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Scrum Master/product Owner Resume

Englewood, CO


  • Experience in hands - on development, Product Management & delivery lead.
  • Experience as Agile Coach,Scrum Master, RTE & Product Owner in Agile software development.
  • Certified SAFe 4.0 (Scaled Agile Framework) product manager/product owner.
  • Certified Scrum Master from the Scrum Alliance organization.
  • Trained on Scaling Agile Collaboration facilitation skills for servant leaders (Agile Coach) with scrum best practices.
  • Experience in environments with Scrum and TDD (Test Driven Development), continuous integration and pair programming.
  • Recognized for flexibility, innovation as a “Big Picture” Solution Architect integrating diverse technologies and systems that keep the end support and steady state in mind.
  • Over 25 years of progressive IT experience in Oracle EBS R12, Oracle Apps 11i, business analysis, requirements gathering, design, development of Oracle-based applications using Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Sql Loader -Data Conversion, Data Modeling, Data Cleansing, ETL, Workflow, Perl, Python, KShell and Bash scripting, Sql scripting, Designer 2000-6i-9i, Developer 10g (Forms 10g reports 10g), Developer 6i (Forms 6i, Reports 6i), Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), database administration (DBA), XML publisher and NET.
  • A results-driven Data Architect with proven ability to deliver success through effective technology leadership (strategy, data modeling, application design, development, data management, operation management, and change management) coupled with customer-facing business development skills.
  • Expertise in Oracle Application R12, 11i, 10.7 NCA implementation, workflow, system administration, requirement gathering, development, customization and performance tuning.
  • Experience in SOX compliance product development on Oracle Application 11.5.9.
  • Skilled and strong in database administration using OEM, performance tuning using Statspack, EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL Trace and TKPROF.
  • Skilled in analysis, design and development of application software using Oracle 8i, 8.0, 7.x.
  • Good communication and personal skills.


Agile management as Product Owner, SCRUM Master HER. Oracle ERP implementation, data conversion and migration, database architecture Project management Application development Service delivery Technology consulting Strategic planning Metrics Proposal design Assessments Estimating Process Reengineering Best practices Management and organizational consulting Client relations Process modeling SDLC


  • Agile collaboration facilitation skills for Software Project Leaders.
  • Excellent team management skills.
  • Development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP/Extreme Programming), Oracle EBS R12,11i (11.5.9 -11.5.10 ), Oracle 10g-9i databases, .NET, Oracle Application Server 10g-9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, SQL Developer, TOAD, DBvisualizer, Microsoft Office, Visio, Microsoft Project, Oracle Forms and Reports, FTP, PVCS, StarTeam, ClearCase, Kintana, Trillium Data Quality, Perl, KShell and Bash and Python
  • Microsoft SQL Server (SSIS, ETL) and .NET
  • Rally, Jira, Kanban, Scrum workflow, SAFe
  • Oracle EBS Modules: Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Shipping, Inventory, Service Contracts, FND, Purchasing, Receivable, Payables, Work In Process


Confidential, Englewood, CO

Scrum Master/Product Owner


  • Scrum Master for Workforce management application(onsite) team facilitating agile software development for in Home Service Organization.
  • Scrum Master for Wipro offshore team leading the integration Oracle Field Service with Workforce management application. As part of the responsibility creates Features in collaboration with business, break features into multiple user stories, prioritize the backlogs and lead the product development from so that software solution gets delivered in CI/CD manner with a clear vision & product roadmap and manages end to end completion UI/UX developments.
  • As Product Owner involved in many collaboration and cross-functional problems and solution effort with Dev, QA team, Product Management, Project management, and DBA team to develop, install the product for Dish Technician to use for the customers.
  • Responsible of Product backlog refinement.
  • Responsible for inception to Delivery of the Product to the customers.

Environment: Rally, Java & JavaScript, Ms Sqlserver, TSQL,SVN, Github

Confidential, Broomfield, CO

Sr. Scrum Master


  • Scrum Master for Scrum teams including remote and offshore resources in a SAFe environment across Agile Release Train and facilitating Scrum of Scrums.
  • Scrum Master responsibilities including facilitating continuous integration by doing daily Scrum, backlog grooming of user stories, sprint planning, clearing impediments, assigning resources to projects, tracking progress of projects for consistent delivery of EHR-Paragon to the Confidential customers.
  • Maintaining Team rosters & capacity at Program & Sprint level
  • Coaching agile methodologies, values, principles & mentoring team to be self organized, helping the teams to be more predictable with continuous delivery.
  • Shielding the team out of external distractions.
  • Clearing impediments across the Train level by negotiating & talking at various levels of organization.
  • As a Product Owner, Owns & facilitates Product CCB.
  • Responsible for Refinement of Product backlog.
  • Working with Solution Management to prioritize and plan the implementation for features, user stories & prioritization of defects for Scrum teams so SLA for the customers.
  • Working with HFE for UX deisign.
  • Creates & maintains Product Roadmaps.

