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Scrum Master Resume

Baltimore, MD


  • Scrum Master with 5+ years of experience in leading IT service delivery, providing strategic business planning, and driving improvement initiatives to support corporate objectives and managing diverse team. Ensuring agile best practices are effectively implemented. Led and served agile teams and delivered projects on time
  • Highly skilled result driven servant leader, promptly delivering projects by facilitating and coaching team, ensuring Agile/Scrum concepts and principles followed
  • Experienced in facilitating scrum ceremonies, artifacts and other related activities such as sprint backlog, sprint planning, daily stand - ups, sprint review, sprint retrospective, backlog grooming, effort estimating, story point evaluating and product demo from the stand point of a servant leader
  • Efficiently captured team metrics, manage product backlog and track team progress using tools such as Burn-down chart
  • Proactive by removing impediments, shield the project team from internal and external distractions, and enable collaboration across all scrum roles
  • Excellent communicator, adept at partnering with senior executives to define project scope and business case to support the project goals
  • Proficient in project management, customer relationship management, Presales and stakeholder management
  • Leading enterprise transformation to compete in the market by ensuring the project team is fully functional, self-organizing and productive
  • Creative and analytical person with integrative thinking skills, capable of forming and maintaining positive and productive working relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Highly motivated and self-starter with passion for excellence; have excellent organizational, time management, problem solving, and interpersonal skills combined with good verbal and written communications skills
  • Efficient in managing conflicting personalities within teams. Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of Scrum rules, removing impediments and fostering self-management.
  • Highly skilled at working in a team-oriented environment using qualitative and quantitative skills to develop, implement, and integrate strategies.
  • Experience in effectively gathering S.M.A.R.T requirements and transforming them into functional specification document and transitioning them into software requirements specification documents.
  • Effectively implemented Agile prioritization techniques and principles such as MOSCoW and INVEST
  • Highly proficient using tools like JIRA in tracking project team progress


Agile tools: JIRA

Tools & Techniques: INVEST, MoSCoW, SWOT Analysis, SMART technique


Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Scrum Master

  • Effectively lead the transformation of business/IT development teams from traditional waterfall model to more business focused Scrum/Agile environment.
  • Facilitated backlog refinement with stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand their problems and needs in terms of improvements and enhancements.
  • Facilitated story workshops for roadmap actions and specifics, brought together stakeholders, product users and SME’s who have clearer understanding about requirements and product vision, also team members who are able to provide information needed in terms of enhancement and improvement of the product.
  • Facilitated and helped in the decomposition of roadmap actions into epics, developed user stories with the INVEST technique and created task with team members using the SMART technique.
  • Coached development team members on how to effectively estimate efforts using story points, planning poker.
  • Created various JIRA dashboards, including one view of sprint backlog, product backlog items, and active sprints of multiple projects all in one view.
  • Customized JIRA workflows and swim-lanes, enabling users to be able to view prioritized product backlog items from the highest priority to the lowest priority items.
  • Helped to shield and protect development team members from both internal and external distractions, to focus more on our sprint goals.
  • Coached team members and facilitated all Scrum ceremonies from Sprint planning, daily stand up, review and sprint retrospective.
  • Facilitated and assisted with product backlog prioritization and refinement using the MoSCoW technique.
  • Effectively communicate user stories to project team for the upcoming sprint and ensure they are mental ready to take on new tasks ahead
  • Monitor the project team’s daily progress using burn-down and/or burn-up metrics to maintain transparency and ensure that an accurate picture of the current state of the project is reflected at every given time
  • Determine accurately the team’s velocity (how much a team can complete) at any given sprint cycle.
  • Ensure that releases are delivered promptly on a regular basis at the end of each sprint and transparency is maintained within the team throughout the project
  • Assist the team to become mature and self-organizing
  • Ensure the team adheres to scrum principles and practices using the servant leadership approach
  • Collaborate with product owner (PO) to effectively prioritize user stories and refine product backlog


Project Manager

  • Effectively facilitated project team by implementing Scrum concepts, processes and principles
  • Collaborated with project stakeholders to negotiate scope boundaries, risk mitigation, priorities of specification elements, and adjustments as indicated to alleviate conflicting requirements
  • Partnered with other Scrum masters and scrum teams to identify and track dependencies.
  • Awarded “Project excellence award” for deploying Finacle; a core banking software and integrated it with peripheral bank systems for streamlining business processes
  • Organized and facilitated scrum meetings, which included sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint review and retrospective and sprint report generation.
  • Spear headed functional and budget meetings with directors and vice presidents across various teams to discuss the budget and cost benefit analysis impact for the project.
  • Worked closely with the project team in creating a common loan origination portal; a one stop platform for originating, funding, delivering and servicing auto loans
  • Conducted current status analysis, gap analysis and future status design sessions with business & IT stakeholders for implementation of core banking platform
  • Facilitated joint application design (JAD) workshops, current state analysis and future state design with business & IT stakeholders for implementation of core banking platform in bank
  • Conducted Product backlog grooming sessions, aligned sprints across enterprise release plan and articulated user requirements to development teams
  • Authored detailed product requirements and ensured clear communication of those requirements to all stakeholders including management, delivery and business teams
  • Analysed large customer datasets, summarized findings and provided recommendations to management for assets, liabilities and other revenue measures
  • Created management dashboards to indicate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for deposits, loans and revenue measures
  • Segmented the customer datasets for various marketing campaigns using SQL database programming and presented to sales leadership


Project Manager/Scrum master

  • Helped in removing impediments, shielded the project team from internal and external distractions, and enabled collaboration across all scrum roles
  • Decomposed projects into smaller units and set realistic time frames for completion to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation
  • Utilized appropriate matrices such as JIRA to track project team’s effectiveness and progress in order to meet set delivery time frame
  • Ensured products were functional, deliveries were timely and clients satisfied at the end of the project
  • Facilitated project planning meetings with team members and key stakeholders to analyze risks and opportunities before a new project commences
  • Created comprehensive project documentation, reports and plans for easy referencing
  • Ensured quality assurance testing were conducted to determine if project met requirement criteria
  • Helped prepare budgets for prospective projects
  • Efficiently monitored team’s working hours, expenditures and plans to maximize resources, reduce waste and meet deadlines
  • Effectively collaborated with clients, project managers, senior management and other stakeholders to identify and define project objectives and requirements
  • Worked with project managers to remove impediments and distraction in the course of project execution
  • Promptly prepared and interpreted flowcharts for projects


Business Analyst

  • Acted as the primary liaison between the client departments and the Information systems department and interacted with internal as well as external clients, to collect requirements and business process information, documented them in Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Interacted with internal users and customers to learn and document requirements and used them to produce business requirements documents; Performed gap analysis of the current system and the upgraded version.
  • Monitored project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions.
  • Trained design, development, analyst, and testing team members on proper agile practices and their roles in agile environment
  • Designed test scenarios and reviewed test cases based on the user requirements

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