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Bi Developer Resume

Newark, NJ


  • A SQL professional having more than 4+ years of experience in SQL - SSMS, SSIS, and SSRS
  • Experience in extracting, transforming and loading of data from various sources like OLEDB, Excel and Flat file.
  • Excellent understanding of relational database concepts, constraints, referential integrity and normalization.
  • Good experience in writing queries, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, views, CTEs and cursors.
  • Excellent in writing queries involving multiple tables, joins and queries to delete duplicates.
  • Good at creating triggers at different levels of database objects to apply security constraints and indexes for optimization.
  • Strong experience in optimizing queries, indexes, stored procedures, reports and SSIS packages.
  • Good understanding of Microsoft reporting service with report management, report delivery and automation.
  • Hands on experience in designing different types of reports: tabular, funnel, charts, gauges, and graphs, dashboards using SSRS and including functionality like drill through, drill down, sub reports conditional formatting.
  • Experience in Querying a Tabular Model in Excel, Power View and used various DAX Functions. Loading Data inside Tabular, Monitoring Security, Automating Deployment to Production Server
  • Best coding programmer in writing complex T-SQL queries for Joins, views, Stored Procedures & parameters, Triggers, User functions, Tables.
  • Designed Power BI data visualization utilizing cross tabs, maps, scatter plots, pie, bar and density charts
  • Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in Power BI service
  • Good knowledge of data warehouse concepts and terminology.
  • Knowledge of all phases of Soft Ware Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Ability to learn new technology in a short span of time integrating well in any environment and working well under pressure.
  • Good communication, dedicated, good team player with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to take new roles.


SQL: SQL, SSIS, SSRS (2008r2/2012/2014)

Windows: Power Point, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Outlook, Excel, Access, Word

Tools: SQL Developer, Tableau, Power BI, Microsoft Office 2013, Query Analyzer, Query Optimizer

Operating Systems: Windows OS.

Source Control: Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe


Confidential, Newark, NJ



  • Designing and implementing a variety of SSRS reports such as Parameterized, Drilldown, Drill through, and Sub-Reports using Report Designer and Report Builder based on the business requirements.
  • Designed Charts with lines, Bar Graphs and Columns to generate reports with cumulative totals.
  • Deployed SSIS packages across multiple development environments located on different servers.
  • Created new SSIS packages using SSDT 2012
  • Configured Integration Services catalogs to hold deployed packages in SSMS 2012
  • Created and developed database objects such as tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, User Defined Functions (UDFs) and triggers.
  • Developed DML scripts to Insert, Update and Delete data in MSSQL database tables with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Worked with various Dataflow transformations like Merge Join, Audit, Lookup, Union All, Merge, Aggregate, OLEDB Command and Conditional Split while designing SSIS Packages.
  • Generated parameterized report, sub reports, tabular, drill through reports and dash boards using matrices, gauges, charts, maps to show patient demographic details, patient drug details, patient visit, patient referral location and patient appointment productivity.
  • Involved in maintaining Data consistency and Data Integrity with various constraints like Unique, Check, Primary Key and Default.
  • Worked with different Control flow tasks in creating SSIS packages such as Data Flow Task, For Each Loop containers with Execute SQL.

TECHNOLOGIES: MS Office, SQL Server Management Studio, BIDS, Visual Studio, Pentaho, Power BI, MS Word, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MS SSRS, MS SSIS, T-SQL,ETL.




