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Essbase Developer Resume

Secaucus, NJ


  • Overall 7+ years of IT experience with 5 years of experience in application designing and development using Oracle/Hyperion Essbase as a Developer/Analyst with analytical and designing skills.
  • Adept in preparing Hyperion reports to measure financial performance, analyze profitability, and facilitate effective business decision making.
  • Extensive experience in Design and development of applications in client/server environment using Hyperion Essbase 11.x/9.x/7.x/6.x , Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase Integration Services, Hyperion Financial Reporting, Hyperion Web Analysis, MaxL and ESSCMD scripts, Essbase Spread sheet add-in.
  • Familiar with different operating system environments like Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/2008 and Unix.
  • Have worked in all stages of SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) like Business requirement, planning and analysis, designing, development, implementation and testing.
  • Also have considerable experience in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 like designing complex queries, triggers, stored procedures and functions.
  • Extensive experience of designing and developing Essbase applications with balance of Dense and Sparse Dimensions.
  • Skilled in architecture design of Essbase cubes using Block/Aggregate storage and Partitions.
  • Experience of creating Calculations scripts and automate the Essbase cubes using MaxL and ESSCMD scripts.
  • Working experience of developing reports using Hyperion Financial Reports, Excel Add-in and SmartView.
  • Extensive experience in Excel based custom reporting solutions over diversified data sources.
  • Involved in testing and migration of cubes under different environments to assure security.
  • Experience working with SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Excellent analytical, presentation and interpersonal skills.


    Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11.x/9.x/7.x/6.x, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion System 9 BI+, MaxL and ESSCMD scripts

    Reporting Tools

    Essbase Spread sheet add-in, Hyperion Integration Services, Hyperion Web Analysis, Hyperion Reports, SmartView




    SQL 2000/2005, Oracle 10g/9i, MS Access

    Operating Systems

    Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/2008, UNIX


    Hyperion Essbase Developer Mar 2010 – Till Now
    Confidential,Secaucus, NJ


  • Analyzed business/user requirements to design and develop new Essbase applications.
  • Developed multidimensional database (MDDB) applications using Essbase that stored and maintained company’s private data.
  • Designed and developed cubes using both kind of storage options ASO and BSO.
  • Extensively involved in designing, developing and modifying outlines by grouping and positioning.
  • Developed rules file for building dimensions using different build methods and data loading.
  • Retrieved data using Excel Add-in to analyze cube outline for data integrity.
  • Created and examined all the Standard and Attribute dimensions and members in the outline for the optimization.
  • Designed and developed monthly, quarterly and yearly profit and loss cubes.
  • Involved in installation and up-gradation of Hyperion Essbase family products.
  • Designed and developed number of applications with balance of dense and sparse dimensions arranged in hour glass fashion.
  • Automated Essbase operations by using MaxL and ESSCMD scripts to run period-to-date balance sheets and ledgers.
  • Retrieved data using Excel spread sheet add-in to analyze the data.
  • For generating reports, used Substitution Variables and also created Report Scripts for analysis.
  • Created various filters as per user requirements.
  • Responsible for granting user access based on their specific needs and assigned them to specific groups to provide security for confidential data.
  • Support and administer the Hyperion Planning and Essbase application.
  • Work with internal customers to consistently improve and refine process and procedures as it relates to Planning and Operational Analysis.
  • Generated reports for annual budget, quarterly forecasts, and worked with ad-hoc reporting and management reporting by interacting with business development managers.
  • Presented detailed analytical reports to the higher administrative people using Hyperion Financial Reporting and Analyzer.
  • Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11.1.0/9.x, Hyperion Planning 11.x/9.x, Hyperion Financial Reporting 9.3.1, Hyperion Analyzer 7.2.5, Windows 2008/NT, Excel Spread sheet add-in, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Excel

    Hyperion Essbase Developer/Analyst Sep 2008 – Feb 2010
    Confidential,Alpharetta, GA


  • Involved in finalizing the dimensions for cubes along with the analysis of user requirements.
  • Translated user requirements into application design specification.
  • Implemented Essbase in connection with financial budgeting, sales forecasting and marketing analysis to produce ad-hoc reports.
  • Extensively involved in designing and modifying outlines for Essbase cubes.
  • Used Essbase Integration services to design and develop cubes.
  • Worked in developing automation scripts using Hyperion Essbase ESSCMD and MaxL scripts.
  • Developed and ran calculation scripts to calculate complex values.
  • Optimized Data load and Calculation scripts by using different techniques.
  • Optimized outline structure, loading and calculations through appropriate dense and sparse settings of dimensions, storage allocations and by dynamic calculations.
  • Involved in system installation, configuration and software upgrade of Hyperion Essbase.
  • Handled performance tuning, weekly back-ups and monthly consolidations of data.
  • Automated monthly/quarterly/annual report generation.
  • Maintained user input capabilities to the applications using Filters.
  • Modified the existing outline for some applications according to the requirements.
  • Provided technical support for existing cubes, resolving and troubleshooting related issues and documentation.
  • Established user security, managed application migration, established substitution variables and setting for dynamic time series, editing/validating scripts.
  • Provided business analyst with advice and options on opportunities to leverage the tool and increase the usage.
  • Used to analyze the data and generated the reports using Financial Reporting using those analyzed data.
  • Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11.1.0/9.3.1, Essbase Integration Services 9.3.1, Hyperion Financial Reporting 9.3.1, Essbase Excel Spread sheet Add-in, oracle 10g, Windows Server 2003

