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Project Manager/ Scrum Master Resume

Mclean, VA


  • Over 8 years of experience in Finance, Banking and E - commerce (Merchandizing and Pricing) domains on various areas like Wealth Management, Online Trading, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income, Financial Market, Bond Pricing, Order Management System, Pricing, Vendor Management System and enterprise promo platforms.
  • Certified Scrum Master with extensive experience in Agile Methodology, Scrum processes, Sprint Planning, Story based Development and Scaled Agile Environment.
  • Proficiency in SDLC life cycle, understanding the workflow concept and ability to gather documents.
  • Extensive knowledge of different phases of various Software Development Life Cycles (SDLCs), Waterfall, Spiral, and Agile Methodologies - Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, KANBAN and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE 4.0) along with Hybrid models such as Waterfall-Scrum.
  • Assisted/guiding one or more IT teams in practicing the values of Agile/ Scrum and SAFe (scaled agile framework) to delight stakeholders. Responsible for increasing transparency and create open communication, to increase the collaboration between the stakeholders for the better flow of project while conducting sprint retrospectives.
  • Couched and mentored IT teams in following best Agile Engineering Practices to approach the iteration deadlines successfully without any technical debts or spillovers. Forecasted the number of deliverables possible from the teams by updating the availability of resources while planning for the releases.
  • Creating safe and transparent environment where problems can be raised without fear and blame or power struggles with emphasis on problem solving. Motivated teams to optimize the potentials to drive through the success with situational awareness to resolve conflicts by empowering transparency.
  • Assisted teams estimate work in story points or any other metrics to predict the work effort, complexity, time and risk involved in the sprint. Extensive knowledge on creating project boards both Scrum and Kanban on Jira enterprise, have also designed with swim lanes based on the workflows familiar to the respective IT teams.
  • Excellent experience working in Atlassian Confluence space for new teams and creating team calendars.
  • Experience working with versatile teams both matured and newly forming teams.
  • Assisted project manager and product owner to track and improve efficiency and Team Velocity using Sprint Burn-Down Chart and Product Burn-Down Chart, Work Breakdown Structure, Milestones List and Gantt chart.
  • Extremely skilled as Scrum Master in facilitating scrum events (Backlog grooming, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective) to improve team’s performance and handling team dynamics.
  • Experienced in writing User stories and handling the Requirement Churn. Efficient in performing, prioritizing techniques, Moscow, KANO, Technical Risk and Business Value Based.
  • Prepared Release Planning for different quarters of the project considering Feature-Driven and Date-Driven Release Planning and to give expectation charts to stakeholders in fixed date or fixed scope delivery of product.
  • Performed SWOT analysis to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations. Opportunities and threats from the industry and applied business strategies in GAP analysis to fill up the identified GAPs.
  • Performed Velocity-Driven and Capacity-Driven sprint planning meetings for the scrum development team and assisted in estimating the user stories to track the historical and empirical velocity of the team.


Finance Domain: MIFID II (Market in Financial Instrument Directive), DOL-fiduciary, Solvency II, EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation), Know Your Customer (KYC), Basel II, US GAAP, IFRS, Dodd-Frank, SEC. Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Trade Life Cycle, consolidation reporting, Automation Clearing House (ACH), Capital Markets, Merchandise Banking.

Programming Languages: SQL, Java

Web Application Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft project

Project Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile (Scrum), Waterfall hybrid.

Business Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Map force

Requirement management tools: Jira, HPALM, IBM Cognos, version one and Confluence

