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Sql Server Dba Resume

Mclean, VA


  • Around Eight (8) years of IT experience with Database Administration on MS SQL SERVER 2012/2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 in Production, Development and Testing Environments.
  • Hands-on experience with Installation/Troubleshooting, Managing and Configuration of MS SQL Server 2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000 on Windows 2008/2003/2000 / NT server.
  • Experience in SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre, MySQL, Sybase, Windows Administration
  • Maintained databases with sizes ranging from Large to Very Large Databases (terabytes).
  • Excellent Experience in Managing Security through Logins, Users, Permissions, Certificates , Credentials, Encryption Schemes per Company’s Security Policies
  • Worded on VMware and Virtual Environment.
  • Proficient in scripts, stored procedures, DTS, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, MDS, using T-SQL, ANSII SQL, MDX, and VBS for OLTP, OLAP and Data Warehouse RDBMS; Cognos and SSAS cube modeling (BI suite); Business Objects-Crystal Reports reporting, FTP and batch processing.
  • SQL Server replication, security and logins, SSRS configuration and administration, database mirroring, SQL Server clustering, SQL Azure, Amazon RDS and Redshift
  • Ability to program in various tools needed to build Business Intelligence solutions on the back-end (Database engine, MSAS Cube/Tabular, DQS, MDS, Cognos Dynamic Cube, Cognos Framework) and at the front-end (BI Client Tools such as Cognos Report Studio, Workspace/BIA, Panorama, Excel, etc.).
  • Extensive knowledge with Backups, Restoration and Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Extensive experience in developing Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, and Complex Queries on SQL Server 2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000 .
  • Experience in Upgrading of SQL Server from version 2000 to 2005 and 2005 to 2008/2008R2/2012.
  • Highly Proficient in migration of Databases, packages and Job activities from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005/2008R2/2012 and also migrating the database from development to production, and migrate the data between the databases.
  • Excellent knowledge of Database concepts such as Entity-Relationship Modeling, Transactional Management, Normalization, Indexes etc.
  • Extensive experience in Installing, configuring and maintaining SQL Server Active/Active and Active/Passive cluster.
  • Experience in Constructing Server Baselines and Performance Tuning using tools like Windows System Monitor, SQL Profiler, DMV's, and SQL Query Analyzer and performed Query Optimization.
  • Hands-on experience with SSIS (SQL server Integrated Services), SSRS (SQL server Reporting Services).
  • Experienced in Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and production, support SDLC of Client/Server, and Web based applications
  • Good experience with SQL Server 2005 Online Database Indexing and Recovery.
  • Experience in designing & implementing high availability, clustering, log shipping and/or mirroring standby, large database management, and partitioning.
  • Experienced in Data Migration between Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Systems using various tools (SQL Server Upgrade Advisor, DTS Package Migration Wizard, Import Export Data, DTS Packages, Bulk Insert, BCP and SSIS).
  • Automated Database Consistency Checks, Fragmentation checks and Index Reorganization/Rebuilding Operations.
  • Experience in Creating Roles and managing user permissions, Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and using performance monitor/profiler for resolving deadlocks.
  • Have knowledge in ADABAS database management system.
  • Performed Server 2008 R2, 2003 and IIS Systems Administration, and configuration
  • Hands on experience in creating database maintenance plans monitored the jobs by generating alerts to be sent to the operators via email & Pager notifications using SQL Server Agent.
  • Configuring and maintaining Report Manager and Report Server. Good understanding with SQL based reporting tools like Crystal Reports.
  • Knowledge in designing, creating, processing of Cubes using SSAS and using MDX Queries.
  • Knowledge in data warehouse modeling (designing Star Schema, snowflake schemas with identifying Facts and Dimensions).
  • Created Linked Servers between SQL Server & Oracle 9i and 10g. Also created DTS package for data transfer between the two environments.
  • Handled numerous Change Management requests on production servers.
  • 24 X 7 Production Database on Call Support


Databases: MS SQL server 2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000

Operating Systems: Windows NT/98/2000/XP/Vista/2003, 2007, VMWare

ETL Tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), INFORMATICA,

SQL Server DTS, BCP, Import/Export Wizard, BI Studio

Web Servers:IIS, ASP.NET

Languages: SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL,.Net(C#,ASP)

