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Linthicum, MD


I am a seasoned Oracle HRMS Professional with over 14 years of experience in all phases of design, development, implementation support of computer applications, especially in the HRMS area. I have worked for clients within the manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, software, finance, banking, services industries. My functional areas of expertise include Oracle Core Human Resources HR , Self Service Human Resources SSHR , iRecruitment, Talent Management Performance Management , Individual Compensation Distributions ICD , Approvals Management AME , Total Compensation Statement, Alerts, Personalizations using OA Framework System Administration. My technical areas of expertise include Sql, Pl/Sql, and Workflow. I am adept at facilitating sessions defining user requirements, developing and delivering end-user training. I have management, functional technical development experience. While working at Oracle, I have assisted Sales in Business Development by answering RFPs in my areas of expertise and participating in client sales calls. I was also one of the select invitees from all over the world to the R12 immersion workshop held by Oracle in Oct 2006.

Professional Experience


Role: Manager

  • TROP Restructuring Project the Job and Grade Flexfield with almost zero IT Support.
  • Advised the HR IT team on the Partner Employee project.
  • Design, Specifications and Testing of a Mass Upload Program to upload Assignment, Elements and Salary data. This is an innovative program that has saved several hours of work for the HRIS Department.
  • Salary and Target Bonus Restructuring Projects: These were done single handedly without any IT Support.
  • Performance Management Implementation: Subject Matter Expert advising IT during every step of the project.
  • Compensation Workbench Project under implementation with expected Go Live of Nov 2011.
  • Outsourcing of Gift Matching program to a 3rd party vendor. This Project is expected to Go Live Jan 2012.
  • Along with working on different projects, I am also instrumental in enhancing the HRMS System for a better user experience by defining the various user requirements as well as assisting the HR IT team in designing the end product.

Role: Project Lead/Architect

  • Project Lead/Architect for the Nortel-MEN Acquisition Project. Managed a team of 2 Functional and 1 Technical Consultants. Prepared the Conversion strategy for onboarding 2000 employees into Ciena Systems. Performed Impact Analysis, New Setups to support new Countries Jobs, Grades, Salary Basis, Payrolls, Elements, Element Links, ICDs etc and also designed all the Conversion routines CV040/60/70 and MD050/70 . Wrote several Concurrent Programs to assist in the Post Conversion activities. Also, prepared the Project Plan and ensured that activities were completed as per plan.
  • Ad-hoc reports to the Users on a need by basis using SQL TOAD. Designed several simple and complex reports Salary Register, Workflow Activity Report, EEO Data for 3rd Party Reports, Element Entries per Employee, Pending SSHR and iRecruitment Transactions Report etc. I have been directly or indirectly involved with 90 of the HRMS Customizations at Ciena.
  • Changed the Payroll Calendar to match the new OTL System Calendar. Performed Impact Analysis and provided solutions to the issues due to this change. Successfully completed in Production in 2 days.
  • Redesigned the Job and Grade flexfields to meet the new design from the Business. This consisted of configuration, impact analysis on the system reports, data etc and advised the client on Data Conversion.
  • Enhanced and re-implemented iRecruitment system and resolved approximately 35 issues that were raised by Business Users since Go-Live. Most issues were resolved by Personalizations, Configurations, Business Events and AME. A lot of additional functionality was introduced during this phase.
  • Implemented Individual Compensation Distribution ICD module for Wellness Health Club Reimbursements and Charitable Contributions. This included creating Elements, Plan Types, Plans, Eligibility Profiles and Standard Rates. AME was extensively used for Approvals. The implementation was done for 10 different currencies. Workflow was modified to to display to the Manager, the amounts used and maximum amounts allowed. New Elements and Element Links were created. Lookup Types were used to store the maximum limits per country.
  • Implemented Employee Self Service and re-implemented Manager Self Service. Configured most of the functions available under these modules. AME was extensively used along with PL/SQL to configure Approvals. Personalizations were done on almost all pages to rearrange, hide, display, create buttons, links etc. Migrations done using Functional Admin resp. Functions, Menus and Responsibilities were configured as requirements.
  • Coded New Hire Alert to send emails to different departments whenever a new employee is hired.
  • Modified OTL Workflow for Timeouts and additional notifications to Payroll Supervisor. The workflow was modified in such a way that Users were able to configure the timeout day per payroll.
  • Designed and coded Conversion Routines using Standard APIs for loading Salary, Element and Performance Data.
  • Logged several TARs with Oracle Support and resolved issues. Kintana was used internally for tracking issues.
  • Provided Off-Site Support to Ciena on various issues May/June 2009 .

