate Projectat Confidential Sep.2006 - May 2007

Sol-Gel Synthesis of Lanthanum Based Silicates forEnvironmental Barrier Coatings(EBC):

  • Synthesized EBC materials for turbine blade based applications using sol-gel technique by optimizing environmental parameters like pH, temperature and heat treatment.
  • Conducted DSC, TGA and XRD analyses and recorded significant reduction in synthesis time.

Internshipat ConfidentialApril-July 2006

High CycleFatigue Behaviorof Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) coated 6061 Aluminum alloy:

  • Manufactured MAO coated samples of variable thicknesses by optimizing voltage, electrolyte concentration and anodizing temperature.
  • Parameterized MAO process to obtain fatigue samples of optimal thicknesses, leading to increased fatigue strength of the MAO coated samples. The results were presented at the 32nd International Conference and Exposium on Advanced Ceramics and Composites held at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Treasurerfor Graduate student governing association – Materials science chapter Oct. 2009–Oct 2010

  • Planned, Managed and accounted the budget necessary for funding thetravel, accommodation and other conferencerelated expenses.
  • Arranged and presided over meetings acting as a liaison between professors and graduate student body.

I was among the top1.2%out of200,000students in the All India Joint Entrance Examinations forIITs. 2003


  • Master of ScienceinMaterials Engineering at the ConfidentialUniversity
  • Bachelor of TechnologyinMaterials Engineering at Confidential

Technical Expertise

Process Experience

  • Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue testing, tensile testing, Metallography, Nondestructive testing,Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).
  • Cyclic Voltammetry, Electrochemical Noise, Electrochemical Corrosion study, Surface Area Analysis (BET).


  • Programming languages (C, C++, FORTRAN, etc.), CAD, java, Linux, automated testing, diagnostics.
  • Ergonomic evaluations, time delay studies, predetermined time and line balancing and logistics.

Characterization Techniques and Instruments:

  • Arc Welding and Suction Casting equipment, Micro arc oxidation Unit, TGA, DSC, DTA Equipment, Micro Indenter (Indentec), Scanning Electron Microscope (JSM-840), Hot Hardness Indenter (CSM), Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy ( ICP-MS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

Materials Courses:

  • Molecular modeling and dynamics,advanced materials characterization, Casting and rolling technology, thermodynamics, FEA, ceramic processing, Iron and steel making, advanced physics.

Quality Management:

    • Familiar with quality management systems like ISO 9000, and environmental management systems
    • Employed ASTM standards in synthesis and testing of alloys, ceramics and plastics.
    • Taught undergraduate level courses; graded and guided their projects.

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