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Technical Architect & Lead Resume

Holly, MI

Barry LaLone Objective

To obtain a challenging and rewarding position as a Systems Architect, designing and implementing quality technology solutions.


Languages: .NET, ASP, C#, Visual Basic, VBA, Java, Java Script, HTML, CGI, SQL, C++, Cold Fusion 3/4/4.5/5 /MX

Software: Visual Studio .NET, MS Virtual Server, VMWare, Virtuozzo, Data OnTap, MS Analysis Services, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Certificates, MS Certificate Server, MS Internet Information Server 2.0, 3.0 , 4, 5, and 6, POP3 servers, SMTP Servers, and Proxy Servers.

Network: Windows NT 3.51, 4.0 and 2000,XP, Windows 2003, Windows 95, 98 and DOS

Database: MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0,2000, 2005, Microsoft Access 95, 7.0, 8.0, 2000 and 2003, Sybase SQL Server System 10 and 11, IBM DB2 for NT.


Sept, 2007 Present Rochester, MI


  • Continued development of CJDEvents.com a web based event management system developed for Chrysler.
  • Continued development of thecgizone.com a web based portal for Chryslers CGI group.
  • Continued development of eeiconnect.com a web based asset management system used for EEI Global clients.
  • Implemented a virtual server environment utilizing VMWare technologies consolidating 11+ physical servers to 1
  • Made major enhancements to web based asset management system allowing it to store and track complex inventory items comprised of multiple assemblies, crates and storage locations.
  • Maintained all development , application and production SQL Server instances.
  • Completed re-write of internal sales request application from Lotus Notes to full web app wih SQL backend

Aug, 2004 to Aug. 2007 Lenexa, KS


  • Continued development of NetTeller on-line banking software through design and coding enhancements which includes SQL Server back-end and transition to .NET technologies.
  • Created web site and demo Check Collect electronic bounce protection software
  • Accepted position with Technology Research Group as Server Platform Architect
  • Led efforts with several software development teams experiencing SQL performance issues
  • Consulting product development teams on migration to SQL Server 2005
  • Create complex data manipulation / conversion scripts for merge / duplication processes
  • Conduct research into emerging hardware and software technologies and provide corporate direction / policy
  • Led Server Consolidation Strategy project researching virtual servers, blade servers and database consolidation.
  • Created virtual server environment to test various virtualization technologies such as MS Virtual Server, VMWare and Virtuozzo with JHA products
  • Architected server farm for large scale business intelligence product installations around Network Appliance FAS960 storage
  • Developed and published standard hardware configurations for business intelligence products
  • Established relationship with IBM for resale of N Series NAS equipment as standard consolidated storage appliance.
  • Attended IBM N Series training and IBM SAN training
  • Architected Business Intelligence hardware solutions based on IBM N Series storage
  • Designed and implemented Business Intelligence development and support environments using virtual server software, IBM servers and Network Appliance F880 hardware.
  • Daily duties include gathering requirements, writing functional specifications , working with external clients, setting technical direction, establishing corporate architectural standards and best practices, publishing white papers, creating working prototypes, designing logical and physical data models, assisting product development teams as needed, participation in product roadmap development.
  • Creating various helper applications in VB, VBA and .NET to mine and manipulate data as required to satisfy project needs.
  • Created and maintained ETL solutions using SQL Server DTS, SQL Integration Services and custom VB and .NET Programs
  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2000 and 2005 with Analysis Services

Aug, 2003 to May 2004 Canton, MI


  • Performed ASP.NET programming on http://www.jackgear.com a site for the promotion and sale of aftermarket automotive accessories at new car dealerships that can be financed with the vehicle.
  • Led team of two other developers in efforts to improve original .NET code making it faster and more stable
  • Made major improvements to speed and usability of system
  • Implemented e-commerce abilities
  • Setup formal development environment including servers and source code control
  • Facilitated purchase , installation and setup of Network Appliance Filer for use as company's main data storage.
  • Principal technologies used were Cold Fusion, C#, and MS SQL Server 2000
  • Created VB helper applications using web and internet data controls to mine vehicle and trim information from various internet sources.

