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Software Engineer Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Seeking a Software Engineer position where I can employ my skills and knowledge.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Skill Set
Programming Skills : C,C++,Linux Kernel Module,Tcl,Perl.
Networking : Socket Programming, TCP/IP, Ethernet,wifi,Network simulator(ns-2),tcpdump.
Tools : gcc, make, CVS,gdb,valgrind,objdump.
Platforms : Linux,Windows,Unix.

Professional Experience
Confidential,Government of India Aug \'07 – Jan \'09
Software Engineer – Development of layer 3 protocol,of the GSM network protocol stack, for the BSC – BTS interface in a 2.5 G shared GSM BSS.

  • Implementation : Development of (BTSM Protocol) GSM/3GPP TS 08.58 Base Station Controller - Base Transceiver Station (BSC-BTS) Interface Layer 3 specification, its decoder/encoder . (C,C++,Linux)
  • Testing: Responsible for Host(Linux) testing , porting to target (in house PIC running embedded Linux)and target testing ,Preparing Module Test Plan/Report,Integration testing.

Academic Projects

  • Implementation of a new layer for the TCP/IP protocol stack , in Linux Kernel, that significantly reduces the networking overhead associated with data replication in SANs. (C,Linux)
  • Enhanced Real VNC

Extension to Real VNC that includes a new intermediate entity called Distribution server. This extension improves its scalability , allows access across NAT box and explicit arbitration of access requests. Involves change in both Client/Server side software. (C,Linux)

  • Ext2Sum

Provides native checksumming support for integrity checking into Ext2 filesystem for the Linux Kernel. Supports Checksumming of both data and meta-data using a hashing algorithm of user\'s choice based on mount-time options. (Linux Kernel Programming)

  • Ecryptfs2

Enhanced version of Enterprise Cryptographic Filesystem (Ecryptfs),a stackable file encryption filesystem , that includes fine-grained access control mechanism in the form Access Control Lists (ACL) which comprises of User ID, Group ID, Process ID and Terminal ID. ( Linux Kernel Programming)

  • DNS Guard

Application that protects name servers from DoS attacks by intercepting the DNS request packets and embedding cookie in the DNS response message to prevent spoofing. (C,Linux)

  • Telnet Proxy

Client-side Proxy and Server-Side Proxy application which enables the host machines sitting behind NAT gateway to communicate with each other using a technique called Hole Punching for both TCP and UDP traffic.
(C, Unix Socket Programming)

  • System Call for file encryption/decryption

A loadable Linux kernel module that adds a new system call sys_crypt for file encryption/decryption ,using multiple Crypto Block Ciphers (CBC) available in the Crypto API for Linux Kernel
( Linux Kernel Programming)

  • Wifi based Location Tracking System for Mobile Social Networks

A server application that estimates the position of a device with 802.11 wireless network interface based on the observed signal strength value as seen by sniffers (Soekris Net4801 embedded boards) . (C,Linux)

  • NetSNMP Library based SNMP agent that services the SNMP Manager by reading MIB variables that is available as a web page.
  • Prototype embedded solution for combating Malaria using TelosB Motes (running TinyOS) as sensors for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 Competition.
  • Traffic Generator for NIRGAM ,a Network on Chip Interconnect routing and application Modeling simulator ,in collaboration with University of Southampton (UK).
  • Library Management System using Java Swing Interface,JDBC and MySQL as backend database.
  • Evaluation of the Throughput, Delay, Drop and Fairness Characteristics of Ethernet LAN , TCP/IP , ECN/RED gateway performance characteristics using ns-2,delay and throughput characteristics of VOIP data over vehicular Wifi.

Network Programming, Operating Systems, Algorithms , Embedded Systems , Computer Networks, Computer Architecture.

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