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Sql / Etl Developer Resume


  • Proficient and motivated ETL/BI/DW developer with around 8 years of experience in development of back - end applications using MS SQL server, Oracle and various BI tools.
  • Hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python, C# and JavaScript.
  • Experience in multiple industries such as healthcare, insurance and finance.
  • Strong experience in building OLTP/OLAP databases through ERD, planning or implementing ETL process, creating reports and performance tuning.
  • Proficiency in development which includes data integration, conversion, migration.
  • Experience in developing T-SQL stored procedures, functions, ETL processes and reports.
  • Participation in conducting JAD sessions with business users, development and QA teams.
  • Excellent analytical, coordination, communication and interaction skills with an aptitude to learn.
  • Strong data science skills, financial knowledge and healthcare data knowledge.


Databases: SQL Server (2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016), Oracle, MS Access

BI tools: Power BI, Tableau, SSIS, SSRS, SSDT, Informatica, DataStage, Report Builder, ER-Win, MS Visio

DWH: Kimball, Inmon, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema

Languages: T-SQL, Python, R, Scala, C#, JavaScript

Big Data Architectures: Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig

Cloud services: AWS, Azure (Cloud Data Factory, Azure SQL database)

Platforms: MapReduce, HDFS, TensorFlow

Environment: s: Agile, Scrum

Collaboration Tool: SharePoint

Version control: TFS


SQL / ETL Developer


Tool: and Environment: SQL Server 2017, T-SQL, ER-Win, SSIS, SSRS


  • Performed component and data architecture design, technology planning, and testing for Applications Development (AD) initiatives to meet business requirements.
  • Provided input and support of full systems life cycle management activities.
  • Used Dynamic SQL to load 26 tables with complicated table relationships, created data model and assigned table retention criteria rules.
  • Developed SSIS packages to migrate call and survey data from various sources (flat files, SQL Server, Access, Oracle databases), performed data profiling, cleansing, transformation, validation and loading into database/ flat files.
  • Developed over 10 SSIS packages to perform data transformation in data mappings and incremental loading with sources like CSV, XML and strategies such as rowversion, checksum, CDC using script task, data flow task, for each loop container, etc., for transaction loading.
  • Implemented slowly changing dimension type 2 using SSIS for initial load and incremental load.
  • Wrote C# script task / script component in SSIS to fill purposes such as sending notification emails in HTML format, renaming file names with timestamp, and extracting data from XML files, etc.
  • Scheduled jobs and tasks by Control-M for testing and automation in once every two hours basis as well as package deployment model using configured variables to achieve value and environment changes by contingency, user access control, etc.
  • Performed unit testing on SSIS packages and collaborated with QA tester during the testing period.
  • Created SSIS packages, including trouble shooting errors and failures, creating stored procedures utilizing execution plan and SQL Profiler, redesigning tasks and components, configuring buffer size properties in data flow task, etc. to optimize performance.
  • Designed T-SQL queries and stored procedures with UDFs, views, CTEs, table variables, temp tables, etc. to implement business logic, including data cleansing, preventive error handling, transformation, etc.
  • In Azure environment, assisted DBA teams to perform Database backup and recovery, SQL database on-premise and private data Gateway set-up, and data warehouse modeling for data analysis and machine learning in 27 databases across Salesforce department.
  • Implemented Azure data Factory, data lake storage and deployed SSIS to performed ETL process and to store files into Azure for over one hundred tables.
  • Worked on performance tuning on databases management, packages, indexes, stored procedures, etc. and optimizing SQL statement using execution plan and adjustment in parameter values to reduce inefficiency.
  • Designed, implemented, and supported the environment with OLTP and OLAP data warehouse for over 40 billion records of customer information using views and indexes, multi-dimensional models and Fact tables, Star schema, and so on.
  • Performed error handling in T-SQL stored procedures using try/catch, raiserror, throw, etc.
  • Created indexes, including clustered index, non-clustered index, and covering index, to improve query performance.
  • Performed database monitoring activities and made recommendation for improvements by using Dynatrace.
  • Led and managed master data management, data governance, metadata, data cleansing and quality projects through all phases of the project life cycles.
  • Analyzed data to improve processes, assisted with defining metrics and resolved technical issues with the data as reported by integration teams.
  • Participated in collaboration opportunities amongst Salesforce and solved technical problems.
  • Generated monthly reports with SSRS utilizing techniques such as drill down, drill through, cascading parameters, conditional formatting, custom functions (VB scripts), etc.
  • Supported maintenance of existing SSRS reports, including trouble shooting errors, tuning T-SQL stored procedures, redesigning SSRS components, etc.

