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Data Analyst Resume

Des Moines, IA


  • A skilled I.T. Professional with 7+ years' experience in Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Mining, Dashboard development and Testing.
  • Worked extensively with Dimensional Modeling, Data Migration, Data Transformation, Metadata, and Data dictionary, Data Loading, Modeling and Performance Tuning.
  • Experienced in design and development of Tableau reports and dashboards to help management identify critical KPI's and facilitate strategic planning in the organization.
  • Skilled in data visualization and creation of interactive dashboards and reports in Tableau, R, RShiny and ggplot.
  • Knowledgeable in creating reports from different data sources in Tableau and R using data blending such as Google Analytics, SQL Databases, Splunk, Salesforce etc.
  • Advanced SQL Skills in MySQL, SQL Server and Hive.
  • Proficient in writing SQL queries and scripts and data import/export in SQL.
  • Proficient in T - SQL and Microsoft SQL Server for developing complex stored procedures, triggers, table views, user defined functions, relational database models and performing SQL joins.
  • Expertise in handling large volumes of big data for analytics in Python and Tableau.
  • Experience with creating reports using Business Objects.
  • In depth knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC), Waterfall, Iterative and Incremental, RUP, evolutionary prototyping and Agile/Scrum methodologies, as well as data warehouse concepts such as OLTP, OLAP, ETL, Star and Snowflake Schema, data mapping, facts, and dimensions.
  • Excellent understanding of Microsoft BI toolset including Excel, Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services, Visio, Access.
  • Strong knowledge of database management in writing SQL queries using complex joins, grouping, aggregation, nested sub queries, and resolving key performance issues.
  • Strong experience and knowledge in statistical data analysis, predictive modelling and machine learning.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise with machine learning algorithms for regression, classification and clustering.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and Visio.
  • Expertise in working with VLOOKUP's, Pivot Tables, Macros and VBA's in Excel.
  • Skilled with large ETL mappings, analysis and documentation of OLAP reports.
  • Created multiple table views and reports generated through Power BI and Tableau for business analysis
  • Experience with data modeling and design of both OLTP and OLAP systems and proficient in developing Entity-Relationship diagrams, Star/Snow Flake schema designs and expert in modeling transactional databases and data warehouse.
  • Experience in DBMS/RDBMS implementation using object-oriented concept and database toolkit.
  • Experience working with Microsoft Server tools like SSAS, SSIS and in generating on-demand scheduled reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Strong fundamentals in AWS Cloud services S3, RedShift, EC2, Dynamo DB and Beanstalk.
  • Excellent knowledge in creating Databases, Tables, Stored Procedure, DDL/DML Triggers, Views, User defined data types, effective functions, Cursors and Indexes.


Databases & OS: Oracle 10g/9i, SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 , Teradata V2R6, DB2 UDB 8.0, Sybase, MS Access, UNIX, Windows XP/NT

Business Areas: Financial/Finance, Mortgage, Sales & Marketing

Tools: ERWIN 4.0/7.0, ER/STUDIO 7.x, PL/SQL, INFORMATICA Power Center 8.x/7.x, Ab Initio, Power Designer, BUSINESS OBJECTS XI, Toad, SQL*Loader, MS DTS, T-SQL, SQL*Plus, ER Studio, Oracle Designer, Sharepoint, SSRS, Teradata Fast Load, Multi Load, Tpump, HANA, SPLUNK, SSIS, NoSQL - MongoDB, Tableau, SAS, Python

System Aspects: Data Modeling (ER & Dimensional), Database Design, Requirement Analysis, ETL Design, Object Oriented Design, Development, Testing, Data Mapping, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Data Profiling, Deployment, Documentation, Project Management.

Languages: PL/SQL, Pro*C/C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, Java Script, JSP, VB


