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Sr. Program Manager Resume


  • With 18+ years of Enterprise Controls and Program Management experience I seek a Sr. Program Manager or Manager, of Project Management position where I can develop a highly effective and synchronized project controls team and establish Enterprise Controls, Program Governance Structures, Change Management transformation and develop an integrated team with coach based leadership skills towards a supported organizational decision making framework.
  • Leveraging my consulting experience in a variety of industries to include Construction, Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, and Finance I am always seeking business environments that require creative problem solving and customization of organization based on unique needs.
  • Utilizing methodology to integrate and organize complex programs ranging from $ 10 Million to 1.2 Billion I am excited to establish efficiencies and execution to highly complex programs / projects.
  • As an additional capability over the last 3 years I have submitted and put together bid proposals for 5+ Public works programs reaching the interview phase and looking forward to building a systematic approach to Business Development.


  • Proficient in Windows, Primavera P6 8.0 to 8.4, P6 EPPM, P6 16.2, Primavera P3, SureTrack, MS Project w/ Sharepoint High Level Reporting, PWA, PPMC, Earned Value Management Tool, SAP, Project Wise, Schedule Analyzer Pro, Project Wise, Prolog, MS Office (Visio, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook), MS Access Punchlist Tracking and IT Functional Requirement Tracking Oracle EBS, basic knowledge of Publisher and MYSYS, Internet proficiency, Go To Meeting, WebEx, Bridgit,.
  • Apply Agile Methodology to Change Management / Communications projects, IT/ Software Confidential that include evolving features, and implement integration of several teams as a Certified Agile Scrum Product Owner.
  • Three ( 3) full Primavera Implementation Iterations From Primavera Installation (Oracle DBA, Customizations and API), Process Development (Cadence Structures, Common Terminology, Artifact Creation), P6 Structure (EPS, OBS, Security), and Governance Data Integrity, Leadership Development ( Module Competency Design) and Transfer of administration / P6 Operations: One (1) iteration for P6 V6.2, One (1) P6 V8.1, and in Progress P6 8.2 Version, along with a P6 8.3 Version in a non - project management enterprise setting, P6 15.1 to P6 16.2,
  • Developed an Integrated Project Controls Methodology detailing processes from inception to tracking for Quality Decision Framework.
  • 18+ Years establishing resource loaded, critical path traceable, and cost loaded schedules ranging from $10 Million USD projects to $2.2 Billion USD programs with 500+ resources.
  • Experienced and Trained in Vendor/ Contract Negotiations: Master Service Agreements, Statements of Work, Purchase Orders.
  • Managed Union, Non Union Employees, and Contractors establishing and developing solid teams through development of skills, coaching, best practices and encouraging team cooperation and execution of large programs 500+ Confidential by developing systems and small projects through close team cooperation.



Sr. Program Manager


  • Prepare Program Timelines, Costs, Risks and other Metrics to CORE Team Monthly Meeting.
  • Manage VP, Sr. Director, and Managers as stakeholders and key decision makers in PROGRESS processes along with other Process Owners (PO) and Global Functional Representatives (GFRs)
  • Provide expert direction and guidance to project team during the to oversee execution of procedural documentation, project management tools and DevOps guiding principles, stakeholder management, and process improvement activities in conjunction as a liaise with cross-functional stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • Administration of P6 Project and integration of sprint and waterfall plans.
  • Drive weekly Status Reviews of Projects with Project Managers and Sr. Directors reviewing weekly Status Reports, RAIDD Logs, MS Schedules, and other project management metrics.
  • Support budget creation and resource allocation decision-making within the organization through
  • Advise on the development and delivery of internal materials on an as-needed basis working the lead and communications lead developing FAQs, Updating Program Sharepoint Portal.
  • Drive standardization and the adoption of best practices across the Development Operations organization
  • Develop new process and methodology while performing independently as executing Program / Project Manager, including creating and managing program/project artifacts (i. Confidential . Microsoft project plans, RAIDD Log, meeting minutes, presentations, etc).
  • Develops and supports Product Owner and Global Functional Reps through the implementation workshop and into the Review Processes of new or updated Process Documents (PD) through Gvault Review and Approvals.
  • Propose and implement plans to resolve complex issues and execute corrective actions.
  • Manage up to three (3) processes to include new Low Complexity, new Sustain Process, and continued High Complexity PROGRESS Process updates that include SVP, Sr. Directors, and Managers of each function.
  • Synthesize complex data and present findings clearly to senior leadership
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to assess process alignment and prioritize revisions as necessary to ensure continued relevance and applicability

Technologies: MS Office 2013, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, MS Project, SharePoint, GVault