ETL/BI Developer


Tools: and Environment: SQL Server 2016, T-SQL, ER-Win, SSIS, SSRS, DataStage, Power BI Desktop


  • Prepared the complete data mapping document for all the migrated jobs.
  • Created T-SQL scripts and 20+ complex stored procedure for data validation and data process tables.
  • Created and altered 30+ tables and views in EMR, departmental and claim data marts.
  • Designed T-SQL queries with UDFs, CTEs, table variables, temp tables, etc. to implement business logic.
  • Performed index analysis on tables and provided more efficient solutions to use between different kinds of indexes such as clustered, non-clustered and covering indexes.
  • Performed error handling in T-SQL stored procedure using try/catch, raiserror, throw, etc.
  • Defined ETL process by creating 80 packages for extracting, cleansing, transforming and loading data from heterogeneous sources such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SAP, SQL Server, PSFT in different format such as flat files, Excel, XML into SQL Server data marts. Utilized DataStage and SSIS ETL tools.
  • Performed initial and incremental load from new incoming data in various data sources for dimension tables and fact tables. Utilized Python to automate various tasks.
  • Used type 2 slowly changing dimension to insert data.
  • Performed error handling in event handler, implemented custom logging to output error and record package running information, and achieved performance tuning and trouble shooting.
  • Processed data profiling and data cleansing with pre-staging and staging table.
  • Implemented various types of SSIS Transformation in packages including Aggregate, Merge Join, Lookup, Conditional Split, Row Count and Derived Column etc.
  • Migrated data from SQL Server to AWS Redshift with SSIS ZappySys PowerPack plug-in, including the amazon redshift data transfer task, amazon redshift executeSQL task, etc.
  • Implemented the master child package technique to manage big ETL project efficiently.
  • Achieved performance tuning and trouble shooting in t-sql and SSIS.
  • Performed unit testing on SSIS packages and collaborated with testers during the testing period.
  • Worked with senior Architect and DBA to develop data validation procedures and implement logic required business rules.
  • Consistently applied security standards in daily development, administration, and/or solutions where applicable and as set for in the Information Security and HIPAA policies.
  • Maintained HIPAA transactions specifically 835 and 837 transaction sets, created the ad hoc reports to query the transaction sets.

ETL/DW developer



  • Create packages with several transformation in each package making sure that the data is cleaned and confirmed before being sent to staging area.
  • Complete complex ETL packages to pull data from DB2/Oracle, loading monthly data from Excel to SQL Server. Utilized Python and IBM Urbancode.
  • Implemented error handling and failure in SSIS packages using event handler, row redirects, check points and used logging for monitoring the execution.
  • Implemented proper package configuration features and finally securing the package by using password and encryption methods.
  • Enabled checkpoints on ready implemented transactions to optimize entire ETL strategy so as to start the package execution from latest point of failure.
  • Promoted database objects from test/development to production server by coordinating and communicating with production schedules within development team.
  • Created different types of reports like drill down, drill through, sub-reports and parameterized reports.
  • Designed reports to include charts and logos that complies with organization culture and policies of reporting and documentation.
  • Created many complex stored procedures and used them in SSRS directly to generate reports on fly.

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