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Project Manager Resume Profile

Objective Registered Communications Distribution Designer with Outside Plant Designer Certification seeking new and challenging opportunities where my education and professional experience will be fully utilized to achieve rewarding and long-term growth opportunities.

  • Profile Highly accomplished in the design and implementation of LAN/CAN/MAN and OSP networks.
  • Superior customer service, total quality management, organizational and administrative skills.
  • Ability to manage and implement timely and cost-effective completion of multiple projects.
  • Extensive analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Proven leadership skills with ability to motivate others and encourage peak performance.
  • Skilled in training, coordinating and supervising personnel to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications with strong interpersonal skills at all levels.
  • Goal oriented, dedicated professional, highly motivated self-starter, and decision maker.
  • Team player and capable of performing independently in a telecommunications environment.



RCDD OSP, OSP Engineer, Secret Clearance

Outside Plant Engineer: Responsible for the design and installing passive cabling systems in the Pentagon and National Capitol Region including: Ft Myer, Ft McNair, Bolling AFB, and the Mark Center. Responsible for coordinating all subcontractor work sites and QA of all work performed according to USA ISEC, DSSA, Pentagon and Industry standards to include Network Security measures. Directly responsible for the Pentagon PoP infrastructure, Pentagon Force Protection Agency Pentagon Police/Security and Arlington National Cemetery. Responsible for all OSP CM database entries as well as existing Infrastructure audits and monthly maintenance.


RCDD OSP, Projects Infrastructure Support Manager, Secret Clearance

Infrastructure Support Manager: Responsible for installing passive cabling systems internal to the Pentagon and managing subcontractors implementing projects in the NCR external to the Pentagon. Responsible for staffing the Team and scheduling all projects for the OSD, Joint Staff and Armed Services Teams. Responsible for tracking and maintaining the financial goals of each project and instrumental in the quality of service and performance of various customer projects 4 i.e. WHS, PFPA, SAF, ITA for passive and voice infra-structure build-outs, achieving zero performance re-work, attributing to the Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance of each projects success. Works closely with Senior Engineering QA and Configuration Management CM documenting and delivering As-built diagrams, cut sheets to the Visionael and Remedy database systems for CM control. Responsible for briefing Sr. LM management regarding project status, including report routing, and day to day customer interface with continued back brief reporting to government agencies regarding status updates of service.

Collateral Duty:

Assistant to the OSP Manager: Responsible for assisting the OSP Manager on site surveys and estimating OSP projects. Responsible for signing all confined space permits, monitoring entrants and maintaining safe conditions at the work area.


Senior Engineering

Senior Engineering Group: Responsible for reviewing Cable Installation Plans from the Project RCDD's based on the original project specifications. Direct RCDD oversight of 4 different design groups' pre and post design spec generation and also during installation ensuring conformance to current industry as well as Pentagon network architecture design standards. Responsible for the Quality Assurance of all completed ITA projects and proper as-built drawings for CM database in Visionael.

Collateral Duty:

Infrastructure Design: Responsible for the design and implementation of the new NMCC build-out among other smaller projects.


Senior Field Engineer

Cable Management Group: Working as an Independent field engineer supporting two external Pentagon buildings located within Rosslyn, Arlington County, VA, supporting 4000 government customers. Directed the Moves, Adds, Changes ranging from ISDN 5ESS MP ST U interfaces for ISDN, STE and VTC to include passive infrastructure support of Cat5E, Cat 6 or MM Fiber for Classified/Unclassified networks.


