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Scrum Master Resume

Washington, DC


Certified Scrum Master skilled in providing leadership and coaching to enable effective collaboration and self - organization of software development teams. Involved with new development and process improvement project which prompts the development of internal policies and procedures. Consistently collaborate with subject matter experts to lead project efforts and build high-volume, high-availability solutions.


  • Agile team coaching and user story development
  • Removing roadblocks/impediments to teams’ progress
  • Stakeholder and vendor management
  • Organizing and facilitating Scrum related events
  • Experience with JIRA
  • Ten years of cleared Department of Defense (DoD) experience


Scrum Master

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Lead the planning, execution, and closing of sprints to support the delivery of software products.
  • Planning responsibilities include facilitation of planning meetings to identify product backlog items to be worked in a sprint and to estimate level of effort of development activities.
  • Execution responsibilities include leading daily standup meetings, tracking progress by keeping the sprint backlog up-to-date, and helping to remove impediments.
  • Closing activities include conducting an end of sprint meeting where sprint products are demonstrated to stakeholders and conducting the end of sprint retrospective with the scrum team.

Development Director



  • Report and work directly with the President and CEO.
  • Manage the organization’s budget and fundraising income programs.
  • Supervise all public relations efforts.
  • Plan and evaluate fundraising campaigns and activities.
  • Updated and reorganized GiftWorks database and filing systems.
  • Develop and maintain annual catalog including soft skills and team building.
  • Developed on-boarding and orientation programs for up to five employees.
  • Built volunteer base for in-house programming support and event support.
  • Keep abreast of trends and changes within the nonprofit fundraising community.

Sr. Project Coordinator



  • As Project Coordinator “Industry Liaison”, interacted with major stakeholders and vendors; coordinated logistics for the Quarterly Industry Partner Day Conferences; selected venues, negotiated rates; booked speakers, integrated technical requirements that affected the program’s goals; developed synchronized and coordinated calendars of all major players within the Continental.
  • As Systems Engineering Technical Assistant (SETA) support, assisted with end-to-end planning and implementation of a complex system; compiled and prepared justification materials to identify the program’s capability gaps; conducted acquisition analysis, alternatives and recommendations for decisions.

Sr. Program Coordinator



  • As Program Coordinator and Strategic Planner, worked collaboratively with industry partners and program stakeholders, advising of program updates; monitored completion of project IPT deliverables and submissions; assisted the “Master Scheduler” with developing and maintaining a detailed resource schedule for implementation of an operational system using MS Project.
  • As Human Resource Liaison, executed all human resource responsibilities; prepared and submitted DD254s to the Security Officer to issue; verified all employee security clearances and Common Access Cards (CAC) “Smart” ID credentials through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS); performed in-processing employee security briefings and exit debriefings; prepared the “Emergency Recall Roster” in SharePoint and confirmed accuracy of information prior to dissemination.
  • As Protocol Liaison, coordinated logistics for major events; prepared scripts for Change of Charter Ceremony and s, recognition ceremonies supporting enterprise-wide honorary, incentive and employee contributions and performance for a battalion level command.

Program Analyst

Confidential, Ft. Belvoir


  • As Human Resource Liaison, executed human resource responsibilities, prepared and submitted Confidential ’s to the Security Officer to update employee security clearances and identification through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS); performed in-processing security briefings and exit debriefings; employment verifications, ethics coordinator and property accountability management.
  • Handled Prototype and Production Testing. Checked for operational and functionality, reporting capability in the AMC Standard and Non-Standard Equipment Database that generated real-time Equipping Assessment and tracking reports; acted as Help Desk Liaison.
  • Created draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for employee in/out processing procedures; Collaborated with the Life Cycle Management Commands (LCMSs) and the Rapid Equipping Force (REF) to develop formal transition processes for non-standard equipment, storage, mobilization deployment and redeployment.
  • Action Officer - performed task management duties; completed follow up and document status updates; prepared reports and briefs indicating changes and task completions that met the scheduled milestones of the assigned controlled correspondence through “MAGIC” data base; prepared weekly summary and status reports that measured efficiency and productivity of contractual support; prepared talking-points.

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