  • Created packages in SSIS to load data from different sources to staging tables transforming this data and loading into an ODS.
  • Actively engaged in client meetings in requirement gathering and development updates.
  • Write views, stored procedures, CTEs and functions which I used extensively in the development process.
  • Actively engaged with other team members to gather requirements, design, code, document, implement and maintain various database objects.
  • Extensively used joins for complex queries involving multiple tables from different databases.
  • Performed operations to optimize and trouble shoot packages, queries, stored procedures, indexes and reports.
  • Used various SSIS data flow transformations, such as Data Conversion, Conditional Split, Derived Column, and Lookup which were used for Data Scrubbing and Data Validation Checks during staging, before loading the data into Data Warehouse.
  • Developed SSIS packages using for each loop in Control Flow to process all excel files within folder, File System Task to move file into Archive after processing and Execute SQL task to insert transaction log data into the SQL table.
  • Involved in extracting data from heterogeneous sources, such as CSV and Excel files.
  • Involved in dealing with off short team
  • Created and modified Stored Procedures, Functions, and Indexes
  • Designed and developed SSIS packages, Stored Procedures, Configuration Files, Tables, Views, Functions, and implemented best practices to maintain optimal performance.
  • Used VB script in script components for data transformations.
  • Used Expressions to lookup data from multiple datasets as well as multiple databases.
  • Created standard report subscription and data driven report subscriptions.
  • Deployed reports on Microsoft office SharePoint on Development/Production server.
  • Developed different kind of reports such as Sub Reports, Charts, Matrix reports, Linked reports.
  • Involved with Query Optimization to increase the performance of the report.
  • Worked with PerformancePoint dashboard designer to rollout dashboards.
  • Worked on Data validations and data mapping.
  • Analyzed meaningful use report requirements and developed the reports using visual studio.
  • Generated parameterized report, sub reports, tabular, drill through reports and dash boards using matrices, gauges, charts.
  • Scheduled reports based on particular day and sent them through email in required format (excel, PDF).
  • Managed day to day activities to ensure the completion of deliverables on time by providing a weekly status report on progress made.

TECHNOLOGIES: MS Office, SQL Server Management Studio, BIDS, Visual Studio, MS Word, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MS SSRS, MS SSIS, T-SQL,ETL.




  • Used SSMS and Visual Studio 2012 to perform daily tasks to meet departmental requirements.
  • Created Excel to SQL, SQL to SQL, and Flat File to SQL ETL packages using SSIS in Visual Studio.
  • Created for each loop containers and conditional splits to load data.
  • Transferred data to SQL database in SSMS using ETL packages.
  • Retrieved data using select statements to prepare tables for reporting.
  • Designed reports with table matrices, charts, graphs, maps, and gauges in SSRS.
  • Added drill downs, drill-through, and sub report menu options.
  • Used parameters to parse information within data tables in the reports.
  • Involved in the requirements analysis, design and development phase of Water Fall SDLC model.
  • Migrated data from Heterogeneous Data Sources (Access, Excel) to centralized SQL Server database using SQL Server Integration Services to overcome transformation constraints.
  • Create packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to a centralized SQL server using OLEDB providers from the existing primarily Excel data sources.
  • Performed data cleansing by creating tables to eliminate dirty data using SSIS.
  • Created SSIS package to Export and Import data from SQL Server to Access, Text and EXCEL files and configured SQL mail agent for sending mails upon package deployment.
  • Migrated packages from development server to production server using package configuration.
  • Involved in performing incremental loads while transferring data from OLTP to data warehouse using different data flow and control flow tasks in SSIS.
  • Created dynamic reports using SSRS for the Windows category managers and rest of the customer base to view the reports at various desired levels, generated report models using report builder for the end users.
  • Scheduled reports on a weekly basis that was generated every Friday including the most recently updated data to the database from the subsidiaries.
  • Developed, tested and implemented Referential Integrity rules and regulations through constraints, triggers and views in the databases
  • Developed User Defined Functions, indexes to generate the distinct data based on the type of the region, release and version of the data released.
  • Worked on the Excel front end to formulate so as to collect the inputs from the Excel templates.
  • Scheduled reports for daily, weekly, monthly delivery to team manager.

TECHNOLOGIES: SQL Server Management Studio 2012, SSRS, SSIS, Agile, TFS, Stored Procedure, Database Creation, Query Optimization

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