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Perl Developer Resume Profile




  • Database application developer with 14 years of experience in analysis, design and development of various software, specializing in market data processing end of day pricing and fundamentals
  • Experience in back-office applications for investment banking and brokerage on-line trading systems
  • Experience developing enterprise-scale distributed system
  • Experience in production support shell, Perl, windows applications

Areas of expertise:

  • Full life cycle of application development requirements review, research and analysis, database and software design, development, implementation, unit and inter-system testing, technical documentation writing, user training, deployment
  • Monitoring, 24x7 production support
  • Troubleshooting and problems solving

Languages: SQL Oracle Pro C, PL SQL, Transact SQL , Unix Shell Scripting ksh, bash and borne , C, Perl, Java, awk, XML, HTML, some Windows batch scripts

Platforms: Solaris, Linux, and Windows 2000/NT, Winodows 7

Database and related libraries and tools: Aqua Data Studio 7.0.39, Embarcadero Rapid SQL 7.6.1, Oracle 10i, Sybase ASE 12.5, 15, UNIFY Dataserver/ELS, MS SQL Server, JDBC, MS Access, Erwin, TOAD, Oracle SQLDeveloper, Sybase SQL-Advantage,MS Visio, FileZilla, ASA 9.1 server,Autosys

Frameworks and Libraries: Sockets,J2EE, Swing, Xerces, AWT, Applets, LU6.2, and MQ Series, Lotus Notes



perl developer

  • Production support of Sales and Marketing applications for Pearson Education sales and product mana gement system, Sales Force CRM tools. Work with users' remote system, help to extract and synchronize remote system with individual laptops, check extraction process, correctness of it for different markets
  • Create the sampling and BUI courses reports for Pearson Socrates system for representatives, using shell scripting
  • Working to clean Windows servers' directories, deleting old files to make sure, there are enough places to process jobs.
  • Investigate different issues and fix existing problems using batch, shell, Perl script and SYBASE stored procedure.
  • Create product system using Perl scripts and SYBASE database, developing SQL stored procedures
  • Working on new projects in Perl, shell, batch scripting to make automated coverimages files process for eCatalog Socrates Pearson system, for sales representatives and college professors.
  • Administrating support of remote Pearson ASA 9.1 server


Sybase, shell, perl developer, production support

  • Working for Goldman Sachs project to create Perl reconciliation script to compare data on primary and snapshot databases and scripts to re-load correct data.
  • Working on new project End of Day checker with purpose to check the processing steps on incoming feeds and fire appropriate events. Project includes Java and Sybase stored procedures
  • Create a Perl script with SYBASE statement to publish result of core processes by the end of the day
  • Create scripts to add/delete jobs to/from Autiosys
  • Create the system, to extract, transform and load market data, GS data feeds and check correctness of loading data


Sybase Database developer

  • Coordinate work of development team with Moody's managers and SME, project management and production management, Global management office, acceptance testing and sign off. Define projects scopes and ensure timely closure on all phases of them. Provide production support for all systems and processes
  • Developing Dodd Frank project, new Moody's credit rating system, Rating outlook and other indicators: multiple SYBASE stored procedures, triggers, ad-hoc queries, and UNIX shell scripts.
  • Uploading large scale of data to new database, compare against legacy database system, fix existing difference.
  • Lead the project of SYBASE upgrade and stored procedures, triggers, views migration from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.7
  • Create and developer data changes reports using Perl: create weekly correction report and Disclosure Form Correction Report according request of Dodd-Frank law. The Perl script connects to the SYBASE database, select necessary data and load it to Excel sheet for clients. Email the Excel sheet to customers and analytical team.
  • Developing multiple SYBASE stored procedures to calculate Fixed income maturity, return of principal at maturity, total return, redemption, managing risk and diversification.


Database application developer

  • Large-scale Sybase to Oracle Migration: converted multiple SYBASE stored procedures, shell scripts and executables with SYBASE code to Oracle. Utilized sqlldr to load data into database tables in required format. Implemented multi-threaded Java loading programs to parse input XML files performing time-efficient parallel processing.
  • Fundamental Data Maintenance: Loaded and/or calculated several types of Fundamental Data Shares Outstanding, Market Cap, various indicators based on pricing and fundamental values, etc. into Historical Databases, adjusted if needed for corporate actions, made them available for demonstration in ThomsonOne Charting and Quote applications. The system implemented using Java loading programs, shell scripts and Sybase SQL stored procedures.
  • Pricing Data Maintenance: Developed and implemented Short Interest Data integration into ThomsonOne including regular processing of exchange-provided data files, adjusting for corporate actions, storing in History Databases and made the historical content available for demonstration in ThomsonOne Charting and Thomson Data Feeds. The system developed using Transact-SQL, shell scripts, Sybase SQL stored procedures.
  • Continuous Futures Rollover Algorithms and Processing: Developed and maintained an automatic algorithm and processing to roll over continuous futures for ThomsonOne by requests of many clients like TradeWeb and Piper Jaffray that allows users not to change the future contract symbol every time the near active month expires but use continuous future symbols that are mapped to the right contract. The project was done using C, ksh, Transact-SQL, and Sybase stored procedures
  • Experience with development of Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Bonds, Collateral , creating the price file, load data to the database and send flat file report to the front end developer to display it in ThomsonOne platform.
  • 6 experiences with development Sybase stored procedures, triggers, performing, tuning and optimization, query plans, database modeling.
  • 6 experiences development shell scripts to load flat files data to Sybase database and unload database tables and views to the files in order to send them to front-end developers to display in ThomsonOne charting and Quote applications


Database application developer

  • Developed the database/backend portion of the T1link block trading system that allowed real-time order submission of one or many stock orders concurrently. Core of this system is to allow the broker the ability to trade stocks of one or several brokerage clients at the same time and to see the result of this trade on the website
  • Developed systems to provide real-time updated brokerage account information such as client's account balances, portfolio holdings, trade statuses and historical information. This application consists of multithreaded server communications between a client and a server was done over TCP socket
  • Was responsible for development the trading system portion of T.Rowe Price's online brokerage website. Developed broker management tools, various maintenance applications, backend processes for communications with back office using LU6.2 mechanism which I redesigned for MQ Series, using C and Unify database. The system was designed to receive order from brokerage client or a broker, parse it, update the database, create and send order to the back office using the LU6.2 mechanism. The system was redesigned to utilize MQ Series files transportation system along with Oracle database and Oracle Pro C.
  • Developed and maintained the system to provide aftermarket hours and overnight account information, which allows client to trade equity and options on-line during hours, to see trade results next day after trading, and provides likely scenarios for the next session, including statistics, history, account information and reports for the customers. The systems were designed in C using a Unify database, updating account information for each customer, customer position, and summary result of previous day trading. Redesigned the system to Pro C PL/SQL blocks

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