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Separation Data Architect Resume

East Windsor, NJ


Seeking an opportunity to share 10+ years of Data Architecture and Database Design experience.


  • Worked for 2 large Investment Banks providing IT Solutions for Trading Systems
  • Delivered Data Management vision, goals, priorities, design principles and operating policies as per the business goals of the organization
  • Management and implementation of database models (both Star and Snowflake schema), data flow diagrams, database schemas, DTD schemas, structures and data standards to support a robust data management infrastructure
  • Experienced in translating Business Requirements into Conceptual, Logical and Physical data models.
  • Database auditing for access privileges and remedial action
  • Designed and implemented Metadata for mapping multiple sources in different formats like FIX and XML, to tables and columns between Sybase and DB2 databases.
  • Implemented best practices and methodologies in Data Analysis, Design and Modeling
  • Experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) using Perl/Shell scripts as well as SSIS and Informatica.
  • MDM implementation for 2 large organizations
  • Adept at both homogenous as well as heterogeneous Data migration
  • Hands on developer with Unix, Perl, Shell scripting and PL/SQL
  • Have lead large teams and trained newcomers
  • Complete SDLC experience using Iterative development processes like RUP, Agile and Waterfall models, Object Oriented development techniques and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Expert in database performance optimization
  • Have working knowledge of Hibernate, Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, TIBCO, Tivoli etc.
  • Seasoned professional, with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure.


Project Management Tools and Techniques: Software Development Life Cycle Methodology (SDLC), Six Sigma, CMMI, Waterfall, Rally, VersionOne for Agile and Scrum, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Excel, Clarty PPM

Languages/Technologies: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), C/C++, Java, JavaScript, XML, Perl, Shell, VC++, PL/SQL, HTML, Message Queues like MS MQ and TIBCO, JBOSS

Design Tools/Methodology: OOP/OOAD, IBM Rational Unified Modeling Language (UML), Use Cases, Rational Unified Process (RUP), ITUP, Rational Clear Case, Microsoft Visio, ERWin Data Modeler

Development Tools: SSMS, SSIS, SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant), DBArtisan, TOAD, Sun Workshop, VisualStudio, Eclipse, SQL-Programmer

Databases: Sybase 12.5/15, Sybase IQ, DB2UDB, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

Quality Assurance and Change Management: Jira, Netcool, Service Now, HPSC, Subversion, Teamcity, VSS, CVS, RCS, TFS

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT, DOS, Sun Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, SGI Unix, SCO Unix

Employment History

Client: Confidential

Enterprisewide Oracle DB Separation

Role : Separation Data Architect

Location: East Windsor, NJ

Project: Confidential

Confidential is separating its network, databases and Applications from Confidential Financial. A new Data Center is built for the new network to move to. The separation consists of moving physicals, VMs, Oracle LDOMs and related Applications. I am hired as Solution Architect for the separation. Over 2200 servers in 40 Waves have to be migrated over 6 month period.


  • Identifying client requirements and Separation scope, technologies and versions
  • Defining, designing and deploying infrastructure and application hosting solutions
  • Network design for new topology – multilayered architecture and Firewalls shrunk to 2 layered architecture, implementing new firewall and partnernet rules
  • SME for technology competencies including Apache, WebLogic, IIS, Unix System Administration, Wintel System Administration, DMZ Hosting and related technologies.
  • Admin, backup network setup while moving to new data center
  • VM migration using lift and shift, build or VMotion, SAN migration
  • Verification and modification of the Data Models under new regulations
  • Testing and Performance optimization on new network and Oracle database
  • Updating changes to CMDB in Salesforce

Environment: VMWare, Oracle LDOMs, Shell, Cygwin, Solaris, Linux, SalesForce

Client: Confidential

Domain: Database and Platform Migration

Role: Data Architect

Location: Dallas Tx

Project: Confidential

Confidential is building a Migration Utility to migrate thousands of their client applications from Unix to Linux (U2L) platforms and Sybase to Oracle Database. I am hired as consultant as Data Architect and Migration SME.


