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Edi Analyst -sap/edi Migration Project Manager Resume

Irvington Tarrytown, NY


  • Seasoned IT Professional with over 26 years of experience in the field in managing and maintaining medium to large sized networks. Implement new technology and operating standards corporate wide.
  • Certified on both the Microsoft Windows Environments and IBM i5 (AS/400 - iSeries).
  • Seasoned SAP/EDI Specialist / Programmer on the Windows and IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Platforms.


  • ERP, EDI & B2B Oversight
  • IT Architecture
  • PC Programmer Visual Basic, vbScript, HTML, Java
  • IBM AS/400 iSeries Staff Leadership
  • IT Strategic Planning iSeries Programmer RPG & CL
  • Systems Administration VMware
  • Operations Management
  • Database Management - SQL
  • IT Process Improvement


Operating Systems: OS/400 - i5/OS, DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu 11.0, SUSE 12), Unix (Sun Solaris), Cisco IOS

Virtualization: VMware vSphere 5.5, VMWare Workstation 12.5, Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, Microsoft Window Server 2008 HyperVisor, Antsle, Amazon AWS EC2 and VPC, Google Cloud Compute

EDI Translators, Data Mapping and Communications: IBM Sterling B2B Commerce (formerly GIS -Gentran Integration Suite) v2.1 - v5.2.4, Inovis TrustedLink (formerly Premenos), IBM Gentran Server for Windows v5.1 and IBM Gentran Server for iSeries v3.5.

EDI Transaction Sets and Standards:


Inbound: Orders 850, 875, 855, 860; Accounting 812, 820, 823, 844; Sales 852; Warehouse/Inventory 945, 888; Acknowledgements 997; Messages 864; Application EDI Technical 824

Outbound: Invoice 810 & 880; Warehouse/Inventory 940, 947; Acknowledgments 997; Orders 850; Invoices 810


Inbound: ORDERS

Misc.: Mapping for Databases SQL, Text CSV & Tab Delimited

Industries/Businesses: Apparel, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals and Household

Communications Protocols: AS2 (Drummond Group & Digital Certificate Management), FTP, sFTP, FTPS, VAN

Programming Languages and IDEs: PDM, RPG III, RPG IV, ILE RPG, RPG/400, CL, OCL, Query/400, Query Manager/400, DDS, Subfiles, Journaling, Visual Basic, vbScript, ASP, Java, JSP, Net.Data, HTML, CSS, SQL, T-SQL, DTS Scripts, BPML, C, C++

IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Applications and Utilities: IBM BRMS, InfoPrint Server/400, HelpSystems Robot, DBU, SEQUEL, Hawkeye, TAA QUSRTOOLS

IBM i HA -High Availability: IBM DataMirror iCluster, Vision Solutions MiMiX, Vision Solutions OMS/ODS

Windows Backup Software: Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery, Symantec Ghost Enterprise

Communications Services: Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 2003, & 2010, Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Good Technology GoodLink Enterprise Server

Support Services Applications & Inventory Management - CMDB: Peregrine Service Center, Numara Track-IT, SysAid

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005, IBM DB2/400

Webservers: Microsoft IIS, Apache, Tomcat, IBM Websphere Application Server 3.5 & 6.0, Nginx

Network Protocols, Applications and Services: TCP/IP, Telnet, SSH, FTP, sFTP, FTPS, AS2, TFTP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, VPN

Security Software: Microsoft Proxy Server, Microsoft ISA Server 2004, Websense, Zone Labs Integrity, Symantec Norton Antivirus Enterprise, Symantec PGP Encryption

Applications/ERP Systems: SAP, Lawson 7, CommercialWare, Island Pacific, CGS/ACS

Technical Proficiencies -Hardware:

Security Appliances: Cisco PIX (506 & 515), Cisco VPN Concentrator (3005), Barracuda Network Mail Appliance, Cymphonix Network Composer

IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Hardware: Type 9406 Models B35, B60, B70, 170, 270, 500, 620, 720, 730, 820, 825, 840, 520, 570

Server & Storage SAN/NAS Hardware: Dell PowerEdge, HP (Compaq) Proliant Series, IBM xSeries, IBM BladeCenter H, SCSI RAID Configuration - Dell PERC, HP SmartArray & Remote Management - Dell DRAC, HP ILO, IBM RSA

Networking Hardware: Cisco Catalyst Switches, Cisco Routers (2500, 2600, 3750), Cisco PIX 506 & 515 Firewalls, Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator


