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Project Coordinator /programmer /analyst Resume

Atlantic City, NJ


To seek a position as a project coordinator/Programmer - Analyst for a mainframe COBOL/CICS.


IBM Z-800 Mainframe, Operating System: VSE/VM, COBOL/CICS,JCL, source code editor - BIM-Edit, VSAM, SQL/QMF, FTP,ACH. 28 years of IBM mainframe experience.


Confidential, Atlantic City, NJ

Project Coordinator /Programmer /Analyst


  • Developed Payroll module to include Confidential capability for direct deposit to employee accounts.
  • SP1 subsystem processes Departmental requests for personnel actions such As New Hires,Title Changes, transfers, terminations, subject to approvals at various levels of Administration. Extensive use of SQL tables for inquiry and reporting.
  • FTP used to transmit Health Benefit employee deduction info To Confidential, as well as importing data from Microsoft Timekeeping app(VCS) And for downloading Mainframe Data to Desktop apps such as EXCEL, ACCESS.

Project Coordinator/Programmer/Analyst



  • Maintains inventory for medical, office and housekeeping supplies, generates purchase orders and department requisitions for Office, housekeeping and medical supplies.

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