Other Tools: Microsoft Visual Source Safe, IDERA, Redgate, Foglight, Sentry

Reporting &OLAP Tools: Visual Studio, Report Builder, SSRS, Crystal Reports, SSAS, MS Excel

Data Modeling Tools: Erwin, ER Studio, Access, Microsoft Visio 2007

SQL Server Tools: SQL server Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio, MDS, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Profiler, Performance Monitor, Database Tuning WizardSQL server Query Analyzer, SQL server mail service , DBCC, DTS, BCP , SQL server profiler, Event Viewer, and Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Server Agent, SSRS Log Shipping, T-SQL, DDL, SQLCMD, BIDS, Triggers


Confidential, Mclean, VA

SQL Server DBA

  • Designing and implementing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solution, Data Integration and Workflow Solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Quality Services, and Master Data Services.
  • Worked on multiple projects on building reports using SQL Server 2005 reporting services (SSRS), Business Objects Crystal Reports. Support and debug asp.net applications using Visual Studio 2005
  • Defined source data models (design of E-R model, designed logical to physical data marts) to help evolve a data warehouse strategy that reduces information access time
  • Builded the Dimensions, cubes with Star schema and Snow flake schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Used Reporting Services (SSRS) to schedule reports to be generated on predetermined time.
  • Developed reports using SSRS and published as PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Creation and development of SQL reports, reporting structure which includes financial and composite reports for existing and new clients using SSRS.
  • Manual Testing the UI Applications (Sales Audit) and SSRS Reports by validating the Transactional data showing on both the UI and on the Reports and Providing Code Fixes to the Stored Procedures and views used by the ETL Process and the Reports.
  • Proficiently created drill down reports, linked reports, drill through reports and sub reports using SSRS.
  • Designed and worked on DQS and MDSSQL Server 2012 Tools to cleanse and establish master data management from various data sources. The resultant data are then use in the EDW environment dimensions.
  • Used script task in splitting the flatfile& renaming of the file using C#.
  • Proficiently created and manage roles and security of reports and scheduled the Subscription of Reports using SSRS.
  • Worked with Postgre admin tool modules, such as connection pooling, full text searching, and replication.
  • Support Sybase database applications
  • Worked on Team Foundation Server (TFS) source control system in the development of SSIS packages and SSRS report development.
  • Designing and Developing SSIS ETL migrations and upgrades from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 utilizing column store indexes in xVelocity.
  • Utilizing SQL Server 2012 Hyper-V virtualization platform with Live Migration and server replication to cloud hosted environment.
  • Involved in planning and migrating SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 databases to SQL Server 2012 databases. Migration including SQL Server agent jobs, SSIS Packages, DW Databases, Analysis Services Cubes and Reports.
  • Created Drill down, Drill through, and Parameterized reports using SSRS

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/2008, MS SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003,SQL Azure,Postgre,Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS), MDS in VM, SQL LiteSpeed.

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

SQL Server DBA

  • Performed Horizontal Table Partitioning and configured Resource Governor on Production Database.
  • Administered SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012 on windows 2008 and 2008 R2 servers.
  • Installed and administered two-node cluster Active/Passive on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition on SAN environment.
  • Maintained Transactional Replication on production servers.
  • Set up Always on Availability Groups as a high availability for group of databases in SQL 2012 instance.
  • Design of a data warehouse architecture, introduced data modeling approach (logical to physical data translation), assisted in design, test, implementation and control of physical and relational databases
  • By using the Availability Groups feature in SQL Server 2012 created DB Mirroring for specific Database.
  • Documented the steps required during pre-migration and post-migration of SQL Server 2005 to 2008R2.
  • Worked on Factiva Metrics data warehouse migration project, part of the project, migrated data warehouse databases, ETL Packages (SSIS Packages), SSAS Cubes and SSRS Reports to new server infrastructure running SQL Server 2008R2 from SQL Server 2005.
  • Migrated databases from SQL Server 2005/2008R2 to SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 and Migrated SQL servers from physical to VMware virtual environment.
  • Implemented and configured Performance Data Collector.
  • Involved in implementing and supporting data warehousing and BI projects using Microsoft Business Intelligence suite such as SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • As an Admin Created & Managed PostgreSQL table spaces and databases, PostgreSQL Schemas & Postgre logging.
  • Extensively worked on trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance using Database Engine tuning advisor and SQL server profiler.
  • Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find the performance issues, dead locks, blockings and Capturing long running SQL queries for fine-tuning SQL statements that better result in efficient SQL statements processing.
  • Checking Database Health by using DBCC Commands and DMVs.
  • Assigned reports using C#.NET to the web application to the end users.
  • Setting up backups for the newly created databases and Scheduling transfer of backups and log files to different servers.
  • Created Maintenance Plans for Regular Backups, Rebuilding of Indexes and data purging process as part of maintenance.
  • Implemented and Documented the Disaster Recovery Processes in accordance with the company’s disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Involved in the process of developing DR planning tool.
  • Completed certified training from VMware in vSphere 5.1 Install, Configure, Manage