Testing tools: Cucumber, HPQC

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Hadoop


Confidential, Mclean VA

Project Manager/ Scrum Master

  • Involve and responsible for successful delivery of IT project delivery from initiation, requirement, design, development, testing, UAT, Dry Run to closure phases and maintain good health of the project.
  • Responsible for evaluating and collecting Level of efforts (LOE) from different stakeholders involved in the project and suggest the duration of the resource allocation based on triple constraints of the project.
  • Accurately forecast the budget of the project evaluating the resource allocation and project complexity to communicate the same to business sponsors required for budget approvals to initiate the project.
  • Responsible to identify and On-board/Off-board IT delivery team to the project schedule with required allocations in shared resource environment and reflect the spend budget against approved budget.
  • Responsible to assess the project complexity and recommend relevant project methodology (EDM full, EDM light, EDM Maint, Agile) to deliver based on triple constraints (Time, Scope and Budget).
  • Responsible to maintain project documents and get approvals from respective stakeholders in every phase of the project using Project Development Process tool and baselining documents with subsequent approvals.
  • Help promote communication for transparency in the traditional project development environment and keep stakeholders updated with latest project decisions and progressing trend.
  • Leading IT teams towards success by identifying and resolving different types of impediments/ blockers in complex system environment and follow up on the progress on resolution from respective team members.
  • Promptly communicate and collaborate with demanding stakeholders in fast paced environment.
  • Managing and reporting actual versus forecasted budget of the project in weekly meetings using Planview Resources/Budget management tool also maintaining resource allocation schedule based on LOE’s.
  • Responsible to manage the approved budget of the project through the project life cycle with 5 +/- variance in financials.
  • Responsible to identify different categories of Issue and Risks of the project to propose the most feasible resolution plan and keep track on the status of the resolution.
  • Closely work with stakeholders at various levels of management and present project status reports weekly and publish WSR using PMO dashboard.
  • Gauging the health of the project and publishing the same to upper management stakeholders by evaluating Scope, Budget, Schedule and resources as Key Performance Indicators for accurate Trend.
  • Introduce agile engineering practices to IT teams, well versed with traditional methodology of SDLC to keep them aware of the importance of MVP to market and moving towards Agility.
  • Ensure to keep project on track based on triple constraint of the project and publish the same to business and external stakeholders using color conventions (Red, Green and Yellow).
  • Co-ordinate with different teams involved with upstream/downstream systems and conduct weekly status meetings to track the progress of the requests.
  • Coach and Mentor IT teams to introduce modern project delivery methodology in agile to make them aware of fast-moving industry with MVP.
  • Well versed in conducting Scrum Ceremonies from Product Backlog refinement meeting, Sprint Planning meeting, Daily Scrum meeting, Sprint Review meeting and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Assisting Business PM’s to Prioritize the Product Backlog items with prioritization techniques and System Analyst teams with USER STORY writing standards using INVEST criteria.
  • Training Scaled Agile framework (SAFe 4.0) and being coach to agile teams evolved in traditional environment.
  • Being part of transition period of organization to help and advice most advanced agile engineering practices and tools to scale the project delivery in enterprise level.
  • Setting up the expectation for the teams moving towards agile to help maintain agile practices in sprint cadence working in cross functional teams by introduction definition of ready and definition on Done.
  • With situational awareness taking decisions which drives IT teams towards project success by accommodating customers’ requests by promoting interactions individuals.
  • Being catalyst between different stakeholders and thriving the success with satisfied stakeholders.
  • Responsible to increase the performance and productivity of the teams to track historical and empirical data on velocity and capacity of the teams for future forecast on delivery.
  • Acting as liaison between Product owner/ Business PM and IT teams in better understand the project requirements and consider the changes as requested by the stakeholders.
  • Responsible for increasing transparency and create open communication, to increase the collaboration between the stakeholders for the better flow of project.
  • Building trust between the team members by situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment and increasing transparency.

Environment: Waterfall Transitioning to Agile, certified SAFE Scrum Master (4.6), Planview, Version One, Share point, PDP Planning/ Control, Service Now, MS office, Project 2016.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Project Manager/Scrum Master