Confidential, Irvington & Tarrytown, NY

EDI Analyst -SAP/EDI Migration Project Manager


  • EDI Migration Project Management Goals and Accomplishments
  • Responsible for all customer support, EDI testing & validation and vendor negotiations.
  • Complete rebuild of all EDI Inbound and Outbound maps and processes from IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows over to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v5.2 in 9 months. Subproject to SAP Implementation.
  • Performed thorough analysis of every EDI Segment for all customers for all Inbound and Outbound maps without triggering testing with the end customer which would have severely delayed the SAP ERP project implementation and potential disruption to business.
  • Reduced the number of Inbound 850/875 EDI Order maps from .
  • Standardized all outbound 810/880 EDI Invoice maps
  • Standardized all connections with EDI Trading Partners on AS2 including VAN traffic coming from IBM Sterling Commerce. Implemented AS2 monitoring with Alertbot to alert on all AS2 inbound communication outages.
  • Implement 823 Lockbox and 820 Remittance Advice with Well Fargo Bank
  • Programmed and scheduled scripts to create daily EDI Audit reports on Inbound and Outbound documents (specifically 850/875 Order, 940/945 Warehouse Orders, 810/880 Invoices, 823 Lockbox & 820 Remittance Advice, and 844)
  • Implement EDI EDIFACT mapping (ORDERS) standard for International orders for Australia & New Zealand. Map SAP CSV Extract Reports to ORDERS05 and DELVRY03 Idoc as interim measure.
  • Implement Outbound Purchase Orders 850 for vendors/suppliers and internal manufacturing.
  • Researched and resolved all issues regarding order to cash and work with Order Management and Accounts Receivable to resolve.
  • 90% of the $1.2 Billion in Sales Revenue is processed via EDI.
  • Processed 1.2 million EDI transactions annually. Inbound order error rate below 1%. Outbound EDI invoice error rate at 1.5%
  • Adherence to the IT development methodology, Change Control, and Security and Management policies and procedures.
  • Experience working with trading partners, including distributors, retailers, manufacturers, third party warehouses, and 3PLs.
  • Expertise in Sterling Integrator 5.X, AS2 Connections, and VANs. Create EDI Maps and write business processes in BPML. Programmed in Visual Basic, Java and SQL.
  • Strong knowledge of SAP, with a focus on ALE connections, IDocs, ABAP programming and sales order management.
  • Self-directing, organized, with strong attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.
  • Project management, managed multiple streams of work in a fast paced environment.
  • Proficient at CSV, flat files, SQL or XML or other related data or file structures.

Confidential, Elizabeth, NJ

Systems Manager


  • Troubleshoot high availability issues using Vision Solution ODS/OMS
  • Support for eCommerce Website (www.hayward.com) hosted locally running on IBM Websphere Application Server 6 on IBM iSeries platform.
  • Write CL Programs to automate nightly tasks.
  • Microsoft Windows & VMWare vSphere 4.0 Administration - IBM i Integrated Servers
  • Troubleshoot high availability issues using Vision Solution DoubleTake.
  • Manage IBM xSeries Servers running on IBM BladeCenter H (HS21 & HS22 blades) integrated into the IBM iSeries system via iSCSI. System management using AMM and *NWS.
  • Support servers running on VMware ESXi Servers and identify issues during the rollout phase.

