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Senior Developer Resume



Shell Scripting

IBM DataStage(ETL)

Oracle E - Business Suite Technical

Oracle Forms and reports builder

Oracle Workflow builder

Oracle Discoverer

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Oracle Apps DBA




Service Now

Quality centre


Rational Products

HP deployment manager











Functional Areas:

Supply Chain Management

Order management



Warehouse Management Systems

Bills of materials

Purchase Order

Work In progress



Account Receivables

General Ledger

Account Payables

Fixed Assets



Service Contract

Install base

Call Centre

Field Service



Data warehousing



Capital Market

Banking and Finance

Control system design Tools

Softwares used:

PLSQL Developer/ Toad

Oracle Developer Suite

IBM DataStage Designer

Oracle Workflow Builder

Mercury Quality Center


Oracle Warehouse Builder


/Track IT

Putty/Attachmate Reflection

ITG Kintana


Microsoft Visual Studio


Prophecy Open

Amazon Web services

RTC/RRC/Load runner/ Rational Performance Studio

Rational Rose




HP UX 11

Linux 8




Oracle 12c

Oracle 11i

Oracle 10G


MS Access




Senior Developer


  • Creation of jobs in data stage and PL/Sql for conversion projects. These jobs were basically used for converting data from legacy systems to oracle systems. There used to be one job specifically for each target table. Features of datastage that were used included and not restricted to merge, join, lookups, transformers, funnel, sort, pivot, database connectors
  • Designed, implemented, maintained and presented the SID preservation logic. The purpose of this component was to preserve the SID values across the instances and to have a unique target ID for each ID in source system.
  • Writing unit test cases and performed backend validations using reconciliation queries.
  • Carrying out performance tuning and code review activities for the entire project team
  • Solved tickets using Mercury Quality Center tool for ticket monitoring that needed technology expertise in conjunction with Medicaid system knowledge
  • Involved in fit-gap sessions with State team that spearheaded smooth conversion, and design and update of the mapping documents
  • Coordinating with Off-shore team for understanding of requirements, scheduling of each deliverables, monitor progress and clear roadblocks, deployments on a frequent basis
  • Filling timesheet and providing status updates to the supervisors.

Confidential, Lansing, Michigan

Languages: PL/SQL, UNIX Shell scripting, Putty, Toad, Oracle 12c, Clearquest

Operating System: Windows 10

Technical Leader


  • Responsible for UAT bug fixing in the Drive application.
  • Training the entire team on oracle forms and reports
  • Providing help to the team in solving issues and carrying peer reviews
  • Collecting status from team, preparing status report and presenting to customer
  • Interacting with users in getting clarifications on various issues.
  • Interacting with other teams like QA and DBA on a day to day basis.


Operating System:Windows XP, SunOS 5.10

Languages:Unix Scripting, PL/SQL, Oracle forms and Reports

Module Leader


  • Design and develop Invoice Dispute workflow which involved creation of tasks in the collections workbench and sending of notifications to collectors and dispute handlers Used AME to create a new transaction type
  • Design and Developing the item interface. This involved applying item templates and item categories based on different life cycle codes.
  • Design and developing order interface. This involved importing Logistic orders from Pearl Chain and creating orders in R12 using API.
  • Design and develop WMS interface. WMS in Canon is a third party application so inbound and outbound interface had to be created from OM to progress the order to closure.
  • Migrating forms from R11 to R12
  • Developing XML publisher report
  • Developing the inbound and outbound GL interface for Retail Lease
  • Providing the solution for implementing NACHA(National Automated Clearing House Association). This solution was used for making payments to vendors electronically by running the Payment Batch Processing.
  • Patch Analysis for applying the latest RPC for 12.1.3
  • Bug fixes in Fixed assets reports.
  • Monitoring Team members and Status reporting
  • Order Management, Inventory, Approval Management Engine, Collections, Account payables, Account Receivables, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Confidential, Oracle workflow builder, Citrix, TOAD, Forms, Reports, XML publisher, J Developer