Nov, 2003 Detroit, MI

Contract ASP Programmer

  • Designed and built http://www.powerstrokediesel.com for Ford Motor Company and Blue Diamond joint venture
  • Consumer and B2B website that communicates tour schedules and related promotional events.
  • Site was built using ASP 3.0 and MS SQL Server 2000

Sep, 2002 to July 2003 Detroit, MI


  • Architect for Retail Point of Sale system written using VB.NET and SQL server. Desktop version using MSDE 2000.
  • Led efforts to improve server / site performance of customer web sites at http://www.ticketsnow.com and http://www.eventinventory.com
  • Architected and implemented load balanced web farm using Network Attached Storage solutions such as Network Appliance Filer and Alteon load balancers, and Cisco PIX.
  • Designed web based Real Estate tax searching system for Land America / Chirco Title venture based on Cold Fusion 5 and MSDE 2000
  • Help to institute processes for Vision IT and their clients regarding source code control, and development and testing methodologies.
  • Led team of 10 developers in daily tasks providing direction and mentoring, all projects were Cold Fusion 5.0
  • Worked directly with client to determine goals and scope of projects. Held weekly status meeting with clients to review project progress and investigate / discuss new areas of opportunity.
  • Made several trips to client location to gather requirements for projects and to install configure hardware related to web farm implementation and load balancing of Cold Fusion hosting environment.

Nov, 2001 to Aug, 2002 Dearborn, MI


  • Set up internal development environment, hardware and software. Development platform was Microsoft NT 4, SQL Server 7, Cold Fusion 5, ASP and Source Safe.
  • Instituted processes for development and source code control.
  • Supported and made major enhancements to DCXevents.com as sole developer. Web based event scheduling system for Daimler Chrysler client.
  • Created custom VB software to split large floorplan images into poster printable PDF files, and integrated with web based file upload.
  • Designed, and built new version of DCXevents.com data model, which includes features such as audit trails, dynamic work queues, nested workflows that can affect one another.
  • Coded all stored procedures to support new data model.
  • Version 5.0 is viewable at http://www.dcxevents.com
  • After March of 2002 during the development cycle of DCXevents 3.0 two additional contract developers were added to the project. Responsibilities included management of these additional resources with respect to estimation, project development scope, project milestones and mentoring.

May, 2000 to Nov, 2001 Royal Oak, MI


  • Responsible for logical and physical designs of technical solutions, including databases, hardware and software.
  • Designed and implemented web based toolkit that allows users to create and distribute vehicle incentives for Lincoln / Mercury for consumer sites such as lincolnvehicles.com and mercuryvehicles.com.
  • Primary technologies were Cold Fusion and MS SQL Server.
  • Developed high encryption B2B service portal to protect valued web based services from theft by non-paying parties.
  • Architected and oversaw development of VB / web hybrid toolkit that allows creation of vehicle incentives for Ford Motor Company.
  • Developed high performance consumer facing views of incentive information to mimic television campaigns, returning results in sub second times.
  • Designed and developed major portions of B2B dealer portals for Ford Motor Company at


These B2B portals are the primary means of communication for Ford Motor Company to its 6000 North American dealerships, regional field personnel and general office personnel.

Additional responsibilities as a Senior System Architect were to oversee a development team of eight members, keep accurate documentation of project plans, estimates, business rules, test plans and scripts. Technical as well as non-technical mentoring was also a big part of this position. Team member skill assessment and core competencies as well as workload were all considered in project assignments.

February, 2000 to May, 2000 Southfield, MI


  • Created consumer internet site for National Blinds and Wallpaper Factory.
  • Designed and implemented technical solutions that allowed for dynamic pricing of wallpaper and blinds, a feature not available on any other competitors site.
  • Integrated Cold Fusion / DB2 based solution with legacy order entry and inventory system.
  • Made all blind products and over 200,000 wallpaper patterns available by advanced search features.
  • Designed and coded personal workbook and shopping cart systems to allow for online purchase of products via credit card.
  • Web site is available for review at http://www.nbwf.com
  • Site is fully e-commerce capable and currently does more than $1 million per month in retail sales.
  • Additional responsibilities included supervision of three other developers, project, job assignments and release planning. Three releases of the National Blind and Wallpaper site were delivered in an eight week time frame.

