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Enterprise And Team Agile Coach Resume

Midland, MI


  • SPC4.5 certified Enterprise and team Agile Coach, Officially authorized to teach and mentor Scrum Masters, Product Owners, SAFe Scaled Agilist, Release Train Engineers, building new Agile teams.
  • Certified Devops Coach.
  • Coached around 150 teams with SCRUM, XP and KANBAN in last 11 years.
  • Seasoned AGILE COACH with over 27 years of solid IT experience with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure evaluating various solutions and in choosing the best solution that maximizes the ROI.
  • Over 11 years of Agile experience with 10 years of Agile Coach experience including bi - modal delivery, Agile release planning for multiple Scrum Teams across geography using TFS, VERSION ONE, RALLY, Lean Kit, JIRA, Clarity, Confluence, MS Project.
  • 7 years of Team Coaching with DEVOPS with PLAN (Git, Jira), CODE, BUILD (Maven, Ant, Gradle), TEST (Selenium, JUnit), DEPLOY (Puppet, Chef, Saltstack, Ansible, OPERATE, MONITOR (New Relic, Sensu, Nagios) and INTEGEATION (JENKINS). Continuous Integration, Continuous testing and delivery.
  • 10 years of Value stream mapping and prioritizing.
  • 6 years of PI Planning and Release Train Engineer ( RTE ) responsibility.
  • 11 years of agile matrix reporting.
  • Agile team Coaching with TDD, ATDD and BDD practices with relevant tools/frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, Selenium, SoapUI, Appium, Cucumber.
  • Over 15 years of Project Management experience in SAP and ORACLE APPS and SALESFORCE projects with 15 complete life cycle implementations budgeted from 2 to 25 million dollar.
  • Scrum Coach and Scrum Master, Agile training from SCRUM Alliance.
  • SPC4 from Scaled Agile Framework.
  • Assisted Senior Management in business case development, strategy management, change management and quality Mgmt.
  • Managed multiple vendors and helped them integrate their applications with each other and with the Enterprise Applications
  • Budget and Financial Management for projects and programs with ROI


Databases: ORACLE, HANA

Methodology: Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM, KANBAN, XP.

ERP: Oracle Financials and SAP

SAP: BW, HANA, PM, FICO, SD and MM Modules.

DATA Warehousing: Oracle, SAP BW, SAP HANA.



