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Research Scientist Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Extensive experience of managing and deploying GIS services for local governance.
  • Spatial analysis and modeling, 3D surface/terrain model generation, Mapping - Facility management - Cadastral Mapping, Cartography, map layout design and data visualization.
  • Arcpy scripting for ArcGIS, Design, development and maintenance of Enterprise GIS database compilation.
  • Developing and customizing web GIS application
  • Data entry, digitization, data editing, data conversion, projection and coordinate transformation, database query and manipulation, planning, quality assurance/control of GIS database conversion processes, georeferencing, Map projections & Datum transformations,
  • Develop and design data management plan, work flow development and automation, model building, scripting, tasks scheduling
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to quickly understand client's business needs.
  • Excellent technical, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to get on well with people including cross-cultural backgrounds and trouble-shooting capabilities.
  • Quick learner and Team player with excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills, with ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.


  • ESRI - ArcGIS 10.2, ArcGIS 9.3, ArcGIS 9.2, ArcView 3.2, ArcInfo, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Solutions for utility, local governance.
  • Open source and proprietary GIS packages and Remote Sensing - ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI, ENVI, e-Cognition, ILWIS, Google Earth, Google map, DNR Garmin.
  • Database management using Microsoft Access, SQL, and Oracle
  • ArcGIS software testing
  • Talend and Tableau
  • Expert in Excel including pivot table, pivot charts, VLOOKUP function
  • Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative analysis (Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, factor analysis, chi-square test, t test, ANOVA, MANOVA, Multivariate Regression, Correlation, Structural Equation Modeling)
  • Research design, survey design
  • Programming skills in Python, R, SPSS, SAS
  • Field survey, online survey, phone survey, mail survey
  • Project management and Leadership
  • Expert in using Microsoft office suite, Qualtrics, Google Forms, Survey Monkey


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Research Scientist


  • Created maps of different attributes of travelers, travelling through DFW airport
  • Created and managed the MS Access Database for consumer research
  • Gathered, and analyzed data about customer satisfaction in DFW airport
  • Prepared and conducted surveys at different retail shops about shopping behavior
  • Developed different statistical models to understand present and future trends

Confidential, Bend, Oregon

GIS Researcher/Administrator


  • Developed python scripts, program modules and application for automating geoprocessing services and publishing map document from ArcGIS desktop into ArcGIS online.
  • GIS server administration
  • Automation, Quality Assurance and validity of GIS data
  • Updated the manuals for ArcGIS Advanced Analysis using ArcGIS desktop 10.5 and ArcPro
  • Consult and coordinate with team members and ensure the web map application and web map services meets the requirement of internal and external users.
  • Assisted in providing Training for ArcGIS environmental analysis

Confidential, Gainesville, FL

Graduate Fellow


  • Create maps for wide range of projects in travel, tourism, and wildlife management
  • Create, edit, and manage models, using model builder for an elephant project in Nepal
  • Write Grants and submit to the agencies
  • Report writing and overall project management of USD 50,000 international project
  • Assist faculty members in record keeping, classroom instructions, exams, and other ad-hoc projects


GIS Consultant


  • Conducted GIS analysis of water resources management and distribution, infrastructure projects, air pollution, and water pollution
  • Automated spatial analysis, geoprocessing tasks for ArcGIS desktop and internet mapping through Python script and Model Builder.
  • Trained staff, prepared tutorials and training manuals, developed new avenues and methodologies for presenting geospatial data as per the project requirement.
  • Used Microsoft office product for reporting, documentation, dissemination and presentation.
  • Worked on Oracle Database and wrote SQL queries as well as stored procedures for the application.


GIS Analyst and Trainer


  • Project implementation on environmental and wildlife conservation
  • GIS map preparation, presentation, and publication
  • Spatial analysis and map production as required for project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provided Trainings on ArcGIS desktop 9.3
  • Used Microsoft office product for reporting, documentation, dissemination and presentation.
  • Trained staff, prepared tutorials and training manuals, developed new avenues and methodologies for presenting geospatial data as per the project requirement.


GIS Analyst


  • Used ArcGIS 9.2 Desktop, ArcCatlog, Geoprocessing tools to create and develope GIS database for the Chitwan National Park (An World Heritage Site).
  • Conducted GPS field survey using Garmin GPS and imported into geodatabase using DNR Garmin.
  • Performed spatial analysis and modeling techniques using ArcGIS Desktop to identify the landuse change and habitat dynamic in the Chitwan National Park
  • Created GIS data layers though scanning hard copy maps and screen digitization.
  • Used Microsoft office product for reporting, documentation, dissemination and presentation.


Confidential, Redlands, CA


  • Working as Confidential - regional chapter leader for the SCIGS in Nepal and South Asia.
  • Coordinating SCGIS annual scholarship and ESRI conservation grant program.
  • Providing GIS technical support for conservationist, non-profit organization, local community and graduates for the use of GIS and Remote Sensing for biodiversity conservation and natural resource management in Nepal and South Asia.

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