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Certified Agile Trainer Resume

Smyrna, GeorgiA


  • +14 years of experience in leading multiple cross - functional IT projects from planning to closing, and ensuring delivery of projects within budget, on time, and with high customer satisfaction.
  • Extensive experience in defining deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with product owners, executive management, and stakeholders.
  • Successful completion of multiple concurrent Data Integration, Data Migration, and Data Mart related projects.
  • Proven track record in planning and executing multiple projects among cross-functional, high-matrix organizations.
  • Effectively managed multiple priorities and performed under pressure in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments. Skilled in project organization and management, problem resolution and data documentation.
  • Uniquely skilled in understanding and developing innovative solutions to complex business problems.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Hard work and dedication have built up my reputation as being positive in decision making, straightforward and honest, while being flexible in problem solving.
  • As a proven Agile Expert with excellent communication skills and extensive experience in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban I have professionally facilitated, and trained multiple concurrent teams on ceremonies including but not limited to:
  • PMO Planning; Release Train Engineering; Project Road Map Planning; Release Planning; and Iteration Planning
  • Dealing with Impediments
  • Dependency Discovery, Analysis, Planning, and Mitigation
  • Tracking Velocity (individual as well as team and project)
  • Daily Scrum, Scrum-of-Scrum, Meta Scrum
  • Sprint Reviews, Stakeholder Demos, as well as Team, Project, PMO Retrospectives
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Lean Advocacy
  • Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Lean Coaching and Training
  • SAFe and DAD Consulting; Release Train Planning; and PMO Implementation
  • I have strong presentation skills and a driving passion for continuous improvement. Utilizing significant interaction with executive management I work with stakeholders to develop user stories, help develop the project roadmap and release plan, establish priorities, define team requirements, and deliver business needs.
  • I then bring strong leadership to charge and deliver complex business applications, while pushing my teams and the business to exciting growth.


  • Extensive Software, Hardware, Data Mart, and IT Systems Coordination, Testing and Deployment
  • Proven skills planning, scheduling, tracking project/team velocity and milestones
  • Ably estimates resources needed to achieve project goals, including negotiation with other department managers for use of resources
  • Adept at drafting and submitting proposals
  • Effectively communicates project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a concise, timely manner and manages the same
  • Excellent at identifying and resolving issues and conflicts within the project teams as well as externally
  • Proactively manages change in project scope and product backlog identifying potential issues and contingency plans
  • Adept at developing best practices and tools for project execution and management
  • Verified skills in cost containment and budgeting
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Multi-tasking and efficient
  • Highly analytical and organized
  • Skilled at strategic planning, development, and execution
  • Effective interpersonal skills and communication
  • Target and quality orientated
  • Proficient at SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean
  • Microsoft Office advanced
  • Microsoft Project advanced
  • Microsoft Visio experienced
  • Jira Agile Advanced, familiar with several other key project management tools such as Rally, Version One, Project, Genius Inside, etc.