  • Assisted teams in following best agile practices and identified process gaps to ease the flow of delivery.
  • Have tracked historical and empirical performance of the teams and presented metrics to leadership to understand the predictability of the teams and plan the releases accordingly for the Quarter.
  • Assisted Release train engineers in standardizing agile practices through the Agile Release Train and have identified Gaps in the process followed in Agile Release Train in PI Planning and Scrum of Scrum events.
  • Assisted Product teams in Release planning to consider teams availability for the quarter and Blackout Calendar to consider in holiday season which affects the releases according to the organizational standards.
  • Assisted Product teams/Product owners in Pre and Post PI planning events to plan requirements according to team’s availability for the quarter to plan releases according to the most accurate information.
  • Helped Product and Engineering teams get aligned with Quarterly targets and get familiar with requirements prior to PI Planning events. Monitored the plan through the quarter to successfully meet Committed targets.
  • Closely worked with Product Owners and System Engineers in PI planning to request efforts from depended teams and communicated the accurate deadlines accordingly and have collected other teams Requests.
  • Have conducted weekly status meetings with all the dependent teams Scrum Master’s to track the progress of the dependent work and worked through the blockers which affects the deadline for Releases.
  • Trained multiple teams in Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 and introduced Elaboration Sessions to the process.
  • Managed Three teams simultaneously in the quarter while had scarcity of scrum masters in the ART.
  • Created Scrum and Kanban Project Boards on Jira for Scrum teams and Production support teams. Made optimal use of Jira in tracking depended teams work and linked issues to the respective tickets.
  • Monitored Sprint progress and delegated work to team members according to the bandwidth in the sprint. Have motivated team by challenging not to have carry overs, it is bad sign of predictability of a team.
  • Introduced sprint cadence to the team and helped to follow discipline in the cadence, to be consistent.
  • Created Velocity charts in end of the quarter to motivate teams by there performance and have also created Delivered VS Carried Charts to counter the reasons for carry overs and for the visibility to management.
  • Conducted sprint and quarterly retrospectives with the teams and assigned action items to respective owners.
  • Well versed with facilitating all the scrum ceremonies Sprint Planning, Sprint retrospectives, Sprint Refinement, Daily Standups, Scrum of Scrums and required weekly status meetings.
  • Got Engineering and product team together in the epic level requirement meetings and helped PO consider engineering teams inputs while elaborating epics into stories on future-quarter requirements.
  • Worked with Product owners while prioritizing the stories for the sprint prior to Refinement sessions and align the prioritization according to the Drafted plan and was flagging Ad-hoc requirements that appeared during the quarter.
  • Worked with On-site, Off-shore and Near-shore teams and drafted number of attendees from respective teams to Prior to PI planning to release train engineers to arrange accordingly.
  • Responsible to protect team from external influence on development and testing requests to help team focus on sprint deliverables. Encouraged teams to make use of Jira and track the status according to sub-tasks done.
  • Responsible to create and Manage Fix-versions on Jira in PI planning and associate stories to them working with Product owner. Tracked release status pulling up the fix-version Dashboard close to release.
  • Introduced standardization of Definition of Ready and Definition of Done to stories and made sure stories fulfill (INVEST criteria) drafted Jira workflow definitions and set the expectations for each flow and its owners.
  • Used anonymous Retrospective feedback collecting link to not encourage power struggles in the teams.
  • Extensive knowledge on Order Management systems and integration methodologies and Purchase Order Cycle.

Environment: SAFE 4.0 Environment, Certified SAFE 4.0 Practitioner, Agile Methodology, Cloud (Azure), Closure, Selenium, JIRA Enterprise, Confluence, SharePoint, OneDrive, MS Office, JAVA, MS Visio.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Scrum Master

  • Well versed in Scrum Ceremonies from PI planning meeting, Scrum of Scrums, Product Backlog refinement meeting, Sprint Planning meeting, Daily Scrum meeting, Sprint Review meeting and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Decomposed the scope from the BRD into user stories by conducting a story writing session with the Product owner and then the acceptance criteria for the PSPI (Potentially Shippable Product Increment).
  • Assisted the Product Owner to Prioritize the Product Backlog items for developing Sprint tasks by taking suggestions from the cross-functional development team and estimated them to track the velocity of the team.
  • Well-versed in Scaled Agile framework (SAFe 4.0) and coached teams on Scrum principles.
  • Anticipated and removed Organizational Impediment and Team Impediment from project team’s path and pushed them to deliver quality results based on schedule.
  • Worked on Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Ready and Definition of Done for different projects to determine the quality of the product with respective requirements as users defined and assigned owners to the requirements on JIRA.
  • Handled 3 teams and coordinated with the value stream and program level to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Built relationship with Product Owner and Release Train Engineer to facilitate team’s interaction with them.
  • Created Business Process Workflow diagram BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) tool to shorten cycle time and make sure business and technical teams understand the process together.
  • Headed GAP Analysis by understanding the AS-IS business process and TO-BE business process.
  • Used JIRA extensively for User Stories, Tasks and Issue tracking and generated charts like burndown charts.
  • Created velocity-driven sprint planning meeting for the development and assisted in estimating the sprint backlog items and maintained empirical and historical velocity of the different teams.
  • Conducted daily stand up meetings for the different teams to track the progress of the sprint and making team members accountable for their own job have maintained Burndown and Burnup charts using JIRA.
  • Conducted Sprint Review Meetings at the end of every Sprint to review and inspect the PSPI as per the Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria predetermined by stakeholders and product owner.
  • Conducted Sprint Retrospective Meetings to inspect the recent sprint and follow and adapt the best practices.
  • Used different Retrospective Techniques (Silent writing, Happiness Histogram and safety check) in inspecting the practices of the different teams and increase the collaboration between team members.
  • Created Mock-up Screens and Wireframes using UI Components such as Radio Buttons, Drop-down, Check boxes.
  • Worked with Tableau to create dashboards, identify the Key Performance Indicators to analyze their data.
  • Involved in data profiling of existing sources to check the data integrity using Informatica Quality Center with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) these are related to Http operation by SQL queries.
  • Made sure the industry regulations are considered in the development process of the system SEC and Dodd-Frank.
  • Various compliances used in the systems are MIFID II (Market in Financial Instrument Directive), DOL-fiduciary, Solvency II, EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation), Know Your Customer (KYC), Basel II.

