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Business Objects Developer Resume

St Paul, MinnesotA

Professional Summary

  • Over 7+ years of Experience in Business Objects (Designer, Info view, Central Management Console, Central Configuration Management, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Import Wizard, Supervisor, Full client, ZABO, Administration console, Reporter, Publisher) and Crystal Reports XI, Crystal Xcelsius, Live Office, Query as a Web Service (QaaWS), OLAP, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2005/2008, DB2 v9.7, Sybase ASE 12.5.1, MS Access.

Hands on experience in successful implementation of all project life cycle stages from requirements gathering through implementation and enhancements.

  • Excellent understanding of Data modeling (Dimensional & Relational) on concepts like Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimension Tables, Physical and Logical data modeling using Erwin 7.2/4.0/3.5, Toad Data Modeler, Microsoft Visio.
  • Worked on Dashboard Manager and created analytics for Executive reports.
  • Experience in building multiple universes, retrieving data using universes, personal data files and creating complex ad-hoc reports using Business Objects, Crystal Reports and WEBI.
  • Strong data analyzing experience in designing and implementing universes using Business Objects Designer involving the creation of underlying database structures, resolving loops, resolving chasm and fan traps, creating classes and objects, Conditional Objects and joins, and testing the integrity of the universe.
  • Experience working with new features of Business Objects XI including Index awareness, Derived tables and Central Management Console.
  • Used import wizard to migrate the reports from dev to test and from test to prod environment.
  • Created reports using Full client as well as ZABO (Zero Administration Business Objects)
  • Good understanding about SAP Integration.
  • Used Life Cycle Manager (LCM) to export the BO objects from one environment to another.
  • Used techniques such as Slice and Dice, Scope of Analysis, Ranking, Section, Alerting, Filtering, and Grouping.
  • Experience in performance tuning of the Business reports, universes and database and used @aggregate aware functions in the universe to improve the performance of the query by cutting down on the size of the result set at the data provider level.
  • Worked with Crystal Reports 2008/XI for creating complicated reports including sub-reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, formula based, well-formatted reports, drilling reports, analysis reports and data reports.
  • Worked in both ad-hoc and complex report environments.
  • Technical proficiency in creating interactive dashboards and scorecards using Xcelsius and Performance manager.
  • Used Live Office and QaaWS (Query as a Web Service) to feed live data into Xcelsius 2008 to show product portfolio.
  • Created complex Xcelsius dash boards by connecting directly with existing Crystal Reports and XML files.
  • Expertise in working Crystal Decisions, Crystal Reports 7.0/8.0/9.0/10/XI/XIR2, Crystal Xcelsius.
  • Experience in Installation and configuration, Creation of repositories and security domain with user groups and security implementation.
  • Expert in tuning the performance of SQL queries and ETL process.
  • Expertise in Universe designing, developing and generating Complex Reports, Adhoc Reports, Dashboard Reports, Business views, List of values along with User Acceptance Test and data accuracy Test.
  • Proven abilities in creating complex reports by linking data from multiple data providers, using free hand SQL, stored procedures and functionalities like Combined Queries.
  • Expertise in developing Internet/Intranet Applications with XML, HTML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS with SQL SERVER 2000/2005 and Oracle 8i/9i/10g/PL/SQL as backend.
  • Well experienced in writing Complex queries, stored procedures, functions, cursors and packages using PL/SQL Programming.
  • Experience in gathering customer requirements and functional requirements and converting them to technical requirements.
  • An enthusiastic and project-oriented team player with solid communication and leadership skills and the ability to develop creative solutions for challenging client needs.

Technical Skills
OLAP/BI Tools : SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0/3.1/XIR3, XIR2/6.x/5.x Suite (Desktop/Enterprise Server products suite), CMC, CMS, Broadcast Agent, Designer, Web Intelligence XI/6.x/2.x, Crystal Enterprise 10/9.0, Xcelsius 2008, Performance Management, Import Wizard, Business View Manager, Web Intelligence Rich Client, QaaWS, Oracle Developer 2000, Cognos 8.4 ReportNet1.x, PowerPlay Transformer 7.3.
Security : Active Directory Server, Netegrity Siteminder, Netscape LDAP Server Modeling : Erwin, Visio, Framework Manager 8.4.
ERP Modules : SAP R/3 (4.7) FICO, SD & MM.
ETL : Informatica Power Mart 8.0/4.6/5.1, SAP BODS 3.0, SAP BW 3.5,
Abinitio 1.15 & Other load utilities.
Operating Systems : Windows 98, Windows2003 and Windows NT, XP, AIX, UNIX
Database : Oracle 10g, 8i/9i, SQL Server 2008/05/00, MS-Access, DB2 V6, Sybase
IQ, Teradata V2R5.1/5.0, Siebel CRM 8.1/7.7
Languages : C, C++, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, TOAD 10.0/ 9.6/9.0

Computer Science Engineering .