Confidential, Midland, MI

Enterprise and team Agile Coach


  • Working knowledge of Bash/shell scripting and Linux/Unix system environment
  • Jenkins, Team City for continuous integration.
  • DevOps tools like Chef and Puppet for deployment
  • Several Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Docker images,
  • Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Maven, Ant, Jenkins and AWS.
  • Cloud services like Amazon Web Services including EC2 and Azure.
  • Chef and Puppet for Deployment on Multiple platforms.
  • Assessing the organization's ability to change, build an implementation roadmap to scale Agile to the enterprise level, and then use agile methods to effectively transform the organization and provide ongoing coaching to the teams.
  • Working independently or in a team setting to evangelize agile best practices.
  • Providing role-based Scaled Agile Framework training for executives (business and technology), Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers (RTE), and system teams
  • Assisting the Portfolio Management team in portfolio backlog creation and grooming
  • Training and coaching product owners with the creation of portfolio-level Epics and Features, as well as performing continuous prioritization/grooming of both portfolio and program backlogs
  • Assisting in Agile Release Planning; Provide RTE/Program Manager guidance in creating Vision and Roadmap artifacts; create/update Release/Program Plans with features and dependencies; and assist in WSJF discussions and calculations
  • Developing and enabling Product Managers as Business Content Authority Experts for the release trains, by facilitating Release Train readiness reviews, backlog grooming activities, and Inspect and Adapt (I&A) workshops
  • Implementing relevant Scaled Agile Framework metrics at the team, program, and portfolio levels; evaluate the results, and recommend course corrections to help the teams continuously improve their delivery activities
  • Mentoring and assisting the coaching staff in helping the teams with effective backlog grooming sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint reviews and retrospectives (capture retrospective results with an eye on process and practice improvement; provide coaching where needed), and resolving impediments that prevent agile teams from completing sprint commitments
  • Working with Quality Assurance representatives to introduce automated testing into the SAFe .
  • Performing initial Agile team assessments and recommend and assisted with the implementation of agile team structure for the teams and associated resources.
  • Identifying the need and provided as necessary structured and ad-hoc training in agile principles and practices, including Scrum Master, Product Owners, and Release Train Engineer.
  • Leading by example rather than directing the teams.
  • Thinking beyond day-to-day activities and support the teams' commitments.
  • As a system thinker, analyzing the entire software development environment.
  • Anticipating outcomes, problems, bottlenecks, and dependencies, and then use experience to optimize delivery.
  • Communicating well with all levels of the organization from agile team members to executives, improving transparency and sharing information.
  • Understanding the impact of scaling and use that knowledge to help mitigate the costs and inefficiencies associated with it.
  • Meeting business needs is the highest objective of the ART.
  • Facilitating and coordinating the events that allow the teams to be successful in that execution. I I coordinate Train level events for planning and feedback.
  • Inspecting and adapting to increase efficiencies and improve OSAM maturity.
  • Escalating removal of impediments and coordinate dependencies between Trains.
  • As a chief scrum master facilitate Scaled Agile Framework program/release level processes and execution with management, domain and technical acumen.
  • Work with product, business, technical, and other stakeholders to help ensure strategy and execution alignment - including input to solution definition, integration points and requirement definition
  • Manage and track team velocity, financials, and other KPIs in relation to the project/program and its plan.
  • Creating and updating the Executives with the following dashboard reports: Burndown Charts, Cumulative Flow Analysis, Defect Trending Analysis, Velocity Trends, Scope Change Analysis, Epic Bubble Chart, Effort Trend Analysis, Release Forecast vs. Past releases, Project Summary Trend Analysis, Team Capacity Analysis etc.