Project Leader


  • Responsible for support and maintenance of the below applications SWIFT STAT
  • Understanding the business processes of the various program teams using oracle ERP and financials
  • Preparing solution design documents, user instructions, data flow diagrams for designing and facilitating the use of the tools
  • Creating UPK recordings for the program teams to easily self train themselves to use STAT and SWIFT.
  • Configuring the development and production environment for STAT and Swift application
  • Training the program teams on how to use Stat for code migration and applying patches
  • Training the program teams on how to use Swift for creating and migrating functional set ups in the EBS instance
  • Making the tools ready for UAT and making sure the tools are signed off by the users
  • Reversing, data cleansing and injecting functional setups in EBS instances for ERP and financials team using SWIFT.
  • Resolving day to day incidents created by the program teams using the tools
  • Planning for Monthly Sprint stories and tasks for the team
  • Status reporting on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Managing the offshore team
  • Manage the configurations for every instance in one place
  • Produce a standard Template for building new instances and operating units
  • Move configurations between instances in a quick and reliable manner
  • Reduce and possibly eliminate the need for cloning
  • Generate a full BR100 documentation of the extracted configurations in the instance
  • Stat-is a powerful tool that ensures complete change management for your Oracle environment—no matter what version.Stat has version control, impact analysis, object/file locking, automated workflow, migration management, powerful reporting and auditing capabilities. Stat helps:
  • Enforce separation of duties for improved compliance
  • Schedule migrations during off hours
  • Automate rollback through native object support
  • Support for functional setups
  • Evaluate impact and scheduling of patches
  • Manage all apps from one repository to simplify auditing
  • Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, Warehouse Management Systems, Purchasing, Pricing, Account receivables, Account Payables, Fixed assets, General Ledger

Operating System:Windows XP, SunOS 5.10

Languages: Unix Scripting, PL/SQL, Oracle forms and Reports

Confidential, Kansas City

Tower Lead


  • Responsible for managing the below wheels
  • Ensuring Smooth transition from solution to services
  • Incident and problem management
  • Assigning incidents/problems to team members
  • Working on incidents/problems wherever required
  • Mentoring/guiding team wherever required
  • Monitoring progress on incidents/problems
  • Tracking SLA’s and finding out causes wherever there’s a SLA breach
  • Co-ordinations within and outside the team wherever required
  • Converting incidents to problems wherever required
  • Status reporting to TCS management and customers
  • Project Management
  • Identifying the various projects in pipeline and prioritizing them
  • Scope Management
  • Resource management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communication management
  • Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, Warehouse Management Systems, Purchasing, Pricing, Account receivables, Account Payables, Fixed assets, General Ledger, Incentive Compensation, E-commerce Gateway

Operating System: Windows XP, SunOS 5.10

Languages:Unix Scripting, PL/SQL, Oracle forms and Reports

Special Software:Oracle EBS 11i, SVN (For repository and version control), Toad, Track It and Remedy (For incidence and problem management), GSX (Application Integrator)

Confidential, Bloomington, Indiana

Project Lead


  • Knowledge transition from outgoing vendor
  • Team Building. This was a real challenge because the team provided to me was less experienced and had to bring their skill set level up to the level that was demanded for the project.
  • Major achievement was completing the hardware migration in Time and in a smooth manner within a short duration of taking over the project
  • Involved in solving the issues related to upgradation from 11.5.9 to 11.5.10
  • Ensuring database upgrade from 9i to 11g goes smoothly
  • Ensuring application is available and data recovered in a short duration after the production crash
  • Implementing a new operating unit in order management, inventory, purchasing, account receivables, account payables and general ledger in a short duration
  • Ensuring transition from Bloomington, Indiana to Kansas City, Missouri goes smoothly
  • Primary responsibility was to solve the work orders within the agreed upon SLA. Volume of WO used to be 15-20 in a particular week. These tickets used to be in the Oracle EBS SCM and financial areas.
  • Prepared Functional design document and technical design document for enhancements like Cycle count and Manifest file re-engineering
  • Carried out the development of few enhancements like Backorder order process error message, mass upload from data files to base tables and automation of the monitoring program
  • Carried out DBA activities like patching, cloning, bouncing application, sysadmin, monitoring and taking appropriate actions, migrating codes, cloning.
  • Involved in multiple project management related activities like audit, reporting, mentoring, coordination with other teams, recruitments, work distribution, Project monitoring and trainings
  • Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, Warehouse Management Systems, Purchasing, Pricing, Account receivables, Account Payables, Fixed assets, General Ledger, Incentive Compensation, E-commerce Gateway