Professional Experience:

Confidential,Oct 11 to Till Date
St. Paul, Minnesota.
Business Objects Developer

Boston Scientific Knows that nothing is simple in matters of the heart. It makes medical supplies and devise used to diagnose and treat conditions in a variety of medical fields. The project involved developing new reports, dashboards and converting reports from different tools (Cognos 8.4, Brio, and SAS) & BO 4.0. Universes where built on top the application called IAS where data from different source systems was fed into IAS. Most of the reports worked on were of high complexity using multi data providers in most cases.


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications about the system for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Participated in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Build the new universes as per the user requirements by identifying the required tables from Data mart and by defining the universe connections.
  • Designed Universe by creating the Business Objects Data Model selecting/joining tables, indicating cardinalities, creating aliases to resolve the loops, subdividing into contexts and creating the objects like Dimensions, Details and Measures which are grouped into Classes and checked the integrity of the universe.
  • Designed and Developed Dashboard using Crystal Xcelsius 2008 (with Dynamic Connectivity QAAWS).
  • Created few Crystal Reports to Email and Ipage to the Customers.
  • Created Derived Tables in the universes. Resolved Chasm traps, Fan Traps & Loop problems to reduce the complexity of the universes. Applied User and Group Restrictions in selected objects in universe level.
  • Used Prompts in the reports as well as the Universe to create more interactive reports for the users.
  • Used filters, conditions, list of values (LOV), calculations, etc Created Objects, Predefined Conditions, and Joins in the Universe. Exported the Universes from/ to repository to make them accessible to end-users.
  • Implemented Security features like row level, object level and report level to make the data secure. Provided the security access management by creating users/groups and folders.
  • Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reports and Predefined Conditions to use in Webi. Created complex objects using various @Functions, Aggregate objects in the universe.
  • Creation of reports like Reports by Period, Demographic reports and Comparative Reports.
  • Created complex reports using cascading and user objects like measure objects by using @aggregate aware function to create the summarized reports.
  • Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Break Points, Drill and complex queries for creating reports.
  • Built reports using multiple data providers, external data providers and used merge dimension functionality. Synchronized queries from multiple data providers by linking the common dimensions using merge dimensions option in Webi.
  • Used database ranking, ranking on report level, alerter, input controls, report filters and section functions to build reports. Created different types of reports, like Master/Detail, Cross Tab and Chart (for trend analysis).
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports making use of combined Queries (Union, Intersection, Minus).
  • Created complicated reports, graphical reports, and formula based and well-formatted reports according user requirements. Also worked on developing the template to use for reporting purpose.
  • Created User Conditions and Filters to improve report generation & readability of report and displayed the summary of data by creating Charts.
  • Built reports from excel sheets, text files according to the impromptu need of the user/report owner.
  • Created Analytics and Dashboards using Performance Manager to enable executives track progress and compare current and historical performance against established targets.
  • Created single or multi line chart for showing tendency over a period of time particularly used in revenue history using Xcelsius 2008. Used QAAWS and Live office functionalities of BO to pull Data from SAP Universes.
  • Created critical visualization using Business Objects Crystal Xcelsius 2008 for the Business Dashboard.
  • Used Crystal Reports to feed data to Crystal Xcelsius Visualization an XML file as a data source.
  • Created graphical representation of reports such as Bar charts, 3D charts, Pie charts, Column chart, Line chart, and Bubble chart using Xcelsius 2008.
  • Developed universe user documentation guide for the end users reference. Provided training for end users for generating their own report including complicated report.
  • Interacted with customer support regularly, in order to generate the reports required and to resolve the existing issues.
  • Monitored and solved the issues encountered in Universes and reports while migration and tested before moving to production.

Environment: Business Objects XI 4.0/R3.1/R2 (CMC, Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard), Crystal Professional XI R2, InfoView, Crystal Xcelsius 2008, QAAWS, Live Office, Window XP SP3, Teradata.13.0.

