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Researcher Resume

Jackson, MississippI


As a Biological Engineer with 6+ years of combined experience in the fields of molecular and computational biology, I offer suitable skillsets in a range of research fields including the medical field, neuroscience, genetics, cell biology, entomology, engineering, computer science, Linux system administration, and supercomputing. While effective as an independent scientist, I have also found my enthusiasm for thorough research has inspired others to trust my management abilities. These experiences have also given me the opportunity to take the lead on various academic and personal projects that define my career. I specialize in Python and R programming.


  • Computational biology
  • Supercomputing
  • Project, team, and lab management
  • Molecular genetics and cell culture
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Adaptive and effective problem solve



Confidential, Jackson, Mississippi


  • Worked indirectly with rhesus monkeys to study the genetic underpinnings of psychiatric disorders including addiction, depression, impulsivity, suicidality, and other human behaviors using non - human primate models.
  • Developed and maintained projects, pipelines, and computing systems for phylogenetic, differential RNA expression, microbiome, and other bioinformatics research using the R and Python programming languages.
  • Isolation of large quantities of rhesus macaque DNA/RNA used in genotyping and gene expression assays including PCR, qPCR, RFLP, Sanger sequencing, and next-generation sequencing.
  • Provided support for stable cell line generation, transfection, transient transfection, transduction, pathway array plate assays, and ligand validation.

Lab Technician

Confidential, Starkville, Mississippi


  • Established working knowledge of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and wet lab techniques in a lab focused on invasive ant species.
  • Enhanced project management abilities under supervision from the principal investigator.

Engineering Technician

Confidential, Vicksburg, Mississippi


  • Supported the projects of world-class engineering mentors involved in land vehicle simulations, a physiological analysis of alligator gar scales, mechanical analysis of concrete, and chemical analysis of soil samples.
  • Gained valuable first hand insight into the scientific and engineering process.

Team Leader



  • Facilitated the creation and organization of an informal Bioinformatics club at my institution.
  • Invited faculty from the Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research and the Jackson Laboratory to discuss supercomputing.
  • Tutored an international Ph.D. student in Python per the request of the Director of the Dept. of Data Science.
  • Introduced our lab’s Ph.D. student to Python and R.
  • Demonstrated DNA/RNA isolation and analysis techniques to various Ph.D. students.
  • Mentored undergraduate interns and helped complete their capstone research projects.
  • Advised various colleagues in the use of the R programming language.

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