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Developer Consultant Resume

Pleasanton, CA


Developer Consultant

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA


  • Created components to render a GUI interface of a 96 well ATR plate that travels through various stages of biotech manufacturing.
  • Handled the daily Service Now queue in a support engineer capacity to resolve IT trouble tickets for the Array Manufacturing Support group.
  • Installed ColdFusion 11 on a Red - Hat Unix system to upgrade a mission critical CRM Acting as steward of other in-house developed systems.
  • Participated in regular agile sprint cycle meetings in my capacity as reports developer for the Confidential .
  • Built components to interface to the data.
  • Created a web interface to process replacement assays for open array division in Pleasanton facility.
  • Built PL/SQL backend database logic via an Oracle package that encapsulated all query, update, edit, delete and create of database table records. Interfaced the package through cfml stored procedure call and integrated into GOAST front end.
  • Participated in regular agile cycle meetings to define and estimate on upcoming sprints.
  • Produced internal documentation using Word/ Powerpoint and internal company wiki (CenterStage).
  • Delivered POC in Jquery3.0 overwriting default actions and rendering get operations on live data.
  • Complied with WorkDay employee requirements.
  • Consumed and connected to various API via WebServices

Skills Used - cfml 11/ Oracle 8-9/ Javascript/Jquery/, JSON, Node JS /Python/ VB.Net, SVN

Web Applications Developer

Confidential, Fremont, CA


  • Ported an existing store catalog system built in cfml Flex 4.5 to an Confidential store using Confidential store tools.
  • Designed landing pages from email blasts to targeted links in the biotechnology industry.
  • Added value to database of biotechnology specific email contacts by using various APIs to include address, phone and other dimensions to the data.
  • Designed open house invitational email with rsvp form pre-populated with client contact detail info and obtained response rate with over 100 attendees to the corporate event.
  • Employed TSQL and SSIS to extract data from SQL server to excel reports.
  • Maintained and enhanced ColdFusion backend of components that connected to SQL Server 2008 database of in-house CRM system.
  • Customized Adobe Flex components in the front end as required.
  • Integrated the contacts data of the database with an external SMTP provider by building a web service of the data that fed into the third party API to render email broadcasts data. Produced internal technical documentation including commenting source code and Microsoft PowerPoint/ Word.
  • Connected to various API via WebServices using XML and working on Coldfusion Component to the web services provider to front end Flex Program

Skills Used - cfml/ Flex 4.5/ Microsoft SQL Server 2008, JavaScript, XML,SOAP

Programmer/ Data Analyst

Confidential, Campbell CA


  • Monitored and reported on scheduled data jobs for accuracy on a daily basis and correct in timely manner on any error in process.
  • Built the file upload tool (FUT) which extracted csv files uploaded via the web, checked them for accuracy and mapped the data fields to a set of required and optional fields then uploaded the file and inserted records Into appropriate Microsoft SQL tables and sent an email confirmation of success or failure of the process
  • Built a cloud connector application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C# to a marketing automation cloud service provider.
  • Built numerous in-house web applications in CFML and an Oracle 8.1 back-end.
  • Created dashboard applications that reported on key financial information (arrears, credits, payment and debits).
  • Wrote SQL and pl/SQL scripts along with numerous views stored in the database schema. Used statistical charting and graphing packages to present dashboard level views of the data with drilldown from the chart regions.
  • Also assisted the PHP and data warehouse development teams as needed.
  • Connected to various API using standard soap interface via WebServices

Skills Used - Cold Fusion 8.0/ Microsoft SQL Server, TSQL, Javascript, Oracle, XML/XSLT,SOAP WSSL

Web Applications Developer

Confidential, Milpitas, CA


  • Maintained and enhanced the web portal of a custom manufacturing ERP system in cfml/ JavaScript for client base of 8K customers distributed.
  • Developed requirements documentation and test plan according to pre-defined company standards.
  • Maintained clustered configuration of Cold Fusion application servers. Built an in-house change control management system using Microsoft DOS batch files and UNIX shell scripts to archive current files and ftp upload the changed files.
  • Maintained Microsoft Active Directory server of users and computers for the corporate domain.
  • Wrote stored procedure and view in Sybase and interfaced them with Cold Fusion web scripting.
  • Refactored the in house open source keystone ticket management system from PHP to cfml

Skills Used - cfml/ Sybase, PHP, TSQL, Javascript, Oracle, XML/XSLT

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