Role: Architect Lead Functional Consultant

  • Advised the client on the design to implement Manager Self Service. Due to the nature of business, the implementation was not straightforward. Performed a detail Fit-Gap analysis and provided the areas needing OA Framework Extension LOVs etc .
  • Designed Security Profiles which required minimal setup and could be propagated to the entire business easily.
  • Designed the AME Rules for Approvals.
  • Evaluated R12 to identify any possible features in the new releases which could avoid Customizations. Unfortunately, the features that the client needs would not be available before Fusion.


Role: Lead Technical Consultant

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Designed and configured Approval flows for OIE, iProcurement Invoice Approvals using AME.
  • Modified workflow for Invoice Approvals to address custom validations.


Role: Functional Consultant

  • Tested the application and recommended solutions for issues faced by the client.
  • Configured OLM as per the BR100 written by another Consultant.
  • Configured ESS and MSS to access the Self Service pages for enrolling in a class.


Role: Architect and Lead Techno-Functional Consultant

  • One of the Architects who designed the interfaces between Taleo, Saba and Ebuisness Suite HR and Payroll .
  • Created several functions, menus and responsibilities while setting up MSS and ESS.
  • Performed extensive Personalizations.
  • Designed and coded a Unix Shell Script for selectively exporting personalizations and then importing the same on target instance. This process replaced the standard process of using Functional Administrator.
  • Modified Workflow for the automation of different processes, such as updating checklist and enhanced the Deployment functionality in R12 to make it a one step process.
  • Configured AME for Approvals based on complex requirements.
  • Played a key role in the design and documentation of the self service applications and advised the client on HR Security and Position Management.

Role: Lead Functional Consultant

Talent Management Performance Management Plans and Appraisals Daily Business Intelligence for HR HRI

VeriSign wanted to retire their legacy Performance Management System and use Oracle for their future needs.

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Configured Workforce Performance Management, Rating Scales, Objective Templates, Appraisal Templates, Questionnaires, Eligibility Profiles, Objectives Library etc.
  • Demonstrated Scorecards, Objective Settings and Competencies during CRP. Client decided not to implement .
  • Configured Approvals using AME.
  • Personalized Screens to add tips and reshuffle/remove fields.
  • Designed and wrote Functional Specifications MD050s for 6 Reports 3 Concurrent Programs to resolve gaps.
  • Worked with Oracle Support and directly with Oracle Development to get 15 Patches released in 6 months.
  • Logged several Enhancement Requests which are now a part of the new R12.1.1 released in May 2009.

Role: Lead Techno-Functional Consultant

Talent Management Performance Management Plans and Appraisals and Techno-Functional Support during reimplementation of Oracle Applications on 11.5.10: Ciena wanted to use Performance Management. I was specially called by the Client due to my superb performance during the previous assignment.

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Configured Workforce Performance Management, Rating Scales, Objective Templates, Appraisal Templates, Questionnaires, Eligibility Profiles, Objectives Library etc.
  • Demonstrated Scorecards, Objective Settings and Competencies during CRP. Client decided not to implement .
  • Configured Approvals using AME.
  • Personalized Screens to add tips and reshuffle/remove fields.
  • Worked with Oracle Support and directly with Oracle Development to get 10 Patches released in 4 months.
  • Actively supported the client during the CRP3 activities, helping on conversion issues.
  • Used SQL Plus and TOAD extensively during the Project.

Role: Lead Technical Consultant

SSHR MSS , AME, Workflow, OLM, Internet Expenses and Invoice Approvals and Customization of Labor Distribution: City of Atlanta CoA implemented the Oracle HRMS and Financials. The existing team was unable to configure the System as per Clients requirement after spending 6 months and I was brought on the Project as the Fix-It guy.

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Client had very complex requirements for SSHR. Custom routings were designed to accommodate the same. I used a combination of AME and a Custom Oracle Form to make the system highly configurable. Client now has the ability to add remove approvers as per their changing rules every year. No technical involvement is necessary.
  • Configured OLM to address the City of Atlanta training requirements. Different Catalogs, Courses and Classes were configured. Trained the Users on administering OLM.
  • Approvals for OLM, OIE and Invoice Approvals were also configured using AME.
  • Out of the Box Labor Distribution LD allows only a single approver to be configured in the application. I modified the workflow to introduce a looping mechanism which addressed different types of distributions, sending approvals to different roles based on complex logic and provided an easy reporting mechanism for finding the list of Approvers and their decisions.
  • Designed a Custom Form wherein Columns could be added, LOV could be changed and different labels displayed dynamically at runtime based on a Custom Lookup Type.
  • Wrote 2 Concurrent Processes, to validate data in custom tables.
  • He was one of the 5 consultants out of the entire Oracle HRMS NA Consulting, chosen to attend the workshop.
  • Learnt and understood the new features available with R12 and had hands on training on many of the modules.
  • Instrumental in preparing the course material for training other Consultants within NAC.