April, 1999 to February, 2000 Troy, MI

  • Tasked with re-engineering of reporting process for Customer Viewpoint Survey reporting for 6000 Ford Dealerships. These reports are based on survey returns given to every Ford customer that purchases a vehicle or has one serviced.
  • Re-Architected and optimized reporting processes. Reporting tasks were streamlined from a two person 4 day operation to a 1/2 person 1 day operation.
  • Designed and implemented web infrastructure including hosting solution, hardware and internet access. Performed all coding to Cold Fusion templates, HTML and SQL stored procedures needed to publish reports as PDF files on a secure internet site accessible to Ford Dealers.
  • Primary tools used to accomplishing paperless reporting were Cold Fusion and MS SQL Server.
  • Utilized Network Appliance Filer to store TIF survey images and for temporary workload space.
  • Currently there are 13 months of reports accessible via the world wide web totaling over 1,000,000 PDF files. All files are indexed in the database and are able to be retrieved by document owner, date and document type.
  • Mentored and trained 3 other individuals to maintain Customer Viewpoint reporting web site as well as other Ford related sites hosted on the same server.
  • Additional responsibilities included project scope and release planning, job assignments and resource allocation.

April, 1999
February, 2000 Troy, M1


  • Resurrected SQL Server database from major hardware failure without the use of backups. Within one week had main database on line and functioning after Microsoft had claimed recovery was not possible.
  • Made hardware recommendations for new database server and put in place disaster recovery plan to prevent repeat of scenario.
  • Tasked with redesign and web enabling of custom in house software used for recruitment of candidates.
  • Provided web based interface to search engine capable of indexing all resumes currently on file.
  • Also performed short term contract work for Coolfire a New York based interact solutions provider. Work consisted of a custom search engine to be used on their Ford internet sites qcdealer.com and fdealer.com.

April, 1997 to April, 1999 Troy, MI

Converted to full - time Confidential April, 1997.

  • Managed a development project supervising three additional developers. Project consists of developing a warehouse to store MS Access projects similar to Visual Source Safe, but with object level functionality.
  • Responsible for maintaining and developing new reports for a GMAC retail finance application in an increasing number of sites including Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Fiat of Argentina. This has required extensive stored procedure development and utilization of advanced SQL Linguistic Optimization techniques.
  • Wrote a custom MS Access application to perform daily data mining and transformation to an intermediate Data store.
  • Primary tools used were MS Access 7.0 and 8.0, Visual Basic 4.0 and 5.0 Sybase SQL Server 10 and 11.
  • Underwent and achieved ISO 9002 certification as member of 40 person development team in less than six months.
  • Team leader of Information Services team, responsible for all aspects of reporting within application. The team consisted of seven other members. Reported directly to Account manager and Project Management Office with information about estimates , resource availability, technical skills, project timing.

June, 1997 to October, 1999 Owner


Confidential. is an Internet based real estate advertisement database, which provides a vehicle for real estate agents and homeowners to list their properties on line. It currently lists over 200,000 properties.

