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Project Manager Resume

Washington, DC


Confidential Person has more than 17 years’ experience in Data Warehouse, Data Integration, software development life cycle (SDLC), data analysis and architecture, and program and project management. Confidential has the proven technical and leadership expertise in achieving short and long term project effectively by designing creative IT solutions. INFORMATICA, and Oracle was extensively used in all the below projects in efficient data migration and sources like Flat files, MS Access, SQL Server, Main Frames etc. . More than 10 years of experience using INFORMATICA and Oracle tools during the Data Migration projects. Confidential has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Confidential is a US Citizen and has received various clearances during the career

Information Technology: Project Management:

  • Data Integration / Data Migration
  • Database Design/Data Modeling
  • Systems Architecture
  • Data Warehousing
  • Server Consolidation
  • SOA
  • Project Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Project Initiation & Planning
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis
  • Integration & Change Management
  • SDLC

TECHNICAL SKILLSProgramming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Pro* C, JavaRDBMS Technologies: ORACLE 6.0/7.x/8.1/9.1, Sybase 11, MS-SQL Server 7.0, Remedy, Info man, Quentis, SQL Endpoint, ECI, Clarify, OLAP, OLTP, SOLVE Diplomat, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, ODBC, JDBC, DB2, Oracle DBAApplication Development Tools: Designer 2000, Developer 2000 (Forms 2.3/4.5/5.0, Reports 1.0 /2.5/3.0), JDeveloper, ORACLE Workflow, TOAD, SQL Navigator

Web Technologies: HTML, Java script, XML, Apache Web server, Personnel Web Server, ASP (Visual Interdev), Cold FusionData Warehousing : PL/SQL, INFORMATICA Power Mart (ETL) 9.xERP Technologies : ERP- ORACLE Financials V 11.0.1 NCA /10.7 Sc / 10 Sc (GL, AP, AR, Assets, AOL, System Administration, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Order Entry, Inventory, Project Accounting, WIP, Including Business Productive Applications and Customization )

Network Tools: TCP/IP, IBM MQ Series, Aventail, IGN, AT&T Dialers, NT Administration

Configuration Tools: PVCS, SmartDB, Clear Case

Reporting Tools: Brio (Broadcast Server Reporting, On-Demand Server Reporting), Microstrategy

Documentation Tool: Visio, Microsoft Office


Department of Veteran Affairs (VBA)

Confidential Reston, VA

Data Migration Architect

Working at VBA on the Enterprise Data Warehouse Project. Involved in using INFORMATICA extensively in Design, Configuration and Implementation. Involve in day to activities like, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, Installation, Upgrade etc. Also involved Data Modelling, Deployment Scripts etc

Confidential, Reston, VA

Principal Consultant

Worked as a Technical Lead on the EPMS (Enterprise Performance Management Systems) at WHS (Washington Headquarters Services) in data migration and dash board maintenance. This is a very old system where the migration of Monthly data was transferred for display in the dashboard. The process of migration is done manually. Terathink’s role is to make this complete automatic process in gathering various Directorates data on a weekly schedule and process their files automatically which will display the results on the Dashboard at the end of the month.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Sr. Architect

Worked in the TECSMOD (TECS Modernization Data Migration) Project which involves Data Migration of data from DataCom to Oracle using INFORMATICA. This involves migration of ICE data from CBP.

Key Achievements:

  • Co-ordinated in Design and Development of Data Ingestion and Improvement Project (Phase II) in co-ordination with the Northrop Grumman team for the ENFORCE Data Migration.
  • Successfully defined the Data Mapping Documents and the Data Flow Diagrams
  • Designed the Road Map showing the importance of how INFORMATICA can enhance the current ETL process for better performance and re-traceability of the data
  • Successfully generated a sample UMF through INFORMATICA mapping using sample data during the DIIP Phase -1 project
  • Created various technical documents like System Requirements Document (SRD), System Workload Analysis (SWAD), and Data Management Plan (DMP).
  • Performed reverse engineering on the 17 sources and the DMD’s were successfully uploaded into ELM’s
  • SOA was implemented where Data from 16 sources had to be extracted on regular intervals and to be transformed and migrated to an Oracle Data Warehouse. The MDM solution was implemented for this project
  • INFORMATICA was extensively used for design, development of the data extraction and data transformation process

Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. Consultant

Worked with the Dept. of Veteran Affairs on the Data Warehouse Project using INFORMATICA 8.6.1 and Oracle 10G. Analyzed all the production mappings for their performance. Supported their production database and monitored all the sessions and logs for any failure. Developed few new mappings based on the requirement by the client.

Key Achievements:

  • Enhanced the mappings by removing the bottle necks which improved the performance
  • Re-executed the failed jobs on the production environment by following the protocols
  • Automated the mappings by defining the parameter files which were manual initially.
  • Based on the new business requirements, designed and developed mappings in a quick and efficient manner for the business users.
  • Added the CDC logic for some of the tables based on the client’s requirement.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Shift Lead

Worked in a 24 X 7 Production Environment as part time as an Execution Engineer, which involves execution of various programs in UNIX, Oracle Environment those are provided in the form of Runbooks. During this process respective SOX controls are followed which is constantly being monitored by the SOX group. This also involves monitoring the various processes once the program is executed. Also involves in coordinating the various activities with the work stream with respect to the runbook. Also worked as an Environment lead, which involves coordinating of various ROC activities between Control Analysts, Integrators, Workstreams and Environment Engineers. Based on the request provided by the Workstream, we as an Environment Lead coordinated with various groups (CA’s, Integrators, EE and Workstream) in proper completion of the execution on schedule and providing the results for verification. This also involves frequent MML’s (Meet me Line) where there is a continuous discussion on the phone on the runbooks status.

Confidential, Springfield, VA

Project Manager

Worked on the enhancement of INFORMATICA mappings which were initially manual in operation and had poor performance issues. Was also involved in migration of data from Main Frames to Oracle using INFORMATICA. This also involved developing of mappings, Sessions, Workflows and Unix scripts.

Key Achievements:

  • Modifying the existing mapping improved their performance to a great extent.
  • Performance analysis and verifying the logs on each mapping showed the bottle necks.
  • Worked with the business users in gathering requirements for new mappings and was successfully implemented using INFORMATICA
  • Data was also extracted from Main Frames using INFORMATICA and the data was migrated into Oracle.

Sr. Project Manager, Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Worked as a Sr. Project Manager on Federal Health Care Project which is the Premium Withhold System for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Plan. Defined the complete process which involved identifying tasks, defining scenarios, identifying pseudo code for the project and the distribution of various tasks to the team members. Monitored various tasks assigned to the group by providing support both in technical and functional aspects to meet the Project deadline. Provided technical support on INFORMATICA 7.1.3 and Oracle which were the main tools for development. Coordinated meetings with the Business users on a daily / weekly basis on SDLC phases.

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