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Software Architect Resume Profile

Fairfax, VA

SUMMARY Over 20 years of experience in designing and developing large enterprise level applications through all stages of the software development lifecycle. Excellent record in managing software development, enterprise architecture, and IT modernization projects. Expert in designing and developing systems to address various business functions including: financial analysis, billing, forecasting, event management, workflow, case management, knowledge management, and data visualization and analysis.





SQL Server



AWS RedShift





Dynamics CRM









Present Director Software Development

  • Responsible for all custom software development to support a rapidly growing renewable energy business. Includes data acquisition systems, monitoring systems, billing systems, big data, warehousing and analytics, and financial forecasting systems.
  • Managing a team of developers in the US and India.
  • Established a cloud architecture AWS for reliable and faster global data acquisition and successfully migrated systems out of data centers to the cloud.
  • Responsible for managing all cloud resources. Managing the budget for the cloud infrastructure, presenting the roadmap for future growth and migration of systems to the cloud to offer better services to offices around the globe at a lower cost.
  • Established policies and processes to increase the key systems uptime from 75 to 95 in a period of 3 months.


Software Architect

  • Responsible for technical and delivery excellence for US Marine Corps software projects.
  • Implemented standardization of architecture, code, and documentation.
  • Successfully turned around projects that were losing over 1 million a year.
  • Identified opportunities for new product development and consolidation of existing capabilities to cut costs and improve efficiencies.
  • Introduced cloud computing AWS as a solution.
  • Troubleshoot critical technical issues. Guide and mentor the technical team.
  • Manage development process using Agile Methodologies and Test Driven Development.


  • Architect for the Consumer Product Safety Risk Management System, a 20 million IT modernization initiative.
  • Managed the successful launch of www.saferproducts.gov a B2C and a B2B portal for consumers, industry, and US Government collaboration and communication.
  • Designed enterprise solutions and conducted product and vendor selection as part of CPSC's IT modernization.
  • Implemented a Service Oriented Architecture to facilitate communications between different CPSC systems and with other government and commercial partners.

Enterprise Architect


  • Implemented product life cycle management process.
  • Established configuration management, source control, and maintenance processes for over 70 legacy applications.
  • Managed enterprise level IT restructuring that included the consolidation of over 200 NTSB databases across 20 servers down to 4 SQL Server environments and the implementation of SharePoint 2007 for enterprise document management and collaboration.


  • Technical lead and architect for www.marines.mil. Inherited the project in distress and successfully turned it around and delivered within budget and schedule.
  • Designed a highly customized dual farm SharePoint 2007 web content management based application that is available 24x7 providing Marines with secure access to collaborate from wherever they are deployed.


Senior Consultant/Software Architect

  • Development Manager and Technical Lead for an n-tiered, web application for the United States Department of Agriculture to monitor food safety and consumer complaints. Designed the application to integrate with various USDA databases including future systems such as the National Bio-surveillance Integrated System.
  • Conducted a study and proposed architecture for USDA systems to communicate with the DHS National Bio-surveillance Integrated System using principles of Service Oriented Architecture SOA .


  • Technical lead for a patient safety management system used by Military Health Services DoD and various commercial hospitals. System was designed to provide complex yet easily configurable workflows to cater to the business process of the hospital.


  • Technical lead and software architect for an enterprise level n-tiered, 24 x 7, System of Record for the Training and Education Command of the US Marine Corps.
  • System implemented a Service Oriented Architecture SOA to allow for communication between various DoD systems.
  • Successfully introduced Test Driven Development and Agile Programming methodologies to InfoReliance and to the US Marine Corps.


Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead

  • Technical lead for a multi-tiered B2B system designed to receive, validate, and process complex financial data.
  • Designed the application under a Software as a Service SaaS model.
  • Implemented Test Driven Development and Agile Programming methodologies.


Technical Lead/Project Manager

  • Product architect and technical lead for EnergyVision, a software suite for the utility industry.
  • Managed a team of 15 developers and maintained on schedule delivery within allocated budget.
  • Managed a small team of developers in India as a supplement to the main development team in the US.
  • Successfully turned around the development process that was behind schedule and at risk.
  • Lead developer and designer for BillVision, a billing application for the utility industry.
  • Implemented coding standards and code review by peers.

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