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Research Assistant Resume

New Jersy, NJ



  • Ph.D. in System and Information Engineering
    Research assistant Confidential,Jan. 2009 - Present

  • Worked on a NSF project related to Markov decision processes and probabilistic constrained optimization
  • Developed new algorithms for probabilistic constrained optimization problems
  • Designed and solved new mathematical models of stochastic economic dispatch and unit commitment problems
  • Implemented and tested algorithms on numerical examples using Matlab
  • Teaching assistant Confidential,Aug. 2008 - Dec. 2010

  • Worked as a teaching assistant for graduate and undergraduate courses
  • TA in Linear statistic models, Stochastic processes, System and information engineering and Introduction to information technology
  • Held weekly office hours and graded assignments
  • Research assistant at Confidential, Sep. 2006 - Jun. 2008

  • Took part in national research projects related to process optimization of chemical plants
  • Studied nonlinear programming algorithms and interpolation algorithms
  • Implemented linear regression and interpolation algorithms using FORTRAN and C
  • Designed and tested plug-in components for ASPEN using C# and Visual Basic
  • Software engineer Confidential,Jul. 2005 – Dec. 2005
    - Participated in the development of Optix iManager T2100 (A province-level network management software) using C++
    - Took part in interface design together with the platform group
    - Won the notable freshman prize in the background group

    Developed an automated bidding algorithm with real data
    Modeled the problem as a min-cost flow problem using the data with teammates

  • Implemented the model and the algorithm to solve it using Matlab
  • Simulated the auction and generated metrics and graphics/tables for presentation
  • Designed a scheduling algorithm for a satellite launching problem

    • Modeled the problem as a Markov Decision Process with teammates
    • Developed a value iteration algorithm to solve the model in Matlab
    • Simulated the schedule process and generated both numerical and graphical results for reporting

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