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Software Development Consulting Resume Profile



  • HOPWA Tracking System
  • Apparel Ordering System
  • Executive Compensation Systems
  • Bond Correspondence Database
  • GPO Matching System
  • Contractors Tracking Database
  • Disclosure Module
  • Food Brokerage System
  • Labor Delivery System
  • Contract Performance Tracking System
  • Tracking of Funds and Grants
  • Police Ticketing System
  • Contact Management System
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Budget Tracking System
  • Metal Inventory Tracking System
  • Global Mobility System
  • Client Information Analysis
  • Book Inventory System
  • Commission Calculation Module
  • Event Tracking System
  • Web Based Books Ordering System


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Apparel
  • Education
  • Food
  • Oil
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Publishing
  • Law Enforcement


Microsoft Access 2.0, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007,2010

VBA Visual Basic for Applications Access, Excel, Outlook , Word, QuickBooks

SQL Server 3.0, 7.0, 8.0, Oracle

VB Script, Java Script, ASP, HTML

Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Software Development Consulting


  • Worked on additional metrics to the reports
  • Fixed parts of the system that were not working
  • Cleaned unused database objects in the application to reduce clutter
  • Merged an input database with the existing system to avoid duplication of effort
  • Assisted in creating an Excel Power Pivot version of the output report
  • Redesigned and created a new system to track performance of customers on their contract obligations for the Marketing department.


  • Documented the system
  • Streamlined business process so that all previous manual tasks were automated
  • Consolidated various ad hoc databases into one feature rich application
  • Built in various security features for the different user types
  • Recreated over 40 reports


  • Created a central database for the executive compensation department. The data was originally spread across various ad hoc databases. The enhanced system ensures accurate data is reported to the board of directors.
  • New tables were created along with relationships to ensure data integrity.
  • Various applications were created based on functional need.
  • Detailed reports were recreated that were used by the board of directors.
  • Systems created were tailored to allow management intermediate Microsoft Access users to be able to make quick modifications to queries and reports as quick turnaround was needed on time sensitive reports.


Designed and implemented a customer matching Microsoft Access application for Abbott Diagnostic Division. The application matches Abbott customer list with the member list provided by the Group Purchasing Organizations GPO .


Created a system to track dues paid by members for the Chicago and North East Illinois District Council of Carpenters. The Microsoft Access 2003 system is used to track and collect unpaid dues by generating reports and collection letters.


Created an order tracking system for an apparel startup based out of New York. The Microsoft Access 2007 system is used to enter orders, maintain customer list and print invoices, bar-coded tags, packing slips and customized reports.


  • Worked for Housing and Urban Development HUD to merge and clean up three separate Microsoft Access 2003 applications into one Microsoft 2007 application for centralized data entry and reporting capabilities.
  • Interfaced application with Microsoft Excel for editable reporting.
  • Imported existing charts in Microsoft Excel into data driven Microsoft Access charts.
  • Enhanced data interface through user friendly screens and search capabilities.
  • Provided accurate reporting through parameterized options.
  • Provided a manual and system documentation for ease of use and maintenance.


Designed and implemented a contact management system for Chicago and Northeast Illinois Contractors Union using Microsoft Access 2007 that interfaced with Outlook using VBA. The system allowed for export of contact information into Outlook. Custom fields were also created in Outlook at run time to store additional data.


Enhanced and maintained a food brokerage Microsoft Access 2000 application. Interfaced the application with QuickBooks, Outlook and Win fax to reduce redundant data entry.


Worked on Kellogg's retail incentive system. Wrote modules and reports that calculated commissions and bonuses for sales representatives.


Designed a ticketing system for Palatine Police Department using Microsoft Access 97. The system is used to process written tickets, track and send delinquent notices, extract collection tickets for further processing and run various custom reports.

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