  • Identifying client requirements and Application scope, technologies and versions
  • Study of competitive Database and Data Migration products in the market, their suitability for our needs
  • Study of known issues and strategies to find them in the Applications
  • Collating all U2L migration issues for Knowledge Base and automated issue resolution
  • Extensive Migration Data Analysis to make it self-learning using iterative processing
  • Data Integration from multiple sources using ETL tools.
  • Migrate and if needed Redesign Database for legacy applications to Oracle Database
  • Performance optimization on Oracle database
  • Keyword replacement and environment changes to the code by using database tables
  • Utilities for analyzing the modified code and automated testing.
  • Making the application run at a single button click and do end to end processing

Environment: Sybase ASE 15, Oracle, Perl, Shell, Cygwin, Solaris, Linux

Client: Confidential

Domain: Asset Management

Role : Data Data Architect and Program Manager

Location: Jersey City, NYC, NY

Project: Confidential

Oppenheimer Funds is moving their HP-UX servers to Linux and the Sybase databases to SQL Server and a few to Oracle. I was Data Solutions Architect and Program Manager for the migration of over 35 applications.


  • Solution Design to migrate Sybase ASE 15 Database to SQL server 2012 keeping the look and feel of the Application intact.
  • Using SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) for migration and testing
  • Designed and implemented Solution for Windows Authentication
  • Generating the current Data Model and database design diagrams – LDM and PDM using Erwin
  • Creating a Data model for sharing common data (funds and accounts) across the whole firm
  • Central repository for Change Documentation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Utilities for analyzing data validation and automated testing.
  • Query and sproc performance tuning of Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Generating Data Model for future development
  • Using SSIS for migrating large data
  • Scripting and testing complex PL/SQL scripts for Business Rules and integration

Environment: MS Project, Visio, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder , Sybase ASE 15, SQL-Server 2012, Oracle, Erwin, SSMS, SQL-Programmer, MS Visual Studio, SSMA, SSIS-SSRS

Client: Confidential

Domain: Investment Banking

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Role : Project Lead and Data Architect

Project: Confidential

The takeover of Lehman Brothers operations by Confidential resulted in many applications performing identical functions, one of them being Post Trading Operation Applications. A study for deco, merge or migrate these was conducted and solution was designed.


  • Database redesign merge or move Lehman and Confidential applications so that the applications are not affected
  • Finding areas of improvement, new Exchange/broker implementation,
  • Redesigned Logical and Physical databases and defined metadata to map old and new tables and columns so that minimal code changes are needed
  • Designed and implemented Solution for Access Control eg Database admin rights were given to dev team members or those who were no longer in the project.
  • Central repository for Change Documentation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Query and sproc performance tuning of Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and SQL Server.
  • Collecting reference data from multiple sources using ETL integration.
  • Batch and report rescheduling for Oracle database performance issues
  • Moving users to LDAP/Active Directory Authentication
  • PL/SQL scripts, testing and performance tuning
  • Replacing XML based Data Exchange to JSON scripts

Environment: MS Project, Visio, PL/SQL, Perl, Shell, Asset Control, JDK 1.6, JSP, Servlets, JDBC with Eclipse as IDE, IBM WAS as app-server, JUnit, PowerBuilder , DB2-UDB, Sybase, SQL-Server 2008, Oracle with SQL, MySQL

Client: Confidential

Domain: Investment Banking

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Role : Solution and Data Architect

Project: Confidential

During 1999, Confidential decided to move away from Sybase applications and a large Confidential program was initiated. This required an analysis of the Sybase spread in the organization, estimating the efforts, running Proof Of Concepts, finalizing the new database, Migration Solution Architecture, customer and Application owner buy-in and then executing it. It was decided to give the owner an option of moving to either SQL Server 2008 or Oracle.


