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Project Manager Resume

Richmond, VA


Over 10+ years of strong professional experience in IT Project Management, Operations and Service Delivery, Release Coordinator, WebLogic Architect, Design and develop Complex Enterprise framework, application architect and integration of WLS Application server with Java/J2EE builds, Releases, Upgrades and installation with strong background on Sun Solaris & Web logic Installation and Integration, Oracle Http Server (OHS), Oracle Client, Apex, Tomcat 7/8, Interscope, Splunk 6.1.4, VSS, Repository, Tibco integration, BMC Patrol, HP SiteScope, Netcool and other tools on Unix and Windows environment.

  • Experience in handling Large and Midsize team and their deliverables.
  • Extensive experience of 8+ years in BEA WebLogic Server administration in Development, System Integration, QA, and Production environments under cross platform consisting of Windows, Red Hat, and Sun Solaris operating systems.
  • Extensive experience in Installing, Configuring, Tuning and troubleshooting of WebLogic Server 8.1, 9.2 and 10.3, various environments.
  • Extensive experience in Installing, Configuring, Tuning and troubleshooting of Oracle FUSION MIDDLEWARE 11G stacks.
  • Installed and configured Oracle SOA suite 11G including BPM, BAM.
  • Expertise in the Administration, Installing, Configuring Web Servers like Apache 2.0, OHS, Sun ONE 6.1 Web Server (iPlanet), Apache Tomcat 6.0, Microsoft IIS Server.
  • Proficient in Shell scripting and performance tuning of UNIX systems.
  • Expertise in deploying Enterprise Java Beans and J2EE Applications (WAR, JAR and EAR) on BEA WebLogic servers and Tomcat application servers.
  • Extensive experience in configuring and managing secured environments using SSL and digital certificates.
  • Good knowledge of architecture and design of web - based document management system.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection pools, JMS Connection Factories, WebLogic queues and topics and implemented other services like JTA, JNDI, Virtual Hosting and SNMP.
  • Expertise in configuring Node Manager to administer the Managed servers.
  • Configured IBM MQ Series as a foreign JMS with WebLogic Server.
  • Developed solution on Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with the middleware technologies.
  • Implemented security and configuration of LDAP, Netscape Directory Server, Siteminder single sign-on configurations.
  • Provided on call support to the development team in both testing and production environment, and analysis (troubleshooting) of log files to resolve issues.
  • Knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with good designing, coding, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Provided solutions in Oracle BPEL/SOA-INFRA process, Oracle Service Bus and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for integrating ERP and legacy applications

Telecom Tool and Product: BMC Remedy, Telegence, CARE, Clarify.

Project Management Tool: MS Project, Prism ( Confidential &T Specific), MS Visio. Clear Case, Quality Control.

Scripting Language: PERL-CGI, Unix Shell Scripting, Java script, AJAX, XML, WLST, Ant Scripting and Jython.

Servers/Middleware: BEA WebLogic Server 8.x./9.x/10.x, Apache Tomcat 6.x.Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11.1.1.x. Oracle BPEL 10.1.3.x SOA 11.1.1.X / Fusion Middleware/AIA PIPS, iPlanet 6 and 7, JBOSS6/7, Apache Tomcat, TIBCO Integration.

OS: MS-W indows-95/98/2000/NT/XP, SUSE Linux, UNIX & Solaris.

Database: Oracle 10G, PL/SQL, MySQL, MSAcces, SQL, Server 2007, DB2

DB Tools: TOAD 7.2.0, DB Visualizer, Oracle Application Express.

Web Scripting: PHP 4.0, PHP 5.0, HTML Core Java, JSP 1.2/2.0, Servlets 2.3/2.4,, JDBC,JCL, COBOL.

Configuration Tool: CVS, VSS 6.0, StarTeam 4.2, Tortoise SVN 1.3.2.

Automation/Monitoring Tools: Load Runner, QTP, Zenpack, BMC Patrol, HP Topaz, Tee Leaf, Splunk 5.1/6.1.X, Wily Interscope.