Confidential - Des Moines, IA

Data Analyst


  • Data Modeling-Conceptual, logical and physical Modeling for OLAP systems.
  • Reviewed data and classified the tables/measures functions by using multiple queries, views and procedures.
  • Designed database schema contains over 30 tables such as users, groups, threads and post.
  • Established the connection between legacy system and discuss forum software using MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Converting data into actionable insights by predicting and modeling future outcomes.
  • Utilized MS SQL, data warehousing programs, tableau, and other dashboard/visualization toolsets for data intelligence and analysis.
  • Business Rules implementation in the Database using Constraints & Triggers.
  • Dimensional Data Modeling to deliver Multi-Dimensional STAR schemas.
  • Requirements & Business Process Analysis; Rapid Audit of the requirements and existing systems.
  • Design & Implementation of Data Mart; DBA coordination; DDL & DML Generation & usage.
  • Migrated data from legacy system to discuss through SQL Server and completed 99% records.
  • Metadata & Data Dictionary Management; Data Profiling; Data Mapping.
  • Applied Data Governance rules (Class word, Abbreviations, Data Domains, Data Definitions, and Metadata Information.
  • Involved in capturing data lineage, table and column data definitions, valid values, and others necessary information in the data models.
  • Performance Tuning (Database Tuning, SQL Tuning, Application/ETL Tuning).
  • Maintained and documented all create and alter SQL statements for all release.
  • Designing Data Flows & System Interfaces.
  • Used Informatica Power Center for (ETL) extraction, transformation and loading data from heterogeneous source systems into target database.
  • Created mappings using Designer and extracted data from various sources, transformed data according to the requirement.
  • Involved in extracting the data from the Flat Files and Relational databases into staging area.
  • Mappings, Sessions, Workflows from Development to Test and then to UAT environment.
  • Developed Informatica Mappings and Reusable Transformations to facilitate timely Loading of Data of a star schema.
  • Created specific indexes to speed up the data load and the data retrieval.

Environment: Informatica 8.1.1 Power Center, Teradata V2R6, SQL, Sybase Power Designer 12.5/ 15, Business Objects, Ab Initio, MS office, MS Access.

Confidential - Dallas, TX

Data Analyst/Modeler


  • Responsible for gathering business requirements and creating technical specification documentation.
  • Responsible for collaborating with Subject Matter Experts to understand nature of source data and document the business requirements.
  • Extract data to perform data analysis to understand the source data and business needs.
  • Responsible for creating data models from existing databases and for new databases based on business requirements.
  • Designed Logical and Physical Data Models based on requirements using Erwin. Enhanced existing data models by extracting ddl using SQL Developer and Toad Data Point.
  • Implemented Confidential &T modeling standards while enhancing existing data models and designing new data models.
  • Developed, Implemented & Maintained the Logical & Physical Data models.
  • Attend the scrum status reports on daily basis as part of agile methodologies.
  • Reviewed the data models within the team and Publish the models into Subversion repository on weekly basis.
  • Experience in creation, maintenance of Data Warehouse and repositories containing Metadata.
  • Applied Data Governance rules (Class word, Abbreviations, Data Domains, Data Definitions, Metadata Information).
  • Responsible for building the meta data by defining the attributes and entities.
  • Involved in capturing data lineage, table, column data definitions and others necessary information in data models.
  • Redefined many attributes and relationships in the reverse engineered model and cleansed unwanted tables/ columns as part of data analysis responsibilities.
  • Created documentation for all the objects in the data models.
  • Worked with developers, Business analysts, reporting team and conducted design review sessions.
  • Responsible for generating DDL, DML scripts and rigorous testing before delivering the scripts to DBA.
  • Collaborate with Developers and DBA's to deploy the DML scripts into the DEV, UAT and PROD databases.
  • Collaborate with Testers for ensuring the accurate data flow that generates the required reports.
  • Collaborate with the business to ensure that the generated reports met the business requirements.

Environment : Oracle 11g, CA Erwin r9.64, Oracle SQL Developer 1.5, Toad Data Point v4.1, MS Office, Subversion.


Data Analyst


  • Created logical, physical and dimension models.
  • Optimize and update logical and physical data models to support new and existing data models
  • Recommend opportunities for reuse of data models in new environments
  • Perform reverse engineering of physical data models from databases and SQL scripts. \
  • Validate business data objects for accuracy and completeness
  • Created entity diagrams and relationship diagrams and modelled cascade to maintain referential integrity.
  • Added database objects (like indexes, partitions in oracle database) for performance.
  • Created and reviewed the conceptual model for the EDW with business users.
  • Added database objects (like indexes, partitions in oracle database) for performance.
  • Performed extensive requirement analysis and developed use cases and Workflow Diagrams.
  • Documented and delivered functional specification document to the project team.
  • Analyzed existing logical data model (LDM) and made appropriate changes to make it compatible with business requirements.
  • Resolved the data type inconsistencies between the source systems and the target system using the mapping documents and analyzing the database using SQL queries

Environment: ERWIN r8.2, SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, Rational Rose, Windows XP, Oracle 8i, Windows XP/NT/2000

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