Sr. Project Consultant - P6 Scheduler Expert


  • Administration of P6 Project transfer into Agile Confidential by LOB, Key Features, Key Reports, etc. on a two week Sprint.
  • Establish Master Schedule for IGP and Electrical Projects in P6 Client v 15.1 totaling 220+ Projects for 2018 with 230K+ Hours and providing a Portfolio Critical Path.
  • Complete and Develop 2019 Portfolio Planning for IGP, IT/ IO, CRES, and Gas Projects (700+ Projects) that includes in flight carry over projects for 5 key Resource Roles on a Quarterly breakdown.
  • Implement and upload updated project portfolios for Electrical IT Field Support Projects for 190 + Projects with 300K Hours for 2018.
  • Develop Key reports and extracts from SAP for Actualization of Projects and BI Reporting that masp within P6 Data Fields and Resource DB.
  • Develop Key relationships with Portfolio Managers, Directors, General Funding Sponsors, Program Managers, and Project Managers to establish a Master Schedule of 700+ Projects within differing LOBs, Client Assignment vs. Foundation segments, Programs, and Supervisor Regions.

Technologies: MS Office 2013, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, Primavera P6 15.1, Ariba, SAP Business Warehouse and Objects; Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, PPMC


Sr. Project Consultant - Project Controller


  • Develop Class 2 Project Schedule incorporating the building of commercialization platform, contractual negotiations with vendor, change management and stakeholder engagement, and Confidential Phase Gating DRB Requirements.
  • Develop Project Budget that identifies and manages Primary OPEX, Secondary OPEX (internal), CAPEX, and other OPCO funding for the project.
  • Develop and Manage Risk Register identifying risks and providing a potential impact total that identifies needed mitigation plans or contingent allocations.
  • Publish monthly reporting for Project Manager, External Programs and the Decision Lead on Monthly Actuals, Schedule Status on Milestones, Major Risks, Analysis of efficiencies on schedule and budget, and preparation of that portion of Phase Gate Decks and socialization.
  • Develop Total Cost of Ownership to Forecast 5 Year sustainability and growth of service offering throughout Confidential Globally (Includes 26+ Companies and foreign entities) which included subscriptions for 660+ Connectors, Boomi Support Premier Tier,, and other Project Costs that included Capital Amortization vs Operational costs.
  • Account Setup, Roles & Security, Monitoring and Reporting of Boomi Platform which includes all L3 Account Management Activities that includes DR, Infrastructure maintenance that assures ongoing operation of Boomi OnPrem Application stays in service to be ready for Launch to the Enterprise. This includes Migration of existing Projects in Private Atom Cloud. Managed and participated in E2E, Volume and Performance Testing of Connectors and Atomsphere configuration. Managed Development of Disaster Recovery Plan and allocated rack space for expanding services with the Confidential Cloud Program.
  • Oversee Develop Boomi Catalog to Communicate Service offering and completion of Boomi Portal as part of the Marketing Campaign. Ongoing interface with Early Adopters, Stakeholders, and DRB. This includes the projection of 5 year growth plan moving forward.
  • Validate Operations Runbook, Developed, Complete Support Model that includes SLA/ OLAs, Support process that include AIM L3 and Boomi provided Support, and ongoing metrics to track and measure effectiveness. Strategize budget allocations to align with quality product with minimal billing recovery costs to the Business Units.
  • Update Current Boomi Order with new pricing and Amend current contract to include import / export agreement for international deployment to be signed off by legal, business commercial, import/ export (CVX). Decide whether these two will be incorporated as one or two separate items (Agreement and Commercial). Guided contract negotiations by modeling impact of 26+ Confidential Companies based on dated cloud and data usage forecasting a total of 660 Total connectors through a 5 year forecast growth plan. In conjunction of the support plan negotiated a variety of alternatives that included Dell Boomi Support and Licensing via Total Connectors, Atom Workers, Data Usage per GB vs. straight cost, all inclusive Enterprise Subscriptions per Connector.
  • Develop Billing Alternatives, Provide feasibility on alternatives, and decide as a team on the appropriate Billing Model to socialize and communicate as part of commercialization. Deploy Billing Model as part 2019 ALCM Governance that include sample data unit testing and finalize the requirements and definition of Billing Process for implementation ( not in scope of project) Coordinate with Vendor Technical lead the develop capabilities for consumption based billing on a monthly / quarterly based billing and variability. Gather and coordinate with Finance billing mechanism between Usage and 1/12 th . Integration Procurement negotiations into the Total Cost of Ownership to provide forecast growth with ICoE Project Lead to forecast Product Demand. Develop, update, and Finalize Billing Model for Dell Bommi / API Commercialization in support of deciding upon 4 separate service strategies. Provide and in corporate all contractual, business unit costs, management and operational costs, L3/L2 Support, and Depreciation costs for recovery of costs within Confidential 's Billing Cycle.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, Primavera P6 15.1, Ariba, SAP, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, PACTS (Procurement)