Environment: SAFe environment, Agile methodology, Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, MS office suite, MS SQL server, Java, JSP, JavaScript, SoapUI, MS Visio, Jira, Tableau, Informatica power center.

Confidential, Brookfield, Wisconsin,

Scrum Master

  • Worked with the Product Owner during the Sprint Review Meeting for the Potential Shippable Product Increment (PSPI) and help decide which feature are DONE and satisfied using the Acceptance Criteria.
  • Lead a story writing session with an aim of decomposing the scope into epics and user stories using INVEST criteria. Also, worked on the acceptance criteria and Definition of Done for the developed user stories.
  • Conducted sprint planning meeting and led the Planning Poker game to estimate them in Sprint Planning and Backlog Grooming meetings. Also, helped PO to prioritize user stories based on business value.
  • Facilitated sprint planning meeting by using velocity driven planning and assisted team in avoiding technical debt and increase the quality of the product. Involved in Issue Tracking and Defect Tracking using JIRA tool.
  • Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies. Helped negotiating commitments and assured parallel understanding of requirements and deliverables amongst all stakeholders in Sprint Planning Meetings.
  • Assisted product owner in Prioritizing the Product Backlog Items into Sprint Backlog Items, assisted development team to commit to the User stories according to their velocity without damaging the quality of the product.
  • Conducted Sprint Review Meeting with Product owner and stakeholders to ensure the PSPI meets their satisfaction and satisfies Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done as predetermined.
  • Constantly worked on eliminating all types of Impediments to protect the teams interest on the productivity of sprint.
  • Used different Retrospective Techniques in the process of inspecting the processes followed in the sprint.
  • Executed the test scripts that were written for unit testing, functional testing, stress/load testing, compatibility testing in three different environments and logged and tracked the defects that were identified.
  • Facilitated DA in Creating Staging Area, Source, Target Databases for ETL and data mapping using Informatica
  • Developed a Data Governance Strategy and created Data-mapping template to map elements/files with tables.
  • Helped in designing Data models and conducted normalization and de-normalization of data to fit OLTP and OLAP frameworks, slicing and dicing of data marts for analytical decision-making support.
  • Responsible for creation of Business Analyses for changes and projects on the Trading, Transaction processing and Data management processes and systems. Participated in ensuring compliance, operational risk controls in accordance with Global Brokers or Regulatory standards and policies; and optimize relations with internal control and external regulators by addressing any issues.
  • Created regulatory reporting every quarter in the project on SEC, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, OCC, BASEL II, BASEL III.

Environment: Agile methodology, Hadoop, SQL Server, Java, J2EE, JSP, HDFS, HBase, JIRA, Cucumber, Tableau, Informatica.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Scrum Master