Confidential, Smyrna, Georgia

Certified Agile Trainer


  • Dependency identification and tracking
  • Project Road Map and Release Planning
  • Iteration and Sprint Planning
  • Product Backlog grooming
  • Dealing with impediments
  • Tracking velocity (individuals as well as teams)
  • Scrum-of-Scrums
  • Iterative workflow planning and analysis
  • Agile testing
  • Demonstrations for Stakeholder’s and other teams
  • Sprint Retrospectives
  • Project Retrospectives
  • Utilized Agile Lifecycle Management Tools (e.g. Jira, Rally, Version 1, etc.)
  • Provided Agile/Scrum/Kanban advocacy
  • Lead Agile/Scrum/Kanban coaching and training for the PMO and multiple projects
  • Conducted hands-on coaching to individual teams in all aspects of Scrum and Kanban - daily routines, self-organization, collaboration, iterative development, managing flow, limiting work in progress (WIP), etc.
  • Trained Agile coach candidates and mentored other Agile coaches
  • Coached Agile Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum Teams and Executive Sponsors
  • Assisted in the creation and delivery of Agile training for business and IT resources
  • Supported the design of, and led development for, the interface and detailed build of the project portfolio management cloud-based tool. This involved building executive-level project status dashboards and visualizations and drill-down reports including building and templating a project start-up kit (releases, project structure, project templates, issue and risk tracking, reports)
  • Built logs to track issues, risks, key decisions, and significant change requests
  • Served as PPM subject matter expert for the global PMO delivery team members and as a support resource for functional project managers
  • Developed training and performance support materials for the PPM tool
  • Trained and coordinated training for all users of the global PMO PPM tool
  • Produced ad-hoc reports per the PMO and C team’s requests
  • Advanced best practices for scaling an enterprise-level Agile framework (SAFe and DAD)
  • Developed and maintained stakeholder relationships supporting Agile product development
  • Remain informed about industry trends and best practices concerning Agile methodologies and maintain on-going personal training in Agile and its related studies
  • Focus on assisting teams/organizations in maturing their agile support processes and procedures
  • Strive for continual improvement in myself and my teams
  • Deliver Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe, and DAD consulting, training, and coaching
  • Offer Enterprise Agile Transition coaching and training using SAFe, DAD, and other methodologies
  • I have strong presentation skills and a driving passion for continuous improvement. Utilizing significant interaction with senior management I work with stakeholders to develop user stories, help develop the project roadmap and release plan, establish priorities, define team requirements, and deliver business needs.
  • I then bring strong leadership to charge and deliver complex business applications, while pushing my teams and the business to exciting growth.
  • All while acting as a team-player, facilitator, and a servant leader that is comfortable dealing with all project members - from the boardroom to the individual team member - all without ego or a personal agenda (other than to make each team the absolute best that they can be).

Confidential, Houston, Texas

Agile Certified Expert, SMC, SPOC, Agile/Scrum Coach and Trainer


  • In addition, my position resided on the Data & Knowledge Management team where my multiple directly managed teams focused on data migration, data integration, financial data mart, medical software and other data-centric initiatives and projects within the corporate portfolio.
  • I was directly responsible for the management / implementation of a systems project or program from the process of defining the project through implementation of the completed solution.
  • I contributed heavily to the definition of each project’s scope, objectives and benefits as well as all aspects of the engagement including:
  • Workload and resource management;
  • Leading cross-functional teams comprised of business analysts, data analysts, and web and business intelligence developers to achieve the goals of the project;
  • Planning and directing work plans and schedules as well as the related resource plans and budgets; Developed and communicated recommended solutions to meet productivity, quality, and client-satisfaction goals;
  • Directly conducted regular project meetings and took an active role in project deliverables and solutions;
  • Personally taught and tracked velocity as well as other significant metrics;
  • Prepared daily, weekly, sprint, monthly, and project based comparative burn-down charts, complete with detailed metrics reports on the same, for the Product Owner and Stakeholders of multiple teams;
  • Personally kept track of each projects progress utilizing Jira / Confluence and reported on any deviations and impediments in the same;
  • Lead five large budget Agile teams as Scrum Master and/or Agile Coach;
  • Directly worked with various Product Owners and PMs to prioritize project backlogs;
  • Managed and tracked project all related changes and issues;
  • Anticipated issues and dependencies, then guided the projects through the adjustment of scope and product backlog; and
  • Lead and guided all pertinent Agile/Scrum ceremonies, reporting, and documentation.

