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Project Manager Resume

Fairfax, VA


Highly motivated business project management professional with over 20 years of proven success in project management and leading teams. Able to quickly understand requirements and master technology. Very comfortable interacting with professionals at all levels. Work well under pressure. Excellent supervisory, team - building, and motivational skills. Demonstrated ability to easily transcend difficulties. Thrives in challenging environments, especially troubleshooting, determining solutions, and bringing successful stability to chaotic or problematic situations.


Confidential,Fairfax, VA

Project Manager

  • Project-related responsibilities include task definition and scheduling, managing financial accounting, budgeting, architecture development, resource management, and progress tracking and reporting (MS-Project, MS-Word, and MS-Excel used for these tasks). Identifies process, methods, and tools to accomplish tasks. Responsible for direct and constant contact with customers including military, civilian, technical, and management personnel. Including periodic project meetings/briefs using MS-Power Point that addressed schedule, risks, budget, resources, development progress, and issues.
  • Successful at leading and motivating teams to accomplish major tasks. This includes managing of onsite/remote teams at Defense Department locations.
  • Responsible for all hiring, personnel management, customer relations, and project management of several programs.
  • Current integration projects include: Power Track (DoD transportation system), DFAS (Defense Financing and Accounting System), and NAVSUP (Navy FACTS system).
  • Current support projects are: EDA (Electronic Document Access system) PMO Support and WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow) PMO Support.
  • Responsible for maintaining and coordinating tasking for all 50+ employees in the department. Balancing needs of employees for career growth and worthwhile work, with department skill set needs and budgets.
  • Responsible for performance review preparation and fulfillment for all 50+ employees in the department.
  • Managed the integration of Defense Finance and Accounting Systems into ECI to support the Wide Area Workflow initiative and other EDI initiatives. Integration included defining translation requirements from each system’s native file format to ANSI X12, communications configuration, and transaction routing for each interfacing system. Defines systems integration process, analyzes requirements, and creates test plans and procedures. Communications configuration included establishing and maintaining network access, setting up development/test environments. The configuration was done through the GEX web application (our translation and routing software).
  • Managed the PKI support operations and maintenance of the PK-Enabled infrastructure system for the NGA Electronic Gateways in St. Louis, MO and Bethesda, MD. This project included providing assistance in the standup and operation of NGA’s PK-Enabled NIPRNet (PKE-N), and providing NGA Gateway technical support and administration of the continuation of the work done under the Gateway IT/IS contract
  • Have managed throughout the software lifecycle, from developing new customer requirements all the way through to deployment.
  • Led the successful development of the Simulation Analysis Test Suite software. The suite was made up of two completely new software tools for Confidential . Led this project through the entire development life cycle.
  • Led the successful implementation of all armed services accounting, disbursement, and entitlement systems onto the Defense Travel System.
  • Led successful project where I used EVMS to monitor costs and stay on budget.
  • Successful customer mediation and project management led to the retention of a large contract with the Defense Automated Addressing System Center that was in jeopardy of being lost prior to my involvement.
  • Led winning proposal for GEX BPA ($65 million dollar award).
  • Cost Volume lead for several winning proposals.


Washington, DC

Project Manager

  • Budgeted and obtained funds for all EDI Area initiatives.
  • Monitored and managed all EDI programs, and assisted agency in their EDI initiatives.
  • Expanded and marketed EDI use throughout the Government.
  • Established and maintained an EDI Internet presence.
  • Represented the Chairman of the Finance Functional Workgroup (this group ensures the proper development of EDI Transaction Sets for the Government).
  • Represented Treasury at ANSI X12 trimester meetings.
  • Developed a more efficient way for Agencies to access Treasury systems.
  • Managed development of gateway for Federal Agencies to access Treasury’s Intranet.
  • Developed and implemented a more efficient deposit reporting method:
  • Managed the EDI 821 Project. Developed the EDI 821 Transaction Set Implementation Guide for deposit reporting, to automate the reporting of Government deposits by financial institutions (FI) to Treasury’s CA$H-LINK system. Implemented the EDI 821 Deposit Reporting Pilot.
  • Streamlined the Treasury’s collections system:
  • Developed requirements to upgrade Treasury’s outdated depositary collections system, CA$H-LINK, into a new collections system. CA$H-LINK records information pertaining to funds deposited for Treasury, and transfers these funds to Treasury (over $1 Trillion).
  • Managed the EFTPS/EDI Marketing Survey Project, the Government’s computer system for collecting tax payments from businesses, primarily for employee withholding taxes.
  • As Financial Program Specialist, managed approximately 120 Treasury General Accounts and 125 Lockbox Accounts. These accounts were reviewed to ensure proper compensation levels for the financial institutions and cost benefit for the Government. They were monitored for non-compliance with Treasury regulations on maintaining these accounts.
  • Recovered over $650,000 for the Treasury while managing these accounts.
  • Created new procedures and policies to assist Treasury in collecting delinquent funds.
  • Developed and implemented method for FIs to submit Account Analysis to Treasury.
  • Developed the EDI 822 Transaction Set Implementation Guide for account analysis, to automate the submission of the analysis to Treasury and eliminate the use of paper for this process. This method was successfully implemented in 1996.

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