Senior Information Technology Technician

West Point, NY Engineering support:

  • Responsible for presenting the weekly progress and Cost/Risk Management reports to the GSA Program Manager at Ft Monmouth, NJ
  • Responsible for assessing project phase timetables in maintaining the project budget baseline
  • Responsible for weekly progress briefings to the West Point DoIM.
  • Responsible for all field level design changes during construction and red-line submittal to engineering department.
  • Responsible for ensuring OSHA and MUTCD compliance for all OSP subcontracting crews on the I3MP project, West Point
  • Responsible for contractor code compliance including the NFPA 70 and adherence to the ANSI TIA/EIA standards
  • Responsible for the coordination between I3MP and West Point DPW and EPA representative for the implementation and 100 adherence to the local SWPPP, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Responsible for coordination with DPW and the contractor insuring accuracy of all OSP utility markings and locates .
  • Redstone Arsenal and Ft Rucker, AL: Engineering Support:
  • Responsible for ensuring OSHA and MUTCD compliance for all OSP subcontracting crews on the I3MP project.
  • Responsible for contractor code compliance including the NFPA 70 and adherence to the ANSI TIA/EIA standards.
  • Responsible for coordination with DPW and the contractor to insure accuracy of all OSP utility markings and locates .


Cabling Department Manager

  • Responsible for all RFP and bid submittals including purchasing, labor rates and profitability
  • Responsible for submitting final project deliverables to customers including final cut sheets and testing packages
  • Responsible for first level communication with customer before/during and post job completion
  • Responsible for the project scheduling of jobs including phase beginning and completion dates
  • Responsible for long-term job schedule planning to include progress markers, percentage billing and budget and cost control
  • Responsible for final billing/estimate submits to accounting/billing department
  • Responsible for purchasing and warehousing equipment and project materials
  • Responsible for asset management oversight including installation tools and equipment, testing equipment, NEXTELs, PC/Laptops and a 6 vehicle Motor Pool
  • Responsible for managing and tracking expenses of corporate AMEX accounts based upon bid packages
  • Responsible for briefing Sr Managing Partners bi-weekly for profitability and new project/account forecasts with a 3 person sales team
  • Responsible to coordinate, with corporate recruiter, the Cable Dept. staffing including interviewing and hiring
  • Responsible for the internal training classes and outside sources for professional education


Project Manager

  • Responsible for installing Pacific Bell internal network MM fiber networks, Northern CA, to include 3 CO/Office buildings in San Francisco with 15 flrs, multi TR flrs, 2 CO/Office buildings in Oakland, 1 Data Center in Sacramento and multiple secondary office buildings/motor pool dispatch offices within the Bay Area. Additionally, the complete home office in San Ramon which includes 140 TR's, and the OSP Link to all 4 wings 1.4 million sqft office space, approx.. 10,000 customers
  • Responsible for 100 of field level information acquired for RFP's and bid submittal packages
  • Responsible for maintaining Pac Bell internal labeling schematics and standards
  • Responsible for installation and testing of MM Fiber network for remote pump stations for City of Cocoa, FL, Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir in conjunction with Transdyne Controls, LLC
  • Jan 2000-Jan 2001 ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS EDS , INFORMATION SOLUTIONS WEST Philips Semiconductors Account, Sunnyvale, CA
  • Vendor Coordinator/Lucent G3R Technician
  • Responsible for the deployment of all incoming ISDN PP, ISDN MP, VTC, T-1, T-3 and MUX from Pac Bell to the customer
  • Responsible for maintaining the Lucent G3R at the Sunnyvale Campus
  • Responsible for consulting with chief architect for new project specs, directing customer requirements for bid submittal, conducting bid conferences and accepting bid packages, consulting with the site Facility Managers and CFO on awarding project bids
  • Responsible for managing complete building network infrastructure upgrades in two buildings on the Sunnyvale Campus and had a minor role in four buildings within the San Jose Campus
  • Responsible for coordination and the implementation, with the Campus move coordinators, multiple moves of 200 customers to include digital and analog phones, FAX, VTC equipment and all network equipment connections.


  • Project Manager/Telecommunications Technician
  • Responsible for timely completion of network infrastructure projects.
  • Responsible for final testing and customer walk through.
  • Assumed responsibilities as project manager in October.

Skills Microsoft: Project, Excel, Word, Visio

  • AutoCAD
  • Remedy
  • Visionael
  • Fiber Optic Design, Installation, Termination Testing
  • Voice Data Design, Installation, Termination Testing

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