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Electrical Engineer Resume

San Diego, CA


Over 20 years experience in hardware & system design and embedded software development


Digital design in Verilog and VHDL for SoC (NiosII w/Linux, tools QuartusII and SOPC), Altera and Xilinx FPGAs, tools QuartusII, ISE, Libero and ModelSim
Circuit design (digital, analog, power, RF and fiber optic)
Embedded programming in assembly and C (HiTech C and GNU C) for Motorola, PIC, ST, Atmel and Zilog microcontrollers and TI digital signal controllers (TMS320LF2407A)
System design (optical modem, router, gateway, etc.)
Ability to develop products from concepts
EDA tools: OrCAD, PCAD, Mentor Graphics Design Capture and Expedition PCB
ISO14000 (environmental), AS9100 (quality) and ISO9001-2000

Work Experience

Confidential,San Diego, CA ,Nov 10 Nov 11, Electrical Engineer

  • Part of an ultra violet lithography excimer laser control module development team (responsible for schematics, hardware validation, testing and system integration)
  • Designed a power converter for metrology module instrumentation

Confidential, Oceanside, CA, Jan 07 - Oct 10, Principal Engineer

  • Designed a GMAW welder. Designed the power inverter, DC motor drive, sensors, supply and controller circuits. Developed the software (user interface, inverter and motor control). Designed the digital logic in Verilog (A/D, D/A, SPI, I2C, video and digital control).
  • Developed software (user I/F, control, data logging), designed digital logic in Verilog (A/D, D/A, SPI, I2C, pressure control, measurements) and designed circuits (USB peripheral, AC voltage sensor, air pressure control, IGBT gate drive, power supply) for resistance welders
  • Designed a home energy monitoring gateway (Internet, ZigBee wireless sensor network) with QVGA color LCD and touch screen, USB, wireless Ethernet and battery operation

Confidential, San Diego, CA ,Mar 06 - Jan 07, Digital and Software Engineer

  • Digital logic design in VHDL (NiosII system building with Avalon switch fabric, SDRAM and EEPROM memory controllers, miscellaneous peripherals and digital control) and programming for a System on Chip embedded computer (Altera FPGA platform, NiosII soft processor, Linux OS) to control networked power supplies and electronic loads

Confidential, San Juan Capistrano, CA , Oct 05 - Feb 06, Hardware Engineer

  • Digital logic design (VHDL) and Spice modeling for pressure sensor network development

Confidential,Oceanside, CA, Mar 05 - Sep 05, Principal Engineer

  • Designed an optical modem for city transportation vehicle monitoring and control system and supervised the hardware and system validation and environmental testing
  • Analog audio preamplifier circuit design for an optical video transport system

Confidential, Lake Forest, CA ,Nov 03 - Feb 05, Staff Engineer

  • In-Flight Entertainment video (MPEG2) distribution system (LRUs) sustaining and root cause analysis
  • Developed test setups for control terminal compliance testing (safety, environmental and EMI)

Confidential,Oceanside, CA, Sep 02 - Oct 03, Principal Engineer

  • System design for a multichannel real time SDI digital video optical transmission system
  • Designed an analog optical (laser diode, single-mode) high resolution video (RGB, YPbPr) transmission system with audio option

Confidential,Carlsbad, CA ,May 01 - Jun 02, Hardware Engineer

  • Designed a gateway card (ARM processor, Xilinx FPGA and networking)
  • Upgraded and L-Band down converter for satellite modems (designed schematics (OrCAD), created BOM, supervised board layout (PADS) and EMI evaluation)

Confidential,Tempe, AZ ,May 94 - Nov 00, Hardware & Software Engineer

  • Designed fiber optic high resolution video (SVGA) extenders with audio and keyboard & mouse options
  • Designed videoconferencing products (ISDN router and digital video mixer)
  • Designed computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers and switches

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ, Oct 92 - Jul 93, Hardware Engineer

  • Designed and tested microwave and free space laser CATV up and down converters

Confidential, Dearborn, MI, Apr 88 - Apr 91, Electrical Engineer

  • Developed test software and repaired CNC BLDC motor servo systems and industrial control equipments

Confidential,Pforzheim, Germany, Dec 85 - Jun 87, Electrical Engineer

  • Designed switching and linear power supplies

Confidential, Hungary, Sep 80 - Sep 84, Electrical Engineer

  • Application and service engineering for Rohde & Schwarz RF and video test instruments


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