Environment: SQL Server 2012/2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 , MS Visual Studio 2012/2010, MS BI Dev. Studio, Enterprise Manager, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, IIS, Query Analyzer, Vb.NET, C#, MS Visio, Perfmon, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Resource Governor, Change Data capture, Management Data Warehouse, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012 , Team Foundation Server, Unix, Power shell 2, Erwin ,IIS 7.0 , SQL Sentry 7.5, IGT 9.1 , SBX 4.1, ezPay 9.1, Tournament Manager 2.0 , Table Manager 9.1, TwinFin 3 , NPS 6.0.5.P2/7.0.P2, 1000 DW Appliance, Cognos, UNICA Campaign and Infogenesis POS, vSphere Client 5.0.0, SolarWinds

Confidential, Troy, MI

SQL Server DBA

  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of windows server 2008/2003 along with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008/2005.
  • Recently upgraded SQL Server instances from 2008 R2 to 2012.
  • Implemented Backup and Restore strategy for point in time and point of failures tasks both with SQL server and lite-Speed.
  • Automated the system by introducing alerts for data/log files and disk space issues and configuring DB mail in the environment.
  • Administrator tasks like managing permissions (users, roles, and profiles)
  • Created indexes on much needed tables. Periodically doing Index-Defragmentation and Stats updates.
  • Defined source data models (design of E-R model, designed logical to physical data marts) to help evolve a data warehouse strategy that reduces information access time
  • Defined parameters to SSRS in C#.NET to run dynamically at runtime.
  • Provided SQL Server 2008R2 Support for JAVA based application which includes parameterized SSIS package data migrations.
  • Trained Report Developers using SSRS. Created templates for most client facing reports
  • Installed and configured TFS (2010, 2012) for tracking project status.
  • Configured Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • Tuned SQL statements and SQL Procedures using profiler.
  • Implementing high availability and disaster recovery scenarios for SQL Server(Log-Shipping, Mirroring)
  • Organized the Users Flow to the SharePoint Server.
  • Maintained the physical Databases by monitoring Performance, Space utilization and Physical integrity.
  • Established and documented a complete Disaster Recovery Plan for the Database servers.
  • Daily monitoring of SQL Server performance/bottlenecks/jobs.
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Creating/Managing SharePoint Sites.
  • IIS 7.0/7.5 (Creating Sites and administration)
  • Installed and configured RAID and presently maintaining the HP Proliant DL blade Servers. Also repaired the Servers with bad hard drives.
  • Maintain SSAS Cubes (backups and optimization)

Environment:MS SQL Server 2008R2/2008/2005, MDS(Master Data Services), Enterprise Edition, Standard Editions ,Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 ,Windows XP, SSMS, BIDS, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server Agent, T-SQL, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Performance Monitor, Windows Event Viewer ,SQL Server Configuration manager, SQL Profiler, Database Engine tuning Advisor,, Import/Export Wizard,MSSQL Server (2012/ 20008 R2, 2005), Windows 2008/2003, SharePoint Sever 2010, IIS (7.0, 7.5) DTS, SQL profiler, Import and export wizard, SQL Azure, System Monitor/Performance/Profiler, MS Suite (2013/2010), SQL Lite Speed Backup Software

