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Sql Server Dba Developer Resume Profile

Des Moines, IA


  • Hands on experience in installing, configuring, maintaining, managing, upgrading, monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005/2000 platforms.
  • Over 8 years of IT experience in Database Administration on MS SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005/2000 in Production, Testing and Development Environments.
  • Experience in migrating and upgrading the SQL Server Database Engine and installing and implementing service packs and hot fixes to the SQL Server Software.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting import/export wizard issues, Migration advisor issues and Data Migration Management.
  • Experience in working very closely with Customers, End Users and Powered Users and collecting requirements and training or resolving business process related issues and intensive monitoring.
  • Experience in migration from MS SQL Server 2005 to MS SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008.
  • Experience in maintaining High Availability using Failover Clustering, Data Base Mirroring and Log Shipping capabilities of MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2/2012 to provide robust database solutions.
  • Experience in implementing different types of Replication models like Snapshot, Merge and Transactional.
  • Extensive experience in Capacity planning, Disaster Recovery, troubleshooting, backup and restore procedures.
  • Overall database design, such as creating normalized databases, authentication, query tuning, assigning proper indexes, creating stored procedures, functions, triggers and data types.
  • Experience in configuring and managing Linked Servers, data transfer between SQL Server and other heterogeneous relational databases such as Oracle and DB2.
  • Experience in creating packages, Jobs, Sending Alerts using SQL Mail.
  • Handling issues with security and connectivity.
  • Experience in working with Scalability projects for Performance Tuning and Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity and checking the database consistency by executing DBCC Commands.
  • Loading data warehouse using SQL server Integration Services SSIS and building reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS in star schema.
  • Experience in migration of Data from Excel, Flat file, Oracle to MS SQL Server by using BCP, DTS and SSIS.
  • Creation and maintenance of Databases, creating Roles and managing user permissions.
  • Good experience in resolving blocking and Dead lock Issues by using SQL commands.
  • Experience working in Production support including weekend and Change control support over nights.
  • Documented disaster recovery plans and participated in disaster recovery drills.
  • Experience with offshore coordination and management.
  • Experience working with production and 24 x 7 on call environments and documenting all Database architecture according to established standards for critical applications.

Technical Skills




SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005/2000 and MS Access 2003/2000,Oracle 10g, DB2

Database Tools

Management Studio/Enterprise Manager, Profiler, DTS, Query Analyzer, SSIS, SSRS,ERWIN 4.0

Reporting Services

Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS

Markup Languages



Microsoft Office 2008/2003/2000

Operating Systems

Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server/ Advanced Server, Windows 98/ XP

Work Summary


SQL Server DBA Developer


  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2008 R2 Database instance in a Clustered environment.
  • Involved in Implementing 2008,2008R2 active-passive clustering on Windows 2008R2 Operating system with consolidated environment of multiple SQL server instances in Sql 2008 and 2005.
  • Responsible for Auditing/reviewing a SQL Server 2008 R2 installation by one of the agencies and produce documentation. Also responsible for migration to 64 bit SQL.
  • Designed and deployed SQL Server Integration Services SSIS Packages, with error handling, environmental and SQL server package configurations.
  • Handled up to 2 TB Size databases with clustered environment.
  • Created Maintenance plans for SQL Server 2008 R2 instances for index and Statistics maintenance. Rebuilding or reorganizing an index is based on the fragmentation percentage which is determined using DMVs.
  • Involved in maintenance, backup, restoration and replication of Postgre SQL database and assisted the development teams working on Postgre SQL Database.
  • Day-to-day activities such as backups to the disk and restore the databases and transaction log on production/development servers as per business / IT needs.
  • Implemented Transactional Replication and Performed Log Shipping as Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • Migrated databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 R2 using copy database wizards and resolved many issues in the process.
  • Experience with integrated Active Directory security with SQL 2005 2008 and Oracle.
  • Reconfigured the default locations of the data files, log files and error log files onto the SAN environment for all the servers.
  • Experience with Active Directory or LDAP.
  • Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and dead locks.
  • Used Lite Speed for creating compressed backups on scheduled basis and responsible for restoring to any DEV/TEST Environment using Lite Speed Manager.
  • Development of various reports and reporting interfaces utilizing Microsoft SQL Reporting Services SSRS and deploying them on Report Server using Report Manager.
  • Used Performance monitor and SQL Profiler to optimize queries and enhance the performance of database servers.
  • Trouble shooting various SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000 Database connectivity issues from the web applications.
  • Responsible for maintenance and support for a two node Active-Active clustered SQL Environment.
  • Provided 24 X 7 dedicated supports for SQL Server production server.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005/2000 Enterprise Edition/2005/2000, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2/2003 Server, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services , DB2, Access , Active Directory LDAP ,Microsoft OFFICE 2010