As Confidential Solution and Data Architect, I was responsible for

  • Providing technical expertise for Design and Development of the Sybase Database Migration Program.
  • Building tools to help Migration of Database Schema and data, verification of data, testing the application etc
  • Estimating cost, effort, manpower, resources for database migration
  • Contacting the Application owners and convincing them to undertake migration
  • Conducting Proof of Concepts (PoC) for database selection, bulk data migration, performance and ETL speed. Some of them are:
    • PoC for Sybase IQ Replacement by comparing SQL Server performance, developing tools for extraction of data
    • PoC SSMA (Sql Server Migration Assistant) for migration to SQL Server.
    • PoC for SSIS for bulk data migration to Sql Server
    • PoC for SQL Ways for any source and target database
    • PoC for SQL Developer for Sybase source and Oracle 11g target database
    • PoC for iWatch for database process monitoring
    • PoC of Sybase Replication Server for cross-RDBMS replications
  • Utilities to compare the Application Performance before and after Database migration.
  • Adhoc technical issues in Migration eg slow queries, incorrect resultset, resultset order not being the same etc
  • Database optimization for data loading using PL/SQL scripts
  • Redesign of MDM to merge both Lehman Brothers and Confidential
  • Testing and approvals of Third Party Tools used for migration, database monitoring etc eg Freebcp, freeTDS, iWatch
  • Liasing with SQL Server and Oracle teams for Advanced Migration solutions as their migration utilities were in infant stage
  • Setting BI reporting framework on datawarehouse after migration in regulatory compliance
  • Installing, Configuring and testing SAS reports for SQL Server
  • Setting up Authentication using LDAP/Active Directory on the new systems and migrating the users to them

Environment: MS Project, Visio, Sun Solaris, Linux, Java/J2EE (JDK 1.6, JSP, Servlets, JDBC), Sybase, Sybase IQ, Oracle, SQL Server, C/C++, Perl, Shell, Autosys, TIBCO, MQ, SSIS, SSMA, SQL Ways, SQL Advantage, Crystal Reports, PowerBuilder, Informatica, SAS, Microstrategy, BOXI, FreeTDS, Freebcp etc, SQL Developer, SQL Ways, iWatch

Employer: TCS

Client: Confidential

Domain: Investment Banking

Role: Database Audit Architect and Project Lead

Project: Confidential

In view of the SEC security compliance, Confidential decided to setup a firm wide database access auditing Architecture as per SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and GxP (Good Practices) compliance. This sent out alerts to database owners on the well being of their databases. The entire Solution was elaborated from a single mission statement and designed by a few people including me.

Responsibilities: As Data Architect and Project Lead, I successfully:

  • Designed SoD solution suite for over 75000 databases – Sybase and DB2UDB
  • Provided technical expertise for data extraction like logins and users, last access, permission etc.
  • Designed and got approved criteria to classify a database into ‘Well Maintained” or not
  • Got approved special considerations with senior management like common login to all databases for data extraction
  • Designed LDM and create the PDM database to store this data from where reports are generated
  • Suggested remedial action to the database owners
  • Complex PL/SQL scripts for segregating the privileges and qualifying access to users
  • Trained Team members on the SoD aspects, Prioritization, distribution and followup of tasks
  • Provided senior management with automated weekly reports of non-compliant databases

Environment: PPM,Visio, Linux, Sybase, DB2, Perl, Shell scripts, ERWin, Autosys, MySQL, T-sql, isql, fsql, wsql

Client: Confidential

Role: Data Architect

Project: Confidential

Athena is the next generation DB2-UDB Equity Trading Database and Datawarehouse, replacing the present ones in Sybase. This stores large amount of data adding over 100 million rows daily and reports and Confirmations are sent from this. Redesigning the Database and Datawarehouse Architecture, creating metadata for old to new column mapping, utilities to reconcile the Sybase and DB2 data were some of the tasks.

Responsibilites: As Data Architect, I was responsible for

  • Providing technical expertise for re-designing of the existing ETSDB for both transactional and analytical (Datawarehouse) processing
  • Designing Metadata Architecture to help Data integration using column mapping between old Sybase and the new DB2 database
  • Parallel flow setup so that both Sybase and DB2 databases received the trading messages
  • Design scripts to reconcile data between the Sybase and DB2 databases.
  • Testing replication and performance optimization techniques for this high availability database and datawarehouse eg runtime archiving
  • Converted fully normalized Datawarehouse (Snowflake) to partially normalized, closer to Star schema, one for better performance
  • Comparison of XML and FIX messages for speed and space.
  • Integrating and Mapping FIX message fields to proper table and columns
  • Perl scripts and DB2 sprocs for matching between the Orders and Trades coming from Front Office and Exchange
  • Conducted PoC for DB2 vs Oracle 11g database for similar load.
  • The whole Oracle setup was done in 2 weeks under extreme programming.