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

SQL Server DBA (Through Polaris)

  • Installed SQL Server 2008 in production, test and development environments.
  • Managed servers in Clustered, Mirrored and Log Shipping environment
  • Managed SQL Servers in Virtual and Standalone environments for OLTP and DSS systems
  • Provided technical support for the database environment including overseeing the development and organization of the databases, assessment and implementation of new technologies.
  • Designed and Developed Complex SSIS packages using SQL SERVER 2005 Integration Services, OLEDB, file system task in SQL SERVER Integration Services to upload and download the ETL DATA.
  • Designed and implemented complex SSIS package to extract data from multiple data sources for analyzer.
  • Designed high level ETL Architecture for overall data transfer from the Source Server to the Enterprise Services Warehouse.
  • Designed and Developed Complex SSIS packages using SQL SERVER 2008 Integration Services, OLEDB, file system task, ftp task in SQL SERVER Integration Services to upload and download the ETL DATA.
  • Designed and implemented database changes.
  • Reviewed and tune up SQL queries, stored procedures, views and triggers.
  • Worked with architecture, application development and operations to help achieve a state-of-the-art environment that meets current and future business objectives.
  • Help in-house developers improve performance of their stored procedures, TSQL codes and database design.
  • Managed health of SQL Servers including backups, restores and monitoring.
  • Provide a working model of transaction processing environment for capacity assessment and planning.
  • Used SSRS to report exceptions and data analysis reports.
  • Developed a methodology for the ongoing assessment of database performance and the identification of problem areas.
  • Develop a security scheme for the database environment, as well as assisting in set up of disaster recovery.

Environment:SQL Server 2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 , Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 , MS Visual Studio, MS BI Dev Studio, Enterprise Manager, SSIS, SSAS, DTS, SSRS, Oracle 10g R2, IIS, Query Analyzer, Vb.NET, Crystal Report, MS Visio, Litespeed, Perfmon, LINQ, Spotlight, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Change Director, Numara Track-It 8, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6, NFI Query Farm Maintenance, Team Foundation Server, Unix, Power shell 2, Perl. ,MS SQL-Server 2005/2000, DTS, ETL Strategies, BI tools, Database clustering’s, OLTP, OLAP, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL server integration services, SQL Server analysis services, T-SQL, MS Access, Microsoft Excel, PL/SQL, SQL Profiler, ASP.NET, Acrobat reader

Confidential, Pune, India

SQL Server DBA (Through Polaris)

  • Provided technical support during the development, design enhancement and implementation of production databases.
  • Worked with the transaction processing area to develop both the physical and the logical database administration functions.
  • Work with others in IT to build the logical database area and provide technical guidance during all phases of the development process.
  • Worked with vendors in evaluating and implementing new technologies.
  • Manage and Support large amount of MS SQL Server 2000/2005 database in high
  • Availability environments including Cluster and Log shipping, Replication
  • Proactively monitor, tune and improve Database Performance
  • Strong ability to Identify/ troubleshoot problems and resolve real-time database issues
  • Perform consulting services for various clients which include designing SSIS ETL packages and setting up staging tables which were used to update the data warehouse.
  • Conduct performance tuning for applications
  • Perform database Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrade MS SQL Server 7.0/6.5 to SQL 2000 and from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005
  • Write batch files to Manage databases and Migrate data across Servers
  • Transfer data from different platforms using DTS/SSIS package
  • Design and troubleshoot DTS packages for the business needs
  • Write stored procedures, triggers and views
  • Convert database from Foxprod to MS SQL 2000
  • Automate DBA activities to help ensure the high availability of the Server
  • Apply SQL Service patches and manage SQL server security, Support Sharepoint in SQL
  • Support SSAS and Manage OLAP database for Data warehouse for financial business
  • Setup log shipping and replication

Environment:MS SQL Server 2005/2000, Enterprise Edition, Standard Editions ,Windows Server 2003/2000 ,Windows XP, SQL Server Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server Agent, T-SQL, Database Engine Tuning Advisor

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