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Sql Developer Resume


  • Over 11 years of experience in the development of client/server and multi - tier applications, Enterprise Data Warehouse using Oracle Database 10g/11g/12c, SQL, PL/SQL. Oracle Forms & Reports, Informatica ETL, JAVA, PHP, PYTHON, PRO*C, C++ and Oracle APEX on different platforms like Windows 7, 10, Enterprise NT/2000/98/95./XP and UNIX.
  • My work experience has been in Enterprise pricing strategy, Telecom OSS/BSS, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Sales domain, Education, Order management, Quoting, Quote to Order in different domains.
  • Over 11 years of experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation as ORACLE SQL, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle forms 7 reports, Oracle APEX and Informatica ETL tool.
  • Expert in multiple RDBMS including Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i.
  • Good Experience in ETL Data Warehousing, Operation data source using Oracle and Informatica Power center 9.x/8.x.
  • Worked on large database table’s extraction from Enterprise Data Ware house Teradata to Oracle data base using Informatica ETL.
  • Good knowledge in Informatica Administration (Repositories, Integration services, creating Users, group, Folders and permissions) using Admin console.
  • Experienced in Scheduling informatica workflows, sessions using job scheduler tools and PMCMD commands.
  • Experience in design and development of EDW (Enter Prise Data Ware House) and ODS (Operational Data Source environment using Oracle and Informatica.
  • Supported for the data loading monitoring using workflow monitor Power center tool.
  • Well experienced in developing the Efficient Data model, ER Diagrams, Data integrity and organizing the data as per the Business requirements.
  • Rich Experience in developing PLSQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Database Triggers using features like Cursors, Collections, Objects, Materialized views, Exception Handling, Advanced PL/SQL and good in Performance/Tuning.
  • Extensively used inbuilt Oracle PL/SQL packages in application development.
  • Strong in using tools such as TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL developer and PL/SQL developer.
  • Tuned SQL queries using EXPLAIN PLAN, optimizer Hints and TKPROF utility, Indexes and performed refinement of the database design leading to significant improvement in system response time and efficiency.
  • Used bulk binding techniques like BULK-COLLECT and FORALL.
  • Strong in writing Complex SQL queries using Joins, character functions, Date Functions, decode, switch and Analytical queries.
  • Experience in integrating web application with Oracle data base.
  • Experience in integrating external web services systems like Webex, Hubspot, Prometric, Vertex and Ariba ordering application using Oracle PL/SQL packages UTL HTTP framework.
  • Experience in converting legacy code systems written in Pro*c, VAX system and COBOL to Advance Oracle PLSQL technology.
  • Experience in integrating PDF document generation systems like Adobe output designer using Oracle PLSQL UTL FILE package.
  • Experience in developing Oracle forms & reports applications used by the organization customer services team.
  • Experience in design and developing the frameworks to enterprise applications.
  • Experience in developing email (SMTP) server integration with attachment framework using Oracle PLSQL.
  • Strong in writing complex report SQL queries in shorter time according to business requirements.
  • Good experience with the Partitioning tables, partitioning exchanges with the large size tables, parallelizing the DML operations based on the partition and sub partitions.
  • Experienced in the development and deployment of Reports queries, Telecom ordering, Telecom configuration, telecom Billing application, Enterprise pricing solutions applications.
  • Experience in using oracle long data types like BLOB and CLOB.
  • Experience in using oracle DBMS JOBS for the JOB scheduling.
  • Experience in developing ETL plans and processes and implementing ETL design and development concepts, such as direct-path loading and parallel SQL.
  • Experience in using Informatica Power centre Designer - Source Analyzer, Target Analyzer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer and Mapping Designer.
  • Experienced in creating Mappings, Mapplet designing, Work Flows, tasks and sessions using Informatica Power center Designer and Workflow Designer.
  • Experienced in Joiner Transformations, Router transformations, lookup transformations, union transformations, Sorter transformations, Aggregator transformations and Rank transformations using Informatica Power Center Designer.
  • Good knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that includes requirements gathering, functional, technical specifications, design, development, testing and production deployment.
  • Worked on different kinds of sources (Oracle DB, SQL Server, Teradata, Flat files and XML) and Target Analyzers (Oracle DB, SQL Server, Teradata, Flat files and XML) in informatica.
  • Experience in writing UNIX shell scripts for automating the daily processes and PERL scripting.
  • Worked as a part of team in 24x7 production environment and provided on-call and day-to-day support.
  • Experienced in data analysis and report development based on various data sources.
  • Knowledge of job scheduling, launching and monitoring the jobs using Dollar Universe tool.
  • Strong Trouble-shooting, Problem solving, Analytical & Design Skills and ability to quickly master new software and adapt to changing needs.
  • Experience in OLTP like Oracle, SQL server.
  • Experience in ETL, data extraction, data migration and data loading using Export, Import, SQL*Loader and Toad Data Point Utilities.
  • Good knowledge on OOPs concepts, proficient in Core Java, JDBC and Hibernate in JAVA.
  • Good understanding of JAVA technologies like JAVA XML, SOAP web services and Rest full API’s.
  • Experience working for Telecom, E-Commerce, Enterprise Pricing strategy, Finance, Quoting, Order management and sales domains.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to manage responsibilities individually or as part of a team environment.