Enterprise Agile Coach


  • Coached Agile teams on Lean & DevOps principles and practices
  • Creating infrastructures for TDD, BDD, ATDD and DEVOPS (Continuous Integration and delivery pipeline).
  • Managing the procurement and Installations of the required tools and training.
  • Team Foundation Build Extensions and TFS sidekicks for Java builds.
  • ANT, MAVEN as build tools.
  • JIRA (zephyr for Jira) for maintaining the Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Execution, Defect Management, and Bug Reporting.
  • JMeter for performance Testing and API testing.
  • Groovy and Griddle for test creation.
  • Jenkins, GIT, TestNG and Maven for Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Maven to manage the framework dependencies.
  • Cucumber and JBEHAVE as Behavior Driven Tools.
  • Coaching and mentoring senior management on setting up of organization agile goals & metrics
  • Defining dependencies with Waterfall lifecycle projects and cadence of collaboration among Waterfall and Agile projects
  • Attend Scrum of Scrums and Scrum Forums
  • Coach and provide guidance to Scrum Masters
  • Worked with the Audit and compliance teams project reviews.
  • Perform initial agile team assessments and recommend and assist with the implementation of agile team structure for the teams and associated resources.
  • Be a successful change agent both motivating the change and making it happen; ensure Agile Principles are applied.
  • Establishing a strategic thinking perspective, regular attendance at Agile Ceremonies, and prioritization of Backlog Items. Liaise with project stakeholders including HR Product Owners, Portfolio, Program Managers to help coordinate Agile across the large Program
  • Coach, mentor, and support other Scrum Masters that will be assigned to projects in iterative product development, including following the Scrum Framework, communicating effectively, managing conflict amongst team members, identifying and removing impediments, and applying self-organization and shared leadership with the team.
  • Used PM tools like JIRA, Confluence, CLARITY, MS Project, and MS Excel etc.
  • Support change and empower team members; Product Owners in a supporting role for backlog and story prioritization; Team Members through Sprint Planning, Standup Meetings, Retrospective, Backlog Grooming, Point Allocation, Team Building, Hour Burn-down, and Point Burn-up.
  • Review and recommend guidance on product backlogs, sprint backlogs, stories, and estimations.
  • Part of the Agile Transformation team to provide guidance and processes for agile teams.
  • Provide Lunch and Learns for Agile Scrum teams
  • Provide coaching and assistance for product owners for monthly and quarterly planning sessions as it relates to roadmaps, Epics, themes, story writing.
  • Conducting and effectively participating in sprint planning, Daily Scrum, task estimating and sequencing, spring reviews and retrospectives
  • Captures Sprint metrics, Velocity and reports on team metrics and effectively report to Directors and Executives.
  • Managed the data integration from beginning to end during upgrade process.
  • Managed upgrade project from SAP BW to HANA.
  • Creating attribute, analytic and calculation views for FICO, MM and SD.
  • Data Provisioning and replicating data from source system toHANA Database using SLT and Business Objects Data Services.
  • Coach and mentor Epic Owners, Product Managers, Product Owners and BAs on Backlog development and maintenance.
  • Prepare for and lead a Program Increment (PI) Planning event.
  • Mentor Scrum Masters on the Agile Release Train (ART).
  • Initiate and lead the organization thru the cultural transition required to shift the mindset shift the mindset towards lean and agile concepts, decision making and execution.
  • Facilitate planning sessions at multiple levels, including at the strategic, roadmap, release, and sprint/iteration levels.
  • Facilitate Agile Estimating sessions and develop Agile Release Plans.
  • Ensure cross-team and cross-train coordination takes place, facilitate Scrum of Scrums.
  • Manage and optimize the flow of value through the ART.
  • Establish and communicate the annual calendars for iterations and Program Increments (PI)
  • Facilitate PI Planning.
  • Encourage the collaboration between teams, architecture, and Product Management
  • Help manage risks and dependencies.
  • Aggregate Team PI Objectives into Program PI Objectives and publish them for Visibility and transparency.
  • Promote a risk-aware culture, ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to require standards and processes.


Agile Coach


  • Performed an active coaching role for an enterprise wide Scaled Agile implementation handling multiple programs & managing over 10 SCRUM teams & 100 agile team members at a time. Played a key role in building &executing strategic scaled agile adoption model & worked diligently for a successful rollout across the enterprise. Applications like DUCK CREEK (Policy, Claims and Billing) and GUIDEWIRE (Underwriting and Policy Administration, Claims Management, Billing and Receivables Management) was used extensively.
  • Facilitate scrum ceremonies grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, DEMO meeting.
  • Assisted in PI planning, worked closely with the RTE.
  • Prepared the Scrum Team for PI meeting.
  • Reviewed PI objectives with the Scrum Team to achieve the PI objective.
  • Track burn down, issues and progress in Version One. Work with component teams to resolve issues.
  • Help teams apply the Scrum Framework and principles of agility to the benefit of the team and organization.
  • Coach the Development Teams and teams-of-teams in self-organization, continuous improvement, cross-functionality, risk identification, dependency management, conflict resolution, and software craftsmanship.
  • Assists with program execution and PI feature completion tracking (see Metrics).
  • Constantly inspects the SAFe process, discover and address the major concerns
  • Trained multiple Teams on Scrum, Agile Requirements, and SAFe Principles. Worked with different Coaches to identify Scale Agile process improvement.
  • Coached Product Owners in creating and maintenance of Product Backlog. Coached team members on agile principles and providing general guidance on the methodology. Continuously learned Agile/Scrum techniques and shared findings with the team.
  • Engaged with other Scrum Maters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization.

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