Environment: Rally, Jira, Kanban, Scrum workflow, SAFe, TFS, Share point, .NET, Javascript, Sql Loader, ETL

Confidential, Confidential, CO

Sr Scrum Master & Agile Coach


  • Sr. Scrum Master for multiple Scrum teams including remote and offshore resources in a SAFe across Agile Release Train and facilitating Scrum of Scrums.
  • Scrum Master responsibilities including facilitating continuous integration by doing daily Scrum, backlog grooming of user stories, sprint planning, clearing impediments, assigning resources to projects and tracking progress.
  • Did the capacity calculator for members in the scrum teams.
  • As a Product Owner involved in many collaboration and cross-functional problems and solution effort with Dev, QA team, Product Management, Project management, and DBA team to develop, install and support of various product and hot fix releases for many Confidential Horizon Clinicals and Paragon customers.
  • Engaging Stakeholders/Customer throughout PI planning, Solution demo & software delivery cycle.
  • As a Tech Lead leading design, development, deployment of software/code/tools, upgrades, patch deployment for ETL, data warehouse, SSIS and Oracle Meaningful Use product by gathering requirement in collaboration, enforcing best coding practices and managing execution of complex initiatives.
  • Managing post-live support for the Horizon Clinicals clients for Clinicals and assigning appropriate resources for customer escalations by collaborating with QA, Service and DBAs for issue resolutions.
  • Collaborating with offshore team to do custom development and maintenance work on Oracle EBS12.0.

Environment: Rally, MS SQL server 2012, ETL-SSIS, Oracle10g, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus,SQL LOADER, .NET, TOAD, SQL developer, Perl script, Bash scriptConfidential, Englewood, CO

Senior Technical Project Manager


  • Leading architectural efforts of customer data conversion from Oracle Apps 11.0.3 to Oracle EBS R12.
  • Doing customer data cleansing using Trillium and loading into staging tables for validation.
  • Designing and developing accounts receivable (AR) data conversion process from Oracle Apps 11.0.3 to Oracle EBS R12.
  • Designing and developing AR open items conversion from Oracle Apps 11.0.3 to Oracle Apps R12.
  • Leading development/testing and implementation of Trip Planning System.
  • Working on customer and OM personalization.
  • Managing contract development resources for Oracle Apps R12 upgrade.
  • Designing the interfaces form TPS to Oracle Apps 11i.
  • Analyzing the requirements for Flight Planning (TRIP) Orders and how to use BPEL to create 11i sales orders and give price quotes for TRIP items by using advance pricing.
  • Writing Custom TPS Sales Order package to populate custom Sales order headers and lines tables and populate 11i Order Headers and Lines using Oracle ORDER Management API. Then depending on order type, it uses custom workflow or Oracle workflow to populate accounts payable (AP) or AR interface tables.
  • Working with business analysts (functional group) and QA group for successful testing and implementation of CQ tickets.
  • Doing production support of Oracle Apps 11i release 1.0. Interacting with customers to build their confidence level to use application release.
  • Mentoring cross-functional team members.

Environment: Oracle EBS R12, Forms 10g and Reports 10g/ XML publisher, SQL loader, Oracle EBS 11i (11.5.10), Oracle 10g, Forms6i, Reports 6i, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL developer, Toad, Workflow

Confidential, Louisville, CO

Senior Software Engineer (Team Lead)


  • Reviewing new customer requirements to add new modules to tools infrastructure clinical web forms.
  • Developing and modifying custom Oracle webforms to in corporate changes in Oracle clinicals.
  • Creating views and instead of triggers for custom configuration of clinical web forms to support EDM changes and including database design reviews.
  • Interacting with QA, Service and DBAs for issue resolutions.
  • Coordinating with onshore for Oracle form to .NET conversion.
  • Doing post-live supports on EDM and web forms.