. Environment: MS Project, Visio, Linux, Sybase, DB2, Perl, Shell scripts, ERWin, Oracle 11g, Autosys, Microsoft MQ


Role: Project Lead and Data Architect

Project: Confidential

This was a Equities Risk Reconciliation project. Risks emanating from various trading systems were collected and the firm wide risk was arrived at, which was used to hedge the position. Data collection and storage design for datawarehouse, risk calculation and reporting tools were setup for this application.

Responsibilities: As Solution Architect, I was responsible for

  • Getting the Business requirements from the Users
  • Collecting the raw data for evaluating Greeks from various trading systems like Fidessa, Summit, Passport and excel based tools.
  • Design the reconciliation Applications, planning and executing
  • Designing the database to collect risk parameters from various trading systems, integrating and storing them in datawarehouse
  • Prioritization and distribution of the tasks
  • Perl scripts to reconcile Risk between various Trading systems
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of the queries and sprocs
  • Prepared project plan to move to Informatica as ETL

Environment: MS Project, Visio, Linux, Sybase, Perl, Shell scripts, Autosys, Informatica, T-sql, isql, fsql, wsql

Client: Confidential

Role: Solution Architect

Project: Confidential

Confidential moved their Data Center from London to Croydon and while doing so, moved the infrastructure from Solaris to Linux servers and all Sybase databases to ASE 12.5 version. The PoC was to determine the Server and version of all Sybase databases in London and design the migration alongwith server and /or database upgrade. One of the major task was to find the owner(s) of the database. For this a team of 12 people was assembled, web tool using CGI-Perl was developed to conduct a survey of all the application owners. Also tools using Perl and Shell scripts were implemented to extract the Server type and database version. We also involved TCS R&D center to develop a Scheduling package which optimized the database migration for minimal testing. All this knowledge we got from this PoC was utilized in the proposal and implementation.

Responsibilites: As a Solution Architect for DB Migration, my responsibilities were:

  • Planning the Datacenter movement for over 3000 databases
  • As the ownership of many databases was not clear, a survey across the firm was taken for which Web Survey tool was developed. The feedback was taken from hundreds of Application owners.
  • A crack team of 12 people was setup and tasks were prioritized, distributed and followed up. All activities were completed within 3 months.
  • Designed and Deployed the architecture to collect Server and database parameters like type and version. Database was designed to store all this data and reporting infrastructure deployed so that the senior management had all the figures at their fingertips.
  • Keeping the progress of all 12 team members well coordinated as time was critical
  • Designed framework for Performance optimization techniques during the migration,
  • Designed the framework for Quality Testing and release

Environment: MS Project, Visio, Linux, Sybase, Perl CGI, Shell scripts, Autosys, Sybmon, T-sql, isql, fsql, wsql

Client: Confidential

Domain : Investment Banking

Role: Tech and Domain Lead

Project: Confidential

Confidential was a Profit and Loss calculating Application. All the trades from various trading systems was collated and then firm wide trading P&L calculated. Various tools to monitor the batches, data quality, database performance were built and deployed.

Responsibilites: As a Tech and Domain Lead, my responsibilities were:

  • Design, build and deploying tools to monitor batch jobs which loaded the data into Confidential Database
  • Monitoring mechanism using Perl scripts for batch jobs
  • Built and deployed Sybase utilities to monitor the database health like tempdb space usage.
  • Provided improvement suggestions to the dev teams
  • Conducted adhoc tasks like server migration or upgrade
  • Release coordination

Environment: Visio, Linux, Sybase, Perl, Shell scripts, MQ, Autosys, T-sql, isql, fsql, wsql

Client: Confidential

Role: Business Analyst



Brokerage and Clearing was a transaction charges calculating application where the Trading data was coming directly from Vendors for exchanges like NYSE, CME, OCC etc. Confidential was able to save millions of dollars in brokerage by making optimal use of the Brokerage contracts using this tool.