    Hyperion Essbase Consultant Oct 2007 – Aug 2008
    Confidential,Overland Park, KS


  • Responsible for modifying and optimizing the existing outlines.
  • Also created few new cubes.
  • Optimized proper database calculations and loads by modifying the existing dimensions and creating new Dense and Sparse settings of members and by providing appropriate storage allocations.
  • Responsible for performance tuning, regular backup and recovery of cubes.
  • Responsible for identifying problems, resolutions and documentation.
  • Used Essbase integration services to load the data.
  • Created OLAP model and Meta outline for Essbase server using EIS.
  • Created Substitution variables to generate monthly/quarterly/annual balance reports for the company.
  • Created new users and groups, assigned existing users to those groups and granted access to the users and groups as per their specific needs to access the cubes.
  • Used Filters to control the access of those users and groups to individual data within the database to provide security at the detailed level.
  • Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.0, Hyperion reports 7.0 (Financial Reporting), Essbase Integration services, Excel Spread sheet Add-in, SQL server 2000, Windows NT

    Essbase Developer/DBA Feb 2006 – Sep 2007
    Confidential,Tulsa, OK


  • Played major role in user requirement analysis, development and implementation of finalizing dimensions and members of the cubes.
  • Developed Rules files to upload data from financial system’s database to Essbase cube.
  • Created and maintained Essbase application objects including Database outline, Calculation scripts and security settings.
  • Involved in defining requirements, functional specifications, design documentation and testing strategies.
  • Involved in designing and implementing new cubes.
  • Worked on Rules files to manipulate data source file using various build methods.
  • Involved in redesigning existing cubes for overall database outline performance and optimization.
  • Maintained and supported existing applications, worked on production, participated in routine maintenance of applications for better performance.
  • Performed tuning by using Dense/Sparse settings and developed the required alternate roll ups for the reports.
  • Responsible for Partition the databases for better data retrieval, security of databases, database migration, Managed sessions and log analysis to optimize the database.
  • Performed recovery and back up process on regular basis.
  • Developed SQL and PL/SQL scripts to extract and transform data into the data warehouse system.
  • Assisted in migrating the Essbase cubes.
  • Worked on user systems with Excel Add-in and trained users on Excel client usage.
  • Used Hyperion Analyzer to design reports like Balance sheets, P&L sheets, and Cash flow and Income statements.
  • Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5.1, Hyperion Reports, Hyperion Analyzer 6.5, Excel Spread sheet add-in, Oracle 9i, Window 2000 and Unix

    Software Developer July 2004 – Nov 2005
    Confidential,Gujarat, India


  • Developed “Project Status Monitoring” tool to keep track of the status of various projects.
  • Interacted with business units and collected project related requirements.
  • Worked through whole Software development life cycle process starting from requirement gathering, planning, designing, coding and testing the application. And built the whole system using ASP.Net and C#.Net.
  • Also involved in the database design and development using SQL.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers using SQL 2000 to facilitate ADO.Net functions of the project.
  • Worked as a Trainee on Hyperion Essbase 6.0 to develop multidimensional database (MDDB) which was a new concept being deployed in the company.
  • Extensively involved in analysis of user requirements to design and develop new Essbase applications.
  • Responsible for designing and developing outline using sparse and dense dimensions.
  • Used Rules files to build dimensions and load data into the Essbase Server.
  • Also involved in developing Report Scripts to generate Income and Expense statement analysis reports.
  • Environment: ASP.Net 1.1, C#, Hyperion Essbase 6.0, Excel Spread sheet Add-in, SQL Server 2000, MS Access

    Junior Developer Jan 2004 –June 2004
    Confidential,Gujarat, India


  • Project handled was “Online Examination Systems” using VB.Net and ASP.Net as a Front end and MS Access as a Back-end.
  • This project helped the education department of the company to maintain the records of their students and also their results in online exams.
  • Created Windows as well as Intranet application for this purpose.
  • Responsible for database design and architecture.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers using SQL 2000 to facilitate ADO.Net functions of the project.
  • Environment: Vb.Net 1.1, ASP.Net 1.1, SQL 2000, MS Access, Windows 2000

    References: Provided upon request.

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