Environment: Rally Oracle10g, Developer10g(Forms10g), PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, TOAD, Dbvisualizer, SQL developer, .NET, Sql Loader

Confidential, Irvine, CA

ERP Project Consultant


  • Technical initiative in completing APPSACESS product development (SOX compliance product) for Oracle Apps 11.5.9.
  • Loading data for APPSACCESS using Sql Loader & UTL FILE
  • Fixing errors in custom forms for warehouse shipping and Inventory using Oracle Forms 6i and AOL standards.
  • Testing custom quote tool form for sales order creation and quote price creation based on the modifier and qualifier set ups.
  • Modifying custom ship confirmation process developing custom purge shipping interface process using PL/SQL and TOAD.
  • Fixing errors in custom inventory reports using Oracle Reports 6i.
  • Modifying custom move and adjustment procedure in shipping for error handling in web method.
  • Interacting with quality control (QC) and end users to do SDLC.
  • Doing production support of WMS.

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.9(OM, Shipping, Inventory, BOM, Purchasing and WMS), Developer 6i(Forms 6i and Reports 6i),Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, TOAD, Sql Loader

Confidential, Denver, CO

Senior Software Engineer Adviser


  • Writing interfaces from Custom Q.tracker (sales commission) to OM module using KShell, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus and SQL Loader, TOAD.
  • Using OM open interfaces to import orders.
  • Developing Q.tracker (sales commission) forms using Oracle Forms 6i and AOL standards.
  • Developing custom sales commission engine to call pricing engine (Advanced pricing).
  • Developing and integrating ROMS Forms using Oracle Forms 6i with custom order tool (OBS).
  • Upgrading OBS Database from RBO to CBO.
  • Doing performance tuning using Satspack, Explain Plan, SQL Trace and Tkprof.
  • Doing data modeling for Q.tracker using Oracle Designer 9i.
  • Creating objects, e.g., tables, sequences, materialized views (snapshots), indexes, database links and granting privileges.
  • Mentoring team members on new features of Oracle and performance tuning SQLs.

Environment: ORACLE Apps 11i (OM, Advanced Pricing), TOAD, Designer 9i,Developer 6i(Forms 6i and Reports 6i),Oracle 8i, Data Conversion,OEM8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, KShell Scripting

Confidential, Boulder, CO

ERP Project Consultant


  • Part of the upgrade team of Oracle Applications from 10.7 to 11i.
  • Preparing the design and technical documentation for custom pricing and presenting to the business team for approval.
  • Setting up profiles, lookups, price list, pricing attributes, modifiers, qualifiers, qualifier groups, pricing formulas for advanced pricing and order management.
  • Modifying and adding functionality to custom quote tool form for order management.
  • Creating Price List Load API (PL/SQL) to create price lists for Advanced Pricing from flat file using UTL FILE.
  • Developing Manual Price Adjustment API (PL/SQL) for the service orders at the header level.
  • Working on Service Electronic Transmission Concurrent requests, which uses PL/SQL procedure and UTL FILE to create flat file in concurrent request output directory and subsequently sending the output file in Excel Spreadsheet format to specified Email Address for Service Contracts.
  • Writing PL/SQL libraries for custom pricing, service contracts, and price adjustment forms.
  • Developing custom pricing contract authorization forms, custom commission forms using Forms 6i using AOL standards and stored procedures. Developing price adjustment forms for the quote tool, which creates product orders and service order for order management.
  • Developing custom vendor approval and line termination forms for service contracts using AOL standards.
  • Doing customization using custom.pll by passing events to it and attaching libraries to it.
  • Mapping of the data elements and processes for 11i to support the customization and data conversion.
  • Creating and setting up custom pricing responsibilities and developing value sets, concurrent requests with PL/SQL and SQL for Custom Pricing.
  • Worked on service reports using Reports 6i for service contracts.

Environment: Designer 2000, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Shell Scripting, Oracle Financials 11i/10.7 (Advance Pricing, Service Contracts, Order Management, Inventory, BOM, Purchasing), Developer 6i (Forms 6i, Reports 6i)

Confidential, Eugene, OR

ERP Dev Manager


  • Implementing Oracle Financials 10.7 NCA and Data warehouse.
  • Developing PL/SQL stored procedures for data warehouse project and savings systems.
  • Developing DB triggers for MARS system.
  • Developing several interfaces for Savings Systems to Oracle Financials and MARS to Oracle Financials in PL/SQL.
  • Designing and modifying good number of Reports for AP and general ledger (GL).

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