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Regulatory Economist Resume

Washington, DC


PHD in economics with over 17 years of experience as a consultant and regulatory economist - Excellent analytical and quantitative skills - Ability to work effectively individually and within teams - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Experience includes Federal Procurement/Acquisitions and Proposal Evaluation - Ready command of the nexus between regulations and the impact on small businesses.


Regulatory Economist

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Performed research and evaluation of small business regulatory issues, prepared reports, and presented findings at academic conferences.
  • Prepared written reports and contributed to an annual Confidential report to the president of the United States.
  • Prepared papers in support of the National Tax Association’s Annual Meeting.
  • Papers are currently posted on the Advocacy website, www. Confidential .gov/advocacy/7540/.
  • Prepared all acquisition documentation for solicitations, evaluation of proposals, lead technical evaluation boards, and guided and directed contractor’s performance.
  • Modeled and evaluated economic and econometric data in contract research.
  • Used theoretical and econometric modeling to produce publications.
  • Represented the Confidential during international delegations visits. Presented the pertinent facts of Advocacy Research.
  • Served as a lead economist on SBREFA Panels with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
  • Processed requests for data and information from Congressional staff members
  • Performed gathering and processing all data relevant to office-wide effectiveness measurement and performance metrics - quarterly and annually.
  • Lead and guided a group of Economists/CORs throughout government acquisitions process, and evaluated their progress by creating timely performance reports.

Independent Consultant

Confidential, Springfield, VA


  • Performed cost/benefit Analysis evaluated the sensitivity of prevailing cost/benefit estimates to the value of a statistical life.
  • Designed surveys to document the amount of instructional time in five Middle-East/North Africa countries.
  • Prepared literature review, created survey questionnaires in English and French, and constructed country profiles.
  • Wrote model specification, extracted records of interest to the analysis, and combined data for each phase of the research primarily using SAS.
  • Planned and executed statistical analyses, summarized conclusions in working tables and in tables suitable for publication, and prepared supporting data for disclosure analysis.
  • Effort culminated in paper improving the linkages in the data for further research.
  • Identified and implemented framework for the expansion of research agenda based on dissertation topic, Rules versus Discretion in Tax Policy.
  • Started research related to applying cross-sectional analysis based on the 48 contiguous American States to developing and Confidential countries.




  • Managed antitrust and market analysis projects including research design, staff oversight, progress monitoring, and database management.
  • Participated in affidavits preparation. Topics included: impact of mergers and acquisitions, and statistical methodologies for evaluation of geographic and product markets.
  • Served as liaison with a variety of clients, and assisted in business development.




  • Designed robust econometric models, and drafted expert reports for the purpose of antitrust litigation.
  • Supplied full support for expert testimony, ranging from data identification and gathering, to analysis methodology and implementation.

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