Databases: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, SQL Server and Ms-Access

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*, C, C++, Java, HTML, XML,, Oracle forms & reports, Oracle APEX, Python scripting, Unix Shell Scripting and PERL scripting

Tools: Informatica Power Centre 9.x/8.x,TOAD, SQL Navigator, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, Git repository, Bamboo Jira, SSIS HP PPM (Kintana), Dollar Universe, CVS, Serena Dimensions and SVN.

Operating systems: Windows XP/NT/ 2000/2007/2010 Enterprise, Windows vista, MS DOS, UNIX

Office Tools: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio

Others: Object Oriented Designing Methodology, RDBMS Concepts, Enterprise pricing strategy, Sales Force, Telecom provisioning and Telecom Billing Applications.



SQL Developer


  • Interpret business requirements, design solutions, perform analysis, perform unit testing, perform trouble-shooting and resolution of defects, perform relational Data base modelling (Oracle 11g/12c), perform code reviews and maintain the Enterprise's internal and external application as mentioned above using Oracle technology modules using Oracle 11g/12c Data base SQL, PLSQL, Pro* c, JAVA, JSON, XML, HTML, Oracle Forms and Reports and Oracle APEX 4.0/5.2.
  • Performance and Tuning Oracle11g/12c SQL and PLSQL code to achieve the excellent system performance and less response time.
  • Developed the enterprise framework to integrating external systems like Webex, Hub spot, Promertric, Vertex, Paypal and Adobe output designer applications using Oracle PLSQL advanced technics.
  • Rewriting Legacy systems written in VAX system, Pro*c, C++ and COBOL technologies into new Advanced platforms using Oracle SQL and PLSQL technology
  • Design and developing the external Email SMTP services integration frame work to send the emails with the HTML template and attachments.
  • Develop and integrate the Organizational webinar platform application using Oracle PLSQL.
  • Develop and maintenance of Customer services application using Oracle forms & reports.
  • Design and develop the education learning application like Moodle using Oracle PLSQL.
  • Integrated the PHP webpages with Oracle web programming techniques.
  • Involved in migrating oracle 11g data base windows to Linux operating systems.
  • Involved in migrating Oracle 11g to 12c upgrade.
  • Have extensively used all oracle PLSQL advance technology concepts using UTL HTTP, UTL HTMP, UTL FILE, Java source,UTL SMTP,DBMS UTILITY etc. packages.
  • Involved in system integration testing, user acceptance testing, bug fixing, hot fix and production support activities.
  • Design and development of organization finance reports, account receivable operations, student course, grade, program and designation completion certificate generation process, customer success operations and service desk operations support.
  • Assist and troubleshoot migration issues around upgrading from Windows to Linux.
  • Involve in all Agile Scrum methodology framework related meetings including daily standups, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Pre-planning, Sprint planning, Sprint Execution, and Sprint Retrospectives.
  • Document technical solutions, give demos and training to the internal end users, Service desk and stake holders.
  • Support the Enterprise by helping to resolve any post production issue raised after production deployment by providing Hot-fix or Data correction techniques.


SQL Developer/Analyst


  • Involved in system integration testing(SIT), ORT and BRT of the commercial IMS migration project
  • Supported Commercial IMS migration fallout errors in different batch types of DRY RUN, STAGING and EXECUTION.
  • Responsible for the all the interfaces issues like connectivity, integration, applications health check environmental issues.
  • Involved in software program design, development, logical data modeling and physical data modeling using ERWIN and Visio.
  • Involved in migrating 2 M commercial CMS lines to IMS switch which needed to analyze, convert the data in different systems like, BACC, Biller (CSG & DDP) rate code conversion, eCUST, café and Broadworks etc.
  • Developed PL/SQL code to implement business rules using cursors, ref cursors, procedures, functions, Triggers, object types, collections, Dynamic PL/SQL and packages.
  • Automated the source to target loads using UNIX shell scripting and DBMS JOBS.
  • Involved in performance tuning of SQL queries to decrease the execution time, for that Modified cursors to use hints,
  • Modified procedures, functions to use autonomous transactions, for all bulk collect and more exceptions as needed
  • Used cursor variables to pass query result sets between PL/SQL programs and client application
  • Created PL/SQL program units to include DDL statements using Dynamic SQL.
  • Created Mappings, Mapplet designing, Work Flows, tasks and sessions.
  • Created joiner expression transformations, Router transformations, lookup transformations, union transformations, Sorter transformations, Aggregator transformations a nd Rank transformations using Power center Designer.
  • Create Unix Shell and PERL Scripting tools for Voice Mail migrations
  • Involved in data mapping and populating database tables using SQL * Loader
  • Developed SOAP based Web services and JDBC programs using JAVA.
  • Worked on the autonomous transactions in PL/SQL to log messages from subprograms to log tables.
  • Responsible for writing the technical documents and maintaining the documentation.
  • Involved in database Performance Tuning and monitoring.
  • Experience in developing ETL Plans and Processes and using Informatica ETL.
  • Handled Production issues with high pace and efficiency.
  • Optimized existing queries for better performance and less impact on database and used Materialized views in places where the data does not change very frequently.
  • Wrote Queries to retrieve data in XML format from the tables.
  • Worked on the Analytical functions.

Environment: Oracle 10g/11g, Informatica Power Centre 9.1.0, SQL developer, UNIX Shell Scripting, PERL Scripting, Winscp, JAVA, Windows 2007 Enterprise.

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