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Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume

Warren, NJ


  • IT professional with qualifications in all phases of the project lifecycle development (SDLC) - from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through documentation, implementation, testing and production support.
  • With in-depth knowledge of database types; research methodologies.
  • Over 19 years of IT experience as Programmer including project planning and management, software analysis, design, development, implementation and production support.
  • Extensive knowledge of business and big data analysis; working with structured and unstructured data, including data manipulation, mining and warehousing.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle pressure coordinating multiple tasks.
  • Outstanding technical and analytical skills, with extensive knowledge of COBOL, DB2 and IBM Mainframe Systems.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to multitask and work independently, as well as, work with a team of internationally dispersed team members.
  • Able to build strong, working relationships with clients, managers and peers.
  • Understands appropriate IT controls required to achieve Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
  • Knowledge of Insurance, Reimbursable Deductible, Claims and Rating systems.


COBOL II, DB2/SQL, File: Aid, CISC, IMS DB, MVS Utilities, TSO/PDF, Panvalet, SPUFI, VSAM, JCL, Outbound, Focus, MQ, Syncsort, and Zeke.


Confidential, Warren, NJ

Sr. Programmer Analyst


  • Analyzed massive and highly complex data sets, performing ad-hoc analysis and data manipulation.
  • Extensive understanding and analysis of Insurance, Deductible, Claims and Rating.
  • Successfully manage multiple projects in the design and implementation of Reimbursable Deductible Manager (RDM), Commercial Lines Customarq and Confidential .
  • Provide mentorship to other members of the data analytics and IT team through coaching, mentoring, and acting as Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Confidential, along with some native coverages, acting as the rating and print engine for the front-end web- based application U-writer.
  • Added coverages to the system modifying the CICS COBOL programs based on requirements from the business.
  • Generated monthly, quarterly and annually reports used for Marketing and Reinsurance treaties.
  • Was sole support during the integration phase when the application was due to be sunset.
  • Performed critical data and rules mining which was crucial for business analysis for integrating into a new system.
  • Based on my efforts it was determined that the Confidential system could not be obsoleted.
  • I supported the Commercial Lines Customarq System.
  • This is legacy TELON, COBOL, DB2, MQ, IMS, on-line and batch, based home grown policy administration system built and modified since 1990. This system handles 105,000 transactions and 6 billion dollars in premium annually, with 400 TELON screens, 400 DB2 tables and over 5,000 programs.
  • I was involved in many large high-profile projects including adding Indoor Plants, General Liability Personal Liability, Scheduled ALL Other Perils, Docks and Piers, Dams, Dikes or Retaining Walls, Scheduled Fine Arts, Condo Unit Owner Loss Assessment, Property Unmanned Aircraft, Flood and Earthquake, coverages utilizing complex COBOL code and DB2 SQL queries. Also maintained the system implementing bug fixes, DB2 and IMS pick-offs, ad-hoc JCL batch jobs and queries using File-Aid and File-Aid for DB2, scheduled batch jobs in ZEKE.
  • I was responsible for supporting the Quote Letter application with mixture of mainframe COBOL, DB2 and MQ. Policy data was extracted from the mainframe DB2 tables and through a series of processes was performed to a Word doc for the Insured which was contained legal statements as well as location information, converge limits, deductibles and premiums. Based on the Quote Letter the Underwriter would modify the policy criteria to meet the Insured needs.
  • I supported the Reimbursable Deductible Manager (RDM) system.
  • I Played major role in support and maintenance ofRDMapplication - Repository of Confidential Deductible policies, Deals and Transactions.
  • All work was done using COBOL, DB2 and mainframe utilities. designed, coded, tested and implemented multiple projects using COBOL, DB2, CICS, VSAM, JCL, Focus, MQ, Stored Procedures and IMS.
  • I conducted knowledge transfer for sunset applications to ACE offshore resources.

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