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Sales Force Test Engineer Resume

Career Objective:
To pursue a highly challenging career in Software Testing, which would give me, opportunities to apply my full potential and perform defect detection to provide high-quality products to customers. My vision is to add value to everything that I deliver to customers through technology, innovation and excellence.

Work Experience:

  • Currently working in Confidential,as a Sales force Tester.
  • Previously worked for Confidential,India as (CRM) Software Testing Engineer from 29th Sept 2010 to 10th June 2011.
  • Previously worked for Confidential, as Consultant - SFDC Quality Assurance from 22nd Feb to 12th August 2010.
  • Previously worked for Confidential,Bangalore as Associate - L2 (QA & Testing) from 9th October 2006 to 19th Feb 2010.
  • Previously worked as Confidential,Manipur from 2nd August 2004 to 31st August 2006

Technical Skills:

  • 5 + years of experience in software testing.
  • Proficient in Manual Testing
  • Proficient in SQL Server concepts.
  • Sound Knowledge in Database testing ( MYSQL )
  • Basic Knowledge in Testing with JUNIT using Eclipse.
  • Managing Data Import Utility
  • Sound knowledge in testing CMS - Interwoven.
  • Sound knowledge in testing ATG - BCC.
  • Proficient in SFDC and SAP integration Testing
  • Adept in using tools like Quality Center
  • Proficient in agile methodologies.

Test Process & Documentation:

  • Good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle & Software Test Life Cycle
  • Responsible for analyzing Business Requirements and Specifications
  • Worked with Development and Requirement Analysts to ensure that the Test Requirements are correct and complete.
  • Preparation and execution of Test Plan and Test Cases
  • Reporting and prioritizing software bugs in conjunction with the Development & QA Managers
  • Developing Traceability by Test Result Analysis and Defect Management
  • Team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Achievements & Certifications:

  • Nominated for "Associate of the Month" twice award for outstanding contribution to the project in Sapient.

Vertical/Domain Experience:

  • 14 months of IT experience in Travel Domain
  • 15 months of IT experience in ecommerce and Telecom Domain
  • 7 months of IT experience in CRM ( Talisma )
  • 24 months of IT experience in SFDC Testing


  • Problem solving capability and grasping new technologies easily, I took the challenge of learning ecommerce in 2 months, and got nominated for "Associate of the Month" after showing substantially good results with Testing in that short period of time.
  • Active Team member and work very competitively and effectively under stress, worked with Projects where the each release lasted for a months' time.
  • Very flexible in work timings and ready to stretch work timings whenever required.
  • Team building, Teamwork and Maintaining Work Culture.

Project Experience:

Organization: Confidential,
Project 1: SFDC - ELO project
Duration: Oct 2011 - Present
Designation: Sales force Test Engineer
Environment: .NET, HTML, SFDC, Oracle 10g, SAP
The ELO (Enterprise Lead to Order) project is mainly focussed on the following areas:

  • Lead Management - Manual creation of Leads in SFDC
  • Accounts Management - Account Creation process ( SAP - SFDC intergration), Account Update process, Account Delete process
  • Contact Management - Contact Creation process, Contact Update process, Contact Delete process
  • Opportunity Management - Opportunity Creation through Internal Sales Involvement, Opportunity Creation through Accounts, Opportunity creation through Lead Conversion, Auto Renewal Opportunity through SAP - SFDC integration.
  • Credit Check - Customer Credit Limit, Credit Approval process.


  • Analysing the requirements & preparing test documentation for the same
  • Involved in preparing and execution of Functional/Regression Test cases based on SRS/FS (Functional Specification about particular feature)/Change request Specification
  • SAP - SFDC integration testing
  • Bug tracking and reporting using MQC
  • Execution of Test Cases
  • Review of Test Cases/Test Documents/UE Documents
  • Preparing Test Report
  • Bug tracking and reporting using MQC

Organization: Confidential,
Project 2: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Duration: Sept 2010- June 2011
Designation: Test Engineer
Environment: Net 3.5, WinXP, Win2k3, Win2k8, Vista, SQL Server 2005 & 2008
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a sophisticated Web/Desktop solution enabling sales, marketing, and customer service organizations to efficiently track and store critical customer information. Through a configurable, process-oriented workflow, users can better execute key functional tasks to ensure customer loyalty Talisma CRM Consists of 3 Different Modules - Talisma Service, Talisma Sales & Talisma Marketing.

Talisma Suite offers a multi-channel CRM solution across the various customer communication channels: Self-Service, Email, Chat, Phone, Campaigns, & more. Talisma, most powerful and scalable multi-channel CRM solution, delivers on the promise of total customer communication integration and management. It scales to support from 10 to thousands of concurrent users.


  • Analyzing the requirements & preparing test case for the same
  • Involved in preparing and execution of Functional/Regression Test cases based on SRS/FS (Functional Specification about particular feature)/Change request Specification
  • Bug tracking and reporting using MQC
  • Managing Talisma Data Import Utility - Talisma Data Import Utility is a data import tool which imports external data into Talisma system and create Talisma Object items as a result of the import.
  • Validation of Service Packs and Hot Fix
  • Installation Testing under various environments
  • Performed Smoke Test on Build Releases before delivering to Testing Team
  • Database testing with MYSQL
  • Review of Test Cases/Test Documents/UE Documents
  • Involved in Browser Certifications

Project 3: IS Reporting
Client: Thought works Private Limited
Duration: Feb 2010 to Aug 2010
Platform: Ruby, JUnit, HTML, Oracle 10g, Twist.
Team Size: 6
IS Reporting is an internal Project. It is an enhancement project about the reporting revenue application. It manages the HR - Staffing Process, Payroll for the company. It has three applications:
SFDC: It mainly manages the Upcoming projects in different location and the staffing needs of that project.
Jigsaw: It manages the staffing process.
Reporting: It manages the revenue forecast for all the accounts.

