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Program Manager/architect Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Accomplished IT architect that inspires and builds confidence, skills and trust. Track record of successful usage of technical and interpersonal skills from business analysis towards practical solutions within various industries.
  • Brings in positive energy, excellent communication skills, self - motivation and strong level of teamwork.
  • Proven leadership and management experience with strategic thinking that sets the direction, establishes policy, client and vendor management in startup to Fortune 300 arenas.
  • Provide enterprise leadership and direction on building highly complex event driven architecture and application components for a multiyear 50M program.
  • Key in architecting and selling data aware cloud-based solutions that data harmonization and agility enabling, data replication, cleansing, enrichment, and synchronization between on premise and cloud-based applications.
  • Directed building complex enterprise wide ERP and Web based Hospital Information System solution that empowers customers to provide patient focused health care program at major private and public hospitals.
  • Inspiring leadership and management experience lending third position in Confidential .
  • Results-focused Leader who blends solid business and technical expertise to optimize corporate growth and stability.
  • Key in capturing 3 of largest contracts in company history in less than 4 months; delivered presentations, proposed solutions and led IT engagements.
  • Innovative Strategist adept at identifying and seizing opportunities to heighten performance and profitability.
  • Eliminated costly student authentication interface by building PIN system which saved average of $1M per year.
  • Eliminated yearly $1M software license fees by proposing a solution to migrate a file transfer system into a state-of-the-art Enterprise Integrated Information Exchange System.
  • Spearheaded critical IRS engagement; resolved issues and delivered project in 3 months; contract extended due to success.
  • Established real-time retrieval of crucial data (vs. previous 2-day delay); enhanced operating capabilities for WA State DOH.


Industries: Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, Banking, Financial, Public, Military, Travel, Higher

Industry Standards: X12, HL7, EDIFACT, HIPAA, XML, HTML, SWIFT, CMS, FIX, EMED, CIM, and SCADA.

Integration Tools: WebSphere Family Products, PM4Data, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Application Portfolio Management.

Methodologies: Confidential Global Services Method, Waterfall, Agile/SCRUM, OOAD, EAI, SOA, ETL, SaaS.

Work Products: Functional/Non-Functional Requirements, UML, Test Scenario, Test Case Development, Enterprise Architect

Applications/Database: ORACLE, DB2, MS SQL Server, XML/HTML Authoring Tools, MS Office, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Visio, SourceSafe, SoapUI.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Program Manager/Architect


  • Work with the management, PMO, and business partners to ensure that all aspects of the project are executed on time.
  • Implement best practices and Structured Development Methodology to have work products created for the solution.
  • Facilitate requirements development process to ensure development of high quality and comprehensive functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Coordinate and work closely with IT personnel to define operational technology.
  • Ensure that the design covers all requirements in scope for a particular release.
  • Work with the design and development teams to ensure that they have a good understanding of the application/system that is being created.
  • Ensure thorough QA testing that covers all requirements.
  • Coordinate with the business partners to ensure that documented requirements are satisfied during the software development process and by the end product.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of internal processes and propose improvements.
  • Maintain a high level of initiative and attention to detail during daily operations.
  • Develop presentations for all governance committee updates.
  • Facilitate targeted sessions, such as project status updates with committees, risk assessments with project teams, and other issues resolution discussions that require facilitation.
  • Act as a focal point for inter-vendor and inter-component coordination.
  • Interact with vendors to ensure that all tasks are accomplished in accordance with the project plan.
  • Conduct analysis for vendor and product selections, recommend choices and manage vendor relationships.
  • Promote strong teamwork ethic and customer support focus.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Enterprise Solutions Architect


  • Supported customers in addressing enterprise level business requirements by gathering requirements, developing functional and technical specs, solving complex data integration, data management and data security challenges by designing, testing and delivering production ready solutions.
  • Prepared RFI/RFP responses, ROM, SOW and technical assessments to respond to the customers’ needs.
  • Participated in sales calls and work closely with sales executives to discover prospects' business pains and design tailored solutions to fit their specific needs.
  • Prepared and presented solution POC and demos to customers.
  • Worked with customers from project inception to final delivery and migration into production.
  • Provided comprehensive tokenization software solution to customers that seamlessly balances protection, key management and event logging requirements for data of all types to reduce PII, PHI, and PCI scope and vulnerabilities.
  • Provided Cloud Services Brokerage model-based solutions for intermediation to enhance and enrich cloud services adoption by customers. MDM solutions facilitate data harmonization and agility, which enables data replication, cleansing, enrichment, and synchronization between on-premise and external/cloud-based applications and databases.
  • Utilized on-premise and in-cloud products and solutions to solve complex business problems of our customers.
  • Worked cross-team with sales, support, and professional services.
  • Hospital Transition in Care is aimed to reduce preventable hospital re-admissions and build a foundation to provision data for future secondary usages. It enables healthcare providers with the information they need to manage the patient post hospital discharge. It ensures patients and their caregivers follow the hospital discharge care plan, connects patients, hospitals, PCPs and caregivers. It addresses the blockades such as lack of communication between hospitals and PCPs, low patient to PCP follow up, medication compliance issues, ineffective coordination of patient care vendors.
  • External Partner Portal project is aimed to optimize partner interactions, improve partner relationships and foster innovation. It enables future state capabilities that can integrate and onboard other Merck applications in phases. Benefits include rapid on-boarding of new partners, mitigated compliance risk through improved visibility and management of third-party interactions, reduced information security risk by centralizing access and information management and to establish a Data Governance and Stewardship process to manage partner data.
  • Operational Data Exchange project is aimed to enhance the automated process of collecting and validating the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) data sent from a Contract Research Organization (CRO) to the sponsor to achieve efficiencies in terms of time, cost and reduction of errors. Benefits include timely updates from the CROs and to comply with regulatory reporting requirements, increase the range of data that is currently being exchanged by adding new milestones, provide better document tracking visibility.


