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Systems Engineer Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Summary of Experience:

Experienced UNIX Systems Engineer that is familiar with AIX, Linux(RedHat/Suse), Sun, and HP-UX. I also have experience in SAN management on current storage technologies (EMC, HDS, and IBM). I have multiple UNIX certifications in all functional areas. I am also proficient in setting up LPARS on P5-P7 hardware which includes virtualization using NPIV. I was a Sr. Mainframe Systems Programmer for ten years prior to my UNIX skills, which includes 18 years experience in many aspects of IT.

I have additional experience with HACMP(certified), DB2, Oracle, Apache, Websphere, Tivoli Data Protection (TDP), Sans (McData, Brocade, and Cisco switches); backup solutions include Tivoli Storage Manager with IBM Tape subsystems and some Netbackup experience. Other skills include performance & tuning, problem determination, shell programming and computer security(HIPPA and SOX).

Formal Education:

5/81 - Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
BBA - Computer Information Systems.

Technical Education

  • 06/99 - Sans 2108 Implementation (Sans Data Gateway)
  • 05/99 - Checkpoint Firewall
  • 04/99 - VSS implementation (now ESS/Shark)
  • 05/97 - Solaris 2.X System Administration
  • 03/97 - RS/6000 SP Problem Determination
  • 12/96 - AIX V4 Performance Management
  • 12/96 - AIX V4 Security
  • 03/96 - SAP R/3 System Architecture
  • 03/96 - SAP R/3 Administration
  • 03/96 - SAP R/3 in the UNIX Environment
  • 03/96 - SAP R/3 under ORACLE
  • 08/95 - RISC System/6000 SP Implementation
  • 06/95 - HP OpenView Network Node manager fundamentals
  • 12/94 - AIX Systems Administration
  • 12/94 - AIX Advanced Systems Administration
  • 07/94 - HP-UX Advanced Administration
  • 07/94 - HP-UX Workstation Administration for HP 9000 series


  • 01/99 - AIX V4 Advanced Technical Certification (CATE)
  • 05/01 - AIX Communications
  • 12/01 - Network Technical Support
  • 01/01 - UNIX Administration (BSD)
  • 01/01 - AIX V4.3 Administration
  • 07/99 - Mid-Range Storage Technical Solutions (Sans)
  • 07/99 - AIX V4.3 Systems Support
  • 07/99 - AIX 4.2 Performance and Tuning
  • 07/99 - AIX V4.2 Problem Determinations Tools and Techniques
  • 07/99 - RS/6000 SP and PSSP 2.4
  • 07/99 - Network Concepts
  • 05/99 - TSM V3.7 Implementation
  • 05/99 - ADSM V3.1 Solutions Development and Implementation
  • 02/99 - HACMP for AIX V4.2
  • 01/99 - AIX V4.1 Support
  • 01/99 - RS/6000 SP and PSSP 2.2
  • 01/99 - AIX V4.2 Installation and System Recovery


5-2012 – 7-2012
Systems Engineer

Responsible for over 500 servers for Parkland hospital. Mainly hacmp clusters. Problem determination and upgrades to the latest firmware and maintenance. Problem determination included “Whats wrong with my HACMP cluster”. None of them worked properly. Interaction with the customer played a big role in my position.

Confidential,9-2009 – 4-2012

Systems Engineer

Responsible for migrating servers to the new p7 technology, which would take less than an hour now using NIM, NPIV, and rsync. Also responsible for installing and maintaining all the HACMP clusters along with installing all of their online banking servers using WAS and IHS. I have written up many recommendations for performance improvements to help improve overall response time to the outward facing customer. Improvements include management of memory, disk utilization, and network tuning enhancements. I also worked on the P5 and P6 hardware, but the main objective was to migrate everything to P7 technology.

3-2009 – 9-2009 Confidential,PA

Systems Engineer

Responsibilities were migrating from HP to IBM 570 P6 processors running AIX 6.1. This included putting together their HACMP clusters for all the SAP instances. Fail over was somewhat of a challenge due to the number of application servers. I came up with a way to verify all application servers were down before failing over oracle to the standby server, and then restarting everything. When complete fail over took 12 minutes compared to 1.5 hours on the HP platform. Also did all the performance and tuning for their SAP environment. I was also instrumental in migrating the EDI environment to AIX

2/2008 – 1-2009 Confidential,Tampa, FL

Systems Engineer

My responsibilities included performance and tuning, problem determination, maintaining and upgrading AIX software and P5 firmware to the appropriate levels, and performed maintenance on Linux servers. In addition, I was responsible for the disk subsystems (IBM, and EMC). I am also familiar with zoning on the Cisco and Brochade San switches. Moved several AIX LPARS to ISeries platform. Well versed in micro partitioning which is used on both PSeries and Iseries platforms. I was also instrumental in porting our pick database to UV on Linux SUSE platform. Then there was a change in strategic direction and migrated everything to RedHat.

5/2007 – 1/2008 Confidential,Nashville, TN

Systems Engineer

My responsibilities include problem determination, maintaining and upgrading AIX software and P5 firmware to the latest levels, We were also running Linux RedHat, Sun and HP-UX servers. I have written massive amounts of shell code and updates to the servers to try and improve the environment. I have also written a distributed shell program that will work from any platform, to any platforms using ssh keys. I also implemented memory, I/O and network tuning and capacity planning. I have developed a website using NMON where all performance data was kept for all servers.

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