  • Responsible for all development and maintenance of the VRE application and website. The site was developed using IIS 4.0 and several third party dynamic HTML products, along with MS SQL Server as the backend database.
  • Due to performance criteria, all HTML coding was done manually, as most WYSIWYG editors produce very bulky and inefficient HTML. Every line of code was coded by hand and tested manually for correctness and speed of execution.
  • The site was designed and developed to provide dynamic website content and to create a solution that could be maintained with minimal effort and could be totally revamped in a matter or minutes. All of the content is dynamically driven from database tables and queries including the menus. The site can be given a total makeover within a few minutes, without ever breaking a link.
  • For ease of use, the site provides a wide variety of user configurable searches. Users can search a database with hundreds of thousands of properties in it, by up to 22 configurable criteria. Dynamic SQL is written to meet the users search criteria and return what they ask for in the most efficient manner. Average search times are under five seconds. Potential future features include searches that can be saved and recalled by a user on demand and automated notification via e-mail when a property is found that matches your stored search criteria.
  • Users can also create a new account in just a few seconds and list their property on this account in just a few minutes. This is a completely automated process and all updates to the database are done in real time. This was accomplished by using a third party CGI program called HotSQL, which provides connectivity to any ODBC database. Server side CGI instructions are embedded into comments similar to Active Server Pages commands.
  • To provide customers with the ability to send pictures of their properties and get them into the correct directories and associate them with the correct houses, an automated e-mail processing / responder was developed. An application was written in Visual Basic 5.0 that retrieves the businesses mail every few minutes and analyzes the contents of a particular mailbox called "Photos". All of the pictures and attachments are detached and UU unencoded, then converted to certain format and size specifications. The customers' e-mail address is used to query for their account information and to assign the pictures to the correct property. The program the sends an automated response back to the user thanking them for using the automated picture submission feature. A similar feature was added that would allow users to retrieve their password if they have forgotten or lost it.
  • Real time credit card processing is also accomplished by using the SSL in IIS 4.0 using the https protocol and issuing a certificate via the Certificate Server. Using a proprietary third party encryption CGI program, direct communications take place to a financial institutions' merchant server. The transaction requests are processed and responses are received back and presented to the user in real time usually within three seconds.
  • Controls that are automatically re-calculated when changes are made to the values within them are used throughout the application using Java script.
  • The database used was originally developed in MS Access for ease of use and rapid development time, but was scaled up to MS SQL Server 6.5. This included the creation of scripts to create the data model, migrate the data, create indexes and the creation of stored procedure to perform various tasks previously performed by Access queries.
  • A WinGate proxy server was used as a firewall and gateway to the rest of the internal LAN. Due to performance considerations with the HTTP proxies, it was later removed and is now used solely to provide remote access to the SQL Server, which resides on a separate server from the IIS Server.
  • Due to anticipated volume of e-mail , it was necessary to install a separate POP3 / SMTP Mail server, which allowed us an unlimited number of internal e-mail addresses for our own use.

July, 1996 to April, 1997 CONTRACTOR


Programmer / Analyst - EDS, Warren, MI (9/96 to 4/97)

  • Working at EDS Latin American Operations for Reporting Team.
  • Developed and implemented new methods of query optimization using MS Access 7.0 and Sybase greatly improving overall nightly batch and on-line report processing. As a direct result average nightly reports were reduced from a run time of 5 hours to 1 hour.

Programmer / Analyst - Confidential Grand Rapids, MI (7/96 - 9/96)

  • Developed Hospital auditing application to verify patient admission information entered by registration personnel and provide reporting tool to administration for evaluation purposes. The entire application was written using MS Access 2.0.
  • Responsible for entire project from initial customer requirement gathering until final UAT.

September, 1995 to February, 1996 Clarkston, MI


  • Responsible for immediate supervision of three other developers, project planning, assignments, estimation.
  • Responsible for disaster recovery processes, database backups / restoration.
  • Managed team projects for development of in-house tools and corrections to current code.
  • Rewrote hard coded call costing system into a table based architecture.
  • Maintained two concurrent billing systems for third party long distance provider with $12 million in annual revenue. Responsible for programming enhancements, changes as well as Database Administrator functions to SQL Server databases.
  • Experience with NT 3.51 administration.

April, 1994 to September, 1995 Clarkston, MI


  • Wrote both Personal Computer and portable applications in C++, assembly language, and Quick Basic.
  • Developed proprietary database software written in C++ for the tracking of item repairs, including labor,inventory and shipping.

April, 1993 to November, 1993 Rochester, MI


  • Responsible for initial testing of A/C equipment before delivery to customer.
  • Learned programming of PLC components (Allen Bradley, Love etc. ).
  • Also responsible for maintaining database of test results, trends.

January, 1991 to March, 1993 Norfolk, VA (USS America)


  • Performed various duties as electrician.
  • Related accomplishments include development of check-out database for tool crib using Fox Pro.
  • Enhanced previously written programs in dBase.

Started own internet based Real Estate advertising company.

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