  • Attend Pre-Bid Conferences and Develop Key Strategic Relationships with Local Business Enterprises to provide government contract RFP Submissions for SFO Airport, LAWA Program Construction.
  • Establish and Develop database of RFP / Bid registries by Counties, Cities and key government entities (ie. California Department of General Services DGS)
  • Prepare and Review potential Bids and develop Cost Sheets, Identify Qualification Requirements and needed partnerships, provide Revenue and profit estimates for internal management Go/ No Go Decision.
  • Established a Business Development System that includes preparation and Identification as part of Pre-Bid phase targeting (6-10 Prime Bids), Bid Interview Preparation to include team dynamics and publication of presentation, and post and contract negotiations.
  • Ran Daily Huddle Meetings with Bid Development team to develop RFP Response which included P&L Analysis, RFP Response, Alliance Management Activities, and other San Francisco Airport Bid Development.
  • Administer Building Point P6 and implementation of P6 Functionality to include OBS Development, Security Profiles, and work with DBA Administrator to provide performance guidelines. .
  • Develop Estimated Cost Loaded, Resource Loaded Schedule for $200 MM + Projects for RFP and Bids based on RFPs.
  • Develop and Customize Project Controls Methodology and “Approach” that includes Cost Estimating Principles, Risk Management Processes, Schedule Development and Resource Capacity Methodologies and integrating this Methodology into Program Management and Technical Specific Solutions responding to Bid Requirements.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables

Confidential, Concord, CA

Sr. Consultant


  • Reviewed and Updated Templates for Major Category Templates for Acceptance by Center of Excellence.
  • Established Poles Replacement Program that incorporated 7K poles with three major resource loaded activities (21K Activities). Program was Updated against SAP and Click, Prioritized, and leveled to reflect 2016 Work Plan.
  • Updated and Resource leveled resources by priority level (Final Construction Date) for all regions and Construction activities by Division (Crews) - 15K+ Activities for 2016.
  • Established (Reviewed Projects Technically, BISD Acceptance, Approvals, etc) Project Baselines for 385 Northern Region Projects.
  • Integrate P6 with SAP Business Objects for $2 MM + Projects for accurate and decision making reporting.
  • Data Validation of Projects in P6 by Project Manager assuring SAP and P6 synch up on key milestone dates, that the schedules provide a critical path without a negative float, current Data Date, limited constraints on activities, and other schedule quality assurance metrics. Report sent out monthly to PM/ PCA Supervisors and Execution Managers.
  • Updated EDRs (Document Controls) flow and Project Lifecycle processes to include P6 and requirements.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, Primavera P6 v8.4; Primavera P6 15.1, MS Visio 2010, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, QulickView

Confidential, Richmond, CA

Sr. Consultant


  • Develop Demand/ Install timelines for key commodities (Piles, Torque Tubes, Electrical, PV) and coordinating the with Procurement and Sr. Management for timing and availability.
  • Develop Key Milestones through PPA Contracts, Key Install Rates from Contractor Agreements, and Key Business Development Milestones critical for financial viability of projects.
  • Organize Project Module structured for Portfolio Prioritization and Summarization.
  • Develop key Project Templates, Multiple Layouts for a variety of internal and external stake holders.
  • Prepare CPM Schedule and Summary for Peer Review and BOQ Baseline Reporting on a Quarterly Basis
  • Establish key project risks within the project with mitigation strategies and cost loaded to match contingency allotment. Run Risk Manager Module to develop P10 to P90 scenario curves for Cost,
  • Assist Developer in integration of P6 with EBS financials, Qlikview reporting module, extraction of reports into Visio and Microsoft Project.
  • Cost Load Schedules from EBS Estimates, actualize Project Schedules through P6 Task Usage (Cost Sheet) reviewing key variances, EVM, and other Cost Estimating Processes.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Visio Pro 2010, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, Primavera P6, MS Visio 2010, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, QulickView, Confidential -Builder

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Sr. Consultant Lead/ P6 Functional Lead