Confidential, Rockwall, Texas

Agile/Scrum Coach and Trainer


  • Document the project scope;
  • Conduct project planning using MS Project and other tools;
  • Wrote the technical specifications for the project;
  • Personally conducted the team selection process, budget negotiations, timeline planning, and adjustment of scope and product backlog until the project management function is completed;
  • Personally facilitated budget management;
  • Personally facilitated resource management;
  • Personally facilitated issues management;
  • Personally facilitated change control management;
  • Personally conducted weekly status reports;
  • Lead daily scrum meetings;
  • Personally dealt with production issues and impediments daily;
  • Conducted monthly steering communication/presentations;
  • Managed multiple development teams;
  • Managed/groomed multiple product backlogs;
  • Worked with other PM's (offshore development teams, in-house marketing team, etc.);
  • Directly oversaw the release of TDD and incremental code into production;
  • Interacted directly with Sr. Management and Managing Directors;
  • Directly managed Scrum and Kanban teams both onsite and remotely;
  • Work directly on initiatives;
  • Directly tracked team and personal velocity for multiple projects;
  • Prepared daily, weekly, sprint, monthly, and project based comparative burn-down charts, complete with detailed analysis reports on the same, for multiple Product Owners and Stakeholders;
  • Directly kept track of the weekly spend and reported on any variations in the same for multiple projects;
  • Planned two future releases/upgrades for each of the products to keep the product ahead of its competitors in the marketplace;
  • Concurrently prioritized the backlog for multiple projects;
  • Managed and tracked issues, risks, results for multiple projects;
  • Anticipated issues, impediments and guided multiple projects through the adjustment of scope and product backlog until the products were delivered as contracted;
  • Conducted after delivery product satisfaction testing and initiated support systems for multiple projects at once; and
  • I extended my extensive onshore development as well as multi-national outsourcing experience.
  • I was approached by a client that wanted to develop a completely automated discount web hosting system that would take the client from sign-up through domain name registration, WHM account server allocation and account establishment, cPanel integration, and confirmation emails with all account settings - all within a matter of moments that are transparent to the end-user. This system also does subscription-based automated invoice generation, payment processing, account cancellations for non-payment (after sending out three separate and timed dunning letters), account reactivation when payment plus any appropriate fees are collected, and provides automated personalized receipts and a thank you for their business - all without any human interaction on the part of the hosting firm.
  • This system was designed for a client selling to Property Owner Associations (POAs) and tracks all pertinent information regarding members, their families, and associates including what their favorite items are (cigars, wine, tables, foods, etc.) and which members get access to specific POA facilities. The system also automatically processes dues payments (including split billing of dues), monitors credit lines (including split credit lines for family members and associates), has five automated dunning levels and late fee structures, automatically suspends accounts as well as reactivates them, allows members to look-up and edit their information, and interfaces with restaurant systems, POS store systems, and several others. This system rolled-out for the client in July 2012.
  • Approached by a client whose website was not visible on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) I was retained to develop the technical specifications for the project, prepare the project scope and details, and conduct risk analysis on the project with two levels of mitigation plans. These were accepted without change and I managed the offshore development of the technology that can convert any website to a fully functioning smartphone application. Delivered on-time and within budget.
  • Utilizing my knowledge of cloud-based systems as well as hosting systems and requirements I negotiated hosting contracts for clients with small and large data requirements with Rackspace.
  • Throughout the course of my career, including multiple projects while at Confidential, I have designed and managed the development, testing, and deployment of multiple ecommerce systems, payment gateways, as well as their PCI Certifications.
  • Utilizing my knowledge of Payment Gateways and their requirements I have designed and managed the development, testing, and deployment of multiple payment gateways, their integration into disparate systems, as well as negotiated Payment Gateway contracts for clients with Authorize.net, PayPal, and various other providers.
  • Having started in web design and development in 1994, I have designed and built numerous websites. As a fan of Joomla from the start, I found that its framework had severe limitation that web designers had to work around. So I designed a Joomla compatible framework to eliminate these headaches and add some much needed functionality, and managed its offshore development, testing, and deployment.
  • With a unique and easy to use drag and drop features, fast load time, built in Google fonts, support for mobile devices and many other designer friendly features, it makes the tedious process of modifying and adjusting website layouts faster, easier, and far more bearable.
  • This framework is now utilized by thousands of website designers and developers worldwide.
  • Approached by a technology industry client that was continuously searching for new programmers, I designed and managed the development, testing, and deployment of a private online Job Board with built-in SEO and social media applications. It is easy-to-use, follows my three click rule for web applications, has multiple categories, online secure forms, recruiter abilities, is keyword searchable, and has several other features. The project was successfully implemented on time and within budget.

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