  • Facilitating daily scrum meetings, enforcing timeboxes and responding to the impediments, tracking baseline, sprint planning, Daily Stand up, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective Meetings.
  • Making sure complacency doesn't set in team, at same time avoiding overcommitting to stakeholders.
  • Trained new team members in Agile principles, scrum processes and helping them transition from waterfall methodology to agile practice by conducting boot camps for the new teams.
  • Supported the cause for continuous design and refactoring to minimize code duplicity, complex logic, poor named identifiers. Ensured Product Backlog Items are of manageable size, preparing Product Release Burndown charts.
  • Provided visibility to team on Impediments/risks and helped in eliminating them.
  • Assisted team in self-management by creating artifacts like task board, sprint Burndown chart, impediments list.
  • Facilitating Mid Sprint checkup to review the acceptance criteria of committed Product backlog items.
  • Used Capacity-Driven sprint planning meeting. Conducted boot camp for the team to give more insights on Agile Practices and constantly assisted in following scrum and assisted development team in estimating the user stories.
  • Encouraging team to adopt Pair Programming, peer review, Swarming, Test driven development, Acceptance test driven development and best sprint practices are followed to increase collaboration in the team.
  • Extensively used HPALM for requirement management creating project, Epics, User stories, Acceptance Criteria, test cases and created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Ensured task completion to specification, on time and within t Triple Constrain of the project.
  • Representing the team to report overall project status and upcoming risks and suggest solutions about it.
  • Tracking milestones and Publishing team's progress and successes to make sure they are highly visible to product owner / stakeholders. Managed offshore teams across different geographies.
  • Helped teams learn agile methodology and unlearn the old way of working by facilitating games and workshops.
  • Resolving internal team conflicts and Keeping the team motivated to ensure successful sprints.
  • Progressed from problem statements to well-documented design, created Mockup screens for Business and end users to review the requirements. Created UML diagrams such as Use cases, Use case diagrams, Class, Activity and Sequence diagrams to present a better view of the system using MS Visio.
  • Entered various requirements using and used HPQC for functional testing based on the requirements gathered on pricing securities.

Environment: Hybrid Methodology, MS Excel, MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, SharePoint, HPQC, HPALM, My SQL.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Business System Analyst

  • Performed AS IS analysis of the legacy systems and presented GAP analysis documents and high-level Software Requirements Document (SRD) and Solutions Design Document (SDD) for the implementation of Oracle GL.
  • Elicited requirements using different elicitation techniques such as Interviews, Brainstorming and JAD sessions, and documented as Business Requirement Document (BRD). Analyzed Business Requirements and transformed them to Functional and System Requirements and documented them for the development teams for further development processes. Transformed business requirements to functional and system specification documents using MS word.
  • Facilitated as catalyst between business and technical teams. Involved in compliance of regulation by addressing the issues related to efficiency of reporting. Worked closely with clients to understand and meet their needs by incorporating new functionality and features into the systems as Change Requests are made.
  • Created Activity, Sequence and Use Cases with use case scenarios and use case narratives.
  • Created Test Cases for the requirements and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix(RTM) for functional and non-functional requirements to check the progress on the requirements. Involved in writing test cases and performed functional testing of the system using HPQC.
  • Gathered BI requirements using IBM Cognos and implemented BI based Dashboard reports on transactional data and assisted the lead BI in aligning the source and target data in respective formats.
  • Created Data Mapping for Master and Transactional data to consolidated data using Informatica.
  • Validated systems requirements and with regulatory requirements for generating reports according US GAAP and IFRS.

Environment: Waterfall, Oracle Financials 11.5.8, MS Excel, Oracle Applications, Fixed Assets, IBM Cognos, MS Visio, HPAML, HPQC, Informatica.


Business Analyst

  • Actively participated in Kick-Off meetings to get a better understanding of the project scope and project requirements.
  • Interviewed business users (traders) and various customer groups to gather business requirements, wants/ needs concerning the project and documented the requirements.
  • Analyzed functional, non-functional requirement and technical requirements and prepared deliverables including Software Requirement Specifications, User Interface Specifications, data mapping screen mock-ups.
  • Functional requirements of the updated system and mapped them to individual test case requirements through Requirement Traceability Matrix to track the status of respective requirements.
  • Developed detailed Use cases and User Interface specifications for the features implemented, prepared Activity Diagrams using MS Visio by identifying actors in the actors.
  • Exposure to real-time Financial/trading application on Investment Management Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Equity, Fixed Income, Corporate Actions etc. Generated reports for analyzing various investments and their profitability and for analyzing various lost opportunities due to time delay in investing.
  • Involved in the User Acceptance Test, assisting the users in executing test scripts and validating conditions.

Environment: Waterfall, MS EXCEL, MS Visio, My SQL, MS Power Point, Tableau.

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