Confidential,Nov’ 09 to Sep’11
Tampa, FL
Role: Business Objects Developer

Frontier Communications is the largest pure rural telecommunications carrier in the United States with operations in 27 states. Frontier Communications is developing “Enterprise Services Portal” where managed networks are designed, built and maintained for various clients. We have developed multiple universes for the various clients which captures the information on performance of networks and equipment. Users create ad hoc reports in Business Objects on top of the universes in addition to the canned reports created by us.


  • Created reports for Subscriber Usage, Billing, Account, Subscriber Status and Equipment Information.
  • Created the reports for marketing group based on the Customer Experience data regarding the customer service, service plans, etc.
  • Worked with business users and analyze the Reporting Requirements and Metric Analytics to come up with the technical specifications for the BO Reports from different sources.
  • Improved the performance and reduced the coding with the use of @functions (@aggregate aware, @select, @prompt, @where).
  • Tested the aggregate awareness to ensure the query is pulling correct level of aggregation.
  • Updated and maintained existing Universes based on changing user requirements and based on changes in data source using the Business Objects XI 3.1 designer.
  • Created new classes, objects and made structural changes to Universes in Designer which includes adding new objects, updating tables and joins.
  • Creating Repository, Users, and User Groups and prioritizing Security Levels for Users and User Groups.
  • Applied row level and object level securities on different groups and users.
  • Developed reports by linking different data providers in a single report, and made all possible incompatible objects as compatible by merging the common objects.
  • Generated Reports based on time like Year, Quarter, Month, Week based on Geographic and Comparative reports.
  • Exported reports into XL, PDF, CSV and XML formats as per the client requirement.
  • Migrated Business Objects XI R2 content (users/user groups, Universes, reports) in to Business Objects XI 3.0 environment using the Import Wizard.
  • Used Xcelsius for presenting dashboards to End users.
  • Created Revenue Dashboard, Sales figure Dashboard using Xcelsius 2008.
  • Documented all the changes made to the Universes and Reports for future references.
  • Developed interactive dashboards and scorecards using Xcelsius and Performance manager.
  • Created Webi reports using advanced features such as open document and customized prompts.
  • Used Report Conversion tool to convert the DESKI reports to BO Xi 3.1 webi reports.
  • Created reports and Dashboards using Info View and ZABO for distribution to users.
  • Created graphical representation of reports such as Bar charts, 3D charts and Pie charts etc.
  • Scheduled and Monitor jobs using Data Integrator Management console.
  • Created Data Flows to load data from flat file with fixed width formats into Data Warehouse.
  • Created, validated and executed jobs to transfer data from source to target.
  • Document the ETL process using auto documentation in Data Services Management Console.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1/R2, Xcelsius 2008, SQL Server2005/2008, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, DB2 v9.7, TOAD, Web Intelligence XI R2/ XI, Infoview, ZABO, Live Office, QaaWS, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Business Objects Data Integrator 11.7.2/Data Services XI 3.2.

Confidential, Aug’ 08 - Oct 09
New York, NY
Sr. Business Objects & Crystal Reports Consultant

Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company, engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas and electricity.


  • Extensively worked with the end users to gather the reporting requirements.
  • Created complex technical documentation for the business requirements.
  • Created complex sales reports in SAP Business Objects including complex cross tab, summary reports.
  • Extensively used formulas, variables, prompts, Alerts based on Universes.
  • Created universes using derived tables and materialized views.
  • Created universes and resolved loops and Traps by table aliases and contexts.
  • Involved in Up gradation of reports from SAP Business Objects 6i to Business Objects XIR2.
  • Involved in converting existing access databases into user friendly and reusable Crystal Reports.
  • Involved in supporting the UAT team during Upgrade of reports from SAP Business Objects 6i to Business Objects XIR2.
  • Created parameterized Crystal Reports and customize existing reports for presentations using Cross-Tab reports sub-reports, Running Totals, used Crystal syntax to create formulas for the reports.
  • Created Standard reports, Ad-hoc reports, Complex charts and Drill Down Reports using Business Objects XIR2.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports using SAP Business Objects functionalities like Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formulas, Alerts, Slice and Dice, Drill Down @Functions.
  • Extensive hand-on experience in working with Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Experience working with Xcelsius to display summary-level business data in a rich and intuitive format.
  • Created interactive Dashboards and Business Presentations by importing data from Excel sheets using Crystal Xcelsius.
  • Test/Debug Business Objects Universe enhancements/modifications in Designer to include new objects, updated tables and joins.
  • Worked extensively with the ETL team in creating summary tables to improve report performance.
  • Analyzed the underlying data in view of its table structure, relationships, joins and cardinality.
  • Actively participated in various team meetings & Involved in Unit testing and documentation and training for end-users.