Responsibilities: As a Business Analysts, my responsibilities were:

  • With inputs from Business users, design, build and deploy utilities load feeds coming from new exchanges, brokers or Clearing Corps into the database.
  • Design and implement infrastructure using Perl scripts to monitor the batch jobs and their status
  • Sybase utilities to process loaded data and monitor the database health
  • Find areas of improvement, plan and implement the enhancements
  • Design and deploy Reporting Architecture
  • Build and Release coordination

Environment: MS Project, Linux, Sybase, Perl, Shell scripts, Autosys, T-sql, isql, fsql, wsql

Client: Confidential ( Confidential ) Apr 2001 – Mar 2003

Role: Senior Developer

Project: Confidential

Confidential is a leader in CAD-CAM solutions. Their flagship modeler was undergoing GUI redesign and I redesigned the UI for “Hole” feature.

Responsibilities: As a Senior Developer, my responsibilities were:

  • Conversion of the old UI to the dashboard UI using the Dashboard Layer
  • Researching for all possible scenarios to define a hole.
  • Collate Hole related Bugs reported by users all over the world, prioritize them and then provide release dates to Sales people.
  • Implement the enhancements and fixes
  • Run regression tests on all test cases
  • Release the changes

Environment: Sun Solaris, C, Fortran, Workshop

Client: Confidential

Role: Developer and Release Coordinator

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Project: Confidential

Confidential was acquired by Confidential and they wanted to bring all the Development work to India. We spent 3 months in Minneapolis, USA for Knowledge Transfer and took all the Dev and testing work to India.

As a DXF to DDN file conversion Developer and Release Coordinator, my responsibilities were:

  • Coordinating the Release with all the 10 team members and keeping the Senior Management and Sales people updated on the progress
  • Comparing the AutoCAD and DDN Solid Models and identify areas of improvement.
  • Move the systems from Cisco to Solaris Networks
  • Prioritize the requirements/bugs and schedule the release
  • Implement the enhancements and fixes
  • Regression tests on all test cases
  • Release the changes, Cut the CD and ship it to US office.

Environment: Sun Solaris, HP, SGI, C, Fortran, Workshop

Client: Confidential

Role: Project Leader

Project: Confidential

Datamatics was developing an Infrastructure to convert legacy scripts into Open Systems based ones using a B-tree structure. I led a team of 12 people, who were not from IT field, trained them on SDLC.

Responsibilities: As a Project Leader, my responsibilities were:

  • Design the script conversion application
  • Training 12 non-IT people on Software Development.
  • Find language specific issues and Customize it for that language
  • Prioritize the tasks, distribute them in the team members and implement them
  • Test the applications with live scripts
  • Testing the feasibility of moving from proprietary network to Cisco network
  • Release the application

Environment: Windows 95, VB, C++

Client: Confidential

Role: Module Leader

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Project: Confidential

Sungrace was developing an application Confidential for CADSi, USA. This was Windows based application using Solidworks framework. This application simulated the stresses produced in a Solid under various forces. We travelled to Iowa City, USA and gained knowledge of the application.

Responsibilities: As a Module Leader, my responsibilities were:

  • Identify areas of improvements by comparing with Unix based application.
  • Design, plan and execute the enhancements.
  • Run the regression tests
  • Release to the US team.

Environment: Windows NT, VC++, MFC

Client: Confidential

Role: Developer

Project: Confidential

Confidential is patented nesting software used in sheet metal manufacturing developed by Confidential and renowned for its performance and accurancy. Liaised with IIT Bombay professors for finding innovative solution for Confidential .

Responsibilities: As a Developer, my responsibilities included:

  • Identify areas of improvements.
  • Design, plan and execute the enhancements.
  • Setting up the regression test environment with thousand of test cases.
  • Run the regression tests and release

Environment: Windows NT, C++, MFC, COM, OLE, Windows SDK

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