Director, Solutions Delivery


  • Provided management, leadership, and technical vision for software development, support and project team.
  • Developed and executed software engineering plans, managed software engineering schedules, resource allocation, and budget. This included managing joint development with any 3rd party vendors.
  • Provided sound decisions for software engineering and product development while being sensitive to the constraints and needs of the business.
  • Managed hiring,, career plans, and performance reviews for engineering team.
  • Provided employee development, coaching, mentoring, and team building.
  • Helped Agile software development teams achieve optimal team performance by removing technical obstacles, helping improve team processes, handling resource issues, and communicating with other members to ensure successful delivery of every sprint iteration and release of the product.
  • Reported on project schedule and progress on a weekly basis.
  • Monitored technology trends such as emerging standards for new technology opportunities.
  • Implemented web services based message exchange systems integration including HL7 and XML based messaging standards with emphasis on MS C# and SQL server technologies.
  • Developed software development processes including coding standards, technical documentation standards, QA processes, build, and configuration management to ensure reproducible methods and maintain high quality software deliverables.
  • Drove overall architecture, design, security, and s of software products.
  • Worked closely with customers, sales and executive team to define product direction and overall roadmap.
  • Identified sources of technology and data that could reduce development cost, such as licensing externally developed software.
  • Presented product roadmap and solutions to potential customers, partners, or investors.
  • Prepared RFP, POC, and technical sales presentations for proposals and bids.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Integration Architect


  • Provided consulting to customer senior management, CIS and IT counterparts on business process directives, strategic planning, and definition for implementation of the Confidential + Confidential Gridstream AMI and SCADA solution to customers using a structured project lifecycle to ensure quality.
  • Participated in scope definition, management & prioritization.
  • Evaluated complex Data Bus Architectures and validate proposed interface solutions.
  • Managed resources for effective collaboration/partnering, setting and managing expectations, productive and timely communications.
  • Prepared integration schedule, cost and resource estimation.
  • Led efforts to identify risks, analyze to determine the impact, and created response plan to mitigate adverse effect on project schedule.
  • Used leadership skills to resolve a wide range of issues in creative and practical ways to satisfy the customer needs.
  • Documented system integration planning and implementation
  • Ensured integration plan, schedule and interfaces meet the customer deployment requirements.
  • Participated in change management planning to ensure to control cost, revenue, quality, and deadlines.
  • Maintained partner vendor relationships including multiple Meter Data Management and Home Area Network providers.
  • Validated partner vendor versioning and alignment of release cycles to maintain interoperability.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Integration Architect


  • Applied Confidential Global Services architectural, analysis, design patterns and Agile/SCRUM methodology during full life cycle development of the system.
  • Provided solution that resulted in customer’s recouping the entire initial investment and saving additional annual recurring license fees, totaling more than $2.5 million.
  • Developed high-level architectural work products such as System Context diagrams, Application Process Flow diagrams, Deployment Diagrams, Use Case Models, Use Case Diagrams, UML 2.0 Activity Diagrams, Data Models, and Application Programming Interface Specification to support the proposed system at different levels of abstraction to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Provided guidance and engineering oversight to high availability with failover and capacity planning, scalability, and technical risk management issues.
  • Designed detailed interfaces and functions to perform identity validation and credit check with a third party company Equifax to help HESC customers to register and apply for student loans.
  • Led efforts to re-structure and re-design of existing File Transfer System that included WEB, FTP and e-mail interfaces.
  • Led efforts to re-structure and re-design of existing File Transfer System that included WEB, FTP and e-mail interfaces. The solution utilized industry leader products WebSphere MQ, PM4Data and VMware virtualization to secure an infrastructure towards SOA enablement in the near future.

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