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Wearable Medical Device Consultant Resume Profile


  • The name is Daud Sharif pronounced: da-ood sh-reef.
  • I am a natural leader of men and a tinkerer of machines with new product development experience spanning 30 years in toto:
  • Hands-on QA Manager / Strategy Consultant - 20 years
  • Agile Scrum Master - 4 years
  • Engineering Manager / Design Engineer -12 years
  • I have built and managed over a dozen engineering teams. These include hardware and software Development, QA, Build Release, Documentation, IT, R D, Skunkworks, Electronics Engineering and small manufacturing teams. The domains include online education, online game simulations, e-clinical trials, e-commerce, cryptography, factory automation and war game simulations. The companies include startups, midsize and large corporations including Siemens, Certco, Invensys, Brooks Automation, Accenture 20 Billion Management Consulting firm , State of Maine and Dassault Systemes etc.
  • Additionally, I have designed over two dozen medical instruments for NIH, bio-pharmaceuticals firms, space instrumentation for NASA, assorted R D, scientific and custom industrial instruments.
  • My management style is very straight- forward. It is results-driven, hands-on, thoughtful, respectful, friendly, honest, ethical, objectives driven, rational, reasonable, metrics centered, sans cowboy antics and, above all, filled with fun. I lead by example, working hand-in-hand, sharing the hard work, the creative joy and the pain whilst providing clarity, vision inspiration, when needed, to the team.
  • I have managed teams in on-shore / off-shore and mixed models, in Belgium, China, Croatia, France, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan the UK.
  • Specialties: New product development, both hardware software, embedded, web apps enterprise level medical devices, scientific instrumentation, proposals, for NIH, DoD, NASA SBIR, whilst employing Waterfall and Agile methodologies or an appropriate mix of the two. And last, but not the least, Google-fu.


Wearable Medical Device Consultant


  • Quanttus is transforming health with innovative designs, utilizing embedded, mobile and big data technologies.
  • Wrote Test Plans for various releases including San Fran, Denver and Alpha wrote Standard Operating Procedures SOPs etc.
  • Wrote smoke tests, regression tests and V V tests for embedded firmware and BLE based API for exercising the hardware on the embedded device including iPhone 5 and Windows 7.
  • Executed the test scripts and found various critical and high severity defects.
  • Used Python scripts for data mining to determine anomalies in acquired data.
  • Provided guidance to EEs, MEs and QA Engineers. Ramped-up new engineers manufacturing techs on an as needed basis.

Environment: SourceTree, ST Microelectronics DuSe, Visual Studio 2013, Anaconda Python, Beyond Compare 4, iFunbox, Jira, Agilent 34461A Multimeter, Keithley 2400 SourceMeter and Oscilloscope MSO-X 3014A.

Software Hardware Consultant


  • PRESSED FORWARD THROUGH THICK AND THIN, SUCCESSFULLY RELEASED GEN 2 ROBOT WHILST RAISING THE QUALITY BAR CLARITY OF THINKING WITHIN THE ORGANISATION via Venn diagrams, Pareto charts and clear delineation between Mechanical, Electrical Software Engineering challenges thus changing the mandate from the risky SW-only QA to customer-focused HW SW full-instrument QA.
  • The GrowthDirect 2 uses robotics digital imaging to enumerate micro-colonies of cells by counting auto-fluorescence this technique is faster than traditional approaches and provides a decided speed advantage.
  • Clarified and redefined the QA process methodology across mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams.
  • Introduced Agile Scrum.
  • Conducted various critical experiments including throughput, sample interval and other performance studies discovered important defects.
  • Used data mining techniques to obtain the true picture from the deluge of defects via Pareto Charts.
  • Wrote, instituted and implemented V V plans, Test Cases, Risk and Mitigation Plan, Internal Audit Checklist, Software Installation Configuration Procedure and Instrument Validation Procedure.
  • Provided Electrical Engineering Best Practices guidance, to R D team, and suggested practical improvements for noise-free ground-plane, Vcc, shielding and thus minimizing cross-talk on crucial signals.
  • Introduced Jira for defect tracking customized it to the business needs ensured one-to-one correspondence with TFS for a smooth transition.
  • Provided guidance to EEs, MEs and QA Engineers. ramped-up new engineers supported scientists manufacturing techs on an as needed basis.

Environment: Agile Scrum, C , .NET, MS SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Team Foundation Server TFS , Borland Silk Test, Oracle Agile PLM , I/ O interface, RS-232, TCP/IP, mechatronics, stepper motors, servo motors, proximity, barcode readers, laser sensors, microcontrollers, custom electro-mechanical grippers etc.