Security Management Tools: NetIQ(Formally Noval), eDirectory, Access Manager, Identity Manager.

Network Management Tools: Web Method Administration

CI/CD Tools: Maven, Hudson, uDeployer.


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Role: Consultant (Project Manager /Weblogic SOA Consultant)

Environment: WebLogic Server 9.2, WebLogic Server 10.3, Red Hat, SUN Solaris, Jdk1.4/1.5, J2EE applications, LDAP, JDBC, XML, and Oracle9i/10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL-Dev, SVN, Maven, CVS, HP OpenView, Apache.

  • Designed and created BEA WebLogic Server 10.3 and cells managed Servers in Production and QA Environment as well as provided support to the System Test, QA and Production Environment.
  • Extensive experience in Installing, Configuring, Tuning and troubleshooting of Oracle FUSION MIDDLEWARE 11G stack
  • Installed and configured Oracle SOA suite 11G including BPM, BAM.
  • Installed and configured OSB 11G and integrated it with SOA suite.
  • Upgraded BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 to WebLogic Server 10.3 in the Production and QA Environment.
  • Automated the Deployment process of WAR, EAR, Cognos and J2EE applications in WebLogic Server 10.3 using WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool), UNIX Shell Scripts and weblogic.Deployer utility.
  • Configured WebLogic JMS Servers, JMS Modules, JDBC Data Sources, JDBC Connection Pools, and Bridge to provide interoperability between WebLogic JMS and IBM MQ Series.
  • Built and Deployed J2EE applications using Maven, SVN, CVS, and Winscp on WebLogic 8.1/9.2 for Release and Maintenance. Performed Smoke Test for the deployed applications to Validate its status is up and running.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Plug-in as an Apache module on Red Hat Linux.
  • Configured SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and obtained digital certificates, private key for WebLogic server to provide secure connections.
  • Worked on different Data Interfaces, Data Warehouse, SQL Server, Oracle Server, and PL/SQL-Dev tool in ST, QA and Partially Production Environments.
  • Configured and Tuned JDBC connection pools so that applications point to correct Database schema and the appropriate number of JDBC connections available to resolve the java.lang.NullPointerException issue.
  • Log files analysis such as WebLogic server logs, node manager logs, Plug-in logs, thread dumps, verbosegc logs for troubleshooting and Problem determination to resolve issues.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Role: Consultant (System/Weblogic Administrator)

Environment: Sun Solaris, Oracle HTTP Proxy Server (OHS), J-Boss 7, Tomcat 7, Weblogic Application Server and iPlanet Server, XML Configuration Management, Unix, Shell Scripting.

  • Installed WebLogic10.3 and configured WebLogic domains for upgrading applications running on WebLogic7.0/8.1/9.2 in Development, Test and Production environments on Solaris 10 using jdk1.6.0 10.
  • Provided production support for existing applications running on WebLogic 7.0/8.1/9.2.
  • Configured network channels for unicast communication in cluster environments in WebLogic10.3.
  • Used WebLogic scripting tool (WLST) to create manage servers, cluster, machines and users for monitoring and deploying applications.
  • Configured a tool using PERL to start/stop WebLogic and apache servers and to get status of WebLogic servers, view WebLogic server logs, deploying applications using web browser.
  • Developed WLST scripts to stop/start application, list of applications deployed, get status of WebLogic servers.
  • Worked on the Automation of the application deployment on web logic 9.2.
  • Configured JDBC data sources with both XA and Non-XA drivers for Oracle9i/10g/11g and data sources for Teradata database using WebLogic console.
  • Upgraded WebLogic 7.0/8.1/9.2 domains with necessary patches and Service Packs.
  • Performed Migration Of Web Logic Application Server from 8.1 to 9.2.
  • Configured WebLogic SNMP with both centralized and de-centralized models in WebLogic server 10.3/9.2 Applied JNDI security to EJB’s, JDBC data sources and JMS resources.