Confidential, New York City, NY & Phoenix, AZ

Information Technology Manager


  • Responsible for monitoring and managing the entire network consisting of 2 IBM System i Servers (4 LPARs total) and 19 Windows 2003 & 2008 Servers (13 physical, 6 virtual) and 150+ desktops.
  • Gentran Integration Server (now IBM Sterling Integrator) - Continued creating and maintaining and programming BPML. Began EDI Mapping of 810 & 850s. Performed all upgrades from GIS/SI v2.1 to version 4.3.
  • Complete migration of EDI customers off of SDLC dialup over to AS2 utilizing Sterling Commerce - Gentran Integration Server (now IBM Sterling Integrator). Configured and programmed BPML and write vbScripts as well as maintained and updated CL and RPG programs.
  • Management
  • Managed nationwide enterprise manufacturing/retail strategy and operations technology, including network, security and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Responsible for managing the programming staff, network administrators and helpdesk.
  • Oversight of major ERP modules such as Raw Material Purchasing, Bill of Materials management, Warehouse Management and Billing, Production Planning and Scheduling of Contractors, Order Enter/EDI, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger.
  • Highly skilled in information systems technology, project planning, strategic planning and tracking results.
  • Create and document procedures for SOX compliance.
  • Create Disaster Recovery procedures for IBM System i and Windows Servers.
  • Manage, negotiate and approve IT vendor MSA, SOW and equipment services proposals, purchases and payments.
  • Programming and Development
  • Program (vbScripts) to import delimited data (such as CSVs) and integrate data from the DB2/400 UDB to Microsoft SQL Server using DTS for use with the Business Intelligence (BI) tool ProCube and use and create pivot tables in Microsoft Excel to integrate sales data from Wal-Mart.
  • Implemented IBM InfoPrint Server Licensed Program to eliminate the use of pre-printed forms such as invoices, pick-tickets, etc. Document procedure for programmers on how to use print overlays in sample RPG programs and how to create the overlays using the AFP print drivers.
  • Document procedure for programmers on utilizing the STRPCO (PC Organizer) functions to execute PC Applications (such as Excel, Internet Explorer, etc) from an iSeries Access 5250 session.
  • Implemented email archival system for our Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server using Symantec Enterprise Vault to reduce Exchange database size and seamless transition to end users.
  • Architected Active Directory organizational structure to mirror company locations and divisions within locations to implement and manage Group Policies and security and delegation of duties.
  • Instituted Symantec Backup Exec as the backup solutions for the entire enterprise. Centrally managed all backups from a central console in New York. Implemented Backup Policies and schedules and media management and distribution of backup jobs across several tape libraries. Backup agents for SQL, Exchange, Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Virtual Server and managed associated configurations.
  • Managed and configured VPN tunnels to all remote locations utilizing Cisco PIX and VPN Concentrators, maintained ACL to internal network as well as DMZ. Configured all Cisco switches and routers as well as upgrades to the IOS and troubleshoot and maintained routing tables.
  • Engineered network infrastructure and created two separate network subnets to offload non-production network traffic away from production network for functions such as backups, large server-to-server file transfers and SAN storage.
  • Recommended new server infrastructure based on VMWare or Microsoft Virtual Server to virtualize and replace existing desktops and servers as they go end-of-life. Reviewed option of possibly integrating critical servers into IBM System i (AS/400) using iSCSI.
  • Managed and setup network in new warehouse in Taytay, Philippines.
  • Provide support for applications such as Lawson, Island Pacific and CommercialWare and on the team involved in providing an upgrade path for these applications and integration with external website www.fredericks.com.
  • Provided technical support and made recommendations in upgrading Confidential ’s of Hollywood IBM System i (AS/400) Server and push for creating a second LPAR for development. Installed, configured and implemented it.
  • Tested and Implemented IBM BRMS as the Enterprise backup standard for both divisions and is part of the Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Analyze and prepare for i5/OS upgrade from v5r4 to 6.1.
  • Manage LPARs using HMC Console. DLPAR resources (such as memory, processor, and I/O) between LPARs. Upgrade and patch all HMC Consoles to latest version (
  • Implement and documented using the IBM i (NetServer) for seamless file transfer from AS/400 to Windows Server shares using the QNTC file system under the IFS.
  • Prepare for and test upgrading one of our division’s IBM i from Security Level 20 to Security Level 40.
  • Installed and implemented an IBM Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) in our IBM System i (AS/400) as part of the Disaster Recovery plan. Primarily used the IXS as a Domain Controller to recover the Windows infrastructure.
  • Rebuild Development LPAR by performing a full backup of Production LPAR, rebuild and reinitialize the disk on development LPAR. Restore copy of Production system to Development LPAR and make configuration changes to AS/400 SNA Network Attributes (DSPNETA), TCP/IP, IBM SSL Certificate Server, DNS Host tables, IBM Apache Web Server to avoid any conflicts and document procedures.
  • Implement a virtual LPAR to LPAR network connection using the high speed of the HMC backplane to faster connection between LPAR on the same managed IBM Power system.
  • Perform all PTF upgrades, Cumulative, Group and HIPER by downloading CD images and installing them using image catalogs (WRKIMGCLG) and configuring virtual CD-ROM device descriptions.