SQL Server DBA


  • Installed and configured edition of SQL Server 2008 on new servers and Installed SQL Server 2000 and 2005 service packs.
  • Installing Windows and SQL Server security patches, Windows regular updates.
  • Converted all existing DTS package of MS SQL 2005 to SSIS packages by using package migration wizard and Deployed new Package in different Server.
  • Involved in development of complex mappings and also in tuning of mappings for better performance.
  • Optimized the performance of queries and Stored procedure by creating, recreating and dropping indexes wherever necessary using the DMV's and query execution plans.
  • Development of automated daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, replication verification, Mirroring, database integrity verification, indexing and statistics updates.
  • Involved in capacity planning, disk usage, processor and memory usage during allocation management for Development, Staging and Production environments.
  • Implemented transactional replication to enhance the failover capabilities increased over all database manageability and improved performance.
  • Experience working with MS Windows server, including Active Directory and optimal environment configurations
  • Periodically checked all databases with DBCC commands for maintaining data consistency, integrity and fixed data corruption Estimating storage capacity and monitoring the growth of database objects.
  • Worked on SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS , drill down, parameterized reports, and cascading reports deployed them on Report server from Report Manager.
  • Creating views and stored procedures and optimizing them as required by front-end developers for easier implementation on web pages on the .NET applications.
  • Creating logins and roles with the appropriate permissions.
  • Responsible for resolving blocking and locking issues.
  • Involved in the Database migration of DB2 Server to SQL Server 2008 R2 Databases.
  • Involved in analyzing the right tools for monitoring the production environment on 24 hour basis and produced documentations.
  • Provided 24 X 7 dedicated supports for SQL Server production server.

Environment: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2/2003 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Active Directory ,2008, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services , DB2, TOAD for Oracle 9.5, Microsoft OFFICE 2003.


SQL Server DBA


  • Installation of SQL Server 2005 on Widows Active-Passive Clustered environment.
  • Managed and administrated the SQL Server 2005 and 2000 servers.
  • Migrated SQL server 2000 databases into SQL server 2005 databases by In-place upgrade and also used upgrade advisor tool for up-gradation.
  • Design, Migrated, Deployed and monitored DTS packages into SSIS packages and maintain Database Maintenance Plans on daily Basis.
  • Transferred SQl Server Objects from QA to Production Using SSIS Packages.
  • Handled up to 2 TB Size databases with clustered and replication environment
  • Extensively worked on Dynamic Management Views DMV's and Dynamic Management Functions DMF's .
  • Configured Reporting Server Using Reporting Services Configuration Tool and created and Deployed Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS .
  • Designed and Developed FTP task to transfer files from one server to another server.
  • Designed a Report on the monitoring of SQL Server Performance. This report gives a detail report to the management on the Performance of the server.
  • Fine Tuning of database objects and server and worked with SQL server Profiler to generate traces.
  • Integrated SQL traces with Performance Monitor to have better graphical analysis to find system bottlenecks.
  • Planned and modified the permission issues in the server and Implementation of SQL Principle, Securable, Permission, Roles and Authentication Modes as a part of Security Policies for various categories of users.
  • Rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.
  • Used DTS Packages to move logins and jobs from one server to another server.
  • Used log shipping for Synchronization of Database.
  • Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and deadlocks.
  • Extensive testing on the Performance of the Stored Procedures.
  • Assisted based on the requirement by using Joins, Sub Queries and Co-related Sub Queries.
  • Scheduled and monitored all maintenance activities including database consistency check, index defragmentation.
  • Implementation of SQL Logins, Roles and Authentication Modes as a part of Security Policies for various categories of users.

Environment: Windows 2003 Server, MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS.


SQL Server DBA


  • Installation of SQL Server 2005 on production, development and testing environments.
  • Documented the deprecated features in SQL server 2005 and made the changes to existing database objects.
  • Configured SQL Server 2000 on a clustered environment and monitored the activity using the cluster administrator.
  • Implemented data modeling using Erwin tool. Transformed logical models into physical models and then deployed into SQL server databases during database design implementation.
  • Identified the entities, attributes and relationships and deployed them as physical databases in SQL Server.
  • Provided support to development team on performance tuning of queries for enhancing application output.
  • Deployed Database schema changes in the development, testing and production environments.
  • Managed Login and User: adding logins, roles, groups, maintaining proper security procedures and back out plans.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions according to the business requirement.
  • Developed SQL scripts for maintaining administration tasks.
  • Performed query plans and created appropriate indexes to improve the SQL Server Performance.
  • Exported and imported data from text files and Excel to SQL Server database using bulk insert and BCP utility.
  • Used DBCC commands to check physical and logical consistency of the databases.
  • Migrated and Upgraded SQL server 2000 databases to SQL server 2005 environment using upgrade advisor and tested the application.
  • Worked on maintenance of data using various utilities like DTS, export, import, attach/detach Data Migration tools.
  • Created and Implemented, scheduled maintenances and backup procedures to the database to enhance overall performance and disaster recovery methods.
  • Maintained stand by servers using log shipping and replication concepts.
  • Monitored and scheduled existing/new jobs on production environment.
  • Worked in generating reports using Microsoft Reporting Services SSRS .
  • Provided 24/7 critical production support for data issues and given appropriate solutions.

Environment: Windows 2003, MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0,MS Access, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Profiler.


SQL Server DBA/Developer


  • Implementation of SQL Logins, Roles and Authentication Modes as a part of Security Policies for various categories of users.
  • Writing Stored User Defined Data Types, Procedures, Triggers and Functions.
  • Rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive Backup plan and Disaster Recovery strategies. Implemented and Scheduled Replication process for updating our parallel servers.
  • BCP, Bulk Copy, Select into are used to move data
  • Using the Lite Speed to take backups.
  • Monitoring/troubleshooting the existing DTS packages.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Monitored and modified Performance using execution plans and Index tuning.
  • Recovering the databases from backup in disasters.
  • Maintaining the database consistency with DBCC at regular intervals.
  • Using log shipping for synchronization of database.
  • Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and dead locks.
  • To analyze long running slow queries and tune the same to optimize application and system performance.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, Enterprise Manager, Windows 2000, SQL Profiler, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0.

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