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Project Manager/analyst Resume



I have 25+ years of experience in Information Technology. This includes over eight years as a State of Washington employee and nine years as an independent contractor. I contracted with the States of Confidential and Washington and private companies and individuals. This valuable experience includes:

  • Project Management of large scale Projects
  • Project Management of concurrent Projects
  • Eliciting and Analyzing Business Requirements
  • Ensuring Projects are aligned with Strategic Priorities
  • Monitoring Progress towards Project Goals
  • Identifying Project Objectives
  • Ensuring Projects Support Business Goals
  • Quality Assurance throughout the Project Life Cycle
  • Developing Project Schedules
  • Developing Measurable Project Goals
  • Opportunity Analysis Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies and Cost/Effort Estimates
  • Associate Project Planning with Business Strategy
  • Risk Assessments and Mitigation Strategies
  • Developing Project, Test and Implementation Plans
  • Determining Resources Requirements, Gap Analysis
  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Resource Acquisition
  • Change Control and Scope Management
  • Assigning Resources
  • Managing Project Schedules, making adjustments
  • Managing Resources and budget tracking
  • Coordinating Team Efforts to ensure success
  • Managing and Monitoring Project Activities
  • Business Process and Work Flow Analysis
  • Identifying Team Capabilities and Requirements
  • Project Team Collaboration
  • Identifying Work Breakdown Structures
  • Developing software Requirements, Definitions
  • Proposing Team Structure Additions, Modifications
  • Process Improvement
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Communications with Internal and External Stakeholders


  • System Administration
  • Complete Life Cycle & Benchmark Testing
  • Program and Application Development and Support
  • Creating Test Plans, Scenarios and Test Data
  • Functional Specification Development
  • Creating and Monitoring Test Schedules
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Peer and Code Reviews
  • Use Case Modeling and Diagrams
  • Legacy system migration
  • ER, Data Flow and Activity Diagrams
  • Internal/External Interface Design
  • Developing/Implementing Deployment Strategies
  • System Performance, User Acceptance Testing
  • Program, Application and Architecture Analysis
  • Automated Training Materials and presentations
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Technical and non - technical Writing, User Manuals
  • Automated Training Materials and presentations
  • User Training of Staff and Customers
  • Mainframe, Client-Server and Internet Programming
  • Creation and modification of Database Records
  • Creation of Stored Procedures, Database calls, MCB

Project Manager

While working as a consultant on the following projects, I also performed company roles/responsibilities. This included Project Management, Quality Assurance, communication to assure customer satisfaction, responding to RFPs and Work Requests, contract negation, skills analysis to meet client requirements, budget monitoring, candidate recruiting, interviewing and screening; billing and payroll.

Project Manager/Analyst, WA


Responsible for CTED’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG), Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP), Weatherization Assistance Program (Weatherization), and Policy websites. I provided project management, website analysis and programming skills; oversight, coordination and completion of interface and website testing, deployment coordination with staff and DIS and complete website diagramming and documentation.

Project Manager/Analyst/Developer

Confidential, WA

These were large scale, complex n-tier projects that affected the entire State of Washington. DOL applications went ‘live’ for the first time. I provided project management; business requirements analysis and documentation; program, application and system analysis. I managed, desi gned, developed, tested and implemented several major Unisys mainframe projects as well as interfaces to the Hewlett Packard and Internet platforms. This included the Report of Sale, Tab Renewals for Vehicles, Tab Renewals for Vessels, Back-out programs, Replacement Plates, Wrecked/Destroyed Vehicle Reporting and Abandoned Vehicle Reporting Projects.

I was responsible for communication and coordination with internal and external stakeholders including the Washington State Patrol technical and business representatives, DSHS, DIS, Department of Transportation, County Auditors and Subagents, Insurance companies, Wrecker Association representatives, Registered Tow Truck Operator (RTTO) representatives, Lobbyists, and other external entities as well as the affected business units within the Agency.

Project Manager/Architect/Analyst/Developer

Confidential, WA

This project was to provide a report of the brands on every vehicle database record as well as periodic updates. This was a large scale and complex project involving the Unisys databases and the Hewlett Packard platform and data. I provided Project Management, system architecture analysis; creation of all project design documents; managed and performed application design, programming, testing and implementation. I performed research of DOL systems and interviewed staff; enabling me to design a creative and feasible method to perform an initial data collection process and design accurate collection of ongoing updates. I coordinated with AAMVANet and agency personnel to transfer collected data, I coordinated with AAMVA and DOL stakeholders.

Project Management/Analyst


I performed project management of the Technical Documentation piece of the project. The goal was to ensure complete and accurate technical documentation (P+ Deliverables) necessary to meet Federal requirements for the certification and due diligence pieces of the Confidential project. This consisted of the Commercial Drivers Information System, Insurance Reporting System, Problem Driver Pointer System and other External systems. I interviewed agency staff to gather information; performed independent business, system and application analysis; created and maintained a log of testing issues and resolutions; participated in issue resolution meetings; monitored and evaluated staff technical analysis and specifications. I facilitated and participated in meetings with Federal inspectors, agency staff and statewide managers meetings. I coordinated with agency staff and the Confidential State Patrol to plan and implement a Confidential Emergency plan for the Problem Driver Pointer System.

Project Manager/Quality Assurance/Analyst


Responsible for project management, quality assurance and business analysis of Confidential ’s DHS Confidential Project. This encompassed all online and batch programs and their accompanying components for all Confidential DHR mainframe and client-server applications. This was a large scale, complex project including online, batch and client-server platforms, several file types and data systems such as Access and DB2. I identified staff skills, clarified team roles; requisitioned and managed staff resources. I was responsible for the creation, implementation and monitoring of testing schedules and processes by 200+ staff across remediation and life cycle testing. I created, implemented and monitored quality control and assurance procedures; process improvement and automation procedures. I provided project and testing plans; quality control reports including risks and mitigation strategies to stakeholders and management staff. I researched and facilitated issue resolution across multiple teams and project phases. I supervised up to ten technical staff.

Project Manager/System Administrator/Quality Assurance Analyst

Confidential, WA

This was a new position, and advanced IT skills in Management, Quality Assurance, analysis and research were crucial. I created system and data standards, SQL searches and data cleaning methods; created error logs and assigned severity levels, created and monitored error resolution. This project was an agency-wide effort to integrate information systems and corresponding data of all major areas of the Department. The system consisted of three interlinked applications and databases. It was a client-server application using Cool-Gen case tools/products.


Technologies/Platforms: MS Project, Project Server, SharePoint, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, .NET, Outlook, Visio, MS SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, HTTP, ECL/JCL, TIP, MCB, CICS, COBOL, Pascal, Crystal Reports,, Version Merger, SourceSafe, Access, Adobe Acrobat, TSO/ISPF, Hewlett Packard, Mainframe IBM and Unisys/2200, DPS, PANVALET, ViaSoft, FileAid, SuperC, SmartTest, QEdit, R-List, CA7, HiperStation, XPediter, UMEN, IBM Utilities, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Flowchart Maker

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, MS/DOS, MVS, OS2, Client/Server

Databases: VSAM, IMS/DB, Access, DB2, DMS 1100, MS/SQL Server, Hierarchical, Relational

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