Confidential, Parsippany & Morris Plains, NJ

Systems Integration Senior Specialist-Team Lead & IBM iSeries Level 3 Engineer


  • Team Leadership and Management
  • Lead a staff of 3 AS/400 & MVS operators.
  • Provide Support and Technical assistance to both Operations Team Members and Help Desk Team.
  • Educated the Operations Team on all systems standards, functions and procedures on a daily basis.
  • Extended technical expertise to Management / Staff / and Development Departments.
  • Created and tracked trouble tickets using Peregrine Service Center v6.11
  • IBM i (iSeries -AS/400) System
  • Monitored performance on CPU / DASD / Jobs using IBM Performance Tools.
  • Created and maintained AS/400 Job Scheduling software using both WRKJOBSCDE and Help Systems ROBOT.
  • Initiated necessary adjustments and finely tuned BRMS Backup Control Groups.
  • Participated in actual Disaster Recovery at IBM Sterling Forest, NY and SunGard Philadelphia, PA.
  • Windows, Novell and Unix Systems
  • Monitored Network consisting of 2500+ Servers (Windows NT 4.0 /, Novell 4.11, Sun & HP Unix)

Confidential, New York City, NY

IT Network Administrator


  • Supervised and delegated work to two AS/400 operators.
  • Provide Support and Technical assistance to Operations & Programming Team Members.
  • Educated the Operations Team on all systems standards, functions and procedures on a daily basis.
  • Extended technical expertise to Management / Staff / and Development Departments.
  • Managed NEC NEAX 2000 Phone system and managed DID numbers and set up new users.
  • Trained personnel in Virginia and Mississippi. Do additional fact-finding for our piecework payroll migration.
  • Oversee all technical aspects of moving our entire computer room to new locations and have them up and running the next day.
  • Tracked trouble tickets using Intuit’s Track-It software
  • Programming
  • Written PC programs using Visual Basic and VBScript, JavaScript, ASP-Active Server Pages, and on the AS/400 using OCL, CL, and RPG/36/400 & ILE RPG.
  • Designed, set up and trained personnel on ASN implementation. Assisted in setup of all new customers on EDI and mapping documents.
  • Written a program in RPG utilizing the original TAATools to copy and backup spooled files from output queues using the CPYFROMOUTQ command. Created procedure to backup spool files to tape.
  • Maintained AS/400 Security Profiles in both OS/400 and Lawson Environments.
  • Managed and installed numerous AS/400 version updates on a continual basis.
  • Applied AS/400 Cumulative, Group and HIPER PTF packages, performed OS/400 version upgrades, managed LPAR environments - HMC Managed
  • Monitored performance on CPU / DASD / Jobs using IBM Performance Tools.
  • Created and maintained AS/400 Job Scheduling software using WRKJOBSCDE.
  • Implemented and scheduled daily and monthly backup routines for our AS/400, as well as all the PCs.
  • Expert in AS/400 Disaster Recovery and performed actual DR in a major AS/400 failure.
  • Coordinated with Sungard Recovery Services on restoring our system at their recovery site in New Jersey.
  • Begin implementation of our AS/400 as our intranet and possible extranet web server.
  • Configured all AS/400 TCP/IP settings and server applications (daemons) such as the IBM HTTP Server & Apache Webserver utilizing SSL for security, SMTP server, DNS, FTP. I wrote a customized RPG program to receive EDI data and keep FTP logs in individual members in a source file. Document procedure for programmers to use. I have done some web application programming using IBM’s Net.Data.
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Used daily Microsoft Management Console.
  • Managed Veritas & ArcServeIT Network Backups.
  • Implement a Global WAN spanning 12 locations (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Mississippi, Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and California) and 150+ nodes as well as implement VPN technology as a lower cost alternative to an existing communications infrastructure.
  • Integrate an e-mail system that communicated between PCs, AS/400 "green screen" terminals, and the Internet as well as Unified Messaging for voicemail and faxes.
  • Set up & update our corporate website www.moviestar inc. com and allow our users’ access to our AS/400 via our website and secure our network with a Cisco PIX firewall.
  • Standardize all PC desktops on Windows 9x/ Windows 2000 as well as create a deployment routine for Win2K, implement Windows 9x/NT system policies and restrictions to prevent users from inadvertently changing system configurations, as well as prevent users from installing unauthorized and unlicensed programs.
  • Made use of Windows roaming user profiles company-wide to centralize user settings and files for back and disaster recovery purposes.