Confidential, Bloomington, Indiana

Developer/ Project DBA


  • Manual code migration across various instances
  • Day to day DBA activities
  • Performance tuning/Code coverage using DBMS PROFILER, AWR report, Trace files and Explain plan.
  • Monitoring of Jobs in Control-M
  • Analysis of failed jobs in daily schedule in Control-M
  • Code review
  • Testing
  • Customer interaction
  • Monitoring of offshore team activities
  • Defects monitoring
  • Preparation of daily reports
  • High performance batch system with the ability to post and reconcile an average daily volume of 3 Million Third Party claims and the respective payments in a daily manner
  • Intuitive, easy to use, web based OLTP system with more than 900 user interfacing screens.
  • Work Flow based exception management with bulk resolution and recycle capabilities
  • Data warehouse of 50 TB of claim and related data in operational and history schema

Technology: Oracle 11g database, Shell Scripting, Control M, Quality Centre, Serena Business Mashups, SVN

Confidential, Norristown

Project Lead


  • End to End functional testing of SCM modules, Oracle Apps CRM Service contract, installbase and contact centre Modules.
  • Client Interaction and interaction with other teams.
  • Making estimates, Planning and analysis of requirements
  • Helping in Project Management Activities
  • Outsourcing the work to offshore and project monitoring
  • Being the senior most resource I was assigned with the responsibility of mentoring and training of resources.
  • Preparation of test data
  • Understanding of code for preparation of test cases and test scenarios
  • Quality assurance like Audit, reporting, security compliance
  • Functional Testing for Business As Usual Tickets
  • Functional testing of Major Releases
  • Test scenario preparation
  • Test case preparation
  • Test Data preparation
  • Preparation of status report
  • Attending meetings with customer and DBA’s
  • Mentoring of junior resources
  • Onsite co-ordination
  • Performance testing script creation
  • Service contract, Field Service, Installbase, Contact Centre, Order Management, Inventory, BOM, WIP, Account receivables

Operating System:Windows XP, Sun Solaris

Languages:UNIX Scripting, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports and Forms, SQLLoader

Special Software:Oracle EBS R12, HP Quality centre, Load runner, Remedy

Confidential, Pennsylvania

Commercial System Analyst


  • Primary responsibility was solving day to day issues encountered by the Customer support team in using the SIEBEL CRM application
  • Carried out enhancements in PL/SQL and PHP
  • Monitoring of the jobs running regularly and debugging in case of issues.
  • Interacting directly with customer and other teams for day to day issues
  • Planning
  • Quality assurance (Testing the enhancements through Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, and Integration Testing)
  • Making code changes to fix production issues
  • Providing data fix defects
  • Development of code for new enhancements
  • Migration of code to the upgraded Oracle instance
  • Interaction with other development teams for analysis of issues
  • Interaction with UNIX admin for code migration and address unix related issues
  • Preparation of Status report
  • Meeting with higher management to get directions
  • Preparation of test cases and testing
  • Preparation of design documents
  • Monitoring of Jobs

Operating System:Windows XP, HP UX

Languages:PL/SQL, PHP, Siebel CRM, CRM Data load using EIM Interface tables

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