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Project Manager Resume



Confidential is an Information Technology professional with experience in project management, application development, and network management. His industry background and experience includes real estate, mortgage banking, computer services, agribusiness, casino operations, and insurance.


  • System design and project management
  • Application design and development
  • Project management
  • Pert and Gant chart creation dependencies
  • Project milestones and completion projections
  • Project resource estimation and scheduling
  • Paperless interactive administrative management

Business analysis and application development

  • Visual basic, HTML, UNIX shell script
  • Process flow-charting
  • Application system design
  • Real time process management
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Hierarchical, relational, object oriented DB
  • Business process analysis
  • CRM, SFA, ERP, JIT, and Call Center

Network and system performance management

  • Operating system performance monitoring
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Data base performance monitoring
  • Integration of monitoring systems
  • Security management
  • Network architecture design and implementation



Systems Analyst


  • For design, test, implementation, maintenance, and quality assurance of client marketing database technical solution. Most solutions developed using a combination of IBM mainframes and client server applications and networking.
  • Work with client to develop business rules
  • Convert business rules to technical program specifications
  • Keep all documentation and specifications current using Windows applications WORD, EXCEL, and VISIO
  • Required knowledge of mainframe JCL, TSO, Panvalet, COBOL, PL/I, and assembler


Project Coordinator and Technical Consultant (Contract)


  • Project Coordinator and primary architect of the BSIM Desktop/Client Application Remediation Strategy document.
  • Team lead for development and implementation of BSIM Desktop/Client Application Remediation Strategy.
  • Involved in evaluation of all shrink wrapped applications and tools currently in use under Windows 95/NT/2000 environment and developing standards for shrink wrapped applications in the new environment.


Project Lead and Technical Consultant

  • Led and managed projects to migrate customers from MPE/V CISC operating system architecture to MPE/iX RISC architecture.
  • Led and managed projects to implement local and wide area networks and the formulation of client-server computing and office automation.
  • Actively pursued training in emerging technologies including High Availability – Mission Critical architecture design and evaluation, Electronic Commerce, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Customer Care Management, Interactive Voice Recognition, Computer Telephony Integration, and Object Oriented Data Management
  • Provided technical support and implementation services in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska for Hewlett-Packard’s complete network, system, and internet management family of products known as Openview.
  • Provided technical support for HP MPE/iX, HP-UX, and NT servers. Resolved customer problems, promoted batch, on-line, and internet computer solutions to business problems, implemented local and wide area networks, formulated client-server computing, and office automation.
  • Promoted HP focus on open system computing and integrating the full computing environment as a virtual system presentation to the end user
  • Worked extensively with the Response Center and the Support Services Division to resolve customer problems including a number of MPE, HP-UX, and Openview hot sites
  • Received extensive training in performance evaluation utilizing HP Openview performance tools.


Project Leader and Systems Manager

  • Project Leader for the Monsanto Corporate Committee selecting Monsanto’s preferred vendor, standard remote site distributed system
  • Led and managed the implementation of Monsanto’s pilot project distributed system at Farmers Hybrid on an HP3000
  • Assisted with a remote site EDP internal audit as a visiting manager at a Monsanto textile plant in Pensacola, FL
  • Elected to Farmer’s Hybrid President’s Club for outstanding performance in “Customer Care Management” program


Project Leader, Systems Analyst, and Programmer

  • Principal programmer on a project to implement and maintain the Federal Employee Program of prepaid health services
  • Provided system maintenance and enhancement specifications for the Blue Cross on-line claims adjudication system
  • Project lead with responsibility for design and implementation of the Home-Host electronic eligibility query and response system

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