Confidential , Atlanta GA

Role: Team Lead

Environment: Sun Solaris, Oracle 10g, J2EETechnologies including Hibernate, Struts Weblogic Application Server and iPlanet Server, XML Configuration Management. SunOS 5.10 Generic 125100-10 sun4u sparc SUNW, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting

  • Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic Server and maintained L oad balancing, high availability and Fail over functionality.
  • Involved in End-to-End application support (administration) in WebLogic Platform.
  • Setting up the cluster environment for weblogic Server integrated with multiple workflows.
  • Tuned the application in regard to JVM, pool size, cache with the help of performance monitoring tool, Wily Introscope.
  • Installation, setup and configuration of W ily Enterprise Manager clustering which consists of
  • MOM and collectors in Production environment.
  • Applications migration of W ebLogic server from previous version 9.2 to 10.3
  • Wrote new and modified existing shell scripts for various day-to-day repeating work and monitoring purposes, such as code staging/deployments, server-bounce, file transfers, process-monitoring, log/error checks etc.
  • Set up Cron-job for various processes/nightly batch jobs that run in Production, Training and QA environments.
  • 24/7 Support, Manage 25 Point of Sales Retail Applications (Opus, OpusLite, SSK, PDC2, Phoenix, STDI, Sunrise, MyCSP, VIPS, ROCCS, EDP, CSCR, CSI, Uverse, IPOS, SLU- PLU, IPOS, EJB, Centaur and RWOT)
  • 24/7 Support, Manage and Performance Monitoring of WebLogic and IPlanet on Sun Fire, HP-UX, Linux Redhat in SAN/NAS environment in Cluster environment
  • Used IBM Netcool, BMC Patrol, CA Unicenter Introscope and HP Toaz(BAC/BPM) to monitor the websphere/weblogic managed servers and iplanet/apache web severs
  • Installs, Configures, Upgrades, W eblogic/Iplanet on 500+ nodes on Sun Sparc/HP - UX/Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Installed configured and administered Retail Point of Sale applications in virtualized environment.
  • Installed, Configured and Managed Knowledge Management Portal Weblogic Application in which content authored in the Content Management system(CMS aka Vignette) and published to search portal.

Organization: Confidential

Team size: 6

Role: Team Lead

Environment: Php, Apache, and Mysql, Linux, XML SOAP web services

Responsibilities :

  • Analysis of design document and logging related queries in gaps document.
  • Analysis of defects and preparation of test cases.
  • Coding according to design document (Coded Modules: Messaging, Inbox, Incident, Service Management)
  • Carrying out code reviews Confidential peer level.
  • Execution of unit test cases.
  • Root cause analysis of bugs reported.
  • Preparation of impact analysis document with detailed code changes.
  • Configuration management of source code for new releases.
  • Writing optimized queries in Oracle.
  • Regular client interaction for resolving issues related to gaps document.

Title: Family Portal

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Technologies Used: PHP 5 ,MySQL 5.0, JAVA APPLET, VC++ Component

Responsibilities :

  • Complete the applications development by coordinating requirements, schedules, and activities.
  • Contributing to team meetings.
  • Troubleshooting development and production problems.
  • Participating in reviews for Coding, Test cases and supports users by developing documentation & user Manuals.
  • Handling configuration management of the code and is responsible to deliver the code to the client. As well as I was the part of testing team.
  • Prepares test cases and execution of test cases of same and other modules too.

Title : Bookins

Team size : 4

Environment : Php, Apache, and Mysql, Linux

Responsibilities :

  • Worked mainly on the GUI part of the application.
  • To solve performance related issues of the project.
  • Work on event and focus related problems in the project.
  • Re-designing UI view of the project.
  • Making installer of the project, and testing.
  • Involved in delivering the project and resolving delivery issues from the client.

Organization : Confidential .

Team size : 4

Environment : Php, Apache, and Mysql, Linux


  • Worked mainly on the GUI part of the application.
  • To solve performance related issues of the project.
  • Work on event and focus related problems in the project.
  • Re-designing UI view of the project.
  • Making installer of the project, and testing.
  • Involved in delivering the project and resolving delivery issues from the client.

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