  • Attended Leads Meeting, submitted weekly status reports, communication plan, and attended other management meetings as the Team Lead.
  • Gathered SME requirements for P6 Functionality and Integration into EAM for an Enterprise P6 Solution.
  • Coordinated Development and Technical work with India resources to align to key Onsite Client Milestones, providing context guidance, usability requests, and data mapping to the India team.
  • Coordinated and Established Status of Instances for four (4) P6 Environments shifting from Mock Conversions, Testing, UAT, and Production through a conversion process of 30K+ Work Orders (Projects) to 200K+ Work in Production/ Go Live.
  • Develop Key Organizational Breakdown Structure tied to Project WBS Security by Users.
  • Implement Progress Reporter Module to provide user based updates on activities and Manager lead activity assignment.
  • Manage new user accounts, modification of existing user security and restrictions, establish standard user settings, and other Licensing administrative requirements negotiated with Oracle.
  • Established key structure (WBS) for MLGW Operations Work Orders (basic project unit of work) that included initial General Comments pass; Parent Work Order Section based on a logically tied activities, Global and Project Activity codes included, and resource loaded schedule template; and a Child Work Order section for resource allocation of crews grouped by Construction Point.
  • Developed and Implemented P6 Global and Project Security Profiles, established UDFs, Activity Codes for 500+ Users in Active Directory (450 users PPM/ 60+ Users Client)..
  • Developed views, reports, dashboards in both EPPM Web and Client, through Citrix, for resource allocation of field crews along with interaction of key EAM interfaces to Update P6 Provide Activities to P6 Work Orders (Projects), resource/ role allocation of activities and hours.
  • Developed Play Book and Tutorial on Resource allocation specific to MLGW current MSS reports and process with Industry Standards for resource allocation for Construction / Utilities.
  • Updated 225+ Project Templates with back end logic for Milestone triggers to update EAM (Interface 113) working with MLGW SMEs to identify activities linking to Finish Milestones.
  • Develop Use Case scenarios and lead E2E testing of the Enterprise System in UAT Testing with Client lead testing scenarios.
  • Converted 30K+ Work Orders into their Testing Environment and 10K+ into CRP4 Testing Environment for E2E Testing.
  • Uploaded and Integrated Legacy System’s (MSS) resource and roles tables with resource codes to include Performance Areas, Crew Type, Departments, Areas.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, Primavera 8.3 EPPM & Client, MS Visio 2010, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, Novell.

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Sr. Consultant- Project Controller


  • Lead daily huddle meeting to review Scrum Board ( Agile) reviewing Change Management, Communications, Usability, and other story. Tracked progress in Velocity Diagram and integrated Scrum to Waterfall Infrastructure/ Hardware activities.
  • Develop Class 2 (25% Contingency) Project Budget for 2013 and 2014 Years, segregating OPEX Secondary (internal) vs. Primary costs, and Capital Expenses.
  • Develop Capital Purchase Timelines for 2013 and 2014 as well as Capital Labor Costs for budget requests (AR) to be reviewed by Project Manager and Decision Executive of Project.
  • Develop and Maintain Total Cost of Ownership of WebEx (Tracking monthly charges of Circuits, Maintenance of Equipment, Ports and License Costs, etc.) and translating the Confidential Business Unit’s Cost Distribution.
  • Develop and establish an Excel Cost Estimate report from SAP encompassing costs by Phases, Financial Year, Type of Cost ( Primary OPEX Labor/ Non Labor, Secondary OPEX, Capital Labor / Non Labor), breakdown of amortized costs from initial payment to final cost, Equipment purchases, and other needed segregation/ quantification of costs. Key Reporting Requirements provided for Executive Decision Lead Review.
  • Based on functional activities resource labor costs and percentages were identified as Secondary OPEX (internal), Primary (Contractors/ Consultants/ Expenses), and Capital costs ( Internal resources and contractors effecting long term depreciated equipment)
  • Updated and kept resource rate costs for both internal blended rates and actual contractor invoice rates.
  • Developed a baseline project plan that aligns to the budget for resource hours and costs, takes into consideration resource calendars, resource max usage, cost constraints by year and cost type.
  • Developed a duration based CPM Schedule in MS Project 2010 with minimal constraints, predecessor/ successor tied, and traceable critical path.
  • Drive key high level milestones to completion by coordinating with team leads, key resources, etc. the progress and delivery of key tangible deliverables.
  • Develop, maintain, and track Deployment and Post Deployment list up to 95% Adoption of WebEx.

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, MS Project 2010, MS Visio 2010, AT&T Connect, MS Lync, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Project Manager


  • Maintain and update Project Lifecycle status through weekly change requests (CRs) and Late Requests ( LREs) for Deployment. Track project timelines, updating gating process statuses, and change requests..

Technologies: MS Office, MS Outlook, Excel w/ Pivot Tables, MS Project 2010, MS Visio 2010

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