Software Strategy Consultant Eliassen


  • LAUNCHED A QA BEST PRACTICES INITIATIVE AND IMPROVED THE STANDING OF THE DEV TEAM FROM CMMI LEVEL 1 TO LEVEL 3 from undefined or nonexistent to defined, standard consistent processes and trained developers in QA Best Practices in effect as QA Engineers in lieu. The MIS Web Development team is responsible for 40 websites in 18 languages.
  • Wrote a proposal and findings based on assessment interviews of personnel from various engineering team members and thorough analysis of the existing SDLC, QA process, methodology and resource allocation. Identified areas needing improvement. Discussed the proposal with stake-holders and implemented corrective action based on findings.
  • Recommended improvements regarding appropriate resource allocation, functional testing, acceptance testing, automated regression testing, performance testing, UAT staging prior to implementation.
  • Wrote a generic Umbrella Test Plan and Abbreviated Test Plan wrote Standard Operating Procedures SOPs etc. customized to department's needs provided necessary training to the Dev Team.
  • Recommended took the self-initiative to create a VM based Virtual QA Lab with 18 permutations of OS's and browsers including French, Chinese, IE, Firefox, Chrome Safari including Windows 8 IE 10.
  • Undertook an initiative to run a Jira pilot project for defect tracking Agile Scrum successfully implemented its adoption within my team beyond.
  • Conducted hands-on testing of various projects including i eDrawings Viewer, ii CAD Admin Dashboard iii My.Solidworks.com. Created Gantt charts, single-handedly wrote Test Plans hundreds of Test Cases, assembled ad hoc QA Teams, conducted functional integration testing provided clear crisp metrics-based defect trend reports to management.
  • Secondary responsibilities included the administration of both the VMware Virtual QA Lab Jira.

Environment: iOS, iPhone, iPad, ColdFusion, OpenText, Netvibes, Perforce, VMware vCenter Lab Manager, Jira

Software Development Manager Scrum Master previously Test Manager Consultant


  • BOTH DEVELOPMENT QA TEAMS. Overcame the loss caused by departure of key engineers including other shortcomings, revamped reinvigorated the Dev team and successfully delivered beta software to QA over seven sprints.
  • The Unemployment Compensation Tax Reengineering Project for Department of Labor comprised of VB.NET/C desktop app with Oracle backend and 17 interfaces for legacy State of Maine software systems. Introduced Agile Scrum and QA Best Practices to Office of Information Technology.
  • Revamped the project that had lost the architect and key developers managed the project, created project
  • sprint backlogs, planned 30 day sprints, ran daily stand-up scrums, resolved technical personnel issues, oversaw end of the sprint demos in front of the stake-holders, conducted retrospections, over-saw UATand essentially reconstituted the team and instilled into them the can-do spirit, brought back the project on- course and delivered beta software to the QA team.
  • Introduced Best Practices and improved the standing of the Development Team from CMMI Level 1, undefined, to CMMI Level 3, with defined, standard and consistent processes.
  • Wrote the QA test strategy, defined the QA process QA methodology.
  • Created Gantt Charts and an overall test-plan, created traceability matrix and wrote test cases.
  • Co-managed 4 developers and an ad hoc QA team of 5 engineers and hired another QA Manager and team of 4 QA Engineers.
  • Oversaw the development integration effort of the Fortis document management system and of the 17 legacy interfaces of State of Maine software systems.

Environment: Agile Scrum, VB.NET / C desktop app, Oracle 11g, Mantis, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio 2010, Toad, SQLLDR, Fortis, Document Management DM

Software Strategy Consultant Centric Consulting


  • LAUNCHED A NEW SQA EFFORT from ab initio for AHIS Interface Integration Project serving 28 Health Ministries hospital groupings encompassing eGate, Oracle on Demand regarding Supply Chain, Human Resources and PeopleSoft Financial. Provided necessary clarity and guidance to peer managers, Accenture vendor-partner and client stake-holders.
  • Wrote a test strategy, defined the QA process QA methodology, including resource hiring and acquisition of automation tools defect tracking tools. Converted the same into 38 page PowerPoint for stake holders.
  • Created Gantt Charts including a model for calculation of work effort and resources needed wrote the overall test-plan, Visio diagrams, traceability matrix and wrote test cases.

Environment: eGate SRE, Oracle on Demand, Bugzilla, SharePoint HIPA

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