Environment: SAP Business Objects XIR2, 6.5 (Supervisor, CMC, Import Wizard, Designer, Reporter, Web Intelligence, Broadcast Agent, Info view), Crystal Reports 10/9.0, Xcelsius v4.5, DB Artisan, Visual Basic 6.0, DB2, Oracle 9i, XML 1.0, UNIX, Win NT.

Confidential,Nov’ 06– Jul 08
Chicago, IL
Business Objects & Crystal Reports Consultant

ALL STATE is one of Americas biggest Auto, Motorcycle, Home and Business Insurance provider. Finance and Controlling Crystal Reporting project provides the ALLSTATE FICO team the ability to analyze and Accounts Payables, Accounts receivables.


  • Created Dynamic and cascading prompts in Crystal Reports. Used this new feature to populate prompt values from values in a database and also arranged the prompts in a cascade.
  • Explored the functionality of storing a single prompt definition in the repository and sharing among multiple reports, improving both runtime scalability and design-time productivity.
  • Implemented Parameterized sorting wherein the reports had the sort values driven by a formula.
  • Used the label screen to select a commercial label type to generate mailing labels and also defined a customized layout of rows and columns for a multi-column style report.
  • Involved in multiple repository management tasks including Setting up folders for the repository, Adding report objects to the repository, Adding repository objects to a report and Updating report objects in the repository.
  • Created Complex formulas using CASE, IF STATEMENTS and STRING CONVESRION and DATE CONVERSION functions.
  • Involved in testing reports to compare the row count, response time in 6.5 and XIR2.
  • Used the Report Conversion Tool to migrate the existing Desktop Intelligence reports to Web Intelligence. Tested the migrated reports for any cosmetic modifications.
  • Created a wide variety of charts like pie chart, 2D and 3D charts reflecting the current information versus the forecasted information.
  • Created Hierarchies to provide the drill down functionality to end-users.
  • Extensively used ranking, Alerters, Filters and prompts in reports.
  • Created highly complex reports using Desktop Intelligence and ad-hoc reports using Web Intelligence.
  • Created various report formats such as Sub Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Standard Reports, OLAP Reports and Master Detail Reports.
  • Created customized LOV\'s and cascading prompts for easy access to business users.
  • Developed Shell Scripts on Aix Server for upgrading the Jobs.
  • Performed various operations like publishing and retrieving reports from corporate documents.
  • Trained Business users in creating Web Intelligence reports and other common issues.

Environment: Crystal Reports 10/9.0, Business Objects XIR2, 6.5, Desktop Intelligence, AIX, Windows 2000, MS-Office, XML 1.0, SQL Server 2005 & MS-Access.

Confidential,India Mar’04 – Oct’06
Business Objects Technical Support Project

Trained and certified in Business Objects, a Business Intelligence tool. Worked as a Designer on Full Client modules of Business Objects Product for the Business Objects support site in India. Involved in design, development and troubleshooting of Business Objects Universe and reports using Business Objects components like Reporter, Designer, Supervisor, Web Intelligence.


  • Designing and Troubleshooting Business Objects Universes and Reports (Both Full Client and WebI) for various clients of Business Objects all around the world
  • Interacting with users (all around the world) in collecting requirements and on design discussions of Business Objects universe and reports (Full Client and WebI)
  • Resolving issues related to universe design and Full Client module
  • Installed and configured all the Business Objects components like Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Web Intelligence, Application Foundation, Data Integrator and Auditor
  • Responsible for Creating and maintaining various user groups and their security using Business Objects Supervisor
  • Creating Universes based on different databases like Oracle, Sql Server, Teradata, sybase based on the requirement
  • Exported the existing universes and reports to acceptance repository
  • Distributing/ Publishing different reports among the different user groups through BCA
  • Developed customized reports such as Drilling down, Slice and Dice, Filter change displays and Charts and made enhancements to the existing reports in Full Client, ZABO and Webi
  • Developed reports based on OLAP cubes using Business Objects Reporter and WebI
  • Mentoring Junior level engineers in Business Objects components
  • Achieved highest client satisfaction score of around 95%.
  • Created knowledge base Articles which are available for Business Objects users.
  • Environment: Oracle 8i, Crystal Reports, Business Objects 6.5, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 2000.

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