Role: Lead Technical Consultant

AME Workflow for SSHR MSS iRecruitment, Business Events and Form Templates/Form Personalizations: Ciena embarked on a Project to reimplement their R11.0.5 system in R11i. I was called in on the Project as the Technical Lead in a Staff Augmentation role as well as an Advisor on Functional issues.

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Assisted the Functional Consultant during iRecruitment implementation.
  • Configured Approval flows for all Manager Self Service Functions and iRecruitment Approvals.
  • Client had very complex requirements with some requiring Pre and Post Approval from VP/HR, CEO etc. Job Levels were used in the configuration to determine different levels of Approvals. Each ICD Plan had different Approval flow and a custom logic was used to determine the routing path.
  • Wrote several Custom Attributes in AME using PL/SQL.
  • Designed and implemented a new process to send Approval Notifications to a Responsibility without modifying workflow, with the logic of First Responder wins .
  • Modified SSHR Workflows to add/update/delete different nodes.
  • Configured User Hooks and Business Events to identify Applicant Status change, identify duplicate candidates etc.
  • Configured 2 Forms Templates for Applicants and Employees
  • Customized Workflow to capture data in Custom Tables for Reporting purposes.
  • Configured Security Profiles as per Client requirements.

Role: Lead Functional Consultant

iRecruitment IRC D : Merrill Lynch implemented Oracle HRMS 11i over a period of 3 years. We had 16 Business Groups and had a big bang approach during the iRecruitment implementation. I was the Functional Lead on the Project and was assisted by a Team of 4 Technical Consultants.

Tasks performed during the project are as follows:

  • Customer had very unique requirements and many gaps had been identified. I provided solutions via configuration, customization and personalizations.
  • Wrote several MD050s to address each gap.
  • Designed/Configured the Securities Registration process for Vacancy using Business Events, AME and Workflow.
  • Designed and configured the Security Profiles for all Recruiters and Managers in all Business Groups.
  • Implemented the Agencies functionality for all business groups.
  • Analyzed the impact of IRC.E on the system and provided recommendations and guidance to the client for the upgrade which helped them in the decision making process.

Role: Subject Matter Expert SME , Advisor, Engineer

SSHR MSS ESS , iRecruitment, AME, OLM Formerly OTA and Core HR: I took a Lateral Transfer to Product Support and worked there for a period of 21 months. I was part of a team consisting of 9 Analysts who supported the HR products for Oracle in North America.

Tasks performed during the tenure are as follows:

  • Responsibility as the Technical Lead for SSHR - Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service, OTA and AME
  • Handled functional issues as well as technical issues such as Workflow and PL/SQL Approvals.
  • Resolved more than 1000 Service Requests in a span of 21 months helped others on several more as the SME.
  • Resolved several escalations and P1 Service requests during this period in a satisfactory manner.
  • Promoted to Principal Support Engineer within 1 year, which is a rare phenomenon within Product Support.
  • Supported iRecruitment for a period of 6 months.
  • Wrote several articles, which are published externally on Metalink and interally at Oracle on WebIV.
  • Performed the role of a Mentor for the team in the area of SSHR and AME and delivered training sessions in USA and India.

Skills Summary

Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i
  • Core Human Resources
  • iRecruitment
  • Employee Self Service ESS
  • Manager Self Service MSS
  • Talent Management
  • Workflow
  • Approvals Management AME
  • System Administration
  • ADP Connection
  • Learning Management
  • Compensation Workbench
  • Alerts
  • Oracle 7.x, 8i, 9i, 10g
Operating Systems
  • Windows 95/97/2000/NT/XP/Vista
  • Unix

Software, Tools Languages

  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Personalizations using OA Framework
  • MS Office
  • MS Excel
  • Basic HTML

Engagement Experience

  • Applications Development
  • Data Conversion
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Fit/Gap Analysis
  • Testing
  • Business Technical Process Reengineering
  • End User Training
  • Conversion
  • Configuration

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