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Peoplesoft Crm Consultant Resume

Stockholm, SwedeN

Professional Experience:


Client: Confidential Stockholm, Sweden

PeopleSoft CRM Consultant

  • Chief Solution Architect for a regulatory requirement in Denmark which demanded that mobile subscriptions could not be sold with contracts. Designed a solution to keep selling mobile phones with monthly payment options without a need for a subscription contract.
  • Responsible for streamlining and simplifying the PeopleSoft CRM inbound handler in such a way that the new inbound messages could be created with relative ease saving a lot of development time.
  • Mentored a team of eleven fresh - hires and enabled them to write software code with the highest quality within a short span of three months.
  • Improved the performance in the PeopleSoft CRM applications for Hutch Austria, Vodafone Australia and Hutch UK by tuning the SQLs.

PeopleSoft CRM Application

Stockholm, Sweden

  • Managed PeopleSoft CRM system for a major European Telecom client. Activities included Production Support, Release Management, Systems Upgrade, Functional Enhancement, Change Management, Testing Strategy, Risk Mitigation and Resource Management.
  • Engineered re-organization of technical teams into twelve cross-functional domains and realigned Software Development Framework using SCRUM methodology, thereby reducing development lead time by 60%.
  • Upgraded the system from PeopleTools version 8.49 to version 8.51
  • Collaborated with teams in charge of other systems such as ERP, Point of Sales and Billing to create the most optimized system designs to achieve the required business functionality.
  • Designed and implemented an innovative billing system which splits the invoice between the customers and their employers on certain defined criteria. This feature was used by over 800,000 people.
  • Designed and implemented a solution for giving discounts to the customers depending on the number of members bundled together in a friends and family plan.
  • Created a solution for processing orders in bulk for a business customer who needed to place more than 10,000 orders with the same set of products.

PeopleSoft CRM Production Support

Stockholm, Sweden

  • Investigated and resolved 80% of defects accumulated in CRM system for over three years, bringing the number of defects down to a record low in company’s history.
  • Identified and fixed design loophole in the system and saved my clients from a potential loss of 1.2 million Danish Kroner.
  • Assisted Business Analysts in creating solutions for several complex business scenarios and supported each phase of the project from Requirements Gathering to Testing & Release.
  • Responsible for monitoring and reporting several metrics including sales data, inventory data and system response time by querying the database and helped stakeholders make business decisions quickly.
  • Created and implemented a solution which blocks the mobile data in the customer’s phone if it crosses a preset limit by the customer. This was achieved with no development effort from the Billing team which has the record for the data limit usage for all the customers.

PeopleSoft CRM Techno Functional

  • Created Business Requirements documents and Technical Design documents for the development team and assisted them with software development.
  • Created a Point of Sales system which communicated with PeopleSoft through XMLAPI and placed orders in the system. This enabled the store owners to process orders quickly and thus reducing the customer wait time in the stores by 40%.
  • Created solutions for dynamically creating different types of contracts based on the products chosen by the customer. Provisions were made to store the contracts in the system directly so that it is easily accessible for the customer care agents.
  • Redesigned Product CRM module of PeopleSoft, allowing for configuration of complex business rules to be framed in system. This required system wide changes since it involved bypassing all the product validation rules inbuilt in the system and rerouting it to the new system. Carried out this high risk requirement without creating any glitches in the system.


PeopleSoft, PeopleCode, Application Engine, PS Query, Integration Broker, Oracle Database 10g, RDBMS, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, XMLAPI, MS Office Suite, SCRUM, Kanban, SAP, R, Oracle and ERP

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