  • Preparing and executing the test scenarios and test cases.
  • Understanding the business functionality of the application.
  • Analysing the Requirement and Design documents.
  • Responsible for System testing and Defect Tracking.
  • Certifying the stories and use cases.
  • Testing SFDC integration with JIGSAW.

Organization: Confidential,
Project 4: Sprint.com Post-EAR Execution.
Client: Sprint, USA.
Duration: June 2008 to 19th Feb 2010
Domain: Telecom
Team Size: 13
Platform: ATG - BCC, CMS - Interwoven, Java, HTML, Oracle 10g
Confidential, a US major telecom company in the field of wireless and wire line communication, provides the services to consumer, business and government customers. Merger of Sprint and Nextel has caused a huge impact as Sprint - Nextel requires a Unified Order Processing front ends for the IDEN & CDMA customers, which includes comprehensive testing of its Enterprise Applications, spanning applications like Ensemble, PeopleSoft etc. Considering the e-Commerce trend in the current online shopping world, Sprint has signed a contract with Sapient for re designing the e-Commerce web store for the customers to Shop the cellular products of Sprint.

  • Preparing and executing the test scenarios and test cases.
  • Preparing DCTs and DCRs for the project and deploying them to check the contents.
  • Understanding the business functionality of the application.
  • Analysing the Requirement and Design documents.
  • Responsible for System testing and Defect Tracking.
  • Managing the CMS workflow.
  • Responsible for different reporting purposes using MQC.

Organization: Confidential
Project 5: Booking System Replacement.
Client: Octopus Travel.
Duration: Jan 2009 - May 2009
Domain: Travel
Team Size: 13
Confidential, is a global leader in on-line hotel bookings, offering instant confirmation at 19,000 hotels worldwide. There is even a price promise to back this up. Every budget is catered for, from 1 to 5 stars, and there are no hidden extras.
To assist selection of the hotel best suited, there is a full list of amenities and an independent report for each hotel. For most, there is also a hotel location map plus interior and exterior photos.
Key features of Octopus website are:

  • Searching for any Hotels around the world (Based on the City and Countries)
  • Gathering information regarding the best offers and discounts.
  • Booking a room in a particular Hotel and receiving booking details by e-mail.
  • Tracking the booking and Cancellation


  • Manage a team of 6 members.
  • Involved in Requirement walkthrough phase
  • Database testing with MYSQL
  • Involved in giving Ramp up for new team members
  • Writing test cases for functional testing..
  • Performance Testing/Re-validation testing, End-to-End Testing
  • Responsible for Metrics Generation.
  • Bug tracking and reporting using MQC, Result Space.
  • Prepared Test case execution status report
  • Performing integration testing and system testing
  • Interacting with DEV and BAs at onsite, on requirements
  • Performing regression testing.

Organization: Confidential,
Project 6: WOB (Webster Online Banking)
Client: Webster Bank
Duration: Jan 2009 - May 2009
Platform: Cactus, JUnit, Tag Unit, HTML, Oracle 10g
Domain: Banking
Team Size: 9
Webster Bank is a project to harness the power of the internet to increase co-operation across the United States. Webster Bank is a commercial bank based in Waterbury, Connecticut. It is the 31st largest commercial bank in the United States.
The WOB (Webster Online Banking) has mainly divided into three sections:
i) Personal, ii) Small Business and iii) Corporate Banking.

Key features of Webster Online Banking are:

  • Learning about the products namely: Online Services, Loan & Credits, Mortgages, and Investment Services etc.
  • Applying online for the followings: i) Open a Saving Account, ii) Apply for a Home Equity loan, Apply for A Credit Card etc
  • Making a plan, examples Planning Centre and Calculator.


  • Manage a team of 5 members.
  • Involved in Requirement walkthrough phase
  • Involved in identifying High-level test scenario.
  • Writing test cases for functional testing..
  • Performance Testing/Re-validation testing, End-to-End Testing
  • Responsible for Reports Generation.
  • Bug tracking and reporting.
  • Prepared Test case execution status report

Organization: Confidential,
Project 7: AIMS Phase 2(Philadelphia Gas Works).
Client: PGW
Duration: Oct 2006- Feb 2007
Domain: Energy
Team Size: 5

Team Member - AIMS Phase 2(Philadelphia Gas Works)
Philadelphia Gas Works is a municipally owned utility operated by the Philadelphia Facilities Management Corporation PGW's Field Operations section is comprised of two major departments, Field Services and Distribution. Both of these departments have specialized sections that generally perform discrete functions. Release 1 of the Mobile/AIMS (Advanced Intelligent Mobile System) was designed solely to address the needs to the Field Services Department. The work performed by FSD is generally related to leak response, emergencies, service turn on/off, meter replacement and appliance repairs. The system was developed in modules. These include; Security, Resource Management, Order Generation, Appointment Setter/Scheduler, Dispatching, Field and Meter Inventory System.


  • Involved in knowledge acquisition
  • Involved in writing and execution of the test cases
  • Writing test cases for functional testing.
  • Involved in sniff testing, system testing and integration testing
  • Involved in defect triaging and defect processing
  • Bug tracking and reporting using MQC, Result Space
Educational Qualification Details:



Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95.

Databases: MYSQL, SQL Server and Oracle 9i.

Test Reporting Tools: Mercury Quality centre.

Test Execution Tools: Selenium, JUNIT

Others: Web Technology: ATG Business Control Centre (BCC), Interwoven - CMS Teamsite, Salesforce.

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