Confidential, New York City, NY 6

IT Network Administrator


  • Responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of a network of 1 iSeries AS/400 Server
  • Designed, set up and trained personnel on ASN implementation. Assisted in setup of all new customers on EDI and mapping documents on Premenos/TrustedLink (810/850/856).
  • Recommended AS/400 DASD upgrade to IBM 9337 mirrored, memory upgrade and consolidate remote links to V.35 communications on IBM 5494 and in wiring an new remote location using on standard Cat-5 UTP cabling system for use by both Ethernet and twinaxial connections.
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Initiated and implemented a LAN running Windows NT Server 4.0, upgraded all PCs to run Windows 95 and integrated Windows NT Server with AS/400 using Microsoft SNA server via Twinax.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Senior AS/400 Operator


  • Responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of a network (twinax & null modem pass-through) of 2 AS/400 Servers (B35 & B50)
  • Managed daily operations on the AS/400 and PC environment, CUME PTFs, performed upgrade of OS/400 and configured devices such as terminals, remote controllers, printers, modems, PCs, protocol converters, and voice/data Multiplexer. Managed all PCs and upgraded all software and installed hardware as well as repair downed PCs.
  • Programmed PC batch files to download G/L data from AS/400 to PC using PC Support. Designed and programmed in RPG/400, CL and OCL, reports and inquires part time. As well as design barcode labels using Cybra Mark Magic software for our major customer such as Hills, Sears, JCPenney and Wal-Mart in conjunction with EDI programs.
  • Documented all procedures and system configuration into a run book.
  • Technical coordinator and liaison between users and programming staff. Trained users on software applications on both AS/400 and PCs. Trained on Walmart's Retail-Link POS software.
  • Troubleshoot all technical problems and installation on new PCs and monitor AS/400 jobs, and output queues. Installed all AS/400 and PC software and hardware.

Confidential, White Plains, NY



  • VMware & Windows
  • Configure new VM hosts, migrate Windows Domain Controllers over as VMs,
  • Implement “www.triboro.com” website on Nginx, MySQL, PHP and WordPress on Windows 2012 Server.
  • Amazon AWS Migration
  • Migrated virtual servers from an existing VMware environment using AWS Server Migration Service, and integrating office to AWS creating EC2 instances and configuring VPC and VPN connection to corporate office.
  • EDI -TrustedLink Conversion to Gentran Server for iSeries
  • Migrate existing EDIFACT ORDERS into existing X12 Application Mapping and add enhancements to existing Database File Structures
Confidential, New York, NY

Consultant - IBM AS400 - iSeries Technical Specialist


  • Responsible for maintaining and updating existing nightly processing and automating existing manual tasks.
  • Maintained programs on Fiserv Core Banking System software - Signature.
  • & Microsoft SQL Server Administration & Programming
  • Automated updates for the ATM Transactions (ELAN/US Bank)
  • Maintain and rewrite processes written in C#, Microsoft SQL Server SSIS (DTS).

Confidential, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Consultant - IBM AS400 - iSeries Technical Specialist


  • Created training guides to provide an overview of the IBM iSeries platform so that Confidential Engineers can develop printer configuration and Workstation Customization Objects.
  • Training topics covered: Basic operator commands and functions, daily operational maintenance, creation of device descriptions such as printers, output queues, remote output queues, writers, monitor system operator messages, Workstation Customization Objects, backup and restore, system values and applying PTFs.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

IBM iSeries Level 3 Engineer


  • AdministrationLast level escalation within Confidential for all iSeries trouble tickets ranging in problems dealing with system and network performance, analyze programming and system errors, review audit journals (QAUDJRN) for security changes & breaches and scheduled Robot jobs.
  • Technical lead in Disaster Recovery testing and engaged for all troubleshooting issues during the DR scripting utilizing IBM iCluster.
  • On the engineering team for implementing Vision Solutions MiMiX to replace IBM iCluster globally for the entire iSeries platform. Trained on Mimix Administration v7.

Confidential, New York City, NY



  • Upgrade and Migrate IBM System/36 Environment over to new IBM AS/400 system. Train operators on commands and usage. Recompile old RPG II programs written as far back as 1971 on new AS/400 system running S/36 Environment.
  • Review antiquated manual procedures that have been in place since the 1980s and make recommendation and wrote RPG, CL and OCL programs as needed.
  • Perform all PTF and OS Upgrades on IBM AS/400
  • Document and configure Seagull -GUI/400 for modernizing “green screen” applications using “screen scraper” technology.

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